Raid To The North Pole Phase 5 Is LIVE!!!

Hey there Holly Jollies!

The Final Phase of the Christmas 2015 Event, Raid to the North Pole, is now live in our games.


Raid to the North Pole Icon

First up… requirements.

  • North by North Pole Pt. 9 completed

There will ALWAYS be a timed item in Santa’s Headquarters at the end for 24hrs, so beware.

I will get the details finalized as fast as I can. Please be patient while I pull the stats.


Robot Repair Shop: 220 Clams, $40 & 80xp every 4hrs, Always drops Battle Materials… Unleaded Egg Nog, Unfiltered Syrup, Cider, Bio-Diesel,

Robo-Elf Prototype: 280 Clams, $50 & 100xp every 5hrs, Always drops 8 Elf Shoes



Kiddy Train: 400 Silver Bells

Mutant Elves: 800 Silver Bells

Toy Plane Landing Strip: 140 Silver Bells

Fluffy Snow Globe: 100 Silver Bells

Big Ol’ Nutrcracker: 300 Silver Bells

Medium Christmas Tree: 50 Silver Bells

Candy Cane Posts: 100 Silver Bells

Pile of Presents: 20 Silver Bells

Dickens’ Lamp: 43 Silver Bells



Secret Spy Brian:

Spy Wristwatch (Always): T-1000 Cook Up a Plan OR Impenetrable Igloo Fort (2) OR Affordable Elf Housing (2)



You will open this during The Final Snowdown Pt. 1. This will be the final Battle area. In order to complete Battles here, you will first have to get the Christmas Copter Landing Pad from Santa’s HQ for 150 Present.

Christmas Copter requires Red Ribbon to Upgrade. You can get it from the Santa’s Factory Battles.
Christmas Copter Drivers: Rambo Lois & Fighter Pilot Quagmire & Rambo (Coming Soon)

Santa’s Factory Battles will require 3 Yule Logs Each per Battle.
Yule Logs: Lois Wrap Secret Santa Gift OR Bruce Wrap Secret Santa Gift OR Medical Tent OR Robot Repair Shop

Each Battle will take 5hrs



The Fifth and final Exchange item is now in the Supply Depot. All six spaces for Exchange are also now in use.

Elf Shoes: Robo-Elf Prototype OR Santa’s Factory Battles



There are only a few items left in the Headquarters now, Secret Spy Brian being the last of them.

Fighter Pilot Quagmire: 610 Presents

Christmas Copter Landing Pad: 150 Presents

Toy Warehouse: 540 Presents, Earns $40 & 80xp every 4hrs, Always drops 20 Snowflake Medals


The next tap or trip to Santa’s HQ at this point will trigger the 24hr timer on the 4th and final item.

Toy Assembly Line: 1400 Presents, Earns $60 & 120xp every 6hrs, ALWAYS drops 50 Snowflake Medals


Still pulling a few stats and will update, but this should be enough to get you started.


198 responses to “Raid To The North Pole Phase 5 Is LIVE!!!

  1. I see no Christmas Copter available in Santa’s Headquarters. I opened up the last section yesterday and still haven’t been able to figure upt how to get the copter. Where in the hewadquarters is it supposed to be? Is this another bug or is there some questline I have to complete before I get access to the copter?


  2. So it looks like I’ve finished everything although a couple of curiosities.
    1. There’s a greyed out square patch next to the bakery with a bigger footprint than anything I’ve seen in this section. What’s that about?
    2. In the last group of items available for presents there are only five, the last one being Brian in furs which is locked (I assume because I already have him).
    3. What on earth am I going to do with the extra 9,686 presents I’ve made???
    Oh, and why does the game have to restart so often when you’re switching between apps! Very annoying 😡


    • 1. Didn’t come into play

      2. Yes

      3. Have yourself a merry lil giftmas? 😉

      Because you shouldn’t be running dual apps with this game. It requires too much RAM, so while switching you can actually cause the game to crash as it hits that memory drain.


  3. I completed north by north pole pt. 9 and phase 5 did not unlock. Any ideas why not? Does a certain character need to be free or something?


