Jumanji Anyone? Wild Quahog Weekend

Classic move by TinyCo to sneak in extras here n there to release AFTER they are all nice and snuggly tucked in their beds. Lol.

Wanna play a game?


Peter kicks this off by a quick lil dialog with Brian. (My Peter is still all distorted and makes me giggle.)

You will notice a crate dropped into your Quahog, when tapped it will pull up the info for this limited time Clam paying event.

UPDATE: The Crate WILL go away when the event ends. 😦 

Animal Crate

The Wild Quahog Weekend Event that runs from now til Monday, 3PM EDT, (FYI…ALL 4 of these are just decorations.)

Wild Quahog Weekend 1

More info coming….

So basically you have the option to purchase 3 new animals for your town that if you buy before 3pm EDT Monday, will give you the Coked-Up Giraffe for Free.

Dumb Beaver 2Dumb Beaver: Not the brightest Beaver, he once built his dam on top of a water treatment plant. 25 Clams. 4 x 4 base. The animation for this one is the Beaver sitting there looking around and blinking. When you tap on it, he pulls out a stick to chew on and creates a leak in his dam and quickly slams the stick back in.

Dancing PorcupineDancing Porcupine: A porcupine who wants to make sweet, juicy love to a pineapple. 75 Clams. 4 x 4 base. The animation on this one, the Porcupine kind of dances next to the Pineapple. When you tap on it, the Porcupine strokes the Pineapples “hair” and kisses it. “Hey good looking, where have you been all my life? Hhehehehheeheh.”

decoration_livestudioostrich@4xLive Studio Ostrich: The next best thing to a laugh track. 150 Clams.  4 x 4 base. The animation on this one is the Ostrich sitting on the steps kinda laughing now and then. When you tap it, he claps and “woots” with his wings.

(You CAN buy more than one of each.)



So what exactly to you get for forking out 250 of your precious Clams? Once you purchase all 3, Quagmire will close out the quest…


…and the Coked-Up Giraffe will be placed into your inventory.

Coked Up Giraffe Inventory

Coked Up Giraffe 1Coked-Up Giraffe: The Health industry’s favorite giraffe for commercial voiceovers. One Free with purchase of the Beaver, Porcupine, and Ostrich. 4 x 4 Base. The animation on this one is the Giraffe marching in place. When you tap it, he snorts “a lil something” off his hoof and goes “nuts”.

Coked Up Giraffe 2 Coked Up Giraffe 3Coked Up Giraffe 4


If you want more of the Giraffe, you CAN buy him after the initial “Free” earned one for a cost of 250 Clams each.

What do YOU think of these new animals? Are you gonna buy any of them? Does the Coked-Up Giraffe intrigue you? Let us know



121 responses to “Jumanji Anyone? Wild Quahog Weekend

  1. Not sure if this has happened to anyone else or not:
    I got all 4 of the animals then it shows the Animal Crate for Free in the store. After I click on the Check mark to place it in my town the screen narrows in and you see the crate drop then it suddenly disappears and is back as a free option in the store.
    Anyone else having this happen to them???


  2. I got the free giraffe but, as I just posted in WTH, mine only dances! 😦 No hilarious snorting coke off his hoof. I’m totally disappointed as this is not what I expected from the character preview which did show him snorting. Ideas? ?

    Samsung Galaxy S3


    • It seems they changed the animation, as a few others are reporting it as well. We’re looking into it with TinyCo, but my best advice for now is to contact them and let them know it’s not the same animation that was shown. This gives them a bigger picture of who’s impacted and who is not.


  3. The crate in my town dissapeared and a crate decoration for free appeared in my store, but when I try to place it, it goes away and reappears in my store.
    Any Idea what’s going on?


    • Others are reporting the same. My suggestion is to contact TinyCo on it…clearly there’s a glitch going on with the crate that they need to investigate a little further..


  4. Weird thing is that now the Giraffe wont sniff from the little spoon anymore.
    Were there complains that he sniffed the stuff?
    Its even removed from the little add when you tap the chest.


    • A few others are reporting the same thing. We’re looking into it with Tinyco, however we’re still suggesting you contact them as well. Let them know it’s changed for you so they can see how widespread it is…


  5. I can’t see a crate


  6. I dont even remember touching a crate and I certainly dont see one now, I bought them as I complete all tasks given but the crate isnt there.


    • It is small and tends to hide as it just randomly dropped wherever it wanted in your town. It may be hidden behind buildings if you have a lot. It sits on a 4×4 spot but not high at all.


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