Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Return of Death At The Drive-In & MORE

Hey there Psychos!!

And then there were TWO…

Phase 4 is in our games, which leaves us one more after this. So what goodies and new STUFF has TinyCo dropped into our silly lil games? More Friends, More Killers, More Ghosts, More… CAN’T SLEEP CRAZY CLOWNS WILL KILL ME!!!  hack hack hack hack chop chop chop chop kill kill kill kill….

With this New Phase 4 for the Event, comes many New Questlines. Questlines like the Main one for Week 4 of the Event, Return of Death At The Drive-In III along with some Bonus and Timed ones. 

Butcher's ChamberLet’s take a look at Return of Death At The Drive-In III, See No Evil and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more info on the Event, go to the MAIN PAGE HERE!

For Week 3 Main Questline, go HERE

The following is how the Questlines played out in MY Game. Yours may vary slightly. 

Death at the Drive-In III Pt. 9
Peter starts

Reach Scream Level 11Requires 3500 Scream PointSP
Start the Next Movie: Insane Killer MovieTap on the Movie Screen to Upgrade it to the New Movie

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses 3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 1
Lois starts

Clowns are Coming– Tap on “GO” to see the Basics on the Crazy Clowns
Have Slasher Bait Lois Clown Around– 30sec, Earns 5Family Guy Coin, 1xp

Have Slasher Bait Peter Hang Out at the Scene of the Crime30sec, Earns 5Family Guy Coin, 1xp

Completed Task Earns 5Scream PointScream Point, 3Circus CannonCircus Cannons


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 2
Death starts

Launch at Crazy Clown (takes 3 hits each)Crazy ClownsUse the 3 Circus Cannons won from Part 1 to take out a Crazy Clown
Trade in Licorice at the Concessions StandUse the Licorice won from taking out the Crazy Clown to Trade in for Movie Reels
Earn the Quahog Asylum GateQuahog Asylum Gate30 Movie Reel 2Movie Reels (Movie Projection Booth)

Completed Task Earns 7Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 3
Peter starts

Have Death’s Dog Bark at Ghost Mailmen2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp
Search for Meg’s Kidnapped FriendTapping on “GO” takes you to the Stolen Brown Car and wants you to start the Repair and 7 day Timer. Only do this when you are ready. 
Clear 4 Swirling Ghosts– Tap on your Movie Screen and watch to see when the next spawn of Swirling Ghosts will be

Completed Task Earns 10Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 4
Death starts

Have Death Miss His Dog2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp
Launch TWO Crazy Clowns (takes 3 hits each)– Crazy ClownsYou will need a to collect 6 Gunpowder Barrels, then create 6 Circus Cannons at 1hr 15m each
Place the Quahog Asylum100Movie Reel 2Movie Reels at the Movie Projection Booth

Completed Task Earns 10Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 5
Peter starts

Earn the Loony RoomLoony Room50 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels (Movie Projection Room)
Clear 4 Unholy NunsRequires 1 Water Balloon Launcher Each
Have Death’s Dog Bark at Ghost Mailman2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp

Completed Task Earns 12Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 6
Peter starts

Launch TWO Crazy Clowns (takes 3 hits each)– Crazy ClownsYou will need a to collect 6 Gunpowder Barrels, then create 6 Circus Cannons at 1hr 15m each
Have Slasher Bait Peter Do Football Poses6hrs, Earns 65Family Guy Coin, 1Scream Point
Have Slasher Bait Lois Do Cheerleader Poses– 8hrs, Earns 80Family Guy Coin, 50xp

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 7
Jerome starts

Clear 10 Flocks of BatsTap on Vampires to release at least 2 Flocks Each
Clear 1 Headless HorsemanRequires TWO Pumpkin Launchers each

Have Death’s Dog Bury a Bone24hrs, Earns 150Family Guy Coin, 100xp

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 8
Lois starts

Launch TWO Crazy Clowns (takes 3 hits each)– Crazy ClownsYou will need a to collect 6 Gunpowder Barrels, then create 6 Circus Cannons at 1hr 15m each
Unlock Patrick Pewterschmidt
Patrick Pewterschmidt


Shovel18 Shovels (Common): Make Esther Climb Into Lamp OR Jack-O-Lantern Moon Bounce
Pictures of Marian6 Pictures of Marian (Uncommon): Loony Room (Movie Projection Booth)
Rope5 Ropes (Rare): Quahog Asylum
Running Shoes2 Running Shoes (Extra Rare): Cyclop’s House (Movie Projection Booth)
Have Slasher Bait Lois Ignore Strange Noises2hrs, Earns 30Family Guy Coin, 20xp

