Graveyard District (11) Character Profile: Loretta Brown

Hey there Tribblemakers!

It has been a while since we have seen a New District in our games, but TinyCo did not disappoint with this one. Ghosts, Spirits, and all things Macabre are now in our Quahogs. THE GRAVEYARD DISTRICT IS HERE!!

With a New District in the game, we were able to get some cool New Ghost Characters from the Lazarus Portal.  Characters like Loretta Brown.

Loretta Young Ghost

Let’s take a look at what Loretta Brown can do in our silly lil games.

Loretta Brown was a New Character added during the first part of the Graveyard District (11) 2015. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect lots of STUFF.

You first had to take some chances in the Lazarus Portal until you “RESURRECT” her.

You Resurrected Loretta Brown

Once she was Resurrected, she appeared in front of the Lazarus Portal with the Lock Symbol over her head. Tapping on the Lock above Loretta Brown’s head showed you just what you needed to collect for her…

Lazarus Portal Loretta Unlock


Dinosaur Skull30 Dinosaur Skull (Common): Jerome Play Darts OR Mayor West Launch Cats OR Brian Eat from the Garbage
Bathtub4 Bathtubs (Extra Rare): Joe Give Self a Sponge Bath OR Seamus Emerge from the Shadows OR Cleveland Bathtime OR Barrington Hotel
Cricket Bat10 Cricket Bats (Uncommon): Quahog Playhouse OR Olivia’s Playhouse OR Quahog School of Performing Arts
Blue Earrings5 Blue Earrings (Rare): Speedo Quagmire Do a Special Dance OR Long John Peter Commandeer the Clam OR Sick Burn Crematorium


She does come with a Questline, Downtown Loretta Brown, more about it in another post.You Got Loretta

Loretta Brown does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP.

Let’s take a look at some of Loretta Brown’s Tasks:

Loretta Brown Take A Relaxing Bath Loretta Brown Nag Cleveland

Task Time Earns Location Level
Flirt With Quagmire 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP Quagmire’s House ~
Take a Relaxing Bath 4hrs 50Family Guy Coin30Family Guy XP Visual ~
Perform Play 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP Quahog Hospital ~
Remember Cleveland 8hrs 80Family Guy Coin50Family Guy XP Drunken Clam 2
Read Romance Novels 10hrs 90Family Guy Coin59Family Guy XP Quahog Public Library 2
Nag Cleveland (Requires Cleveland) 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP Visual ~
Play Cricket 16hrs 115Family Guy Coin75Family Guy XP Playground 3
Adult Relations 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Drunken Clam 4


She is not currently voiced, but some phrases will be added at a later time. Will try and update this post once that happens. 


And there you have it my friends, the complete breakdown for Loretta Brown!

Did you Resurrect her yet? If so, how close are you to unlocking her? If you unlocked her, what tasks are your favorite? If not, how close are you? Let us know.



16 responses to “Graveyard District (11) Character Profile: Loretta Brown

  1. Just wondering, Loretta has a present beside her head, is there a timed challenge with her?


  2. I’ve unlocked Paddy. Currently working on Loretta. I’ve gotten all the items for her over the last week but I haven’t gotten a single blue earring even though I’ve constantly sent Quagmire and Peter out on tasks to get her. 7 days and not a single earring?!?!? Really?!?!? Even if it’s a district where there’s no time limit, it’s still strange Co’s I log on between 8-10 times a day. I honestly think it’s a glitch on Tiny Co’s part.


    • Nope. Typical. Each District has items that “take a while”. Headnabds, eyeballs, plutonium to name a few. Been this way since the game launched. Meant to be a slower pace.


  3. Blue earrings are impossible. 5 days now twice a day with Quagmire and Peter so out of 10 opportunities, I have 0. That’s right, 0, not a single bloody one. I’ve finished all the other drops for the character.


  4. I can’t get those helmets for the golfer ..been trying a week have 2 of them ..I know they are rare but cmon here !!


  5. Four days, 16 tries and no earrings. Putting characters on short tasks and hard close game had no effect. A bit much even for a district character.


  6. Hey Bunny, just out of curiosity what are dinosaur “skills”? I know girls only want boyfriends with great skills. Nunchuck skills, bowhunting skills, computer hacking skills. I just want to update my resume. 😛


  7. Those earrings are tough! The characters to get them are needed too frequently for other questlines making it even more challenging. Meh, just a district character though, right?


  8. Been trying to unlock her for over a week. The Dino head that says common really isn’t as there are 3 characters going 6 hours at a time and I still don’t have 30. The earrings are also very hard especially with Peter tied up with multiple actions. I hate when you have one character who needs to do 3 things and 30 characters who do nothing


  9. The blue earrings are a pig to get.


  10. I have resurrected her and placed her grave.. didnt use any clams 🙌🙌 I am currently working on Paddy. I have a while before I get him, helmets are making me craz(ier) at the moment. But still need quite a few of each of the other items.


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