Do I Want That? Family Jewels

So you think you’re as rich at Carter Pewterschmidt? Own a fancy house like Buzz Killington? You sure gotta lot of clams there, whatcha gonna do with them?




Now hold on there a minute. Are you SURE you want that? With all these cool Clam Costing Items in the game, it is very easy to get carried away. Before you know it, Clamshell Shock! All your Clams are gone!

So before you go ahead and buy the Family Jewels with your hard earned Clams, here are a few things you might want to know about it.


Building: Family Jewels
Clam Price: 50 Clams
Size: 4 x 5
Unique: No (How many do you want?)

– Another building to add to your street design
-Drops Jewels (Rare rate) needed for many characters.
-A $$$ & XP Earning Building.
-No animation on this one.
-Sound effects are standard tap doorbell, thump, etc.

Payout  Time Drops
$60, 40XP  4 hours Jewels (Rare)  fg_materials_jewels_v2@2x


Final Thought:
Personally, I bought a few of these when they were on sale. It seems that many different times now this lil building has come in handy to unlock characters that needed Jewels. Who knows if others in the future (possibly Barbara) may need them too. I have so far got a TON of use out of it. You can pair this with the characters that drop Jewels too and get some in a decent amount of time (Peter, Mort, Jerome, Quagmire, and Bonnie). For the small cost of 50 Clams, it seems to have earned back what I may have spent to outright buy the Jewels to unlock Characters. So far some of the characters that have benefited from the store are Stewie, Carter, Bruce, Mort, Bathrobe Quagmire, Connie. In my opinion this is a great use of Clams.

In the end it’s your call.  What you buy and what you don’t buy is your own personal choice we can only guide you on the facts and let you know what we did and what we think.  But don’t purchase it until YOU are sure. ALL SALES ARE FINAL!

28 responses to “Do I Want That? Family Jewels

  1. purchased 1 Jewelry Store and haven’t looked back since. It was a good investment in my opinion. 50 Clams were saved up from visiting neighbors and task/quest rewards. I even managed to place it on my map where i think it looks unique. would be cool to see “Clam sales” more often, but the game IS only a few months old, so we’ll see what new items, buildings, and sales TinyCo has in store for us 😀



  2. I think tinyco needs to add a “collect all” button to save the numerous amount of clicks required when collecting Buildings.. It seems like an easy addition and would greatly improve my gaming experience


    • If that was the case, what would be the point of even playing at times? Individual collection gives you something to do each time you go into your town. I have a TON of stuff, but it doesn’t take long to tap it. I don’t mind either. Another issue is some buildings have a task associated or an item drop…so you can’t really “collect all” when there is dialog connected with the building. That may create a coding nightmare as it will trigger every single one at the exact same moment. 😉


      • Like on tsto when you click on one building with a task and twenty characters come popping out all doing their animations and speaking at once. That crashed my previous phone a few times. An entire town would be chaos. But still awesome in some way…


      • I can see a coding problem when a building has a check mark because a characters action is done, but would collecting all of my typical offices at once take away from the game? It would be much more convenient to spend 30 seconds or less collecting then spend the 5 minutes it takes to tap on each one (I’m a farmer and have over 200). Obviously the tapping comes with the territory of being a farmer but I don’t really see how having a collect all button would take away from the gaming experience.. I would rather spend my time planning my town then tap tap tap.. Just my 2 cents


        • But how can the game determine what has a checkmark as it varies each time. Not to mention the time settings. I just see a LOT of technical issues with the idea in a game like this with all the variables every single item has.

          Again, great idea…just don’t see a possibility of it playing out.


    • Not as long as there isn’t a character locator like in TSTO. Since often one will not find their roaming characters, I only collect one at a time and immediately assign the next task to not have to search for them.

      Since many buildings are pretty large and obscuring much behind them, a character locator is badly needed.


      • I do the same I don’t want them to wander off and not be readily found. As far as a character locator, would also like to see that….but since the total numbers in the game are still low, I imagine it’s down a bit on the programming TODO list. 😉


  3. I have no doubt TinyCo is making boatloads of money with their current model so there is no incentive for them to change anything and I fully expect that $10 gift shops is exactly what we will continue to see.
    As someone who thinks those kind of prices are completely insane I won’t spend any money on this game and just have to pick my clam purchases wisely. This building (which I got during the sale) is a great choice since it does help in a lot of quests. If more buildings and items where available in the 25-50 clam price range I would likely have no problem spending real money. For now I’ll stick to playing for free and being strategic


  4. I absolutely love the mansion, but I doubt I’ll ever get enough clams for that, so : for freemium players, what would you suggest?
    – Buy characters (or save up for them), if so: which one is the best according to you?
    – Buy a building (or save up for them), if so: which ones would you suggest getting first?