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 23D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 9
Peter starts

Have Patrick Pewterschmidt Fantasize About Strangling Peter1hrs, Earns 20Family Guy Coin, 12xp
Clear TWO WerewolvesRequires TWO Silver Cannons 

Clear 4 Swirling Ghosts– Tap on your Movie Screen to see when the Next Spawn will arrive

Completed Task Earns 15Scream PointScream Point, 13D Glasses3D Glasses


Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 10
Peter starts

Clear TWO Crazy Clowns – Crazy ClownsYou will need a to collect 6 Gunpowder Barrels, then create 6 Circus Cannons at 1hr 15m each to take down Two Crazy Clowns
Reach Scream Level 12– Requires 5300 Scream PointSP (***this pop up says 12, but the Movie Screen says 14…verifying accuracy. Level 14 is actually 6350 Scream PointSP***)

Start the Next Movie:Demonic MovieThis is where the Questline will stop until Phase 5 is released into the game. 

***This is ongoing, will update as I finish clearing it***

PHASE 5 WILL ARRIVE 10/29/15 AFTER 3PM PACIFIC (usually between 6-9pm)



AFTER Return of Death at the Drive In Part 2
See No Evil PT 4
Peter Starts

Check Out the Prize- Tapping on “GO” will take you to see the Prize for this Week
Clear 10 Crazy Clowns in 3 DaysCrazy ClownsRequires 3 Circus Cannons Each for a Total of 30

Completed Task Earns 1 Butcher’s Chamber DecorationButcher's Chamber


I already had these items by the time I hit this point, Verifying if a Timer on the Questlines.

After Return of Death at the Drive In Part 6 
High on Halloween Part 1
Chris Starts

Place Meg Roach: 80 Movie Reel 2 Movie Reels
Place the Cyclops House120Movie Reel 2Movie Reels 

Completed Task Earns 1 ClamClam Icon


High on Halloween Part 2
Chris Starts

Get Demonic Stewie: (Decorations) 50 3D Glasses3D Glasses
Collect from Cyclops House with Legs– Building Earns every 2hrs

Completed Task Earns 1 ClamClam Icon



After Return of Death at the Drive In Part 4 
Meg’s Last Random Friend Part 1
Peter Starts

After Purchasing Ghostface
Meal, Interrupted Part 1
Ghostface Starts

After Unlocking Patrick
Trim the Fat Part 1
Patrick Starts

There you have it. The Main Questline for our Death at the Drive-In Event taking you to the start of Phase 4 as well as some additional Challenge Questlines tossed in.

What do you think of the Main Questline? How far are you? How about the Side ones? Started any of the Challenges yet? Let us know.


55 responses to “Death At The Drive-In Main Walkthrough: Return of Death At The Drive-In & MORE

  1. Ignore that last comment didn’t notice it at the bottom as it kinds of merges into the list to Unlock Patrick Pewterschmidt


  2. In Return of Death at the Drive-In Pt. 8, there is a part missing, have slasher bait lois ignore strange noises which takes 2 hours.


  3. I’ve been trying to unlock Patrick Pewterschmidt for 5 days now. I unlocked everything else to get him and I can’t even get 1 running shoe.


  4. Is butcher worth it? Does it drop or do something?


  5. Not sure what is going on but I’m at the end of phase 4 and the spawn rates for werewolves and vampires has really slowed down. Earlier in the phase, after not playing overnight, I used to get 4-5 of each in the morning. Now I only get 2. Also I would get more during the day hardly any at all. Make it frustrating when I need a lot of sodas for reels.


    • It is normal they slow as they are no longer the main “Horror” and others take priority in the Phase, but they do still appear. Voiced the Reels concerns many times.


      • Sorry for putting this here, I didn’t see anywhere to comment at the top.

        It’s only giving me the option to trade ice cream for reels, nothing else…so to get ice creams I either need Albert (which I will not be able to get), pay real money to buy clams so I can buy the one that drops 20 ice cream (which is not an option for me), or have deaths mom save jerome….but I am 6 reel away from getting the spider yet, which I have to get before deaths mom….

        So I can’t have deaths mom save jerome to get ice cream, but I’m only given the option to buy reels with anything but ice cream….. are they kidding??! Lol I guess I’m just stuck then.


