Tasks To Get Stuff: Spirit Vials and Fright Points

BOO! Did I scare yah? NO??!!! DANG IT!!

Figured you would be looking for this info sooner or later, so put what we have up to today as far as details for your reading pleasure. πŸ™‚

Ghostbusters in Quahog


Here is a list of the Characters and their tasks that will help you earn the Event currency, Spirit Vials, and some Fright Points too. Both will be needed a LOT for the entirety of this event.

Spirit Vial Fright Point


Character Task Time/ Payout Spirit Vials/ Fright Points
Pink Brian Win a Beauty Contest 1 hr/ $20 & 12XP 5
Watch “The Pink Panther” 2 hr/ $30 & 20XP 10
Pretty in Pink 4 hr/ $50 & 30XP 15
Sniff Out Missing Candy 6 hr/ $65 & 45XP 20
Be A Laughing Stock 12 hr/ $100 & 65XP 35
Wash Furiously 24 hr/ $150 & 100XP 50
Diane Simmons Grab a Drink 1 hr 5/ 1FP
Exercise at the Gym 6 hr 20/ 4FP
Co-Anchor the News 8 hr 25/ 5FP
Host Talk Show for Ghosts 10 hr 30/ 6FP
Shop Awkwardly 12 hr 35/ 7FP
Curse Her Ex-Boyfriend’s Name 14 hr 35/ 7FP
Screen Her Student Films 16 hr 40/ 8FP
Be a Leading Lady Actress 20 hr 45/ 9FP
Take a Day Off From Killing 24 hr 50/ 10FP
Ghostbuster Peter Check Ghost Database 1 hr 5/ 1FP
Zap Terror Dog 2 hr 10/ 2FP Terror Dog Bones (Rare)
Ghostbusters Dance 4 hr 10/ 2FP
Deal with Straggler Ghost 8 hr 25/ 5FP
Bust a Library Ghost 10 hr 30/ 6FP
Confiscate Haunted Candy 12 hr 35/ 7FP
Bust a Gluttonous Ghost 18 hr 40/ 8FP
Lois Grab a Drink 1 hr 5/ 1FP
Bryan Cranston Trade Baseball Cards 24 hr/ $150 20/ 4FP
Consuela Say “No, No” to Tricks and Treats 24 hr 20/ 4FP
George Takei Look at Cat .gifs 24 hr/ $150 20/ 4FP
Human Rupert Shop for a Bear Costume 24 hr 20/ 4FP
Jerome Trade Baseball Cards 24 hr/ $150 20/ 4FP
Kool-Aid Man Crash a Halloween Party 24 hr 20/ 4FP
Nathan Fillion Emcee Karaoke Night 24 hr/ $150 20/ 4FP
King Butt Throw Insane Halloween Party 24 hr 20/ 4FP

So there you go. A list of Characters for now that will help you in the process of getting some much needed stuff for the Ghostbusters Quahog Halloween Event. As you can see, most are 24 hour tasks. So make sure that character has the proper level unlocked and/or building/Item placed to be able to complete the 24 hour task.

What do YOU think of these tasks? Glad they listened with more premium characters mixed in? Any task your fav to earn fast right now? Let us know.



145 responses to “Tasks To Get Stuff: Spirit Vials and Fright Points

  1. When will this be updated? Lots more tasks all around and I think a lot of people could use a centralized place to concoct strategies.


    • Would YOU like to update it and we’ll post it? πŸ˜‰

      Trying to get lots of info out…it’ll be coming soon.


      • I’m happy to compile what I’m aware of if that will help…. But I know you guys are still catching up from your trip. Just thought this would be useful.


        • Hahahaha thanks. We just prioritize posts to put up what is most urgently needed. I did work on it, just needs some final tweaks and it is good to go. It was more I wanted to wait for the current items this just released Portal. It will be out soon. πŸ˜‰

          We do appreciate the help. Readers are always welcome to submit posts to us for guest posting. If it follows our guidelines and protocols, we would be happy to put it up. πŸ˜‰


  2. Can u stop a character during a task without using clams to speed up?


  3. There’s also a quite handy job with peter and Jerome doing the ethnic handshake. Gets you a handy 15 Fright points and 25 vials. Seems like the best way to rack up both quickly… πŸ˜€


  4. Where does Jerome go when he does his 24hr task sent him off on it yesterday but can’t find him to see if he’s finished yet


  5. Pink Brian and Bonnie now have a dual task called “Split a RosΓ© wine”. Earns 50 spirit vials every 8 hours.


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