Premium Walkthrough: No, No No Consuela

Hello There Clammers!

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?


With cool stuff comes cool walkthroughs, right? Of course! Money…err…CLAMS buy everything, right? Most definitely! Since Consuela can only be in SO many places at once, and we know a rich person with your means would HATE do have to do all the hard work… we went ahead and did it for you (the extra 100’s in our pockets didn’t hurt either.) Here, for your tapping pleasure, is your PREMIUM WALKTHROUGH.


No, no no…Pt.1
Peter starts

Unlock Consuela- 300 Clams, Instant build

No, no, no…. Pt. 2
Conseula starts

Make Consuela Argue with Peter- 30m, Earns $25, 15xp
Completed Task Earns $100, 65xp

No, no, no…. Pt. 3
Consuela starts

Make Consuela Tidy Up the Griffin House– 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp
Completed Task Earns $200, 130xp

No, no, no…. Pt. 4
Consuela starts

Help Consuela Claean the Town– 6hrs, Earns $65, 45xp
Completed Task Earns $300, 195xp

No, no, no… Pt. 5
Consuela starts

Make Consuela Scrub Skid Marks- 12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp
Completed Task Earns $400, 260xp

No, no, no… Pt. 6
Consuela starts

Make a Snack with Consuela- 24hrs, Earns $150, 100xp
Completed Task Earns $500, 350xp

And there you have it my friends!  The complete 6 part quick walkthrough for Consuela!  What do YOU think of Consuela?  Have you purchased her?  What are your thoughts?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

10 responses to “Premium Walkthrough: No, No No Consuela

  1. sometimes you can get premium characters for free during the events….i was able to get consuela with the extra mob outfit during the mob event by gaining 17500 of the special event xp


  2. What do you do if Consuela just disappears from the town? My wife bought her and she is gone now. House is there but not her.


    • Are you sure she’s not on a task? Check the Swanson house as well as the Griffin House. If she’s not there contact TinyCo via the game menu (blue box with 9 blue squares) and let them know she’s gone missing.


  3. This is by far my favorite character in the series and also my favorite character in the game!! 🙂


  4. Is Consuela a mandatory purchase or will she be a character that eventually with tasks will be available without buying 300 clams?


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