Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2017

So the New Year partying is over, the fire works have burnt out, the sseason of goodwill is behind us and the Best of event has launched in our games. Yes looks like 2017 is here to stay, well for another 357 days at least.

Whats an Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping TinyCo to make some? C’mon lift your 2017 already weary heads from their Sunday slumbers and take this once in a blue moon, ok once in a year, opportunity to tell TinyCo what YOU want to see in the Family Guy The Quest for Stuff game in the year ahead.


What would you like to see more or what would you like to see less of? What new characters or features would you like to see, or even what old characters or features you’d like to see brought back? Is there an event you loved that you’d like to see a sequel to, or an event you missed you’d love them to revisit? Is there any changes you’d like to see to the layout of the game, the inventory, anything at all?

Basically this is to ask you to help them make the game better, so share your thoughts with us in the comments and let’s help TinyCo make 2017 the year the game gets it right!!!

***Now I know there’s a lot of anger towards TinyCo just now due to the Quahog’s Not So Silent Night even and the crashing issues this last week, I think you all know me well enough by now to know I get your frustrations, and that I’m sympathetic to them, but please don’t turn this into a venting place, please keep that for the latest What the Deuce, you’ll find it HERE. Let’s make this post be about constructive feedback and suggestions if we can please!!!***

~ Russian Tigger, Bunny, & Lotty


100 responses to “Tell TINYCO what you want, what you really, really want to see in the game in 2017

  1. I would like to see the little character box broken down by event and have a full list of characters and costumes. Much like TinyCo did when the game first started. As I was reading past posts on the site I have discovered 10 characters I had missed in past events.


  2. I would like to see an event that brings our the characters who were Veterans back like Veteran Herbert; Navy Quagmire etc… could be a mini event around Memorial or Veterans day,


  3. I would like to see the american dad event because I mist it last time. Th a would be amazing


  4. I want Buzz Killington! He’s the last character I need to get the 100 clams from the “Characters you buy” quest. I’ve been saving up the clams for him for a year or so now, but it’s starting to feel like he’s never making a comeback.


  5. As several have said, and said so well, an ability to cancel tasks. In TSTO you can just put certain buildings into storage. Not ever time but it still helps.

    Also in TSTO the characters have tasks associated with the event highlighted. We need something like that. We also need to see a list of relevant characters for the event. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had a character sit idle because I didn’t know they had something to do during an event.

    Finally Bunny should defiantly have her own character in the game. And NOT one that gets turned into mush by a giant.


    • Turned to mush 😀😀😀

      I kind of like how in FGQFS we can store characters buildings without storing the character, but I get what your saying.

      Time will tell what changes next.


  6. Mainly… MORE LAND!!! Lots more… like quadruple the amount of total land… so sick of having a messy crammed town and no place to put anything, and working hard at events to earn buildings that always just go into storage.

    Otherwise, just pretty much all the things that Tapped out has implemented… select and move areas at once, send all characters on tasks, other types of ground like concrete and dirt and rivers, events that are possibly to keep up without spending money…

    And they need to cut out the whole “Oops, we miscalculated the drops which caused a huge panic and forced users to spend clams to move ahead with the event, but it was an accident, I swear!!” They need to just be honest and respect the customers and not try to trick people into spending money… they will make more in the long run I’m sure


  7. Things I haven’t seen:
    The ability to select an area and move multiple buildings at once
    (a la TSTO).
    More multiple-character tasks that are natural pairings
    (I.e. God & Satan, Santa & Jesus, Stewie & Evil Stewie, etc.)
    Indication on items in store if you already have them in Quahog
    (There already is one if the item is stored in inventory)

    Echoing other requests:
    Use for older characters
    An in-game list of characters active in the current event


  8. *more ways to use millions of coins: million coin characters maybe?!

    **More land!

    ***More districts!

    ****A few days between each event so we can finish side tasks(because they always use the same 6 characters) and also some time to decompress from horrible drop rates

    *****BETTER DROP RATES!!! It’s a game, meant to be fun-not infuriating!

    ******and lastly: STOP this coin flipping madness!! It’s not fun, it’s annoying!! The last 2 events have completely sucked due to the flip of the “3 coin mystery never get the thing you need” boxes. I hate them. I hate them so much!(useless building coins and overwhelming amount of useless stocking stuffers)******

    Thanks for doing this post ladies!!