    • Honestly, it is personal taste. What do YOU most want in your game? What item would benefit YOU most? For myself, when I play freemium…I make a list of my “want” items than weigh out the pros n cons. Similar to our “Do I Want” posts. Then I prioritize them and try to save up until I reach the goal for that item. Visiting neighbors or even just Ollie gives you at least one clam. So it can add up after a while and help in acquiring them.


  5. Yeah, since we need so many jewels all of a sudden I’ve been debating whether to buy the jewellery store… I have 170 clams, all of which were free, so I’m hesitant to buy anything with them lol
    I’ve also been thinking about purchasing clams so I can get all of the premium characters and add some new unique buildings to my Quahog. But the fact that they don’t drop items or produce more coins really annoys me. It seems silly that TinyCo wants us to buy premium characters, yet they hardly benefit the player. And the same thing goes with pLace – I love that episode and would like to have that building, but a long build time and only a %33 drop rate of an extra rare item just doesn’t seem worth spending actual money on (although if I’m completely honest, I will probably end up buying it eventually).

    At this point in the game, it seems that Family Jewels is the best value for a premium building. Now if only the Coffee Shop dropped the sugar packets needed for Carter, I could justify buying that premium building too!


    • Lol. There are a few things I thought were wasted that could have dropped the items. Like the Coffee Shop. 😉


    • The build time for pLace and Gift Shop are gone, so they are instant build. Pay and drop. Hope that helps. It did for me. Which is why I have both now without tying up my builders.


  6. Is there anyone that can help me get the Fart of the Covenant? I never got one and it’s the only item I really wanted from the event. I messaged TinyCo if they could just take it a clam purchase item so I can have Adventure Peter not have a locked action but they said flat out no. Anyone help me?


    • Sorry sir, we aren’t able to get it for you! Only way is if TinyCo adds it back to the game. Anyone else that tells you they can get it for you is playing on a modded game & you should know it’s a dangerous line to walk. Playing hacked or modded games can result in you losing your Quahog.


  7. Just bought Family Jewels when I saw that Stewie and Carter needed a whopping 45 jewels, considering a second one! It’s an extremely helpful building. Got a headstart on the Jewels and Fuzzy Slippers for Carter because I never crafted Quagmire’s costume that requires them. Waiting for the level cap to be increased to do any of the optional quests. Don’t want that EXP wasted.

    I wonder if we’ll be getting a premium building that drops the gloves for Falconer Peter? Like the ones for Plutonium and Maracas.

    Other than that, probably gonna cave and buy whatever blueprints I have left for Stewie when I collect his other stuff. (I really don’t like tasks that are over 12 hours. Haha!) May do the same with the remaining bananas for PBJT Brian on down the road too.

    Kinda wish some of the premium character tasks could help out. I think “Lick Sugarcube off of Peter’s Butt would have been a good chance for a Sugar drop.

    Still, not complaining, so great to have that feeling of excitement back each time I open my game! 😀


    • There really is a lot of fun things to do, so take your time. 😉


      • Time seems to be the theme now. The first seven districts hit so quickly in succession that the slow pace of eight is a considerable contrast. I’m cool with the new model of slow as you go gaming but would still make a few minor tweaks to make it more fun. Premium characters should have item dropping tasks to encourage people to buy them. Overly long tasks should have at least three characters to perform and randomly and rarely characters could drop two items to really thrill players.


        • I agree on the premium aspect. If they aren’t going to have higher cash payouts then perhaps the guarantee of always dropping an item. They should have some benefit for shelling out the clams for them. Buildings and characters, if they’re premium, should have guaranteed drop rates.


      • Exhaustingly much, indeed. So much that I don’t even try to plan and focus on something particular. I just start tasks that fit my schedule efficiently and see how it goes…


  8. I definitely agree. I can never be on every hour or two like some people, and I always have all my characters set to 4 hour actions. (Consuela and the horse … kinda ruin it for me) Factor in the jewels and repeatability (I know …) makes it a great inexpensive building for clammers and a good choice for the free players to save up for through quests and events


  9. I wish I bought them on sale. Weren’t they like 1/2 off then? I remember not getting it because I just started the game and then hindsight kicks you in the butt. haha, my understanding is it’s also has one of the best payout rates of all the buildings in the game.

    I’ll probably forgo it again unless there’s a sale. I’m more than 1/3 done for both Carter/Stewie. So it’s really not going make/break me.


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