Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your games, the Leaderboard came back. Quick prep your Neuroalyzers!!! No wait you don’t need to do this as here’s the new singing and dancing Addicts Leaderboard I promised you, where the only prize worth having is knowing you beat me, lol.

Yes with the new  Guys In Black event now well underway, TinyCo have decided to dangle some leaderboard prizes as bait for us Addicts and I thought I’d bring you a quirky Addicts version to make it a bit more fun, and now the event is ending I want your final scores.

Warning – Inflating your men in black badge count could seriously damage your health, as aliens will home in on all that Bling and well who knows what they’ll do to you but i imagine there will be prodding – eek!!!

Now with that warning  out of the way, I want you to tell me your Leaderboard Rank and Leaderboard MIB Badge total at the end of the event in the comments. And remember any addict can join in, all I ask is your playing fair, by this I mean you’re not playing an “altered” game.

So I’ll start, here’s my final stats at the time of writing this. Hey stop mocking them!!!

Rank Position: 82
MIB Badge Count: 13918

Phase 3 Addicts Leaderboard Leaders

Ok, now I’m going to take you to our Phase 3 Addict Leaders:

1st: David  (MIB badge count 8904)
2nd: Russian Tigger (MIB badge count 4888)
3rd: Christo (MIB badge count 3032)

So that was the penultimate Phase placings, but who’ll take the top spot now we’re at the end of days, event days that is.

There you have it, the all new, all fun Addicts Leaderboard. What are your thoughts? Are you going to take part in it?

~ Russian Tigger


11 responses to “Guys In Black – Addicts Leaderboard

  1. Just got my not an animal Boris. Didn’t get the statue or Jeff. 😦


  2. Despite losing different characters for 3 – 5 days due to the Daily Task glitch, I actually ended higher than I thought I would, I don’t know the exact spot, but within an hour or so of the event ending, I was at ~5500 badges which put me in the ~1250 rank.

    One thing I noticed was, after the glitch was over, TinyCo never responded to a single message, but my drops became pretty much automatic – I honestly don’t remember not having an idem drops no matter the building or the character or the task. Perhaps coincidence, or perhaps TinyCo loosened the algorithms on those that complained as they couldn’t address specific complaints, I have no idea…


  3. i could do without the leaderboard just make the prizes/characters premium since most people will never hit even last place on the leaderboards for many reasons thats what they technically are


  4. Last time I saw my score was a couple of hours before it timed out but I had approx 6800 badges and ranked in the upper 700. who knows, much could have changed in the last couple hours.


  5. 359

    Ming was very helpful with his quick healing time- made use of him attacking the bug constantly, which allowed for several Sarleena defeats. Overall I enjoyed this event quite a bit- but I guess I was one of the lucky ones that didn’t get hit by any of the bad glitches that affected so many others. Only regret is buying zed… kind of a waste there, after 1st week or two not as useful. This informal leaderboard was fun – thanks RT!! 👍😄


  6. I was in the game within the last minute of the event and saw that I came 20th overall with a score of 17,408 points. I took a screen capture as well. I know that I will be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes but still wish that we could have all helped each other, so that everyone could have been awarded the same prizes. Especially those people who had glitches with their games or were unable to access their games at any time during the event. Thankfully, my game behaved itself during this event except for the occasional crash here or there. My game is acting MUCH better now than it has been in the past month or two (especially like when we had the camp wars event going on!). Glad to see my game has more stability these days. 👍

    What gave me a boost was having Arquillian Stewie (as he gave 18 damage), which in turn helped me to unlock Ming the Merciless within the first day or two of week 4. Having Ming the Merciless recharge every hour was a massive boost. I also had every character / costume and that helped me to defeat Serleena (at least once a day). I went from being in the top 100 – 200, to the top 50 and then into the top 30.


  7. @5150 badges/@1420 position-wise
    Statue of Liberty 🗽 (which I found the most appealing prize.


  8. Finished with 8804. Forgot to check my rank right before the clock ran out, but I think I was 260 or so with an hour left.


  9. Rank 4
    MIB badge count 25819
    No happy hour in this phase. But I did hit Ming for triple score like 5 times during the happy hour in phase 3. 🙂


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