Kung Pow Quahog Live – TinyCo FAQ ONLY

Soooo… it would finally hit when I had to go back to doctor… again. Lol

Here’s FAQ to hold you over. 😉

FAQ – Kung Pow Quahog Wk. 1


When does Kung Pow Quahog end?

The Kung Pow Quahog event will end on February 15 at 3:00PM PST.


How do I unlock Dojo Peter?

Dojo Peter is an outfit which can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits for:

– 20 Karate Gi

– 6 Headbands

– 18 Fighting Gloves


How do I unlock Walking Joe?

Walking Joe is an outfit which can be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits for 270 Clams.


How do I unlock Daniel LaRusso?

Daniel LaRusso becomes available after reaching part 3 of the Kung Pao Quahog questline. Once activated, you will have 7 days to unlock him. To unlock him, you must:

– 19 Paint Brushes

– 20 Car Wax

– 11 Hand Drums

– Unlock the Tweenage Ninja Toritoses

– Defeat Mr. Washee-Washee


How do I clear Karate Kids?

Collect Trophies to give to Karate Kids in order to clear them. See “How do I get Karate Trophies?” for more details.


How do I get Karate Trophies?

Karate Trophies are required to clear Karate Kids and are obtained by the following actions:

– Have Lois Buy Used Trophies

– Have Chris Get Participation Award

– Have Herbert Give Every Kid a Trophy

– Have Joe Trash His Wheelchair


How do I get White Belts?

White Belts are used to trade for Rice Balls at the Ramen Cart. They are obtained from the Crane Shrine and by clearing Karate Kids, Nerds, and Mr. Washee-Washee.


How do I clear Nerds?

Tapping on Nerds gives you the option to clear them with Dojo Peter, Walking Joe, or Daniel LaRusso. When cleared, White Belts can drop Chopsticks, Laundry Detergent, and White Belts. Fighting White Belts requires 1 Fight Contract. See “How do I get Fight Contracts?” for more details.


How do I heal after fighting White Belts?

After each fight, characters will lose 1 health point which will replenish every 8 hours. You can speed up the process by using Clams or Revive Potions which can be purchased from the shop.



How do I get the Crane Shrine?

The Crane Shrine drops 2 White Belts every 4 hours and can be purchased for 200 Clams at the shop.


How do I get the Poor Pagoda?

The Poor Pagoda drops 8 Rice Balls every 8 hours and can be purchased for 400 Clams at the shop.


How do I get the Squatting Tiger, Secret Dragon Lair?

The Squatting Tiger, Secret Dragon Lair drops 8 Rice Balls every 8 hours and can be purchased for 170 Clams at the shop.



How do I get Chopsticks?

Chopsticks are obtained by clearing White Belts.


How do I get Car Wax?
Car Wax is used to unlock Daniel LaRusso and are obtained from the School of Martial Farts and by the following actions:

– Have Mort Wax Old Cars


How do I get Paint Brushes?

Paint Brushes are used to unlock Daniel LaRusso and are obtained from the Tweenage Mutated Ninja Tortoise.


How do I get Hand Drums?

Hand Drums are used to unlock Daniel LaRusso and are obtained from Jean Claude Van’s Vans and by the following actions:

– Have Lois Learn Taiko


How do I get Fight Contracts?

Fight Contracts are required to fight White Belts and are obtained by the following actions:

– Have Jerome Sponsor Fighters

– Have Bonnie Bet On Fights

– Have Peter Give Kumite a Try


How do I get Karate Gi?

Karate Gi are used to create the Dojo Peter outfit and are awarded by clearing Karate Kids.


How do I get Headbands?

Headbands are used to create the Dojo Peter outfit and are obtained from the Plastered Master Bar and the following actions:

– Have Quagmire Rummage Through Old Clothes


How do I get White Belts?

White Belts are used to trade for Rice Balls at the Ramen Cart. They are obtained from the Crane Shrine and by clearing Karate Kids, White Belts, and Mr. Washee-Washee.


How do I get Fighting Gloves?

Fighting Gloves are used to create the Dojo Peter outfit and are obtained from the Feng Shui Sanctuary and the following actions:

– Have Peter Try On Gloves

– Have Bruce Announce Fights


How do I check how many White Belts I have collected?

You can check your event currency at the Ramen Cart.


“The Temple”

How do I get the Feng Shui Sanctuary?

The Feng Shui Sanctuary drops 2 Fighting Gloves every 2 hours, and can be purchased for 5 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get the Plastered Master Bar?

