Meet TinyCo and Bunny!!!

Location Announced…The Marble Room, 5th and Market.  Head there now!   🙂

Hey there Clammers. Well another day has come and gone and I am still in heaven. No one has located me just yet, but I have a feeling that is all about to change. Something REALLY cool is about to happen…


Now for those of you that chose to read on, here is the plan. Matt…yes THE Matt from TinyCo wants to meet YOU, the players and our readers. SERIOUSLY??!! He wants to sit down and have an open dialog with YOU! A complete open conversation. Is that amazing or what??!! How many other companies like this just open their doors to fans and give them full access? It just tells me more and more how AMAZING of a company TinyCo is.



Now I am sure you want the details. When and where will this be taking place. I know this is short notice, but that’s what happens when you sit down to dinner and make a brilliant plan last minute. 🙂

Myself, Matt, and Mike (both guys from TinyCo) would like YOU to meet up with us tomorrow afternoon OUTSIDE of Comic Con. So for those of you in the area, but no access…COME ON DOWN!!

Matt Mike Bunny

This will be taking place at 5:30PM tomorrow afternoon. The location will stay a surprise for now, but I will update it later in THIS post as well as on our Twitter feed closer to the time. What I can tell you is to be around 5th and K Street (across from the Convention Center) as we will be meeting up in that area.

Now for a lil extra fun. Since NO ONE has located me yet (and if no one succeeds before then), the first person to greet me and take a pic with me will get a $20 Gift Card from the app store of their choice. Double the fun!!

TinyCo Logo

So there you have it. A chance to pick the brains of those who have their hands in what goes on behind closed doors at TinyCo. Voice your opinions on the game. This is a chance in a lifetime, so I suggest you take up the offer. So get yourself down to Comic Con and lets have some fun!!!

A quick side note, due to the possible location of the meet up…we ask that you be at LEAST 21 and over. We want to make sure you are able to go with us to the meet up spot and participate in the Q&A with TinyCo. Keep in mind, you are doing this of your own free will and will be responsible for yourself and your actions. (TinyCo and Family Guy Addicts will not be held responsible for you or your actions.) So behave. 

If you are interested, please let us know ASAP so we can get a head count. Sound off in the comments below, or if preferred, email us at

Can’t wait to see you!



35 responses to “Meet TinyCo and Bunny!!!

  1. I am very upset that I missed this. After handing out my entire box of 4500 business cards/packets in four hours, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to hand out another 2500 to various, willing booths directly.

    I did manage to make it to the 2:30 Mira Grant event but I didn’t see anyone with a Green Lantern shirt! Ok, I take it back. Unless Dan is a mother of two in her 40’s or a 15 year old boy, I didn’t see him.

    Please tell me it was amazing Bunny. I’m beyond jealous. I could have pimped myself out to Tinyco themselves!!! They need a concept consultant over there!!


  2. Lewis Henderson

    I was at comic con minding my own business when I turned around and some of the actors on the walking dead we’re there, being a huge fan I went up and got their autographs 😉


  3. Just wondering will there be a update to find out what questions and answers were asked at the meet and greet?


  4. I started to read the post and it said 5th and Market street, Marble Room. I thought to myself, I could make that and when did they open a place called the Marble Room in San Francisco? Then I read on… Wrong city. 😁 Have a blast, wish I was there to met up with you three. Great game and great event btw…


  5. Have to say this is very cool. You’re so lucky!


  6. Wasn’t sure which e-mail address so just posted my questions / comments for TinyCo here:

    1. The framework for the game is fantastic – it runs really smoothly, but wondering if there is a bug on iOS where sometimes, the screen just flings when you tap. Sometimes, I’m tapping on something and the screen shifts to another area.

    2. Is there any chance we might see some American Dad characters cross-over? Wished the nerds were Toshi, Barry and Steve (I thought they looked a like from afar). Would DEFINITELY spend clams if I could have Roger and his disguises wandering around my town.

    3. Are there certain elements in the game which are not intended for freemium players to get? i.e. is it realistic to be able to get the 80K+ blam prizes if you’re not going to spend clams? I’m totally ok if that’s the case, I’d just like to know ahead of time so I can temper my expectations.

    I’m enjoying the Superhero event here as much as a certain Stonecutter-logo themed event from another game – that’s the highest praise I could imagine giving.

    Thanks and enjoy the rest of Comic-Con!


    • “1. The framework for the game is fantastic – it runs really smoothly, but wondering if there is a bug on iOS where sometimes, the screen just flings when you tap. Sometimes, I’m tapping on something and the screen shifts to another area.”
      OMG YES!!!!!!! I HATE THAT!!!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?!??!?!


      • Interestingly…this is something we did indeed discuss. My question to you… how high is the “sensativity” setting on your device? Like a %?

        It is something being looked into.


        • I’m not sure if you can adjust that in iOS 6, so I guess “default”. I didn’t find any options in-game. While on the topic of strange bugs, I no longer get any notifications for character task completes any more even though all notifications are checked off in-game; I only get construction complete notifications.

          By the way, is there any summary of what happened during the meet-up? Perchance did any of the questions get discussed? Thanks!


  7. WanderingCaveman

    Tempting… I might be able to make it down to San Diego by 5:30. The post says tomorrow, that would be Sunday (the 27th of July) or is this tonight (the 26th)?


  8. Too bad I’m far away, I would love to go some year 🙂 but I think the 21 and over thing might be a bit of a handicap.


  9. Too bad I’m in ct, I would l


  10. Sounds fun! I’ll try to make it!


  11. sounds awesome but im in New York


  12. Lol Bunny, you’re just trying to push me over the edge with jealousy, aren’t you 😉


  13. Wow, that’s cool..wish I wasn’t 480 miles away! I actually applied with TinyCo to be a part of their team as a QA tester and have never heard back-would be cool to show them how much I love games..oh well one can always dream. happy Saturday!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Solid Gold Cactus

    Could you like possibly post what questions were asked and what answers were given?


  15. OMG! That’s awesome!!! I can’t wait to hear how everything goes!!! =D


  16. Wish this was in australia then id be out looking for u bunny… and being on android I cant even go in family guy 😦


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