Christmas Character Profile: Christmas Camo Peter

Greetings Christmas Crackers!!

It’s beginning to look a lot like MORE Christmas. Raid to the North Pole Phase 2 is now live in our games. This means more Characters, Buildings, Decorations, and just a lil bit of snow.

With this new Christmas Event, we also get some new Character’s Costumes. Like Christmas Camo Peter!

Christmas Camo Peter

Let’s take a look at what Christmas Camo Peter can do in our silly lil games.

Christmas Camo Peter is a New Character Costume added during the first week of Raid to the North Pole 2015. As with many costumes in the game in order to get him you have to collect lots of stuff! After Raid to the North Pole Part 5, players are prompted to create the Christmas Camo Peter outfit by the Reporting for Duty questline. You can find him in the Menu, but tapping on Create will just take you to Al’s where he can be made.

Christmas Camo Peter Menu

Either location will tell you the items that Christmas Camo Peter’s Costume will require.

Christmas Camo Peter Al's


Camo Paint20 Camo Paint (Uncommon): Mort Scrounge for Coins OR Bruce Frolic With Jeffrey OR Quagmire Enjoy Carrots OR Reindeer Training Facility (Santa’s HQ)
Army Rations10 Army Rations (Rare): Bonnie Twerk It OR Chris Fat Kid Hula Hoop OR Season’s Greenhouse (Santa’s HQ)
Toy Army Man70 Toy Army Men (Common): Clear Snowmen
Holiday Grenade3 Holiday Grenades (Common): Naughty or Nice Surveillance Center (Santa’s HQ)

Once you have finished collecting all the Materials for his Costume requires, it will just take you 10 seconds to finish up and “CREATE!” the Costume in Al’s. When the timer is up, just tap on the Check Mark above Al’s to pull Christmas Camo Peter into your game.

He does come with a Questline, Santa Wants YOU!, more on that in another post.

You Got Christmas Camo Peter


Christmas Camo Peter does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP. He also has “Alternate Tasks” to help earn various items in the Humma and Blocko Hovercraft Battles.

Let’s take a look at some of Christmas Camo Peter’s Tasks:

Christmas Camo Peter Throw Knives Christmas Camo Peter Skewer The Enemy





Blend In with Christmas Presents

1 hrs


Base Tent

Soil the Sheets

2 hrs


Base Tent

Skewer the Enemy




Make Yellow Snow



 Base Tent

Throw Knives




**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event Ends.


During the Event Only, there will be a main location in North Pole that Character Tasks will be performed at. These will most likely change after the Event is over to a separate location in Quahog, or the task my disappear. We won’t know until the Event Ends.

For now, when you enter the North Pole you will see the main camp area with Santa’s Supply Depot and Santa’s Headquarters. There is a small Tent next to Al’s. This is the “Base Tent”.

Base Tent North Pole

And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Christmas Camo Peter!

What do you think of ready for action Christmas Camo Peter? Where are you on unlocking him? What do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!


One response to “Christmas Character Profile: Christmas Camo Peter

  1. Finally, Facespace is complete again, the Smiths are finally back, and all the others I couldn’t see are also back. I’m so happy about this!! 😀


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