Boys and ghouls of every age
Wouldn’t you like to see something strange? (No, not Bunny.)

Come with us and you will see…
This, our Quahog town of Halloween (just be careful if Bunny is the one leading you around. Those aren’t chocolate covered raisins she is leaving out.) 😉

fg Halloween


Hey there Clammers. Just hopping on by to drop a line of a few announcements we have seen and wanted to share. Most just took effect yesterday, so I am glad for that. TinyCo loves to hear from their players and makes changes in regards to their requests.

Now on to the news that excites me the most as it is my FAVORITE Holiday. WOOHOO!!!

Upcoming Halloween

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Spooks n Freaks n all sorts of doing naughty lil tricks and giving out treats. I CAN’T WAIT!!! I would love to see a Pink Brian Costume, Stewie the Duck, Meg needs a Cat Costume, Chris a Transformer. Lois…well…she can go as pretty much anything. Lol. Mort needs a costume, Jerome too. Maybe even a closet task for Meg n Chris? Bwahahahahha.

Now the question is, what do YOU want to see them introduce with this one? What Halloween Family Guy moments were YOUR favorite? What naughty lil tricks do YOU think TinyCo has in store for us? Let the speculation begin in the comments below. WOOHOO!!

~Ebil Bunny

90 responses to “THIS IS HALLOWEEN!!!

  1. I Hope They Add A Costume For Connie like Witch Connie at the Halloween party.


  2. Found one! Kinda small but have sparkles above them!!!


  3. And now we have pink Brian!!! When ru gonna explain these candy boxes?? Lol


  4. I speculate that Bunny is right and we are going to have a makeout session task for Meg and Chris. I also Speculate that we are going to have a task for Lois bullying the bully’s mom, Lois is such a badass mom. And maybe we will have little kids in their monster outfits roaming the town, and we will have to help stewie bulletspray them cause he thinks they are real monsters haha


  5. Yay, so excited about the halloween event, it’ll be my first 🙂 hoping for costumes for EVERY character, and fun/spooky decorations


  6. Most of the characters if not all, should have their own costumes, all built by themselves, you know, each character collecting their own stuff…


  7. Peter as count chrotchula the bulging vampire, and snoopy Brian

    Those twins from the shining also briefly appeared on the show

    Lois could also threaten candy thieves at gunpoint…


  8. Lois and Peter could be a sexy vampire couple


  9. How a vampire quagmire that lives off sacking (sucking, dear auto correct, nobody ever meant to type ducking or sacking) menstrual blood, I know it is wrong and gross but it is right up his alley.


  10. Let’s not forget the little girl from “The Exorcist” who made a verrrry brief appearance….she’d be nice to have


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