Character Profile: Giant Chicken

Calling all chickens!!

Chicken’s back! Back again! Yes, Giant Chicken is making his third appearance as a freemium unlockable character in our games, and hopefully many of you who had your feathers in a flap because you missed out on him previously will finally get the greatest chicken EVER in your games.

Let’s take a look at what Giant Chicken can do in our silly lil games.

Giant Chicken is a Character first added during the Wrestlemania Event, he then returned in the Boomsday Event, and is now making his third appearance in the Best of 2016 event. As with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect  STUFF.

For Giant Chicken, the STUFF you have to earn for him in this event, where I hope it will be third time lucky for any addict who doesn’t have him, can be seen once you place Giant Chicken’s Pollo Resteurant from your shopping cart.


Once you’ve placed this you will see Giant Chicken outside. Tapping on his Lock Icon would show you the Materials you needed to collect to bring him into the game.

image20 Giant Chicken Tokens: 40 Clams Per Token OR Carnival Pack OR Hercules Reminisce About 2016 OR Fairy Godmayor West Reminisce About 2016

He does come with a Questline, Playing Chicken, more on that in another post.

Giant Chicken does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn  & .

Let’s take a look at some of Giant Chicken’s permanent tasks:

Task Time Earns Drops/
Be A Spokeschicken 2hrs 20  12 
Movie Scene Marker Clapper Board Start A Chicken Fight 4hrs 50  30 
Give ‘Em Something ago Squawk About 6hrs 65  45 
Movie  Brawl With Giant Chicken (requires Peter) 8hrs 80  50 
Feel A Bit Peckish 10hrs 90  59  Level 3
Clip Coupons 12hrs 100  65  Level 2
Send Hate Mail To Colonel Saunders 16hrs 115  75  Level 5
Fly The Coop 24hrs 150  100  Level 7

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event ends.



And there you have it, the complete breakdown for Giant Chicken

What do you think of Giant Chicken? Did you unlock him yet? If you got him, what do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? Let us know!
~Russian Tigger




35 responses to “Character Profile: Giant Chicken

  1. for me i’ve got RR Stewie, but ended up with 11 Chicken, 5 Kaplan and (WOW) (useless for me as i didn’t purchase anything) 38 and plus 1 as i was force to purchase for 1 token the giant billboard


  2. Nope, missed out on him along with the other 3 characters as well. I was really wanting Giant Chicken the most. The 6 hour tasks for darts was a bit much in my opinion, and on top of that I rarely got more than 3 darts out of the 4 characters that could get them. Then when you could trade the cards seems like I would get at least 2 building coins for which I really had no use for. This was a useless little endeavor from TinyCo in an attempt to help smooth over the horrible Christmas event. Very frustrating to think I had a chance to get the characters as a Freemium player in such a short time. I have played FGTQFS since almost the beginning.


  3. Omg. Event is almost over, used my last darts and one box dropped 2 last needed chicken tokens. I really really wanted it so badly and now its mine! Yay


  4. No characters for me. I have 13 for Giant Chicken, 16 for RR Stewie, 7 for Kaplan, and 39 Building Tokens.


  5. After three tries the Giant Chicken was finally won from my last round of darts before the event ends. No chance of getting the 5 more tokens for the salesman but I really didn’t want him anyway. I do have lots of building tokens I don’t need as I got all but one of the buildings earlier in the year.


  6. Not going to unlock a thing!!! What a waste of a week, got nothing but building tokens. getting 12-15 building token to every 1 giant chicken token.


  7. im collecting for Jim Kaplan and Giant Chicken as i seem to have been fortunate enough to have unlocked the other characters but that doesnt mean my drops are any more favourable.

    been collecting on the hour and usually get 3/4 darts from the 4 characters who drop them. i’ve got 8 chicken tokens, about 55 building tokens, 6 jim kaplan tokens. the character tokens are displayed on the unlockable characters as an ‘always’ drop but ive had a few packs where theyve given me only building tokens.

    i got a pop up this morning saying the event ends today. no chance im getting enough tokens to unlock Jim or Ernie before the end of the day.

    also someone posted a comment saying they got some free darts – was this a real thing for everyone because i havent had any freebies?!


    • The free darts were awarded to players on Abdroid devices as they were locked out first few days if the event.


      • Same boat, had all the others except Jim and giant chicken and the token drop rates were awful…. Ended up with building tokens to buy duplicates of buildings I already have and have stored… Sigh
        Sucky best of event… I even tried rushing the tasks just now to get extra darts and for my common dart drop I got 1 out of 4. Makes me wish they had just given us a week off instead of hopes up for characters that you can’t get without still having to pay about 200 clams a piece.


        • Update* I love this site…. Been playing on my iPad the whole event… After looking at the posts I logged in on my android phone and got the massive free darts. Was enough to unlock giant chicken 1 short of Jim Kaplan so I paid the 53 clams to rush chickens action and buy his last token. Yay!!!!!


  8. well another event, that i won’t get all characters, i’ll only get R R Stewie, barely 10/20 tokens for the giant chicken, 5/20 for the new characters but for the building already have 35 of those useless tokens that i won’t purchase anything, i’m so sad


  9. Well it looks like I will be 0-3 on the giant chicken…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Hooray for the free darts. They helped me get across the finish line for both Giant Chicken and Jim Kaplan! Thank you TinyCo!


  11. I got chicken ..Yayy I wanted him and failed in the other two events he popped up. As for Kaplan I’m not sure if I’ll get him as his token doesnt drop much. I’m surprised no buildings from the DC event made it as Best of 2016


  12. so far i have

    Chicken Tokens 2

    Stewie 9

    Ollie 7

    Jim 6


  13. Building tokens, pffffff. Like I really want any of those, but that’s what I get 75%+ of the time. Awesome that I lost 3 days at the beginning, I’ll be happy just to get Olie. Currently at 8 out of 15. Kaplan isn’t gonna happen, at 2 or 3 out of the 20. Another event with such promise that goes down the tubes. I really don’t like these new procedures of flipping tokens or whatever you wanna call em. Can’t we just earn stuff again instead of doing tasks over and over to get nowhere?


  14. I’m sitting at 4/20. Yeah. Pretty sure i’m not getting him.


  15. any chance they will add more characters to drop darts or actually increase the drop rates for character tokens? Have played since this event started and trying to unlock Chicken and Val but with 2 days left only got 2 chicken and 1 val tokens and the rest buildings. SOO annoying. Does TinyCo actually think when they bring back old stuff people want buildings and not characters? ughh


  16. Did they make it so you had earn Giant Chicken again? I had him, now he is not in the inventory and I have to earn him again. seems odd.


    • If you already unlocked him during Wrestlemania or Boomsday you shouldn’t have to earn him again. If you previously had him and he’s disappeared please contact TinyCo support.


      • I have the same issue. Contacted support and they replied back w some automated response. Saying I would need to earn the coins, blah, blah to get GC. I explain that I already did in prev event why should I do it again. No response afterwards.


  17. I need 6 more for Ollie and spent about 100 clams speeding things up. Need 14 for the chicken and 7 for RR Stewie and Kaplan needs 18 more. Not too hopefull


  18. I am really hoping i get giant chicken. I got the best of boxes until i got both hercules and fairy godmother west, but still not sure what the odds acrually are with only a few days left in the event, and being down the first three days. Only dropping 1 token every 24hrs means at best i get 6 more tokens including today from characters, so hoping my luck changes for the rest of the event as far as opening packs go.


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