Hybrid Babies Character Profile: Finn

Hey there Tribblemakers!

TinyCo dropped a Hybrid Puppy Mini Event into our game and now we have lil Hybrid Babies running loose in our Quahogs.

With the Half Stewie/ Half Brian Babies running around, we also had some New Character/Costumes join our game. Like Finn.

Finn 1

Let’s take a look at what Finn can do in our silly lil games.

Finn was a New Character added during the 2nd Week of the Hybrid Babies Event 2015. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect lots of STUFF.

You first had to purchase the Bad Dog Obedience School ($3000) and place it in town to start collecting stuff.

Finn with Bad Dog Obedience School

Finn at Bad Dog Obedience School


Once the Bad Dog Obedience School was built, you could see just what you needed to collect for Finn…


Tennis Ball95 Tennis Ball Chew Toy (ALWAYS): Clear Hybrid Babies

Test Tube18 Test Tube (Common): Jack Play with Chris OR Mort Swallow Jewels OR Jerome Grow His Fro OR Herbert Buy Candy for Kids

Pre-School Application10 Pre-School Applications (Uncommon): Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Quagmire Take Sex-Ed OR Bruce Fret About Something OR Lois Freshen Up

Baby Bottle7 Baby Bottles (Rare): Chip Griffin Travel by Balloon OR Teen Mom Stewie Morning Sickness OR Peter Buy Baby Powder

Dingo Collar8 Dingo Collar/Leash (Extra Rare): Clearing Hybrid Babies OR Brian Scoot


He does come with a Questline, Lost Dog, more on it in another post.You Got Finn

Finn does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP.

Let’s take a look at some of Finn’s Tasks:

Fin Play Ball Finn Do Diaper Scoot

Task Time Earns Location Level
Run Away 1hr 20Family Guy Coin12Family Guy XP Griffin House 2
Eat Everything 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP Griffin House ~
Baby Diaper Scoot 4hrs 50Family Guy Coin30Family Guy XP Visual ~
Play Ball 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP Visual ~
Do Doggie Tricks 8hrs 80Family Guy Coin50Family Guy XP Swanson House 5
Chase His Tail 10hrs 90Family Guy Coin59Family Guy XP Swanson House 6
Be Obedient 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP Swanson House ~
Evade Imminent Death 14hrs 110Family Guy Coin71Family Guy XP Griffin House 2
Trip Down the Stairs 16hrs 115Family Guy Coin75Family Guy XP Swanson House 3
Squirm Uncontrollably 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Swanson House 4


Just for Fun, here are a few of his Phrases…


And there you have it my friends, the complete breakdown for Finn!

Did you unlock him yet? If so, what do you think of his tasks? Which one is your favorite? If not, how close are you? Let us know.


17 responses to “Hybrid Babies Character Profile: Finn

  1. Not gonna get this one….only 2 baby bottles and I’ve been going on it for days. Oh well. Completely unrelated, for those who play the stand-alone version, I made the jump to Windows 10 and now am having problems with that game (not this one). I sent a note to Tinyco and will post about it in the Windows section here. Fun event, but I don’t mind it ending — hope a new one doesn’t start right away. I need to get Tom Tucker and Mayor West active.


  2. I’ve had everything but the bottles for three days now, but stuck on bottles. Despite having my characters on task 24 7, this will not be a freeium for me…


  3. Will Finn’s questline be over with tomorrow also? Is there anything I need from the shop for it if not? I’m on Lost dog Pt. 2 if that helps..


  4. Is there a time limit on unlocking him? If so, what is the end date/time?


  5. my baby’s the are running around are not dropping balls just coins?????


  6. Does anyone know why my task list won’t scroll up or down. It unfreezes if I force close the game and clear cache, but the freezes again whenever I complete a task. I have tasks I can’t see because I can’t scroll down. I did contact Tiny Co with no results yet….known bug? Any fixes?


  7. I wish he made baby sounds instead of just barking. I mean, he’s mostly human it looks like and Brian can talk anyway. And his visual tasks aren’t great. Play ball is kinda funny since it’s like a mix of a baby and dog playing, but scoot is the same as his father’s task, so kinda boring. I wish he had an obstacle course task like jack.


  8. PinkFloydActuary

    Ugh. The baby bottles are killing me. I still need two more…


  9. Took forever to get the bottles…but I unlocked him today!


  10. Finn was a pain to get, but I finally got him this morning. Those Baby Bottles were hard to get.


  11. my names jeff

    God hes so cute, wish he was real
    is he/she male or female
    just need 2 baby bottles
    madame claude got a voice so now im happy

    Liked by 1 person

  12. Finn’s first task after playing with a ball had him walked by Joe, so I hope the little guy ends up adopted by the Swansons. The Griffins would probably forget to feed him. Plus with his opposable thumbs, he could be Joe’s helper not-a-monkey.


  13. I unlocked him this morning and I love him and he is so cute and I love him 😍😍😍


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