The Plastered Master Bar drops 2 Headbands every 8 hours, and can be purchased for 5 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get the Japanese Multiverse Griffin House?

The Japanese Multiverse Griffin House is a building skin for the Griffin House. It can be purchased for 3 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get the School of Martial Farts?

The School of Martial Farts has a chance to drop 2 Car Wax every 8 hours, and can be purchased for 6 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get the Zen Sandbox?

The Zen Sandbox can be purchased for 10 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get Jean Claude Van’s Vans?

Jean Claude Van’s Vans drops 2 Hand Drums every 6 hours, and can be purchased for 4 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get the Tweenage Mutated Ninja Tortoises?

Tweenage Mutated Ninja Tortoises can be purchased for 4 Rice Balls at The Temple.


How do I get Meditation Falls?

Meditation Falls can be purchased for 17 Rice Balls at The Temple.


65 responses to “Kung Pow Quahog Live – TinyCo FAQ ONLY

  1. Winner’s Circle Quest – All of the images of the buildings do not match what the individual tasks are. The latest is the turtle room, but the image on the task shows the Zen Sand Garden. Kind of funny.


  2. It shows the Turtles room costs 6 rice balls, not 4.


  3. Is the last item in the temple timed? I don’t want to get the Turtles room in case I would accidently set off the timer but I need the Turtles room to unlock Daniel who’s time is already ticking down.


  4. I have dojo Peter and beaten up a nerd no probs. Haven’t started timer for Danielson yet coz wanna get the zen sandbox with its ridiculous amount of rice balls needed and ridiculous trading at the Ramen cart out of the way first.
    What do I need to attack Mr Washee Washee? Just Dojo Peter? Do I need fight contracts? Do I have limited time to defeat him? He’s practicing his moves in middle of event area but I’m too scared to tap him in case it sets off a timer.


    • There’s no timer or anything on him, if you tap him it will show you his fight screen, just like you get when you tap a nerd. Dojo Peter, Walking Joe and Daniel LaRusso can all attack him, he’s got more health than the nerds though, so he’s tougher to defeat. You need 2 laundry detergents to initiate an attack on him, and if you only have Dojo Peter you will need to attack him more than once. You got laundry detergents from defeating nerds. Also remember defeating him is one of the tasks you need to do to unlock Daniel LaRusso, so you may want consider waiting until you’ve got his timer started if you think your anticipating starting that soon.


  5. So I finally unlocked Dojo Peter, but I’m a little unclear on the battle system. Are there any negative drawbacks I f Peter gets KO’d during a fight? (e.g. Being unable to use or send him on tasks for xx amount of time) Also, how much health does the revival potion heal, and is it only usable when a character is KO’d? Lastly, I’ve already experienced Peter getting a Critical and a Nerd missing with his attack, but I’m just curious what are the chances of these happening?


    • If Peter’s health is taken down to 0 he will go into healing mode for battles but can still be sent on tasks, it only affects his ability to fight. I’ve not used a revive potion yet but from checking info from Bunnys test game for you, it appears that when used on Joe at 0/8 he was revived to 8/8, so back to full strength. And I’m sorry but there’s no data on how the individual attacks will play out. Good luck in battle though.


      • Alright, thanks for all that!


      • I thought I had the gist of things, but I guess not, so one more question: Are nerds also capable of dealing critical strikes? I thought the “Fist 4” symbol below their name stood for the amount of damage they do, but I’ve already had 2 of them deal 8 damage. Am I just unlucky, or is this a glitch?


        • The Fist 4 is the standard damage they can do with a typical hit, however they can miss you and do no damage but then on flip side they can do a critical hit and do more damage than the 4 as you’ve seen. The chances of critical hits and misses are random, you have no control over them.


  6. I hope the drop rates will be as good for Daniel as they were for. Peter in my game. I was fortunate enough to have Peter’s costume unlocked by lunchtime on Saturday and have been using him in several battles and collecting as well as working on his questline. Good luck to you all , and thank you ladies for all that you do!!


  7. This will sound confusing 😂 but how does it work – this event what do I get to get something else to unlock something else I know there are rice balls and headbands lol but what do I do with them to unlock washee washee and dojo Peter ( a to get b to unlock c use c to get something else)


    • I honestly can’t take you through playing the event in the comments, but we put up,posts that give you a lot of info, you will find links to what we’ve already posted here, and we will be adding to it constantly, so just keep playing the game and reading posts and you’ll get all the info you should need to play the event https://familyguyaddicts.com/kung-pow-quahog-event/


  8. Can you collect the items for Daniel without starting the timer as in other event you haven’t been able to do so.


  9. I really don’t get it. If TinyCo knows that Amazon is the last to clear updates and iOS seems to always be first then it seems best that they would stagger the releases so they clear their respective stores at the same time. Kindle owner just…..waiting over here.


