Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Death At The Drive-In III & MORE

QUICK NOTE: I posted this already in the Main Run Down for Phase 3, GetPlayArea is a known issue they’re already working on… use the “HELP” icon to report it from your game and hang in there.

Hey there Scream Queens!!

I hope you all know where your Stuffed Animals & Dollies are as it is about to get a lil bit more KID SCARY IN HERE!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our games, and even MORE HORRORS are to be had. No I am not just talking about Movie Reels!! hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 3 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines like the Main one for Week 3 of the Event, Death At The Drive-In III along with some Bonus and Timed ones. Chucky
Let’s take a look at Death At The Drive-In III, See No Evil, Bring Movies To Life, Shake Your Pirate’s Booty and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more info on the Event, go to the MAIN POST HERE!

For Week 2 Main Questline, go HERE

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

Death at the Drive-In The Sequel Pt. 9
Death starts

Reach Scream Level 8- Requires 1550 Scream PointSP
Start the Next Movie: Ghost Movie- Tap on the Movie Screen to Change to the Next Movie and Start Phase 3

Completed Task Earns 3Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses 3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 1
Jerome starts

Ghosts Are ComingTap on “GO” to see the details about the Swirling Ghosts
Clear 4 Swirling Ghosts– Swirling Ghost(4 Appeared right away, just tap on them to clear them)
Have Jerome Reinforce Locks– 1min, Earns 5Family Guy Coin, 10xp

Completed Task Earns 5Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses, 2 PumpkinPumpkins


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 2
Peter starts

Headless Horsemen Are Coming!Tap on “GO” to see the details about the Headless Horsemen
Have Slasher Bait Peter Hum Suspenseful Music1hrs, Earns 20Family Guy Coin, 12xp
Have Slasher Bait Lois Ignore Strange Noises– 2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp

Completed Task Earns 7Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 3
Peter starts

Have Death Kick Back8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp
Get 2 Pumpkin LaunchersPumpkin LauncherRequires 1 Pumpkin and 1hr 30mins Each in the Movie Prop Shack
Earn the Ghost Pirate30Movie Reel 2Movie Reels at the Movie Projection Booth

Completed Task Earns 10Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 4
Peter starts

Clear 2 Headless Horsemen (takes 2 hits each)Headless Horseman 2Each requires 2 Pumpkin Launchers
Earn 24 Chocolate BarsChocolate BarYou can acquire these from the 2 Headless Horsemen (12 each)
Place the Small Flying Ghost Ship(Black Sand Dollar) 50Movie Reel 2Movie Reels at the Movie Projection Booth

Completed Task Earns 10Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 5
Peter starts

Have Slasher Bait Peter Walk the Plank– 4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp
Have Slasher Bait Lois Pillage and Plunder4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp
Clear 10 Flocks of Vampire BatsFlock of Bats 1(You need at Least 1 Garlic Bomb or more depending on your aim)

Completed Task Earns 12Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 6
Peter starts

Earn Death’s Dog’s House– 70 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels
Have Death Meet Quota4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp
Clear 16 Swirling GhostsSwirling Ghost(Check your Movie Screen for the Next Spawn, tap on them to clear them)

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 7
Chris starts

Clear 2 Headless Horsemen (takes 2 hits each)Headless Horseman 2Each requires 2 Pumpkin Launchers
Have Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup1hrs, Earns 20Family Guy Coin, 10xp

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 8
Peter starts

Have Death’s Dog Collect Dog Souls1hrs, Earns 20Family Guy Coin, 12xp 
Have Death Watch News About Death6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 1Scream Point

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 9
Peter starts

Reach Scream Level 11Requires 3500 Scream PointSP
Start the Next Movie: Insane Killer MovieThis is where the Questline will stop until 10/22/15


PHASE 4 WILL ARRIVE 10/22/15 AFTER 3PM PACIFIC (usually between 6-9pm)


