Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard came back. Quick prep your Neuroalyzers!!! No wait you don’t need to do this as here’s the new singing and dancing Addicts Leaderboard I promised you, where the only prize worth having is knowing you beat me, lol.

Yes with the new  Guys In Black event now well underway, TinyCo have decided to dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quirky Addicts version to make it a bit more fun.

Warning – Inflating your men in black badge count could seriously damage your health, as aliens will home in on all that Bling and well who knows what they’ll do to you but i imagine there will be prodding – eek!!!

Now with that warning  out of the way, I want you to tell me your Leaderboard Rank and Leaderboard MIB Badge total at the end of Phase 2 in the comments. And remember any addict can join in, all I ask is your playing fair, by this I mean you’re not playing an “altered” game.

So I’ll start, here’s my stats. Hey stop mocking them!!!

Rank Position: 238
MIB Badge Count: 2073

Phase 1 Addicts Leaderboard Leaders

Ok, now I’m going to take you to our Phase 1 Addict Leaders:

1st: David  (MIB badge count 1709)
2nd: Andrw1990 (MIB badge count 1266)
3rd: Chris (MIB badge count 788)

Dont get too comfy on your podium guys as we’re coming to get you!!! Well we’re trying, lol!!!

There you have it, the all new, all fun Addicts Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in it?

~ Russian Tigger


28 responses to “Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

  1. Seems like the leaderboards are always just for premium players. I managed to just barely make it into the 3rd tier of the power rangers leaderboard but other than that, I’ve never made it onto a leaderboard in any event.


    • I’m freemium and almost always get the third prize. Having said that, I am struggling to stay on the leaderboard with this one… but I’m just grateful that all the prizes are terrible so I can just relax and enjoy my game.



    Rank Position: unranked
    MIB Badge Count: 394


  3. i have about 670 badges only 😦
    btw did u guys see the new spin the wheel game ?? i won 3 clams from it yesterday !!


  4. Also, if people haven’t seen it, they added a free deco — it’s a Spinning Wheel that will give you a little money or 3/10 clams once a day, with the possibility of winning what seems to a changing “jackpot” item. So TinyCo at least has done that for us!


    • Spin n Win is still in BETA (has been since January, just more seeing it now)… so have fun with it and report ANY issues to TinyCo via in game messaging. 🙂


  5. I thought I was doing ok, but from the above comments I see that I am a slacker. #716 as of this post with 1517 badges.


  6. Rank position = 2437
    MIB badges = 1018


  7. Rank Position: 457
    MIB Badge Count: 1718

    Having fun with this event so far! 👍
    Hoping it continues!! 🤞


  8. rank – 1128
    badges – 1293
    I have come up considerably on the leader board during this phase. I too missed out on a Boris victory just before happy hour started but did get a weasel battle victory for double badges. I am waiting for characters to heal to get in one more battle with Boris before week 3 starts. Have unlocked all characters so far and have a stockpile of neuralizers (45) and squid nets (26) for the next phase. So far this has been the most successful event for me in regards to making progress through the week. I have been waiting for week 3 for 2 days now – week one I was done with 3 days to spare.
    And on another topic – has everybody noticed the the spin and win TinyCo dropped into our inventory? It is in the “featured” icon, is free to put in your town and gives you a free spin every 18 hours to win coin, exp, clams and a featured jackpot. I just got it yesterday so have only had 1 spin so far and got 3 clams. The jackpot changes every 18 hours with the new spin – this round it is Rupert.


  9. Rank 13
    MIB 3519

    Having Zed in phase 1 helped a lot as I stockpiled neuralizers from phase 1 and unlocked the characters quickly in phase 2. And I bought Frank too. 🙂


  10. Rank 762
    Badges 1462


  11. I’m under the 150 threshold worked my butt of and spent some clams on a side not I’ve just found a free spin n win at the end of the featured section and I’ve just won 3 clams you get a free spin everyday ☺


  12. i never make it a goal to try and win any thing from leader boards if i do kewl if not oh well


  13. Rank Position: 1869
    MIB Badge Count: 1081


  14. Rank Position: 255
    MIB Badge Count: 1983


  15. Well I’ve fallen a bit in the rankings ever since that “happy hour” happened and I had literally just defeated Boris so could not collect that nice bonus from him. Anywho currently at rank 80 with 2,687 badges


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