9/15: Glitch Report

Hello There Clammers!

I’ve noticed a few trending glitches popping up in the comments over the last 24hrs are so.  So I figured now would be a good time for a quick glitch report post!

The following are known glitches with TinyCo:

-Crashing when Visiting Friends
-Coins Not Appearing When Visiting Friends
-Invisible Skins for Long John Peter & Mermaid Peter
-Invisible Skin for Stripper Bonnie UPDATE BUNNY 9-18, They are still working on Bonnie disappearing. Hoping to have a fix soon. The Peter ones should be resolved by now. 
-Characters stuck in quests and constantly have “!” above their head. Tapping on the character will only repeat the same quest. UPDATE BUNNY 9-18: They are still working on this issue and need to manually fix it for now player by player. So make sure you have an open ticket on the issue.
-Animal Crate Appearing and Reappearing in the Store
-Coked Up Giraffe’s Animation Changes Just got confirmation that the change was intentional and it’s a permanent change.  

TinyCo is Actively working to resolve ALL of those glitches, so if you are currently experiencing one in your game know that they’re on the case!  However, there is 1 resolution currently available…

On the Coins not appearing glitch…this is a texture glitch (ie a visual glitch).  Which means the coins are still counting towards your total…you just don’t see them.  While TinyCo works to restore the visual aspect of this, a hard close and restart of the app should make the coins count towards your total.

As far as the other glitches are concerned…again they’re actively working on resolving all of those widespread glitches.  If you are currently experiencing one in your game you can send them an in game message so they’re aware you’re impacted too.  However, know that they may not respond to your individual request immediately, since they’re working to resolve them for everyone.

Once we have more info about 1 or more of these glitches resolved we’ll let you know.  🙂

Are YOU experiencing any of these glitches?  Experiencing a different glitch?  Have you reported it?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


132 responses to “9/15: Glitch Report

  1. When I go into the game, it comes up with pirate Peter done with fighting a pirate or something but he’s invisible.whenever I tap the tick it freezes for a bit then force closes the app. I’ve restarted the app and my phone but it keeps happening.. thanks


  2. My stewie is stuck on a quest for stu es machina pt 3….. what do i do?


  3. Ok so I unlocked long john Peter and I never got the part 5 of his quest this really bugs me because I have a bunch of pirates just roaming my town and I can’t get rid of them.


  4. Ok so when I do quests how come I can’t use stuff I already have collected when it’s the same. Also maybe I’m not reading correctly but I just got Louis and I’m calming her down I’ve now recieved oregano twice and nothing.


    • I was confused about that too. You have to start earning a certain amount for that item to be completed. So you have to keep getting that character to get the items over and over till it’s done


  5. I recently started playing Family Guy: Quest for Stuff and I am not able to add any friends. I have a facebook account attached to the game but I keep getting a message that says “You’ve run out of friends to invite… Not sure why I cannot add people.


    • Many are stating issues with it still. I know in the past, it was only NEW people you added to the game that brought in more. Maybe message TinyCo from your game and see if they can look into the issue within your game further.


  6. I have reported this to Tiny Co but I have 36 characters and my game showed 34/34 for a long time now it shows 35/36. I have 36/36, lowest level character Level 7 maxed out on game levels all districts open. Also, with Halloween, does this mean that those of us who completed Mayor West’s tasks now have to wait til NOVEMBER a for the plutonium for the blimp?


    • Wait til end of event for character counts to balance back out. They’re making changes.

      As far as blimp…it was always a timed released process. We will announce when the next blimp stage is released. 😉


  7. Did they mention a time frame for the ! glitch? I see it’s updated theyre working on it. I don’t know whether not to look at my game for a week or for a month.


    • As you see, they are fixing it player by player for now…so make sure you have an open ticket. If not, contact them ASAP. Be sure to include the key words like “Character stuck with a ! over their head”.


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