****This is an ongoing Questline, will update once I reach this point



AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 2 
Quagmire Starts

Check Out the Prize– Tapping on “GO” takes you to see this Week’s Prize, Maniac Surgeon
Clear 32 Swirling Ghosts in 3 Days-  Swirling Ghost(Just tap on them to Clear them, Check your Movie Screen to see the Next Spawn)
Clear 12 Headless Horsemen in 3 Days- Headless Horseman 2Each Requires TWO Pumpkin Launchers from the Movie Prop Shack & 1hr 30mins Each to Create (Check your Movie Screen to see the Next Spawn)

Completed Task Earns 1 Maniac Surgeon Decoration



AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 5 Starts
Shake Your Pirate’s Booty

Peter starts

Earn the Ghost Pirate from the Projection Booth30 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels
Get the Cursed Ghost Pirate and Lady Ghost Pirate from the ShopCursed 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses & Lady 20 3D Glasses3D Glasses
Have Slasher Bait Peter Dodge Pirate Parrot Poop3hrs, Earns 45Family Guy Coin, 28xp

Completed Task Earns 1 Exclusive Ghost Pirate (Drunk Ghost PirateDrunk Ghost Pirate Decoration) 


AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 3 & Earning Movie Projection Booth Items
Bring Movies to Life Part 14
Peter Starts

Place the Haunted TV Set: 20 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels

Completed Task Earns 5Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 15
Peter Starts

Place the Ghost Pirate: 30 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels

Completed Task Earns 6Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 16
Peter Starts

Place the Black Sand Dollar: 50 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels

Completed Task Earns 7Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 17
Peter Starts

Place Death’s Dog in Death’s Dog’s House: 70 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels

Completed Task Earns 8Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 18
Peter Starts

Place the Pet Costume Shop– 90Movie Reel 2Movie Reels
Place a Trick or Treating Dog25 3D Glasses3D Glasses

Completed Task Earns 9Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 19
Peter Starts

Place the Shinebright Twins100Movie Reel 2Movie Reels 

Completed Task Earns 10Scream PointScream Point


Bring Movies to Life Part 20
Peter Starts

Place the Black Clam120Movie Reel 2Movie Reels 

Completed Task Earns 1 ClamClam Icon, 11Scream PointScream Point

****This is an ongoing Questline, will update once I reach this point



After Death at the Drive In III Part 1 
Meg Has Another Friend Part 1
Peter Starts

After Unlocking Chucky
Wanna Play? Pt. 1
Chucky starts

AFTER Death at the Drive In III Part 4
Death’s Best Friend Part 1
Death Starts

There you have it. The Main Questline for our Death at the Drive-In Event taking you to the start of Phase 4 as well as some additional Challenge Questlines tossed in.

What do you think of the Main Questline? How far are you? How about the Side ones? Started any of the Challenges yet? Let us know.


119 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Death At The Drive-In III & MORE

  1. I dont have any more room in the movie Prop shack so I cannot make silver balls (though i already have several) When will the werewolves show up so I can use what is stored up and make room? I dont have 180 clams to get more storage space


  2. Is there a way to tell which of the headless horsemen I’ve already used a pumpkin launcher on? I’ve looked through the posts, and haven’t been able to find if you’ve already posted this. Thanks Bunny!


    • Main Phase 3 launch post. Upper right corner. Check HP Damage. It starts at 50 HP. So 50= no hits. 25= 1 hit


      • Hey Bunny, thanks for all your help! Question, do I bother unlocking Death’s Dog if I wont be unlocking Death? I see i can pay 35 clams to have Death Kick back, but didnt knw if it would be a waste of time & or clams. Also, wheres the link for what to do b4 u set the timer on the blue car for Esther or Megs other friend I think shes called? Do I even bother with her or the next friend since I didnt unlock the first first friend in the trunk. Im still trynna unlock Stewie so Im just alll offf lol. Thanxx for helpful comments or links u can send me


    • Look at the health they have left in the top right corner they start with 50, if you already have used a launcher on them they will have 25hp left


  3. Sorry if this is under the wrong section, but what happened to Patrick? He was in the store last night (125 clams I think?) but now he’s gone. I didn’t buy him because it didn’t say he dropped anything (plus I’m learning not to do anything until Bunny explains it!). Maybe it was just a glitch?


