New Event Teaser – Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night

Update 30/11: Christmas Event will not start until 12/1, so gives us a bit time clear down some Questlines. 

Update 11/30: Android users please DON’T upgrade to Version 1.33.4 at this time as there is an issue causing players to be locked out of their games.

Jingle Bells, Peter smells, Lois ran away…. Oh sorry I didn’t see you reading there.

So it’s beginning to look a lot like (the) Christmas event will drop tomorrow night sometime, as TinyCo have released a little teaser.

Ho ho ho! Our holiday event, Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night, will be available to play tomorrow!

“Chris’ dreams become the stuff of Quahog’s nightmares when Stewie’s malfunctioning Dream Machine brings to life the Christmas gifts that Chris is dreaming of, some showing up in the guise of the Griffin family and friends!

Will the Christmas Morning Peter of Chris’ nightmares steal all of the gifts? Will Q*bert and PAC-MAN take over the town? And how will Stewie and Brian deal with this plight before Christmas? Play “Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night” to find out”.

~ Russian Tigger


29 responses to “New Event Teaser – Quahog’s Not-So-Silent Night

  1. Do buildings and decorations from last years Christmas event drop out of storage when this years Christmas event starts? All I had place in storage is gone. How long do items placed in storage stay stored?


    • Nope. Are you looking in a more filtered area? Or are you looking in the ALL option. Items scatter between Buildings and Decorations and if you are in the ALL location, you will have to look and look. Otherwise if you go to individual filtered Events, you will see them easier. That is IF they are stored and not on your play space


      • I’ve gone through the “all” and each on individually. I found 2 items
        The tent that is Santas headquarters and the sign that is two wooden soldiers.


        • Hi, I’m having the same issue with the event tabs for Raid to the North Pole and Miracle on Spooner Street, my stuff I stored isn’t showing up in them. However if I just use the old method of looking through the main storage sections without using the event filter I’m seeing my Christmas stuff there mostly in decorations. So could be TinyCo are working on the storage filters or something behind the scenes, but hopefully you’ll find your stuff in the general storage like I did.


  2. Is the event live for computer? Because I still have yet to see it. Is it running behind or what is going on?


  3. Is it running late? I have yet to see the new event. Today is the second of December and it’s still not updated. At least for me. Is anyone else having this problem?


  4. Now that the characters who drop keys have been allowed back into the resort it appears that a large number of main character who previously were able to be placed in the resort are no longer able. Is this going to be the norm going forward?


  5. I have upgraded on my iPad but it hasn’t changed on the game


    • The update is just preparation for the event. TinyCo still have to push the button for the event to go live. So you’re fine, just ready and waiting like the rest of us.


  6. Argh. I hope this year’s Christmas event is better than last year’s. That one was way too tedious and the theme was not enjoyable at all. I guess if it stinks I’ll have lots of time to clear my backlog of character quests.


  7. I didn’t care for las years Christmas event, either, except for getting God and Kevin Swanson. I much prefer the 3 week events. The. Wizard of Oz was the perfect length and not too difficult. Hoping for more characters from the actual show, show up for Christmas. Just pulled out lots of Christmas buildings and decorations. Not super excited for Christmas after this awful year, so something cheery and lighthearted would be nice.


    • I agree something festive with a real feel good factor. I think they brought the fun back with the Oz event and I’d like see that continue. And I agree 3 week events play out nicely.


  8. i didnt like last year’s christmas event because of the “war” theme .. we already have enough wars in the real world .. i hope they make smthg cheerful and light 🙂 merry christmas to all …


  9. hey I did the updates and now I can’t log in, what is the deal. keep saying there is an update but there are now updates in the playstore as I literally just updated? I guess I won’t be able to play for Xmas? ;(


  10. The new update broke my game
    My android phone auto updated to a Christmas update and created new icon on the screen, I logged in and the game was running until it crashed. So I logged in again and it happened again after a while. After an hour I checked the Android Play Store for an update to fix the issue. I found an update for Family Guy and I applied it. The update removed the Christmas icon and replaced it with There’s No Place like Quahog event icon. Tried to log in but the game gave me a message that there are some missing files. So I uninstalled the game and reinstalled it. Opened the game and the game run OK with a tutorial level 1. So I logged in into my existing account and while loading gave me a message PLEASE UPGRADE: A new update is available! Please upgrade to the latest version to continue. But there isn’t newer version in the Play store. I don’t know what to do. Any help? This is the first time I’m having problems with this game, it was running well for almost a year, I’m level 100.

    I’m on Android 6.0 LG Stylo


  11. christmas events coming and i will be staying off the addicts pages as i want to play both events and be suprised really hopeing 4 something nightmare before christmas related


  12. Hello, I play almost 4 years, and now I no longer have room in my Quahog’s.can you help me? (You can reply me by email)


  13. I sure hope they incorporate some of the characters from last years Christmas event to help with the event cash drops.


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