Family Guy Episode Recap: Peter’s Sister

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As we tap away in our own lil Quahog that we created either since last year to even recently, we like to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from. The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that are released weekly for our viewing pleasure.

There are so many things going on each Episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else. So for a look at what we just saw on TV … or for our Out Of USA Neighbors, a look at things to come for you.

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Note From Bunny: This post was brought to you by the generous help of one of our very own Addicts Readers Mellie! Thanks!!


Family Guy Season 14 Episode 6:  Peter’s Sister

~Brian is on the computer and Stewie walks in and wants to know what Brian is doing, Brian is like I’m trying to make since of these spread sheets, Stewie hits a button on the computer and it changes the screen.  Lois walks in with a turkey in her hands saying how nothing is worse than grocery shopping before thanksgiving. She hints around to them helping with the rest of the groceries. Brian tells her it’s not a race, sit down, Lois is like you don’t know how close you were to being put down last year. Lois walks out and Brian wants to know what her problem is and Stewie says that thanksgiving is exhausting, and that she needs some of that drink he invented; Monster Energy drink he says he doesn’t know what it is but it is free on that truck outside of your work; mix it with booze; put it in your body and ask questions later..It’s green so its nature.

Peter's Sister (1)

~Sitting around watching “Guy Friends’’, Meg comes in with the mail, Peter got a letter from his sister. Meg wants to know why they never meet her. Stewie says is she a prim and proper aunt or a big fat dirty aunt. Peter is like I don’t have to tell you anything.  Lois says that Peter doesn’t like to talk about his sister they never really got along. Peter says he just doesn’t talk about her and that tickling uncle.  Lois reading the letter tells Peter that his sister will be coming for thanksgiving. Peter says that he doesn’t want her here and Lois says, reading the letter, Karen has been having thanksgiving with yall’s mom for the last twenty years and now that she is gone she is going to come spend thanksgiving with you. Peter says no and Lois says that she is coming and that is that. Peter says it’s going to be a disaster just like the alternate ending to Back to the Future: Flash to Marty looking at a picture of him, his brother and sister and they are disappearing from the picture. Marty says well if I’m going to disappear mine as well bang my mom. Picture now shows a mutant Marty..To be contondered…

~Everyone is sitting around waiting for thanksgiving dinner to be ready, watching The Cosby Shows intro and it shows all the ladies looking messed up on something. Peter says that he was so busy not seeing color that he didn’t see the raping either. Lois comes out with more appetizers till the food is ready. The door bells rings and it is Karen. Karen picks Meg up and hugs her then she throws Chris up in the air. Lois says hey to Karen and calls to Peter, Peter comes over to say hey and Karen crabs his head calls him PP and bends him down and farts on his head. Everyone laughs.

Peter's Sister (2)

~The guys walk over to meet Karen. Quagmire says we never knew Peter had a sister. Karen says what are you embarrassed of me chin nuts. Quagmire is like oh my god it does looks like nuts. Joe laughs and says how did we not notice that. Cleveland goes I know you, you’re that lady wrestler. Joes says Heavy Flo, your Heavy Flo.  Quagmire tells her that he liked it when she called out Andrea the Giant the day after the Sept. 11. The guys can’t believe that Peter has never mentioned her. Quagmire says yeah she is crazy strong like superman on a date. Flash to Superman with two cops and a lady on a bed dead with the top of her head gone.

~Peter and Lois in the kitchen and Peter is upset that his sister is there. He says that she terrorized him his whole childhood and now she is going to embarrass him in front of his friends. Lois tells Peter that they are grown up now and can’t he go out there and pretend to have a good time. Peter says fine I’ll play along, I’ve lied before. Flash to Peter getting into a cab and telling the cab driver to take him home. The cabby ask where is home Peter tells him the White House. The cabby tells Peter to go ahead in he’ll wait to make sure he is safe. Peter goes through the gate knocks on the door and talks to a security guard who lets him in. Then they both stare out the window at the cabby.

Peter's Sister (3)

~Everyone is sitting around the table listening to Karen tell stories about Peter. Karen is telling a story about Peter wearing a bra and her telling his teammates about it. They want her to tell more stories about Peter. Peter says let’s just carve the turkey, Meg tells him that Karen has already craved it. Peter is like I do the carving because I always do my, are you a leg man or a breast man joke. Megs says that Karen done that joke and it was hilarious. Cleveland says he never got that till now…haha. Quagmire asks Karen to show them some of her moves. Cleveland is like yeah what is that trade mark move called. The toxic shock Joe says. Karen says sure maybe after dinner. Peter yells NO that’s when we do the family football game; we do it every year after dinner. Lois tells Peter to calm down that he is making a scene. Peter says that Karen is ruining thanksgiving just like Tim Burton ruined the fourth of July.