  4. Hi bunny! Hope ur on the mend (:

    I have completed north by North Pole part 9 and still nothing has triggered for phase 5…. and it’s bin like 2 days lol

    I’ve messaged tinyco but probably won’t hear back before the end…… I’m not too bothered as this events bin a big fail 4 me but as long as we all get God it’s sweet lol


    • Santa free? Peter Free?

      And thanks, will still be a few more months for me… but will get there eventually.


      • They’re not currently free right now but I have had them free on multiple occasions since the last questline ended….. and nothing happened

        So ive continued 2 use them both I’m battles as they were idle

        I’m not meant 2 see page 5 it’s not in the stars 😂

        Take care bunny


        • I had to have them both free… I am not sure what play area I had to be in to trigger it too. So try both North Pole and Quahog. Some of these Questlines only trigger in one area.


  5. I can”t get any hats anymore from santa village


  6. I just checked my inventory and found a gingerbread bot bakery (the one that cost 1400 presents at the end of phase 4). I know I didn’t buy it, so I guess it’s another giftie from TinyCo. Don’t need what it drops, though. So now I have all the final prizes for phase 1 (bought for 250 presents) and phases 2-4 (free gifties).

    I actually do have 1400 presents now in phase 5, but just missed the timer expiration for the toy assembly line (also 1400 presents). Hadn’t thought I could get it and forgot to avoid triggering it. Wish they would make those triggers more foolproof…

    But we’re all so close to God in the collective leaderboard as of bout 6am EST, bet we get him today!


  7. Any news about the fourth timed challenge and its requirements? Just wanted some prior knowledge before I tap the exclamation! Lol


  8. I tried to unlock Fighter Pilot Quagmire and the helicopter pad but they are both locked. I have not gotten them yet because I didn’t have enough presents until now. They were accessible yesterday and the day before that. Right now the item that is available to get is the Toy Warehouse. I haven’t gotten it yet and my last items timer is going already. Is this supposed to happen? I’m assuming not since I cannot proceed in the game without Quagmire. Thanks for the help!


  9. Somehow, I didn’t have any issues getting Brian; I actually got him a week ago. Today I’ve been working on Quagmire, but now that I finally have enough presents to get him, he’s showing locked in the store. I’m not sure what’s going on. I’ve searched and searched this site but didn’t see anyone else having this issue. Was he timed and I just wasn’t aware? I still have a task in the task list to unlock him. 😦


  10. I was collecting presents to unlock Fighter Quagmire but when I logged in just now, it was locked out. Santa copter is also locked out. Can someone explain what happened?


  11. I loved and hated this event, too many bugs settled me back on presents and tasks.
    Right now I have lost clams, which tiny will replenish 🙂
    Also not getting materials for presents after raids.. Which I figured out if I clicked the red arrow first it won’t give me materials, have to go through each check first.
    But the most annoying is nos i have Heriberto locked for buying, and everything else except the first item which I bought and the last..
    I haven’t even been able to open 5th phase 😩


  12. Hey I thought fighter pilot quagmire and helicopter landing pad would be before the toy assembly line? I don’t think I’m even going to get a chance to collect any eld shoes before the end of the event let alone get the helicopter 😕


  13. I am on final snowdown 4 where I need to unlock fighter pilot quagmire but he is locked as well as the copter. The next prize is the only one available and the timer has started on the final prize even though I haven’t gotten ANY items in Phase 5 yet. Something is all screwy all of a sudden. I can’t progress without quagmire. Will message in game but just checking in to see if anyone else here has this issue.


  14. Hey , I was wondering if all of the extra Christmas lights , wreaths , etc used to fuel up my vehicular once I’ve maxed them out can or will be able to be used for anything ?


  15. how do you trigger the final times questline? I wanted the kitty and haven’t gotten the timer yet.


  16. I just collected from brian the 25 gifts and again my clams dropped from 190 to 129. I thought the 25 gifts were free if we had Brian’s outfit. That’s 120 clans lost in 2 days for no reason to reason I worked hard for those clams and would appreciate them back.

    I tried contacting tiny Co 2 and no response.


    • Someone others said that a window popped up saying they had to pay to use the task.

      I’m wondering if same is impacting you. Message them in game please.