  4. I am a pretty new player (still have not unlocked district 5), so I have not so many characters available, e.g. Meg and Stewie are still missing. Now my questlines Meg has a friend and Wanna play are stuck. Any idea if I can finish them once I get the characters and the event is over?
    Will the timed pirate challenge be of any use later in the event, despite the exclusive reward? I am considering to let it time out and save my glasses for the hospital…
    And last but not least: thank you so much for your help, Bunny! I would have been lost without you!


  5. I know that I haven’t seen one movie no matter what quest I have completed. Plus I wanted to say thank you to you guys for the great Info


  6. Im so agravated i just got to phase 3 and and now phase 4 starts in 2 Days!!! Plus it takes 8 hrs to get a pumpkin! Im so close to just deleting the game. I feel so behind. Phase 1 was going so well then they messed everything up lol. btw thank you so much for all your hard work i would be lost without this site lol.

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  7. anyone having the problem with not enough werewolves? can’t seem to get any. In phase 3 and now have head less horsemen but only had 2 werewolves since 9pm last night.


  8. Hey,
    Great site!

    When is a good time to start Phase 3’s Weekly Challenge? Stocking up on launchers or right on the go?
    If I already kill some Horseman, will they add to the counter? The bats did in the other challenge.



  9. Hey guys thanks for all the great info! Is there a place where you listed all the characters that earn 3d glasses? I just realized I may be missing some that are not doing it, like Meg. Also is there a place to see how many 3d glasses you have? I can’t seem to find the count of how many I have.


  10. I tapped the movie,updated and !!!!NOTHING!!!!! Is there something I have to do to get phase 3 going? It’s been 24 hours and still nothing.


  11. Has anybody else had th problem of being locked out of the game with the GetPlayArea error and the timer ran out on Patty before being able to get back in? I would’ve unlocked her but I couldn’t. Messaged TinyCo about it but haven’t heard back. Just wondered if anybody else had this issue and had any luck on getting another chance at her or if I’m out of luck?


    • Here’s the thing, the reason for the error is she had already ran out of time and just idled in players games. Causing the lock up. So ONLY those who she already timed out and expired got the message. So if you feel you did have time still left, but still got the lock out. Pics even… send them to me along with explanation and Player ID.


  12. I’m sorry if you have this posted somewhere else, but I couldn’t find it. I just used reels to unlock Death’s dog, my game froze for a minute, and the game put the dog in my storage. Now I can’t get it out! I messaged Tinyco. I’ve forced closed the game and restarted. Any other suggestions to help get around this glitch? Thanks!


  13. I’m really glad TC seem to have listened and solved a lot of the issues for this week. I only progressed Saturday morning because I was struggling with Lois but I already feel like I’m on schedule this week.

    Weekly challenge will be done with a day to spare, I’m all set for the pirate bonus when that hits. First 3 prizes crafted with Deaths Gods house likely tonight so I can work on him and unlock Megs new friend.

    All in all I’m enjoying the game again.


  14. haven’t seen a swirling ghost in over 10hrs… Anyone else have this issue? Reported to tinyco but it’s the weekend so….


    • Everyone’s varies. Like noted in the main post for Phase 3 (not this walkthrough) you have to check YOUR Movie Screen to see what Horror is coming out next. 🙂


  15. Would it be advisable to get Lois before moving to the next phase?

    I’ve got a good rhythm going and I’m pulling in reels the best i see possible.


  16. How do you skip slasher bait loIs for 75 clams?


    • On Patty’s requirements is what they are meaning. If you tap on the Be Brutally Murdered Icon, it offers you to pay 75 Clams to finish Patty. However, you will still need to get Lois out eventually.


  17. Phase 3 seems a lot faster to me than 1+2 were. Got both challenges almost done, got all buildings required for Esther, on main quest part 7. Pretty much just 5 days of grinding for reels till next movie on Thur.


