What the Hell?!

Happy Friday Clammers!

Well, we’ve all made it through another “work week” (kinda, sorta, almost) and the weekend looms large up ahead. All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game (What Comic-Con JUST ended and they ALREADY want me to spend more clams?!) and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun new way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

So welcome to What the Hell?!

-Getting REALLY annoyed that you haven’t unlocked Stewie yet?
-Annoyed that Pesticides are now useless?
-Someone cut you off on your commute this morning?

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not.  Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…What the Hell?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂
Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language.  

Here’s my What the Hell?! For this week:

-Invisible Stripper…amusing, but What the hell?!  (how’s she supposed to earn those ones if she’s invisible?!)

-Not one but TWO late night releases this week!  Seriously TC?  Come on, What the hell?!  Do you not expect us to get any sleep?

-I know some of you say I have a lot of car/driving related WTHs each week….but I live in Jersey, what do you expect?  No one can drive around here!
So….I got in a car accident this past weekend.  Stopped at a red light and the car behind me thought it would be a good idea to see what the inside of my car looked like.  WHAT THE HELL?!  Listen lady they’re called brakes…in the future USE THEM!

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your What the hell?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


182 responses to “What the Hell?!

  1. WTH! Family Guy is ALWAYS on Fridays Optimum Channel 39 starting 8pm. Fridays also have the most episodes played in a row then the other days of the week & tonight me & my daughter put on the T.V all excited to watch our favorite show & Old School is on! Is Family Guy no longer on Fridays channel 39 optimum!? Whyyyyy?


  2. What is with two of the new buildings for purchase in d9.they are so small,they dont look good anywhere.


  3. TINYCO. LIED!!!! during comic con the description for “the Q Hotel” said it would spawn nerds after the event for a chance to get clams, I loved the idea, but theres no nerds. WTF. I also assumed from the description that the “Nothing suspicious here” evil minion stewie base would also spawn minion stewies that we touch to get rid of (this was an assumption only). still bit disappointed at the false advertising.

    Also had a minor issue with the visual side of my friends towns (money, clams not being visible) however they still add to my total so I don’t mind that.


  4. I finally unlocked district 9, so I figured I could go ahead & buy the news truck then jump on clearing the land in the district. Wrong! Instead of an instant placement for the news truck, its a 16 HOUR build time! Thats a MAJOR what the hell, because that adds way more time on top of the 68 hours it’ll take to just clear district 9’s land & repair Quahog News! Needlessly waiting 16 hours just for a vehicle – UGH. So it’ll be a total of 84 hours before I can even start unlocking Tom Tucker! Three and a half days. WHAT. THE. HELL.


    • Yes, but remember you can’t get items for Tom until you Find Tom. ie you build the news station. So even if the news truck was built it wouldn’t drop items until you find tom.


  5. I’m sure this has been covered before but……

    What the hell ! I put someone with no meaningful tasks on a 1 day task and then an hour later I unlock a meaningful task for him/her later via somebody else’s quest – aaaarrrggghhhh ! I want to be able to cancel running tasks.


  6. One thing really missing from this game (now that the Character list has finally been added), is a better assortment of decorations. I love the buildings so far and all the art work is top notch, but I feel that the choice of decorations is extremely limited, especially when compared to TSTO. Also, a pavement option (also, as seen in TSTO) would be very welcome. I understand that TQFS wants to be it’s own game, but the more variety we have, the more tuned-in us players will be on a consistent basis.


  7. My game keeps crashing since the latest update when I visit friends quahogs! WTH?


  8. I wish the bunchajunk shop would actually DROP those green rods…


  9. I am having a problem with quest for stuff. My characters are getting stuck in a quest loop. It is effecting Peter and Quagmire and any characters they come in contact with. Quagmire is locked into the Police Station and he has taken captive Joe and Meg so far. Peter is stuck in the clam and I have lost Jerome and Bruce there. I cannot collect either property. When I click on either one, it just plays the start of quest script.


  10. WTH. I don’t know if this has been said before but why the 10 minute costume creation? The instantaneous or hour(s) long time frames for creation have both a real world and a game world explaination. The 10 minute one really only has the real world explaination (it takes time to put a costume together). In game terms this is just stupid. It really is just a time waster on the player. In time management terms this 10 minutes needs to be paid. Either I wait the Ten minutes and then send everyone on tasks (so they are more or less getting done as same time or in groups ( 2hr, 4hr, 6hr, etc.) or I send everyone but new costume character on tasks then when costume is unlocked send them on task but set alarm to have me log back in after new costume task is finished to once again get everyone back on same page (or hourly schedule).


  11. Hey everyone! I was so psyched about the Coked Out Giraffe that I decided to actually buy the three animals to earn it. Now that I have the giraffe, though, it only dances. WTH?! The preview for it showed him snorting coke off his hoof. Was this character action changed or is there just a glitch causing mine to only dance?? So disappointed!!!!!!!! 😦
    galaxy s3


  12. I was moving my police station because it was in a terribly inefficient place and my game lagged and poof!!! No more police station! So I contact tinyco support three times!! No response!! Now I am stuck with the blimp quest because Brian cannot distract the guard dog and stewie cannot raid cars………. What the hell???!?!!?


  13. What the hell! I joined later than the Cleveland event and now I’m upto district 9, all happy, but no Cleveland!! Will there be another chance?


  14. I have 20/20 buckets, 12/12 blue glass, and 5/5 tattoo machines. In the time it took to get all these things, ONLY ONE SOAP HAS DROPPED. What the hell?! Both the blue glass and the soap are rare drop items & they should both drop at pretty much the same rate, but they don’t. What the hell?! I got all the extra rare tattoo machines before I even got the one soap, what the hell?! SHUT UP, MEG!!


  15. First, Alissa, so sorry to hear about your accident! People really should pay attention. Dummies! Second, WTH! I’m happy as a clam (pun intended) thinking I have all this time to unlock Megs costume and BAM! Blimp thing! (Too far out for any of my “land boats” to get to btw) I gotta say, I’m really loving my new character finder. It’s been so much easier to click on that then the super speedy tiny characters. Also – today was our annual car show (planned forever ago) at the VFW and it rained leaving only a few brave owners to bring their cars. So WTH on that too.


  16. My coked up giraffe stopped doing coke and now only dances when tapped! WTH?! I didn’t pay all those clams to have a regular dancing giraffe, I paid for a coked up dancing giraffe!


  17. What the hell – we need more land! How will my town look pretty when I cram all the buildings and decorations together??


  18. Any idea when the Amazon App Store is going to release the update? I haven’t been able to play in two days, and bluestacks crashes my computer so that is not an option for me. It’s frustrating when updates lock you out of the game completely rather than just making you unable to visit neighbors.


  19. If you want a premium character, go for B-D Horse. Very useful early on for carrots and has a task for makeup, which is great early on, and maybe later because I’m only on district 5. After that, Consueala. Hilarious FaceSpace and also a lot of item earning tasks.


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