Thank You Veterans!!!

Hey there all our Amazing Readers!!

I wanted to drop on by today to offer a special thanks from Myself (Bunny), Lotty, and Russian Tigger here at Family Guy Addicts on this important day. To some it is Veteran’s Day, to others Remembrance Day, or to some it is even Armistice Day. No matter the name, the thought is still the same.


Veterans Day Thank You

We know this is just a silly lil blog about a silly lil game, but we are all human too. The real world is always around us, impacting our daily lives, and small things like this game may just be the way for us to step away now and then from that world and just have some fun.

As you know, we love and adore all of our readers. From the U.S.A. to all around the World. You amaze us every day and I personally feel honored to have you here. We really do think of all of you as a part of our lil blog family as we have grown to know so many of you (and possibly you us).

I personally have many family and friends that have served, are still currently serving, or gave their lives all while serving for their country. So I have much respect for anyone doing so in many ways, so I honestly and truly say this from the very bottom of my very heart…

To all the Men and Women who have sacrificed for their country in any part, to those holding down the “fort” back home, and to those that have given all in the name of their country…THANK YOU!!! You are very much appreciated and loved by us!! We are honored to have you as a member of our lil community!! 🙂


If you would like to share any thoughts or personal thanks as well, please feel free to do so in the comments below. You know we love to hear from you. 🙂



6 responses to “Thank You Veterans!!!

  1. Yes, THANK YOU!!!


  2. 11th day of the 11th month is Armistice day as this was when they signed for end to the Great war. Remembrance day is always the nearest Sunday to this (since world war 2). We did the 2 minutes silence and wear of poppies at work today. I have a keen interest in thr history of yhe wars and massive respect for any veterans and current service


    • In Canada, Remembrance Day is November 11th, regardless of the day of the week. It is a holiday in most provinces, and the government employees all get the day off, but where I live, many non-government employees have to work today, unfortunately. We do try to take a moment of silence at 11:00 AM, however.


      • Most people here think 11th is remembrance day as is when we do the 2 minutes silence after the Big Ben chimes are broadcast and poppy wreaths laid. But the big ceremonies moved to Sundays so more people can participate and during ww2 production was not interupted (so I was told). The Queen, service men and women, politicians and veterans will lay poppy wreaths tomorrow at the cenetaph and at the site of the unknown soldier of worl war 1. We get 8 bank holidays a year I believe the least in Europe. I think problem with holidays is os often seen as people are disrespectful as just get drunk or lay about lol


        • I agree, marking Armistice Day or Remembrance Day with a holiday wouldn’t be good idea, the reason for the holiday would be lost on many, sadly!!!


  3. Over here we call it Remembrance Day so I am guessing it is the same thing


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