Roll up, Roll up – Showoff Reminder!!!

Hey there fellow Quahog dwellers, thought I’d take a minute or two away from building my yellow brick road  to remind you to submit your screenshots of your town for the Shoreline Showoff. And with the Christmas event looming I thought hey why don’t I ask you guys to submit any Christmas areas you have as well.


The task I set you was an easy one, inspired by the opening up of the water area, so I thought, hey, I’d like to do a Shoreline Showoff involving this, the water, Tan Lines, anything and everything water related. And as I mentioned above as I’m starting to get in the festive spirit, or maybe I’ve been drinking some Christmas spirits, how’s about sending me your Christmas designs. I promise I’ll show you mine if you show me yours. This task was originally open for submissions until 8th December but with some players having game issues I’m going to extend it to 13th December. Please email your screenshots to along with your profile name and I will show off your towns next month.

If you want a guide to taking screenshots, look no further: Screenshots 101 ~ Click Here.

And once again the email is:

Oh and if you haven’t voted already, there’s still a little time to pick your favourite in the final round of our Family Guy Most Wanted poll, voting will be open until Friday @ 12pm Pacific – you can vote HERE.

Thanks in advance

~ Russian Tigger


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