Tell US what you want, what you really, really want to see here in 2017

So the New Year champagne is back on ice, the balloons have burst, the hangover, if you celebrated it in Scotland, is just starting to fade, and the Best of event has launched in our games. Yes looks like 2017 is here to stay, well for another 357 days at least.

So what’s an Addict to do once the party’s over and the daily grind has returned? Well apart from enjoying breaking all those new year resolutions, how’s about helping us to make some? C’mon lift your already 2017 weary heads from their Sunday slumbers and take this once in a blue moon, ok once a year, opportunity to tell us what YOU want to see on the Family Guy Addicts site.


Tell us what you want to see on the site in the months to come. What would you like to see more of, (Bunny or Lotty perhaps) or what would you like to see less of, (me probably)? Is there any new features or anything we don’t do you’d like to see try or any thing that we used to do and now don’t you’d like to see brought back?

Basically Bunny and Alissa created this site for you the readers, so share your thoughts on what you want from us in the comments and let’s make 2017 The Year of the Addict!!!

And remember this is just your thoughts on the Addicts Site, if you want tell TinyCo what you’d see in the game comment HERE!!! And if you want to have a little vent just head to our latest What the Deuce post HERE!!!

~ Russian Tigger, Bunny & Lotty


23 responses to “Tell US what you want, what you really, really want to see here in 2017

  1. I think you do a great job. I still don’t quite understand how you collect so much information so quickly.
    A little suggestion would be that you keep an updated index of posts for long events. I know there’s a link to an index of the last event on the right, but it’s not updated with all the links (the Not So Silent Night one has links for only phase 1 I think). An index would be really helpful to find info when we’re in later stages, especially for people who is behind and need to check ‘older’ info. Other than that the site is amazing 🙂


  2. First of all, great site. My first port of call most days. The content itself doesn’t need changing. Keep up the excellent work.

    Possibly a reorganise of the site putting an extra page in with links to all the major events in a yearly page. So a “2016” page, then a list of all the events in order month by month – only the major/most prominent events. Tbh I don’t even think it’d be suitable for everyone and I’m only saying this with the recent event being a ‘Best of 2016’ because I don’t actually think the “best” of this years events has been included, but rather than going back through all the pages/posts to see what cropped up it’d be good to have like an index page with links to see what happened the past 12 months. It could even help newer players get a feel for what content drops in the game and how often.


    • Will have a look and see if this is possible, like a master list of events by year. Will add to things to chat with Bunny about. Thanks again.


  3. I honestly have no issues. Bunny started this and got more people involved to help us. I appreciate it immensely. If we have to work a tiny bit to find info, I’m happy to do it. Plus, I know 🐇 does as much as she can, considering, it seems she’s been really sick for awhile. Please, I hope everything gets better. Not knowing the issue, I can’t really know if it’s on going or whatnot, or will eventually not be an issue. I just hope she has more good days than bad!

    Then there is RussianTigger! Thank you so much for stepping up to the plate. Most of us realize you also do this with only our appreciation as compensation. Wow! You’ve been awesome, typos and all! Hee hee.

    Thank everyone who helps with this site. I just wish there was a way to pay y’all back. I know Bunny uses GC and such, but I know this site costs her money just to help us. What more can we ask for? Y’all obviously genuinely kind hearted folks!

    Here’s to another year together!


    • Tank-you, oops I mean Thank-you….. Darn autocorrect (blame that poor thing for everything, even the pile of dirty dishes in the sink I may have neglected to do earlier – lol)


  4. A message board and to do away with this moderating comments. I’m tired of trying to contribute with a comment only to not have it show up.


    • I can say with all certainty that’s not going to happen I’m afraid, if you saw some of the abusive, and downright vile “comments” we stop reaching the sight you would understand why. Sad fact I’m afraid.


  5. You’re doing really well. I tip my hat to you sir. 😀
    Well the only thing that came to my mind is a temporary darts-baloons minigame online to train our baloon popping so we can get more in the game itself.


  6. The only recommendation would be better organization on the user interface, like a simple link that goes to everything related to the actual event. And can be accessed from home, like one big post with everything task and characarter by phase.
    You could use the spoiler drop down that some blogs use to not make everything show at once
    Sometimes I have to scroll too much to get the info on a character or tasks, ‘lastly because I fall behind on phases.
    Everything else is amazing here.


    • We used have that, it fell away when Bunny was trying keep site going alone. I’ll try get it back for the next event.


  7. Maybe more actual games? That earn tasks?
    Say like a simple mechanics like Tetris, angry birds, galaga, etc.. I’m growing tired of the same task on every single event.. there is no fun on just collecting and farming..


  8. This site is awesome! Searching gets me answers to newbie questions and info about past events. And if not, I can always rely on the three of you to fill me in 😉

    I have been wondering how many characters and costumes I have missed by starting so late. So, if possible, I’d love a list of all the characters and a list of all the costumes that already exist. (Possible that it is already here but when I search “characters” I get tons of hits for “characters and buildings that drop stuff…”). And if they were premium or freemium. Any other details/links would be great too, but the list alone would be enough 😀

    Thanks for all your hard work!!


    • An updated master list of characters and costumes would be good to get done, I actually have it on my to do list. Let’s see if it makes it to the done list, lol.


  9. I think you all have been doing a stellar job, and honestly, can not think of a single thing that you could be doing that you are not already doing.


  10. Well, number one is i want to see Bunny back, healthy and happy! Lots of hugs for the Bunny!

    But that doesn’t mean that we want less of you, RT! Your writing/editing is very informative AND entertaining, making the Addicts community all the more enjoyable and useful. And of course we all appreciate Lotty’s input as well.

    The only complaint i have is probably a WordPress issue: when the comments are moderated, and i receive the emails, i usually get your “replies” before the comments they are regarding, which is a bit confusing sometimes. Since I don’t know the mechanics of the moderation and posting process at your end, I don’t know if there is a resolution to that.


    • Thanks, very nice to know we’re all appreciated.

      The WordPress thing, I know exactly what you’re saying, I’m seeing issues as well, sometimes my replies disappear or they post and original comment I’m replying to doesn’t. I’m trying be vigilant for this happening to try see a pattern that I can maybe report to WordPress but I’m sorry it’s impacting readers like yourself.


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