Day Two…BunnyCon

I think I survive another day. I think. Lots more people here. Makes me nervous for tomorrow. HEY ALISSA??!!! EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!!! (note from Alissa:….when you live in harmony)


Today I wanted to just get a feel for the crowd. Seek out some more cool merch, as tomorrow the panels I REALLY want to see are going to be springing up. It will be the weekend. The Vendors will be coming round more. Basically…MASS CHAOS. So one more day of just wandering and letting it all sink in.

Kind of cracked me up because the first two people I run into going inside are from FOX. Adam and Matt (yes another Matt. Lol). Both completely amazing guys. They gave me some pointers of what areas around had cool items (as I didn’t realize this Con goes WAY beyond just the Convention Center). What to watch for. Also to let me know to expect to start the “sardine walking” on Friday as people start smashing themselves together to get in. So off I went.

First, Cosplayers…I really wanted to see some fun people dressed up. Now, forgive me…some of the pics are a lil out of focus. More so because I was juggling swag I am collecting for a future giveaway to our readers (hint hint), but also due to there were just soooooo many cute Geeks n Nerds…let’s just say I wasn’t all that focused. SQUIRREL!!

This I thought was totally awesome!! Not only did she go all out to create Vanellope, but she also went to her knees and the car…it GOES. Wheels move and all. Brilliant!! I was hoping Ralph would show up too.

SDCC 2014 Vanellope

This group was an adorable family that cracked me up. Bob had to run to the lil boys room, so he missed out on the pic. Lol

Bob's Burgers

These two guys made me giggle. Spotted them while passing the FOX booth (where Kiefer Sutherland was signing autographs, met him before…nice guy). I of course chose it as time to ask these two to stop and let me take a pic. Lol.

Kiefer Sutherland SDCC 2014


Then I wandered some more. Still just trying to take it all in. I feel like a Zombie. No thoughts…no will…just… “need geek things, hungry…gimme MORE!”


SDCC 2014 LEGO Groot Rocket


(Is it a bad thing to want to take apart some of the LEGO’s and make them rebuild it so I can help?) Just so much stimulation. Can I just have one of everything please?






Just. So. Much. OOOOOOOOoooooh DAGRON!!! (homestarrunner)



What on earth?


By this time, I was melting. It was soooooo hot inside. Like the A/C had been sucked into the pores of everyone in there. I needed some air. I wanted ice cream. No one got me ice cream. 😦


So what does one do when you are really hot? Go outside in the direct sunlight of course!! Lol. Today I figured I would venture over to Petco Park. (I love that they put stuff outside.) Like EVERYWHERE outside. Did I mention there is a full on Zombie event in the stadium?



Saw another interesting group of cosplayers on the way.


I could see just how big the expansion of the Convention Center was from the bridge leading over the street to it. WOW!


Everywhere you go there was a line for this or that with tons of free stuff. Even people just randomly handing it out to you for just walking around. What really caught my eye here was a “company” for the show Leftovers. A booth set up as if this just really happened and we were left behind, but miss the ones gone. So this company, Loved Ones, will take images of those gone and recreate them. It was kinda creepy and cool at the same time. The skin felt real, the hands and hair, and even the eyes too. Not to mention extras like scars, piercings, and even tattoos. So you can like sit them on the couch next to you, go for a ride in the car, hang out at the…beach? Or will the plastic melt?





I sat back and watched the looks on peoples faces as they touched each item. Lol.

Wow, it is hard to believe they packed so much into this. I am in awe. Time to rest for the night as I still have 3 more days of this to go. Still more to come.

Now as a lil extra treat for you GUYS out there…here is a tiny lil eye candy…ENJOY!!



Are YOU at the Con? Are you gonna find me? You know, $10 Gift Card of your choice app market if you can find me and get a pic with me. Are YOU up to the challenge? Let me know.

Til Next Time,



24 responses to “Day Two…BunnyCon

  1. That looks like so much fun! Pretty jealous right now.


  2. Hi Bunny! Do you know what they are giving away at the Quest for Stuff promo at the Fox booth? I missed it on Thurs, still needing to download the huge app, and missed it today because I camped in Hall H for Game of Thrones 🙂 thanks!


  3. Love how you put pics in for the guys too, def keep that up lol:)


  4. Maybe put some wings in there, you know, if it’s a wingaling dragon. Let’s put one of those beefy arms on there for good measure. That’s looks real good coming out the back of his neck there.

    Now he needs a name. How about TROGDOR THE BURNiNATOR!


  5. That Reina cosplayer is amazing.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. If Bunny can find me Saturday then I will gift all three moderators and two readers a $20 iTunes or google play card. No B.S. The only clue I will give is Green Lantern t-shirt and press pass.


  7. See if you can get an autograph from Holly Conrad for me (Mark). She is guest-blogging for ThinkGeek Overlords at SDCC 🙂


  8. Good to see you’re having fun.
    Though the last booth just seems creepy. its cool, they can make it in such precision, very cool in fact.
    But I already think its creepy having a stuffed dead animal in your house, never mind a recreation of one of your parents (for example) xD


  9. thelittleprince

    LEGO Star Wars!!! Just started collecting them. AT-AT coming next month!!! And you saw Jack Bauer! Hope we get another season of ’24’ soon! That Loved Ones concept creeped me out.

    You seem to be having a blast Bunny! Beautiful SoCal weather! I’ll be in L.A. next month! Can’t wait!


  10. iplayfamilyguy

    What FGQFS merchandise was there?

    Liked by 1 person

  11. So very very jealous, but I appreciate the opportunity to experience the con through bunny eyes.


  12. Can someone please get Bunny Dud a camera with Auto Focus???


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