Death At The Drive-In Premium Walkthroughs: Wanna Play?

Hey there Scream Queens!!

I hope you all know where your Stuffed Animals & Dollies are as it is about to get a lil bit more KID SCARY IN HERE!!!

Phase 3 is now live in our games, and even MORE HORRORS are to be had. No I am not just talking about Movie Reels!! hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 3 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines for New Characters, like Chucky.

Chucky 2

Let’s take a look at Wanna Play? and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more info on the Event, go to the MAIN POST HERE!

For Week 3 Main Questline, go HERE

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

After Unlocking Chucky
Wanna Play? Pt. 1
Chucky starts
Have Chucky Sew Himself Up4hrs, Earns 50Family Guy Coin, 30xp

Completed Task Earns 2Scream PointScream Point,1 3D Glasses3D Glasses


Wanna Play? Pt. 2
Chucky starts

Have Chucky Play With Knives8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp
Have Lois Hide From Chucky10hrs, Earns 90Family Guy Coin, 59xp

Completed Task Earns 3Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Wanna Play? Pt. 3
Chucky starts

Have Chucky Replace Own Batteries6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp
Have Quagmire Comfort Scared Women8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 1Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Wanna Play? Pt. 4
Chucky starts

Have Chucky Wield Sharp Objects10hrs, Earns 90Family Guy Coin, 59xp
Have Stewie Hang Out With Death– 6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 45xp

Completed Task Earns 3Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


There you have it. The Side Questline for that psychotic lil Dolly that has now invaded our games.

Did you splurge and buy Chucky? Does he give you Nightmares? What do you think of his Questline? How far are you? Let us know.


16 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Premium Walkthroughs: Wanna Play?

  1. I didn’t get Chucky for the sole reason the Childsplay movies scared the hell out of me as a kid and having Chucky running around my town would genuinly make me feel uneasy.

    Is that weird? 😦


    • YES!! WEIRDO!! 😉

      J/K. we all have those shows from our childhood that haunt us to adulthood. Everyone has at least one. I don’t blame you at all. 🙂


  2. When I was manually deleting all the 6,000+ files off my device (took over 2 hours doing in small chunks) I saw that one of the decos was of Chucky’s girlfriend Tiffany. I wish they had her as a character. Maybe next year.

    The reason I think the device can’t Clear Data is that TinyCo has everything stored in one directory. What TinyCo needs to do is organize these files into sub-directories. They also need to go in and remove all the left over data from past events. There’s images and files from over a year ago eating up space.

    I currently have to play the game on my old device with a half broken screen, because of above and all the errors that pop up every 2-3 days from something in storage. Half the screen can’t register touch, so I have to keep flipping the device around repeatedly to get actions done.


    • Appreciate the data. Doesn’t really apply to a post about Chucky though. More a technical thing or Q&A;)

      Make sure you’re sending them this info. It’s one thing to pass it on. It’s another to hear it from person seeing it and dealing with it first hand.


  3. so, who is more evil? chuck or stewie?


  4. EnthusiasmisSometimesMyStrongSuit

    Is it possible to suggest characters to TinyCo? There’s one I’d pay through the nose for to have wandering through my Quahog, but I don’t feel like I’d ever get to see him.


  5. As with most other side questlines I’ll wait with completing this one until after the event. Lois is way too busy to be playing hide and seek with Chucky 😉


    • Chucky does give you pumpkins, though, in an 8 hr action. I’m glad I got him sooner rather than later, especially since it takes two pumpkins to clear the headless horsemen.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. It says chocolate bars are supposed to be always drops from swirling ghost but I only got 1 in 10 tries. Messaged them in game but that shouldn’t happen right?


  7. How often do the ghosts appear. I have a timed quest to tap on 32 of them I have 12 left and have only a few hours to go haven’t had any for 24 hours.


  8. Can you link me to the headless horseman comment section? I can’t seem to find it, but need to read some stuff about it before I throw my iPad through a window.


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