  9. As a player of only a year, I’d like to see some characters from Face Space make a reapperance. Kinda like a retro thing. And more land for sure.


  10. More land. I have to stash a building each time I get a new one. More ways to spend coins and Stewie bucks. Even if the characters cost a lot of coins, they should be available. The events should not be frustrating and should take a reasonable amount of time without spending clams. As for events, they should have more that tie into the show and have characters and celebrities who were on the show.


    • Further to this, 24 hour tasks for all characters, especially when trying to max them out when their events end. Dorothy Lois especially only has a 10 hour task. I won’t send them to Tan lines until they are at max.

      I want the mustache Peter costume!


  11. Voices for the voiceless, please! Especially Ollie.


  12. An option to opt out of non-main questlines would be nice.
    I’ve been seeing the buy a box of coins and get free clams for 2 years now.
    I also have two Christmas event side quests that need Bonnie, but she’s need for darts so they sit there


  13. Make mini events more attainable again.

    It seems the game has continued to evolve to require spending more and more clams. Not surprised as this is a money making venture for TinyCo, and I am not upset about that, you gotta make a living somehow.

    But, I used to spend a few clams during major events, because I was so close to completing them. Now it is impossible to complete major events without spending massive amounts of clams. Result for me, I spend NO CLAMS during major events anymore. My expectation is that I will only complete about 30% of the event so why bother spending anything on it.

    The mini events used to be obtainable without spending clams at all. They had evolved to a perfect balance where they required a few clams if you missed a login at some time during the event. Result for me, I would spend a few clams to catch up.

    Now the mini events are impossible to complete without spending lots of Clams, just like the major events. As of this writing in the current event I am about 30% done with 1-1/2 days left. I should be close to 50% complete by the time it is over. Bummer for a mini event. Result for me now, I spend NO CLAMS on mini events either.

    Not sure if this was the intent TinyCo was going for, but the game play dynamic has changed and I no longer spend clams at all because ALL the events are too far from being able to be completed for me to even care anymore.

    Change the events to be a little more attainable, and maybe some of us will spend some clams again.

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  14. Thomas E Whitman

    How about making events longer than a month? For those of us who have been playing since the onset of this game, we need more real estate. Let us use our millions of coins to buy characters, and or exchange for clams. Also add new achievements, i only have the dance off, bad habits, and obsessive compulsive to finish. Bring back the lazerus portal with more chances to get missing characters.

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  15. I’d love to be able to check characters back into tan lines hotel. First they made lois too important to check back in, even though she easn’t doing anything important at that time, now a good handful-and-a-half cant be checked back in. I’d rather have the choice to bring characters out when needed rather than have it imposed on me.


  16. More buildings that fit in the water space.

    More opportunities to use coins for mystery boxes and to purchase full characters — like Commander Will Riker.

    Do more Star Trek events!

    Increase experience levels to 200. Award clams for hitting over level 100.


  17. My suggestions for TinyCo:

    * Change the game dynamics – play needs to be more fun and less frustrating. It increasingly feels like goals are designed for players to fail so that they spend ever more clams.

    * Replace chance drops with always drops. I’m happy to do longer tasks or more tasks but I’ve had more than enough of doing tasks over and over again without making sufficient progress.

    * Restructure the way districts work or increase the minimum district for events, so that the most popular Family Guy characters like Stewie and Brian are used far more than minor ones like Bruce and Seamus.

    * New districts in preference to events.

    * Allow planned breaks (days or even weeks) between events.

    * Better ways to organise and search the inventory.

    * Better ways to send characters on tasks (multiple characters at a time).

    * Add missing tasks, e.g. many recent characters don’t have 24h tasks or other useful lengths.

    * Introduce something useful to do with our excess coins.

    * Introduce something useful to do with our excess Stewie bucks.

    * Introduce something meaningful for our XP (level).

    * Make past event characters and costumes more useful.

    * Reward long term players better – more ways to earn free clams.

    * Fewer support tickets that are ignored to responded to with useless copy and paste answers.

