Road To Bollywood 101: Boss Battle – Ganesha

Side Note Bunny: Please understand RT meant no harm in her opening sentence. With us all coming from different sides of the Planet it is hard at times to gauge what is acceptable in one country, but offensive in another. (The word Bloody for example, means different things to different countries.) Please know she is the most sweetest and kind person I have met. There was no ill will on her part. None at all. Our sincerest apologies to anyone that was offended.

Hey there fellow Family Guy worshippers!

With Road To Bollywood underway there’s a deity to rival all those Greeks Gods that are hanging out in our towns. Yes there’s a new Boss  to battle as Ganesha has descended upon us, and I’m here to help you appease him.

The arrival of this new Boss is a surprise in a mini event and he’s going to be tough to appease at the higher levels as you need a variety of resources to give as offerings. But appeasing him at 1X and 2X should be achievable freemium. If you want to appease at anything above this well you’re going to need to delay attacking while you build resources, have unlocked Belly Dancer Stewie or purchased the premium Divine Brian Shrine.

Let’s take a look and see exactly how to appease him and what He will be dropping during this event.

For more information on the Event, go HERE

So shake those hips and follow me  as I show Ganesha us Addicts needn’t  fear him.


***Little glitch seems to be affecting a few of us in that Ganesha is not appearing as he should, trying get more info on this just now but if you’re affected please contact TinyCo****

Ganesha will appear wandering your roads once you get to Pt. 3 of the main Questline, Hooray for Bollywood. There are currently two freemium characters and one freemium character costume that can collect the required offerings, Peanuts, Sitars and Flower Garlands, these are Peter, Jerome and Belly Dancer Stewie and there’s one premium item, the Divine Brian Shrine. You’ll find full breakdown of where to get offerings later in this post.

The amounts of offerings needed will be the same in every players game, but the offering used at a particular level may differ. Many players report success in these battles by stocking up on a bunch of the resources before attacking, I’ve personally done this but this strategy usually depends on the respawn time, with him returning in just a minute or two this will be a little more difficult at first. But 1X and 2X will be very possible if the drops are as common as they say.

The rewards are more generous than our recent Boss Battle, but it’s going take a lot of effort to get all those Blessings needed to unlock the character Ganesha.


The amounts you will need to defeat him at levels 1X through to 5X are as follows:

offerings – Peanuts, sitars or flower garlands

Battle Resource Attack Level
2 Peanuts OR 2 Sitars OR 2 Flower Garlands 1X
5 Peanuts OR 5 Sitars OR 5 Flower Garlands 2X
8 Peanuts OR 8 Sitars OR 8 Flower Garlands 3X
11 Peanuts OR 11 Sitars OR 11 Flower Garlands 4x
19 Peanuts OR 19 Sitars OR 19 Flower Garlands 5X

Now I’m going be honest I’ve got the glitch in my game that means Gashena hasn’t shown up so I can’t tell you what I’ve managed to do so far like I usually do. But remember you only have 24 hours to defeat Ganesha up to 5X and in my opinion freemium players just can’t collect enough stuff to get anywhere near there. But just keep gicing offerings at the levels you can.


The goodies he drops  are three-fold, there’s Rupees for unlocking Belly Dancing Stewie and buying items in the store. You will also be able collect Veils for unlocking Belly Dancing Stewie and Blessings to unlock the character Ganesha.

What you will get at each level is as follows, but bare in mind if you no longer need an item it obviously won’t drop.


Rewards Attack Level
3 Blessings, 25 Rupees, 1 Veils 1X
9 Blessings, 75 Rupees, 3 Veils 2X
15 Blessings, 125 Rupees, 5 Veils 3X
21 Blessings, 175 Rupees, 7 Veils 4X
36 Blessings, 300 Rupees, 12 Veils 5X

You will need 200 Rupees and 20 Veils to help unlock Belly Dancer Stewie and 115 Blessings to unlock the Ganesha character.


Now how do we get those offerings. Well it’s all down to character drops and premium purchases.

peanuts PEANUTS  

Peter Take a Snack Break (4hrs)
Jerome Restock Bar Snacks (4hrs)
Belly Dancer Stewie Eat Ants on a Log (4hrs)

Divine Brian Shrine (Premium) (8hrs)


Peter Flirt With Chicks (4hrs)
Jerome Bring the Funk (4hrs)
Belly Dancer Stewie Listen to Raffi (4hrs)

Divine Brian Shrine (Premium) (8hrs)

flower-garlandFLOWER GARLANDS  

Peter Hula Dance (4hrs)
Jerome Spruce Up the Bar (4hrs)
Belly Dancer Stewie Shake Everything (4hrs)

Divine Brian Shrine (Premium) (8hrs)


The battle modus operandi is similar to that of previous boss battles, click Ganesha and you will get the appease screen. It will tell you 1: What item and how many of them you need to offer him at that level, 2: The rewards for appeasing him at that level, and 3: How much time you have left before he disappears.

Once you have gathered the required offerings, in the example below it is 2 Flower Garlands, the give offerings g button will appear. Simply tap it and collect your rewards.

You have 24hrs to hit the highest level before Ganesha will go “Off-Set” (cool down). When Ganesha returns, he will be back at 1x.  For Bunny, it was like… 60 seconds… it seemed.