  18. So I didn’t manage to get slasher lois before I clicked on the movie screen by accident and it started the next movie. Thing is all the quests require lois and I don’t have 560 clams to unlock her but now it won’t let me use movie reels to unlock her but I can’t move on in the game to the 3rd movie… I can see chucky etc in the shop but I seem to be at a standstill as everything requires slasher lois and I don’t have that. Should I just give up for the rest of the game or will movie 3 start eventually?? (FYI I still haven’t unlocked death so I’m wondering if that’s why I can’t move on??)


  19. DemonicElectronic

    Just curious if it’s a bug for me or the same for everyone, I just looked at the movie screen and it’s telling me the spawn for ghosts is 3 1/2 hours. Nuns/vamps was only 1 hour 15min at most and I’m wondering if they kicked it up a notch this phase?


  20. Is anyone else having a ridiculous hard time getting reels playing free? I haven’t even gotten lois, between how hard it is to get soda for the reels and constantly trying to turn my characters back from werewolves averaging 2 every 6 hours, I’m getting nowhere and getting bored andfrustrated. …maybe it’s just me not playing right.

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    • I totally understand. With my job hours and volunteering etc my time for the game doesn’t keep me in the front lines. I don’t stress though cause I accept some things I’ll miss out on. I don’t have a budget to use for clams so I’m typically a phase behind but I still end up getting most of what I can get each event. Slow and steady doesn’t win the race (or any leaderboard challenges) but still gets almost every freemium prize by the end 😊


  21. Do I have to be at a certain point in the Questline for the headless horsemen to start dropping chocolates? I’m on Death at the Drice in III Part 1 but headless horsemen are already in my game. I’m just wondering Cuz I dont wanna spend the pumpkins and time to craft them and then shoot them and they don’t drop any chocolate because Im not far enough in the Questline . If that makes any sense? Because I noticed Part 3 requires us to craft a pumpkin launcher, so I’m just not sure if they will still be useful before I get to that part in the quest.


  22. Just completed Part 1 of main quest line and now have ! over Quagmire, haven’t touched it as worried its weekly challenge which shouldn’t have appeared until after Part 2. Any ideas if it could be something else or should I avoid clicking it until I have ghosts and pumpkins ready.


  23. Well I am not yet in phase three but Chucky is cool, I got him today and I just saw the requirement for soda has been lowered but the combo with popcorn is now gone.

    I still have a ways to go but am looking forward to playing now especially since the new projection booth stuff seems a lot cheaper than phase two and with reels possibly easier to obtain.

    I can’t wait to get death’s dog 🙂


  24. On Facebook I am gettin an error that says “Local price not found for Please reload page.” and help and ok buttons. Ive never heard of an error like this before.


  25. The new update removed the option for getting reels with popcorn/soda yet I need 150+ reels to advance.

    This a glitch or am I really gonna drop behind?


  26. TinyCo looks to have changed how the Concession Stand works in that it displays different payouts choices even though you have enough for either type

    I’m still at Week 2 and I just went in and only had Soda for Reels even though I had more than enough Popcorn, which I used. After I went in again a moment later it gave me 32 Sodas + 45 Popcorn = 12 Reels and 35 Popcorn = 5 Reels, which I was forced to use the latter since I didn’t have enough Soda then. I went in again and now it now only displays to 30 Sodas = 10 Reels, which I’m 4 short.

    With all this removing and stitching of payouts I don’t think I’ll be able to get Bait Lois within 24 hours to then get Patty.


  27. In my game and at least one of my friend’s there is no longer the option to use popcorn with the sodas in exchange for reels….is this permanent or maybe a bug?? I can’t get tinyco to answer me, and am trying to NOT flip out on them til I know….I don’t usually get angry with them, but I bought the dang premium deco that drops popcorn under the impression it would be useful the entire event…thanks for all your help here, I really appreciate u guys!


  28. so to move along in this main questline, you HAVE to win and complete that Ghost Pirate, 1Day, 12hours challenge or am i totally misunderstanding that somehow?…


  29. Just wondering….Is EVERYONE locked out of their games by the error message?…or just random? I’m getting a bit impatient now! I know they are working on it and I understand stuff happens but meanwhile we are getting farther behind than we were. Especially if just a few of us are locked out and others can still play?
    Trying to be patient….