    • Unfortunately TinyCo can’t control what Amazon does unfortunately, and doubt they could predict how long Amazon or that may take in order to stagger releases.


  10. Sorry Tiny.co but upping the cost of clam packs?? That’s the final straw!! I didn’t mind paying out every now and then for a skin or character I really wanted but this price hike takes the proverbial biscuit. With the drop rates getting poorer and a system that leans more heavily towards premium gaming with each passing event, I’m now going full freemium.


    • Just a quick FYI… just like any U.S. based company, sales overseas have that LOVELY “out of country” taxes that impact the cost friends overseas pay. (Same for me in the U.S. when I want something from U.K. I get that “luxury not from your country” tax added). That’s up to your providing App Market on those costs incurred and added to your out of country totals. (See pasts posts about same “issue” impacting our readers overseas).

      In short, TinyCo did NOT “up the price” (it’s same exact costs here in the U.S. it’s been since launch in 2014… 99.99/ 49.99/ 19.99/ 9.99/ 4.99/ 1.99). Sorry 😦


      • Firstly an apology and thank you for pointing out where I was wrong Bunny, taking the info you provided you can see where and how the increase has been employed. Happily admit I was most certainly wrong!!
        Secondly I wish I lived in America now xD


  11. I unlocked the Feng Shui Sanctuary but cannot locate it either in the game or my inventory- any suggestions?


  12. You know what’s cruel? Getting Giant Chicken in the plot just after missing him for the third time. Cruel, TinyCo, cruel…

    I hope I can get something decent unlocked in this event. I’m going on holiday on Sunday, so there I won’t be checking the game much for over a week. I’m going to miss some things for sure. Please, don’t make GC return on the 4th week or later; pleeeaaase.


  13. Amazon Fire 2015. Flash screen up. Help wants ver 1.36.0 and Amazon appstor is ver 1.35.1 So another late or no show for Fire players again.


  14. The main quest line to meditate at the cherry tree triggers Daniels 7 day timer. Just a heads up. Looks like I won’t be getting him :/


  15. I can’t wait to unlock Kill Bill Lois! When I saw her on the opening screen I got soo excited. That’s one of my favorite movies 🙂


  16. wonder if we will be able to get giant chicken for a fourth time, Will i actually be able to unlock him? Im doubtful.


    • Hoping to get the chicken aswell. Maybe he’ll be purchasable with a costume as death was. Allthough I hope I can get him freemium XD


      • I’m wondering if he will return or just be a bad guy for Dojo Peter etc to fight, rather than a character. Time will tell.

        A costume for him would be fun.


  17. Seems like you need to collect trophies to beat up kids to unlock peters outfit. Then bonnie and jeromes actions become available to get contracts to fight. Unless buying joes outfit unlocks those actions, it looks like its going to take awhile to start fighting nerds.


  18. Already getting multiple error messages. When I try to take Lois out of tanlines. Then a different one, something about Peter and both error messages are very long.


  19. Does anyone know which Joe skin trashes his wheelchair for trophies? Knowing my luck it’s probably Walking Joe for 270 clams.


  20. I chuckled at the Akuma Giant Chicken fighting the Ryu Peter. Wonder if there are any other Street Fighter references.


  21. Live on Android…never a dull moment in Quahog…


  22. Just saw a new opening wallpaper on Android that looked good, but that’s it so far.


  23. I already have Mr. washy washy so I’m confused because there’s no task associated with him.


    • Still lot time to go in the event for his character to be used. But I see a version of him in my event area, looks like he will be a fighting opponent at some point.


  24. Event isn’t working in my game. No updates on Google. Any advise?


  25. Hi Bunny – I’m so sorry you have to go back to the doctor, seriously…on a lighter (Seinfeld) note, “Get well, get well soon, we want you to get well!”

    Don’t see it live yet on Android, no update in the Google Play Store as of 9:00 pm EST…



  26. Hopfully the android update is pushed out soon!


  27. Nearly 8 pm here in Texas, no event. The faqs are there, but nothing else.


  28. Well, if anyone was holding their breath until the next event started they are now able to exhale.


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