Where The Hell…? Dumb Beaver

In this lil game of ours, it is easy to get lost and so focused into collecting items or unlocking characters that we tend to forget the lil things that make the game what it is. Like Where the HELL did these items come from and why are they in our games?

Well I am here to do just that for you. Let’s take a look at the Family Guy Series and find out just Where The HELL Did That Come From?

Dumb Beaver 2

In this post, I will be covering the Origin of Dumb Beaver. Why is it in our game? Where was it in the Family Guy Series? Why is the Beaver so Dumb? Let’s take a look at the TV Episodes to find out.

Season 7, Episode 9: The Juice is Loose
Peter is rummaging through the junk drawer looking for a screwdriver when he comes across an old Raffle ticket. He won it in 1989 from Honey Nut Cheerios Cereal Sweepstakes. It was for a free round of golf with a famous celebrity. One that was a football player, had a small part in Roots and Towering Inferno. Lois guesses incorrectly with Chuck Connors. Stewie points out that Chuck was NOT in the Towering Inferno and calls her a “Dumb Beaver”. Cut to a Dumb Beaver standing by the door. “Whaaaaaat? I didn’t say nothing!”

Dumb Beaver


There you have it. Another silly scene has brought another yet animal to our Quahogs. Did you pay the 25 Clams to get the Dumb Beaver? What do you think of its animation? Where did you put it in your Quahog? Wish it was voiced? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Til Next Time



36 responses to “Where The Hell…? Dumb Beaver

  1. This is unrelated, but I’ve just noticed that Adam West has disappeared from the characters tab in my game, is he supposed to still be there, or have they taken him down until the next part of District 9 drops?


  2. Didn’t really know when sexy stewie left, thought it was pdt 12pm. Only had one music note thing to get so I made the relevant characters do the actions. Now I’ve woken up and opened the game and finished the actions, a final music note has appeared and sexy stewie is gone! Will he reappear like peep ants? This really grinds my gears.


    • 3pm pdt was time it got pulled as they stated.

      There are leftover remnants. I think it’s due to the extension. The game was coded to end Monday originally. The last lil bits linger as it tries to sync back up.


  3. One more question. I know that this isn’t the right post, but are the buildings in district 9 unique.


    • With the multiple releases…what ones specifically? And you’re asking if you can buy more than one, correct?


      • Yes and the ones that are currently released like the news van, yuppy puppy, pet store, meatlofaria and more. And again, yes.


        • I still see them for purchase in my shopping cart. So you may be able to get more than one. I’ll check another game.

          I’d say just check your shopping cart too. Scroll all the way to end of buildings menu as they’re located there. If you got one and see more still, not unique.

          I’ll test it more later. LOTS of stuff dropped with 9


  4. Not really an angry what the hell, just a confused one. My girlfriend stopped playing the game a few months ago and just a couple days ago she started again. Tonight when she logged on and the pop up came up that says “reload the game for a special event”. Now she’s starting comic-con from the beginning? All the quests are loading up just like they did for us when we played it. What the hell?


  5. I hope that they bring back both sexy stewie and these animals again. For sexy stewie, I hope that they can do another collection system like before, but if they release it for like 100 clams, a somewhat reasonable price, I wouldn’t mind getting it.

    Also, I wish that the pumpkin for Pink Brian can be a prize if they use the same collection system as before for like 65-100 event currency. I really like it and it looks perfect in my town.


  6. I had forgotten this episode! Wonderful! ROFL!


  7. I totally did! I got the little animal package dealio with the bonus coked up giraffe…without first realizing that ONLY the porcupine was voiced! I was really hoping to hear the ostrich laugh too! Boo hoo, poopoo! (Oops, pardon my language girls 😉 Too bad they couldn’t get the voice rights to those. It’s all good though, still some cool animated decos to loiter around my zoo! Perfect for us “I’ve seen every episode of Family Guy a thousand times” fans. And a fan of Family Guy I am! And now a fan of TinyCo… And needless to say (but I’m going to anyway) a huge Alissa and Bunny fan! You girls are frikkin awesome, I must say, I might have smashed my phone into tiny little pieces a couple times were it not for vouz! –MuMpY–


  8. I had the same problem the event timer told me I had 5 hours left so I set a couple 4 hour tasks for my last music note before I was just going to spend the 15 clams but when I signed in 4 hours later it was gone. I know they set a time but my in game quest log said 5 hours left so I believed them so that’s on them.


    • The timers in the game did not matter. They were the reason it extended in first place. The event, even with extension…had a set time and ended no matter what at 3PM PDT and that is long passed. Sorry. We did report on it many times and they posted it on their Facebook page too as well as in the FAQ of the game.



      • I read the site occasionally but not religiously. (You do do a great job) but what am I more likely to see. Their Facebook page, the buried FAQ page, or the game screen when I log in several times a day. They should have used a pop up saying the timer is a lie then I definitely would have seen it. It sure pops up to remind me to buy clams and premium items every time.

        I’m not quitting the game or anything but now I’ll have to wait months for the buy it again for 175 clams option which I won’t do when I could have had it for 15.

        I wrote them a complaint and they’ve been very helpful in the past so here’s hoping.

        I’m not expecting everything for free either I’ve spent quite a bit on the game I just think it could’ve been handled better.


      • While this forum is nice. It’s also meaningless and has nothing to do with the game. I never recall seeing anything IN GAME about the timer being meaningless. So what if it was posted here. The game itself was straight up misleading. Noted. **** timer. Meaningless. Doesn’t matter….face palm.


        • The info in the game menu, help, how to play, sexy stewie stated very specifically the time was set.

          But thanks for saying all our work here is meaningless. Even though we get the info straight from TinyCo’s Director of Family Guy TQFS. Makes someone feel just great for all the hard work they do to provide you with a free site full of helpful info. 😦


        • Stop, you know exactly what I meant. Don’t twist it. The site is great, but not an official tool of the game. So notifications posted here have no bearing on the game itself. Sorry if the phrasing was provocative, but I know you knew what I meant. An in game alert was necessary.


          • I understand what you mean by MORE in game info like pop ups. I get that. Tell them. Give them feedback. Use your in game menu to tell them how to do it better. We are the ones that reported issue in the first place on the timers.

            What I am also saying is TinyCo DOES rely on us to Officially get the word out too. It’s why we have the great communication with them we do. They know that players will go online, to forums, to social media, etc seeking information as it is more instant and what people now want and where people go. So they do use our site as an information tool to assist in getting word out to thousands at a time in one post.

            They’ve seen our other site. They know how we work. They know we want to make sure we give out accurate information at all times. So they work with us to make sure we are giving up to date info that mirrors their FAQ. They link their players to our site all the time on their Facebook.

            We are players too. We are in n out of our games collecting and going through same struggles along side fellow players. So we know what others go through as we live it too daily. So we are here to make sure the info you may not notice or see is out there. We are always helping our community of players.


  9. What the hell?!??? The timer on sexy stewie had another hour still. I went in for one last check mark with Jerome and carter for the last wine thingy I needed. If I didn’t get it I was going to clam the the last one. And he just disappeared. I’m really really upset!!


  10. I had an hour left of Stewie and I was waiting on a couple actions that would be done 30 minutes before Stewie ended and now he is gone! Any suggestions?


  11. I guess I missed it !! I haven’t been playing long how long has the game Actually been out? I love family guy I love this game!! Oh and I love this website too !!😬


  12. If it was voiced I so would have gotten it but alas no.


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