    • Random. I haven’t been locked out in 5 separate games I tried. They have the patch and are testing it. Once it is verified to fix the isolated issue, they’ll push it out.


    • I am locked out on two different devices. I still have not even come close to getting Lois, so at this point, I don’t see how I can ever catch up.


  30. I can’t connect to the server please help!! I need chucky!


  31. Ugh – my timer started on the building on page 2 and I haven’t even begun collecting for Lois’ costume yet :/// I’m still on the tree before her. Guess I won’t be getting that prize.


    • Yup I noticed that happened to me as well.


    • You don’t want the school skin anyways. Wasting the 300 reels on that would just put you WAY behind in Phase 3!

      It’s safe to say (so far) that the final projection booth prize in each phase really isn’t worth the reel cost. Just trip the timer and let it expire and you’ll be much happier. And once you’re done with the rest, just continue to collect reels for the next phase.

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      • The Cat from Phase 1 is useful – collecting scythes and (at level 6) cannonballs. Do the timed pricey building skins at the end of the phase 2 and phase 3 pages drop anything useful? Other than scream points (for those who want them) and coins? I had to store Quagmire’s house skin to slow down leveling up.


    • To anyone wondering, I messaged tiny Co about it and they locked it up again. But now I have no opt I on to trade in popcorn + soda :/// lol…


  32. A quick question, I am trying to decide between joe’s hell house and the abandoned hospital. Will either of these drop items?


  33. Yeah I’m getting the getplayarea bug on load – reported it via the button but am completely locked out of the game :sad
    Just started today – I’m still on phase 2 not even close to slasher bait Lois yet but I did get death today before it bugged so yay! For that


  34. Why pile multiple tasks on characters, like Chris (cannonballs, water balloons, pumpkins, etc) instead of spreading the tasks across the field of other characters? I may be alone in saying that I have really loved this event so far, AWESOME EVENT … but I’m not sure I understand not utilizing more characters… Well that and the blatantly unattainable projection booth unlocks. I thought maybe it was because they’re saving tasks/characters for new phases but hasn’t been the case so far.


    • It is common in most games, more the thought process of “NEW PLAYERS”. They want anyone picking up the game Old or New to have access to the majority of what the Event has to offer. Most of those “same used” Characters are in the first Districts you unlock for the game.


    • Other than the three cannonball people, mine are all wear wolves.i can’t kill them fast enough. I have the error. Reported it but it really doesn’t matter. I didn’t get the cat, just timed out on patty because I can’t get Lois. Don’t even have Death yet. I play every 4 hours but get nowhere.


  35. I’m trying to stay in Phase 2 until Patty is safely unlocked. The added materials options in Phase 3 are not likely to speed up the reel collecting process – certainly that has been happening more slowly in Phase 2 than in Phase 1 for me, and the price penalty for leveling up is a big problem (I’ve had to stash nearly every one of the event items to slow down progress to the next level, kind of defeating the Halloween theme: even Quagmire’s house is undecorated). I’ll be interested in reading about players’ experiences with reel collecting and level up penalties in Phase 3, though. Would love to be wrong…

    It will be several days before I can get Slasher Bait Lois for Patty and then she has 1.5 days worth of tasks to get through. I’m stockpiling garlic to get Patty’s stickers once her timer starts. Meg really needs a few friends, so I would like to collect the whole small group….

    Death is needed for the Phase 3 questline and still needs 3 scythes, which will take several days to get anyway, especially when Cat levels up to 6 and can start collecting cannonballs (the Cat and Lois are the only ones on scythe duty for me).

    I noticed they changed the animation for the werewolf conversion and made it a lot harder to hit them properly. They stay purple for a much shorter time and it seems that it’s now crucial that they be facing the launcher. So I’m wasting some precious cannonballs mastering the new requirements. 🙂 Still a whiz at melting nuns, though.