      • I sent a message to them 3 times now and still no response the task stopped taking clams upon completion but I am still out the 120 that was previously taking.


        • Give them a couple days to respond. Usually they ask to give them up to 5 before sending another message.


          • They just responded that they are sorry they did not reply before the event ended but since the event is over they can not reimburse me. This was not event currency it was hard earned clams in which real money was spent on them. This is absurd that they won’t reimburse them. Why would I spend any money if a glitch on there end could make them disappear. Any advise would be greatly appreciated.


            • “Kindly” respond back it was not Event Currency, it was a game glitch that stole your Clams from your game unauthorized and if they would please review it again.


  17. I think TinyCo should add a way for us to share items and help other players collect items to unlock characters if need be. Also what’s up with Meg totally being excluded from this event??!! Lol

    Liked by 1 person

    • Meg is off celebrating with her friends rather than her dysfunctional family.


    • Lol Meg is a loser hahahaha. But you are right about helping others. It will be very nice to help others in the game. I’m still in phase 4. I had a great start but for some reason I got stuck in phase 3 for two weeks. I finally made it out. I was hoping I would been able to finish the Christmas event since I wasn’t able to finish the Halloween one but it didn’t go that way. I’m very disappointed with myself.


      • I’ve got close to 30,000 presents I’m not going to use and it would have been great if I could have shared them with other players.


  18. Since the 18 Dec I have been asking for help through the contact us link on the game. I have still not received a reply.nhave been having so much trouble with this Christmas stuff. First, my Santa stopped doing drops the moment Lyle was activated. And I only need 10 gifts to get him. So missed out then. I have had to buy the tank 3 times. At one point, I actually had 2. 1 at level 1 and 1 at level 2. But then they went away and had to purchase the third. Now I have the mine, but it is telling me to use gifts to purchase it again so I can get the next task and access to the next item. It’s just so frustrating.


    • Very odd it keeps going away and returning. Messaging them in game is usually the best way. Message … wait 5 days for response… message again if none.


  19. Is The Final Snowdown Pt. 9 the end of the road? I have 1,000 presents (I missed out on getting 1,400 before the clock ran down on the Toy Assembly Line (when I thought the leaderboards were closed for realsies I figured it wasn’t worth my effort). I was hoping something else would pop up for the last few days of the event since for once I think I’m ahead (I used clams to buy Brian when I was down to 60 watches needed).


  20. Darn it, I forgot to ask something else (it’s just like going to the store – never fails – I forget an item haha)…IF anyone has any info 🙂
    Will Tiny Co. be leaving this winter area open for us to get into (I guess like Krustyland in TSTO) considering the special areas in every other event go away, but with this one we have buildings and decos in said winter area that we obviously don’t want nor expect to lose.
    I’ve tried searching for this info so I apologize in advance if you’ve covered this and I couldn’t/didn’t find it.

    Stay blessed 🙂


  21. I’ve never “finished” a mini-event this early – as in I’ve collected all the prizes you can get for turning in presents – so 2 questions: am I at all wasting my time continuing to do tasks that give me presents if there’s nothing I can turn in for them, and has anyone ever seen Tiny Co. release more options for gamers to turn in presents (in this case) so we can still get something for our “efforts” (lol)? Thanks in advance for any feedback!

    Hope everyone is still enjoying the event, AND having a great start to 2016!

    Stay blessed 🙂


  22. Ive been at a standstill for many days. Districts 4 and 5 wont open and i have no quest lines. I tried putting away all the unused buildings but then the old questline popped up and i have to redo them. I tried uninstalling/install but that didnt work. I cant find any other suggestions but my phone has 5 different personalities so i apologize ahead of time if you answered this already. If you have a suggestion let me know. If not ignore this. Im so far behind it doesn’t really matter and you are way too busy to worry about this old news. Thanks again for your site. I would have given up long ago if it weren’t for you and your info. Many hugs and Happy New Year!


  23. My Raid to North Pole Phase 5 is still locked. I’m finished with North by North Pole pt 9 and Peter is free. Am I missing something?



  24. Hey do you still need presents to unlock secret spy Brian even if you get all 60 spy watches?


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