        • It may help if you take a peek at the right post with the details you are looking for. This one is only about the Questline and nothing more. You would be much better off looking at the Main Phase 5 Live Post with all the Phase 5 actual details. If you look there, you will see the there are TWO versions of Hookhand, one being an NPC. This is why I direct readers to look on our site at all the helpful info we have before making assumptions of the game mechanics. You don’t need to buy anything at all. Just get to the correct points in the Questline. 🙂

          Here’s the link to the info you really need. 🙂


  6. What is needed for Ruth?


  7. Hi bunny
    Just cracked phase 4 and for some reason I can not get any reels from popcorn, drinks or candy bars just the shooting of the clowns and need 30 reels to get the asylum. Will it appear or 8s this a glitch



  8. D’oh! Am going to miss high on halloween part 1 by 2 reels! 39 mins left and not enough in stock to get any reels. Oh well its only 1 clam 🙂


  9. I am very far behind (just unlocked the shinebright twins) and I was disappointed to see that they weren’t walking decos?


  10. I am so far behind on the main questioner bc of the seven day timer I don’t yet want to trigger bc I still don’t have Patrick Pewterschmidt unlocked bc I haven’t even been able to place the Cyclops movie house. As soon as that gets placed, do you think I should start the 7 day timer? I would like to unlock both characters in time, but idk if it’s possible being so far behind… :/ If they had placed her timer AFTER the main questline asks to unlock Patrick, it would seem to make much more sense and game flow wouldn’t seem so stagnated. 😦 Guess I’m just stuck?


  11. High on Halloween pt 2 has a 12hr timer, not sure about pt1


  12. Finished Part 6 today and a 12-hour timer for High on Halloween started. I have no chance since the timer will end in the middle of the night (4 am). 12-hour timers are silly when you can’t really control their start. At least with 24 hours you have a better chance of waking hours to complete them. Clams are clams so I wish I had a chance at it.


    • I never got High on Halloween pt. 1 or pt. 2…. Is it because i already got Cyclop’s House???


      • You finished with Questline?


        • I already had the cyclops house and it started for me today.
          So i am not sure if that’s a trigger or not. Probably more where you are on your main quest, and i finally started getting busy with the main quest so I can get it all done in time for the new phase.

          Ps i finished pt 6 and then it triggered. Waiting on a bone to be buried now and making cannons.


  13. Anyone else feel super behind? I’m on Scream Level 11 and still trying to get Death’s Dog. I don’t have time with moving apartments to send in a comment that they should’ve planned it a little better. Death’s Dog is required to move forward, but the items needed come from the last crafted item from the Projector. Seems backward. I’m just plugging away and doing the best I can without buying items.


  14. What do you guys do with all these half open “indoor” rooms that tinyco releases? I think they look really odd.

    I have come to terms with the complete lack of consistency among the scale of objects in the game, but I’m not sure i can get used to seeing random ceiling-less rooms, and I have no idea where to put them.


    • I like them… but yes “designing” with them isn’t easy and seems a lil off at times. Still trying to figure out how to put the “indoors brought outside” look.


      • What I do is put the “indoor” look next to the building that it best fits with so that people can know what a room looks like inside that building if they don’t have that room. For example I put the padded looney room next to the Quahog Asylum.


        • I’ve done that too… it’s just limited due to you can’t change their direction easily to fit two side by side smoothly if wanted. So there are options… just minimal. I do love the look of a lot of them… just hard to figure best way to incorporate them.


          • They need to let us use coins to buy dollhouses with adjustable walls/floors that all these rooms can be fit into… For the Star Trek stuff, too! Let us play with our toys, please.


  15. Just unlocked Patrick Pewterschmidt about 15 minutes ago. I had everything but the running shoes and they weren’t dropping and ironically enough they dropped when I completed High on Halloween Pt.2 when I collected from Cyclops house. Now working on Ruth and finishing the main questline, just need 10 more reels for the Mystery Mansion and will be done with the Projection Booth for Phase 4.


  16. Just a heads up, Bunny, in case you want to fix it…to move on to Phase 5 should be Scream Level 14, rather than the 12 you have in the post….


    • Lol. If you look at the Pop Up… it says Level 12. I put what was in there, but my note didn’t post. ***this says 12, but the Movie Screen says 14…verifying accuracy***

      Making sure it is corrected. 😉


  17. I just placed the Black Clam and am now waiting for the rubber bones for Death’s Dog so I can get on to level 4. Esther just needs a few things, too, and she has five days left on her counter so I won’t miss out on her like I did Patricia. I hope I don’t miss out on anything too cool in phase 5 with being behind. I had to skip the prom night skin to catch up a little and am not attempting the petergeist house, either, but since the skins don’t give you any advantage I don’t feel shafted. The trick-or-treating dog makes me giggle.