    * I often miss the first page of each in-game dialog because it appears after a pause when I’ve already tapped to do something else, then it disappears immediately without a chance to read it; surely they can flush the tap-ahead buffer or something to prevent this!

    * Fix bugs, resolve sluggishness, more efficient usage of device memory, improve uptime (especially Facebook) etc.

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  18. An X-Files themed event:
    Seeing as they are both FOX properties, hopefully this could be a possible event. Mulder & Scully could come to Quohog to investigate an alien conspiracy.

    Coin Characters:
    Special characters that can be purchased for a large amount of coins. For long term players, coins are a bit pointless at the moment. Creating special characters for coin purchase would be a nice thank you to long term players, and something to strive towards for others.

    Character cycle changes:
    When characters have special item drops for events, I’d like those characters to appear at the beginning of the character cycle so that we don’t need to click through every character to find the special drop characters.


  19. Is there a way to guarantee TinyCo actually sees everything we are posting here? Do you have a contact there to make sure they are actually aware of players thoughts? It seems like in game messages over the years has not got the point across to them so would hate to have all this feedback (and player frustration) and them not actually see it


  20. Oh and tinyco should be NICE to bunnies. I hate that giant Chris kills them. It’s not cute.

    On the subject of Bunnies, I’m still hoping to see a Bunny in our games as a nod to all the work done here.


  21. Giancarlo Coppola

    A new district and more space


  22. – more districts
    – an option to cancel tasks
    – award for maxing characters (clams or a building/decoration related to that character)
    – in an event – warning before placing a character with a timer
    – in an event – a list of all characters used in that event
    – fix the drop rate issue
    – some use for past event characters
    – ability to zoom out more or an option to view your whole town (if thats already possible, please tell me how) ♡

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  23. Showbiz theme. Use costumes showgirls/tuxes from the opening sequence. Can use the barbershop quartet guys.

    Carnival or fair theme. Peter as lion tamer, cowardly lion Chris, dancing dog Brian, magician stewie, acrobat Lois and sideshow meg.

    Gameshow theme.

    Flood theme, use God character creating the flood, then have Cleveland show and American dad characters help out.


  24. Need. More. Land.
    I nuked my city and just put all buildings nd decor to cover all land. Its done. Just a small spot for road patch to let charaters walk. Next event – i need to store buildings.


  25. I would like them to make events possible to finish. I will not unlock anything in this mini event due to poor drop and exchange rate. TinyCo became too greedy for money.


  26. Both Peter Palooza 2.0 and a Star Wars theme


  27. I would love a way to spend all the coins I have accumulated, some more tripsto the multiverse, a sort of tripping event, like when brian was tripping and seeing all those strange characters. they were cool. use of the portal again. a history event, stephen king anything, some more water based stuff, and something involving music. Also, many of the episodes have drug themes, so how about something involving brian the drug sniffing dog, where he finds the drugs hidden all over quahog?


  28. The number 1 thing I want is just opportunities to get characters and outfits that were missed in past events. The mystery boxes they’ve had for some recent events that let you get a random missed character or outfit are a good start, but it would be nice to have some non-clam options as well for non-premium characters/outfits.

    I was really hoping that this past Christmas event would make use of characters from last Christmas and offer a chance to get characters that were missed last year, for example, but the only connect to last Christmas was Santa offering a couple of candy cane tasks.

    Most other games that offer seasonal events reintroduce all of the old content each year in addition to the new content, so anything you miss one year you can get the next. I really wish this game did the same thing.


  29. A few suggestions:
    -The ability to clear out my inventory and sell back my hundreds (and HUNDREDS) of unused event-specific buildings and decos. At the start of the 2nd Halloween event in 2015, we were able to sell back a lot of the Halloween year 1 items, but that hasn’t continued.
    -A use for my 40+ million coins. I don’t expect to convert them into clams, but what if, say, select premium characters were offered for 200 clams OR 3 million coins?
    -New “major” prizes at Tan Lines, now that all of us old timers have Evil Monkey.
    -More uses for legacy characters during events, and an easy way to see who is useful during the current event (so you don’t have to check everyone out of Tan Lines to see).


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