    • Myself… on Level 12… I am finding the Exchange a LOT better. But that is my view. For me those Wolves always moved fast, I notice no change as I took them out just before Phase 3 and just after to test payouts. Still seem to move at the same pace to me. I always noted, even in the Werewolf post, that they need to go INTO the target and if not… you will miss most likely


      • The werewolves still move at the same speed. They just stay purple for a shorter time. Before, it didn’t matter what way they were facing because they stayed purple long enough regardless. Now it definitely does matter. You might not notice because your reflexes are faster than mine. For instance, I have a lot of trouble with bat clearing because I’m just not as fast as you are and struggle with the aiming/launching process which requires more coordination than nun melting or even de-werewolfing. Partly it’s because I’m a lot older, but I’ve never been all that fast or coordinated even as a young sprout.


        • Lol… ME? YOUNG SPROUT? Makes me giggle, but thanks 😉

          I get more Bats due ONLY to I use the Mazes. Same with the Wolves. They walk through them in a specific direction so I know just where they are headed and place the Cannon ahead of them and… wait. 😉


          • I have this vision of you sitting quietly behind a duck blind in the early morning… Make that “bat blind”. No jokes about blind as a bat, now.

            I think I have a different species of bat in my game. No luck with maze guiding attempts so far. Will keep experimenting.


            • The Bats only follow when you first tap them and they try to find a way out. So with sidewalk in the very far inside of my Maze, they have a ways to go round n round to get out. Gives me time to bomb them in large groups as they zig zag. 😉


    • I do think that the new animation for the werewolves is connected with the fact that it is now crucial to have them facing the cannon (it definitely didn’t matter before). They now double over when they get hit in the stomach, can’t really do that if facing away from the cannon… But they go non-purple so fast now, can’t be sure. I should mention that unlike you, I can’t deal with moving the cannon. I’m simply not fast enough or coordinated enough. That’s my problem with the bats especially, the clunky sight that shifts zoom plus the built-in delays are very hard for me to handle while also tapping the launcher. I can handle the nuns because I can do it without moving the launcher if I’m careful. I have to hit the werewolves without moving the launcher also, and that has definitely become more difficult since Phase 3 launched and they made some changes that affect Phase 2 as well. Not impossible, but setup for the shot will be more time-consuming and uncertain. People who have no trouble shifting the cannon will probably not have the same problem.


      • Makes complete sense what you are saying though. I get it. Those cannons can be tricky to move until you get the hang of how to tap them just right to allow you to move them.


        • If you tap a wolf and let the screen scroll with it till it stops, you can easily hit the cannon icon and then the check mark before it changes back from purple. I never miss, even if it stops behind a building.


      • If you’re not fussy which wolf you hit, before launching remove all road but 1, they bunch up together so 1 is usually always purple. But as I say only works if you don’t want clear a particular character.


        • I have a severe cannonball shortage, so I have to isolate the wolfies rather than bunch them together. I’ve been pretty successful today after the initial shock of the change in timing, though. Practice, practice, practice and as Bunny says- purple good, not purple bad.


  36. I have enough film reels to unlock Lois skin,, 104 reels but I have a few questions
    1.My question is,, what happens to my popcorn and sodas,, do they count towards a combination (popcorn/soda/chocolate) turn in?
    Or does it go to only chocolate bars?
    2. I have a ton of Garlic like 35+ when I move into week 3 will vampires still spawn?, and if so will they drop soda?
    3. Loads of balloons,, will nuns still spawn and drop popcorn?
    4. Because I have a lot of cannon balls to kill werewolves and garlic to kill vamps and balloons to kill nuns, would it be better for me to hold off and collect reels with my stockpile before moving into week 3?
    Please answer as if you were in my position (often times you try and be diplomatic and say things like (it depends on your playing style, or it varies for each player.

    I would like to know, (If you had 10 cannon balls,, 10 water balloons and 35+ garlic and you really wanted to get reels fast (and you are scream level 10) how would you play it out?
    Thanks, I realize there is a lot going on and many different ways a person could approach this kind of situation, I just want to know what you think would be the best strategy on what info I have given you.