  18. I wish I knew how people were able to talk about ‘saving up cannons’ etc for the storyline. To get reels I am basically saving up and then spending, so no chance to stock up. I might start Ruth’s timer once I get Roach Meg (just started on that) so that clearing clowns to get reels will also count towards the story progression. Big gamble as it will be sometime until I get the other prizes required but if I miss Ruth I suppose never mind although it would be annoying to miss the set.
    Just seems a lot to do the story AND Ruth AND all the prizes AND unlock Patrick in time at the moment.


  19. For the final part of Death At The Drive In (Part 10), you will need to clear another 2 clowns (so people may want to stock up on even more Circus Cannons as they will need 6 more) to finish this final part of phase 4.


  20. Bunny, has there been a discussion with TinyCo about having the timer for Ruth start as part of the quest line as it relates to completing this quest line in time to launch the final week of content? I could see where this could be doable earlier in an event where you could catch up, but as the quest line for the penultimate week, it is quite problematic. You need the seventh projection booth item to collect for Ruth (a rare item at that) and the quest line has some teeth to it (a 24 hour task for death’s dog and all the barrel conversions for clowns). I am reluctant to start Ruth’s timer until I get at least halfway through the projection booth to make sure and complete her before her timer runs out. Then tackling the remainder of the quest line could be another few days to complete, putting me at potentially Friday or Saturday, meaning the final week’s content may only be in my game for five days. I know it is usually lighter than the rest of the event, but I still want a fighting chance at it.

    This is not intended to be a WTD, but a strategic game play issue. Most of us have worked hard in an attempt to catch up, but this would seem to put us behind again. I messaged from my game as well, but I can’t even get that to generate an automated response so i am doubtful they are even getting it.


    • I shared my thoughts on it… yes. I’d suggest others do same.


      • How do we know if TinyCo is even receiving our in-game messages? I don’t send every time you hint that we should, but I probably do it once an event when it is something about the game play that I think they haven’t thought out properly. I haven’t seen a response from them in months, even of the automated variety. Are they just shutting me out because they know I am right and don’t want to have to explain it to me?? 🙂 That’s what my mom always does to me. 😉


        • ***Shuts out Billy’s comment***
          😉 😛

          If you’re not sure, you can always email. Also keep in mind if it’s a “suggestion” those won’t always warrant a response. 😉


          • I did have a game issue that was unique to my game two events ago that never got resolved and I just had to go without. Never heard a word despite multiple in-game messages. Hard to know if they are getting them or not. Perhaps I will offer them a million dollars and see if they respond. Don’t worry Bunny; I’ll only give them half and give you the other half.


  21. With such a long walk through before next movie, I started the timer for Ruth today even if I don’t have all the buildings yet I am to collect from. But if I should have waited 2 or 3 days with that, I would be way too late into the new movie with such a long list here.


  22. i’m still trying to unlock Death’s Dog. meh😂
    which puts me in part3 of Death At The Drive-In III and on Level12. pretty sure i’ve upgraded the movie to insane clown killer tho and… i went straight to buy that Demonic Stewie and it’s really bad a**. LOVE IT!😉😊


  23. Quick question – haven’t seen this yet. Both Consuela and Snoop turned back from werewolves. Any idea of how long they are werewolves before they automatically turn back to normal?


  24. Oh gosh Bunny, I’m so sorry for spam in the previous thread, i didn’t know about that! If I did I wouldn’t have done it, I deeply apologize or it. On the other note, thank you for this!!


  25. Thanks!

    Looks like I shouldn’t wait too long before I start to unlock Ruth, with all the things we need to do after her Quest for Stuff starts (Return of Death pt 4+). I’m taking a chance and started my 7 day timer, right after placing Meg Roach. Next up is the Cyclops house, need another 119 reels for that.

    Fingers crossed… and otherwise, meh, I guess I won’t get Ruth. Find it more important to be sure to be able to proceed in the event.


  26. Regret not starting Ruth sooner and using the weekly challenge (now finished) to help move this along… Probably won’t be able to begin phase 5 on time.


  27. Still on phase 3 saving for the Griffins house skin before I unlock the black clam. Liking the increased payouts and starting to save up some barrels in preparation.


  28. Excellent i can now get 6 barrels made today in anticipation of part 8. I only need the 2 running shoes for Patrick. Glad to be ahead this week im usually on part 9 of previous phase by now.


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