And there you have it the all the info about Ganesha and his drops. How are you getting on appeasing the mighty Ganesha. Are you winning the battle or will you be needing some relaxing meditation before the next round? Got any battle strategies to share with your fellow addicts? And are you enjoying the event so far? Tell us in the comments as you know we lone hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

40 responses to “Road To Bollywood 101: Boss Battle – Ganesha

  1. I am trying to acquire 15 of each offering before I attack Ganesha. Smart? Dumb? I currently have five of each.


  2. I had 193 rupees. I attacked Ganesha at level 3x and now the counter says I have 200 rupees. But should say 318. I messaged tinyco. Any one else have this issue? Any fixes for this? I haven’t given the rupees to the stewie costume yet but it shouldn’t max out right?


    • Tinyco gave me the stock answer about how you do not have to click on items as the are automatically added to your inventory when you get them. Sigh. Tried to explain the problem again, that the counter only went up by 7 rupees.

      Chris finished his tiger task and that added the 10 rupees just fine. I’m really perplexed by this issue.


    • Just happened to me, I just attacked Ganesha at 2X and should have got 75 rupees but got less, and same as you what it gave me took me to exactly 200 rupees. Strange. I will see what happens when I next attack.


      • Sad to hear you are having this issue too.

        I normally wait until I have all the items before giving the currency to a character/costume. Now I am thinking maybe I should click the rupee check mark for belly dancing stewie to lower the number of rupees on the counter before attacking again. And then hope tinyco figures this out before I reach 200 rupees again.

        I want to wait until the end to spend rupees on decos as new ones usually show up right before the event ends. But if I cannot accumulate more than 200 from attacks maybe I should spend down each time I approach 200. Attacking Ganesha is my only source of rupees right now as I am not committing to buying the elephant to progress the questline and I will be using Chris to get eyeliner (since I have enough rupees for stewie costume).

        Looking forward to your results on attacking with 200 rupees.


        • Duh, just remembered that I cannot click on the check to give the rupees for the stewie costume (that’s only for characters). Ugh. Guess I will hold off on attacking as long as possible, but still need veils for stewie so can’t hold off too long.


          • Need 73 more blessings and more veils for stewie (so i will have 3 characters collecting offerings not two) so went for a 1x attack and did collect the 25 rupees , so now at 235. Must be a glitch at the 200 count. Still would like the 118 rupees owed though.


        • Thank you for YOUR results 😀


  3. This is a pretty tough event, given the short one week. Not sure if my strategy works but I focused on getting the 2 buildings for Stewie belly dancer drops first, while keep having Peter and Jerome get offerings. Could be very late once I get Stewie and available to chip in with offerings! If only event is extended by half week more.

    Ganesha looks like Chris!


  4. I have given Ganesha all the offering and now he appears to be in a tent of sorts with some musical notes over it, now when I click on that it comes up with the x5 offerings again as if I haven’t done that. Any idea what’s happening?


    • Okay now she’s back at x1 again, so I have to do it all over again?! My 24 hours definitely wasn’t up, is this what you meant by him going off set to cool down?


      • If you defeat him at 5X he will automatically go into cool down, you don’t get to keep defeating him at 5X until the 24hrs runs down. Yes it’s what we referred to as his cool down.


    • Replied on your other comment 😀


  5. once ganesha is earned, is he awalking decoration, or does he just hang out?


  6. Not that happy with the drops up untill now. Ganesha is a hard boss, but I’d love him in my game especially alongside God in Tan Lines XD now he’s just giving me more stress with his tough requirements, like I need more stress in this exam period XD 😛


  7. Can you finish the quest line without stewie?


  8. Hi Bunny and RT, I certainly do not take offense to anything you wrote, it’s Family Guy, folks, it’s pretty much an equal opportunity offending show…

    I do take offense to the drop rates here, I’ve got 0/10 Bangles (Meg and Quagmire 5x each), 1/7 Eyeliners (Lois and Bonnie 2X and Chris once), 2/4 Flower Garlands, 0/2 Peanuts and 0/2 Sitars (Jerome and Peter combined)…wow…and I stayed up late last night, got up early this morning, snuck out at lunch and cut short a conference call this evening, LOL…

    I have no problem spending clams (not crazy, but mid-premium), but judging how this one’s going to go early on, I’m going to send Black Jesus on his one day task for a clam and watch as many videos as possible…sorry…I’ll wait until this weekend’s WTD to really say what I think, LOL!


  9. After unlocking ganesha i cant seem to do offerings anymore for getting more rupees…..


  10. The only time my game does not crash is in between events. It didn’t crash in the past, but now it is unplayable! I use low memory graphics, have little stuff out in the town, and very recently unloaded and reloaded. Something in the game must have changed that excludes my Ipad from working. I do miss playing, but have no other option, now that I’ve tried everything.


  11. And here we go again! “Common” drop – no drop at all! They really make us hate this game. 😪


  12. I can’t work out if this is offensive 😂. Is it bordering into the dark humour of FG that I don’t like?


    • Hey Happy, I wouldn’t be offensive on purpose, sorry if you though that, think just a little bit of something having a more negative use/meaning in U.S. etc than it does where I am. Lesson learned.


      • I was talking about the update and not your post btw. I am not a Hindu or have experience around Bollywood it was more of a question then a “I AM OFFENDED” 😁


        • I think it’s fun and had couple comments from couple players saying they are happy see this, I think Bollywood is big business and one of India’s exports, it’s massive and growing. I think this is meant in same vein as the Greek event, fun not offensive. Glad wasn’t something I said, I’d hate think that.

          Liked by 1 person

  13. Do I need to buy Ganesha to get him to show up?

    Liked by 1 person

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