    • Once you hit Phase 3… YOUR exchange will vary. I have seen so far only individual Exchanges of the 3 items for 5 reels and only when I hit a certain amount of those items. Otherwise I see chocolates for 5 reels all the time. The amount again varies. Seen 8-12

      Still ALL other Horrors involved along with their drops. (Just look at this post and you will see Vampires. 😉 )

      I CAN’T give you an exact. I have no control on the variable. It is NOT diplomatic, it is honesty and the ONLY info I have to offer. I do NOT know what payouts or options YOU will see. I do not play your game so how can I know? Saying they vary is Accurate as they WILL vary. Just look at the comments on the main posts and you will see how much they vary for everyone.

      The issue is I can’t give you any specifics with all these variables. Only to say get Lois and then see what options Phase 3 brings YOU to make the best judgement of the Concession Exchange to Reels Ratios YOUR game offers.

      For Instance I am in Level 12. BEFORE Phase 2 I had only Sodas for 10 OR Popcorn & Sodas for 12 (amounts varied on each). Phase 3 I have seen so far 8,10,12 Chocolates for 5 Reels Exchange options. After getting some more Popcorn and Sodas from hits on Horrors more Exchange options showed up, 30 Popcorn for 5 & 25 Sodas for 10… but as soon as I made that Exchange and had LESS than the required amount… they were gone again.

      So as you can see, depends on YOUR playing style and VARIES each Player is EXTREMELY accurate. 🙂


      • Did they really intend to not show the exchanges until you have enough soda or popcorn for the exchange? Or is that actually a glitch? It seems rather confusing and difficult for planning, and also a major change in how the concession stand works. I imagine they will get a lot of support questions from people assuming this means their stockpiled popcorn and sodas are no longer useful or that the popcorn and sodas have actually vanished. Or do they at least keep the counters for all of the items at the top?


        • It seems that is how it was set starting in Phase 2. You get variable options. I can see why they won’t show until you have enough of that item to even use the Exchange option as you can’t use it until you have enough to. So those stockpiled, should see them. It showed as soon as I had at LEAST the amount required so someone with say 100 of them would have already seen it too. 😉


          • Still in Phase 2, iPhone: I’ve been seeing the options in the concession stand regardless of how many sodas and popcorns I have. If I select the combo option, I see numbers like 10/45 popcorn, 0/27 soda underneath the option window. This is quite useful. I do have to swipe to see both soda alone and combo options, though, they don’t show all windows simultaneously due to lack of space.


        • I made the mistake of exchanging my stockpiled sodas and popcorn before phase 3 started because I was afraid they’d be worthless once chocolate was introduced.

          Your stockpiled sodas and popcorn will be VERY helpful in Phase 3… so keep stockpiling them. You are given multiple options for reel exchanges that sometimes include 2 or 3 (including chocolate) items. The combinations do vary depending on which items you have stockpiled though. Which exchange options you are shown depends on how many of each item you have in inventory.

          One exchange option combination I had rewarded 25 reels! It showed only 15 reels as a reward but actually rewarded 25. Sorry that I can’t be more specific… the exchange combinations constantly change and the rewards vary (up and down) as well for each exchange. But it is definitely easier to earn reels in Phase 3 than Phase 2.


          • Still i phase two and popcorn option is gone with 160 stored. But the soda option appear whacked. 30 for 10 reels or 35 for 5. ?!? WTD? Really. Seems completely pointless!


          • That might explain why they don’t always show the options- they’re shifting too much. Your experience is encouraging, though. We just need to stock up to see more options.


          • I hope that happens for me. cause I have 190 popcorn And no way to use them 😫 I’m phase 3 part 2.. I only have 32 sodas for 10 reels or 10 chocolates for 5 reels. And last time I handed in sodas it was 25 sodas. Then 30. Now 32. It just keeps slightly going UP. But I do know it varies per player.. I’m only level 8 too, so that probably makes a difference. I just hope I can trade these popcorn at some point. Being able to use all 3 would be really helpful Cuz although there are a bunch of ways to get punpkins, it takes 8 hrs to get them, 1.5 hrs to craft, and need 2 per headless horsemen. So seems like that’s gonna be a tough one. Especially since the timers on the ghosts/horsemen to come out of the screen are way longer then the vamps/nuns were. Your comment about how it is in your game right now is encouraging tho lol thanks for the info!


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