~They are all outside picking side for the football game. Peter is telling them how the picks are going to go. Meg asks Karen if she can be on her team, Karen says yeah I’ll take Meg, Skinny (Quagmire), Hot Chocolate (Cleveland), and the Bus (Chris). Karen says PP (Peter) you get the crumbs.  Karen kicks the ball off, Peter catches it and Karen tackles him and puts him in the toxic shock move.  Peter gasping for breathe and stutters Karen you’re a jerk.  Cleveland asks what that was and Karen tells them its Peters stutter and then he usually pees his pants. Peter stands and says no he doesn’t, and then pees in his pants. Everyone looks around looking kinda sad. Stewie goes this is football I kinda like it. Megs looking like she feels Peters pain.

Peter's Sister (4)

~Meg is talking to Peter and tells him that she feels bad about what had happened between him and Karen.  Meg says that she can see that Karen is a huge bully and that she knows something about bullies. Peter asks how. Then we get a flash back of all the times that Peter has picked on Meg, to the song Celebrate Good Times. Peters like I love that song. Meg says now I see why you have been tough on me all these years, its cause that’s the way Aunt Karen treated you when you was a kid. Meg goes that’s why you have to stand up to Karen. Peter says no that he tried for years but nothing worked. Meg tells Peter that he can’t quit, and that she knows he can do it and maybe she’ll stop terrorizing you and you want take it out on me for the rest of my life. Peters says he is going to do it, that he is going to become a lady wrestler and wrestle her. Megs is like what why not just talk to her. Peter says nope that it has to be a lady’s wrestling match; solve family problems in the ring.. Stewie comes in with Christmas decorations and wants Megs help to hang them.

~Chris and Lois are watching TV and Peter comes in dressed as a lady wrestler.  Lois asks what’s going on, Peter says when I’m in costume I’m Maxie Patty the fierce enemy of Heavy Flo. Lois tells Peter he looks ridiculous and to take it off, and to go talk to his sister and settle things. Peter says no Lois you don’t understand, Karen made him feel worse than a guy getting cut from a baseball team.  The guys are at Joe’s house, and Joe has gotten Steven Segal to help Peter train. Next Cleveland tells Peter that he will get hooked on pain killers at some point so he should start now. Cleveland gives everyone a pill that he got from stepdaughters purse. They are now laid back on the couch. Quagmire ask Peter if he is still doing the wrestling thing and Peter says no holds up the pills and says he going to stick with them.

Peter's Sister (5)

~Quagmire tells Peter that if he is going to defeat his sister he has to get to the route of his fears. Quagmire is going to hypnotize Peter to go back in time. Peter hypnotized asks if he can he make his husky jeans cut offs for swimming. Quagmire tells him to forget it your ready. Cleveland says I think you’re going to win. Peter thanks them and says there has always been two things I wanted to do, put his sister in her place, and go to Chico’s Monkey Farm.

~At the wrestling match, Heavy Flo is wrestling and wins her match. Maxie Patty, aka Peter, comes out and says your no champ not till you go through me. Peter tells her he is Maxie Patty short for Maxine Patricia named after her father Maxwell  Patrick, and I’m here to kick your  a**.  The match begins Heavy Flo throws Maxie Patty to the corner, then to the mat. Peter goes d*** it Karen. Karen wants to know what Peter is doing there. Peter says he is tired of her bullying him. They fight, back and forth; Heavy Flo puts the toxic shock onto Maxie Patty.  From behind Meg slams a chair into Heavy Flo and down she goes. Megs pins her and one, two, three she wins, the new champion. Peter asks Meg why she help and she told him that she didn’t want to see him get hurt. Peter apologizes to Meg for everything he has done to her.

Peter's Sister (6)

~Meg tells Peter how proud she is of him. Lois asks how Karen is going to be. Peter says he don’t know that she is still in a coma that usually they use fake chairs but Meg used a real one. Phone rings and Peter says no wrong blood type, no he doesn’t want to check. He hangs up and says that was the doctor and there’s nothing they can do.

And that’s it. Hope yall enjoy.


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What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.

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  1. This episode would be good for a mini event. Boop.


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