Portal Upgrade vs Fright Point Upgrade

How’s the Ghost bustin goin? Having fun yet? I sure hope so. I know I am thoroughly enjoying my flashbacks to an awesomely classic cult film. Anywho, I am here to help break down some of the items that you are noticing with the event, but still not quite sure of.


So I will be briefly going over two items for the game. You will see these added to and expanded on as the Event Progresses. This is all info available at the time this was posted.

These can only be upgraded ONCE a week. To find out how far away the next one is, just tap on the portal itself and the time will let you know just how much time you have left. The Portals are your friend. They will be releasing a variety of ghost (depending on portal) at variable rates as well as Terror Dogs. Maybe even more to come. 😉 So in the meantime, you may see an icon floating around the Portal itself.

Portal and GhostWeek 1 Portal

Poltergiest PortalWeek 2 Portal

No worries, the upgrade to the Poltergeist Portal will be here soon and some new creatures from beyond. (10/9/14)


Fright Point

These are essentially your “Level Up” points. The more you get, the more you unlock and have access to. Fright Points can be earned by sending Characters on tasks, collecting rent on Ghostbuster Headquarters, and brewing decorations or placing new ones from the menu.

Fright Level

In the lower right hand corner of your game, you will see the Skeleton Icon with your current FP Level and progression.

Fright Point Level 1 Fright Point Level 2

As a new level is added, it will take MORE FP to move on…so you may not notice the bar moving quite so fast the higher levels you get. To verify your progress, just tap on the icon and the main Halloween breakdown pop up will list your current FP and the amount you need to level up.

Fright Point Total

For intances FP Level 1 requires 250 Fright Points. FP Level 2 requires 1000 Fright Points. So you can see why the bar may appear to not fill on Level 2 vs Level 1.

Do not worry too much on these just yet. As more options unlock, you will be able to earn them faster.


Just to reconfirm, this is a TIMED RELEASE Event. That means that you will not know all or see all that is going to be available. Items/Tasks will remain locked, greyed out, or just “hinted” at until the next phase of the event is released. This makes each week a surprise and the game more fun. So sit back and enjoy all the hard work they put into making this event.

There you have it. A basic run down of two items in our Ghostbusters Halloween Quahog Event that are going to be playing a role in the fun. Was this helpful to you? What level FP are you on? Any predictions as to what is going to come next? Let us know.




185 responses to “Portal Upgrade vs Fright Point Upgrade

  1. Ive completed soul level 4 and now its askin 4 me 2 upgrade 2 the stay puft portal and it doesnt allow me 2


  2. Just began FP level 6…CANNOT open next portal…can anyone help me please very nicely???


  3. Has anyone got the Trick-or-Treater week 3 portal upgrade yet? I watched it count down to zero seconds at 6pm EST and then nothing. It just says to check back later. I’ve tried restart the app without any luck. I’ve got everyone just waiting around for new tasks 🙂


  4. So my portal countdown timer has finished. I’m at level 2 FP. I’ve raised Diane. And all the portal says is check back to upgrade. What else do I need to do?


  5. Wtf! I am on freight level 5 and I cannot upgrade my portal!


  6. Waiting for the portal upgrade… How long is soon?


  7. The timer has finished counting down and has disappeared, but no sitn of the,lever 3 update for the portal, any idea what happend to it?


  8. Did you notice the FP rewards for Chomps & Lighting ball are now way higher? They evened it out so all Terror Dog Bones consumed give 20FP regardless of what you craft.

    The could have done that *before* I unlocked Dianne, but…


  9. Sooo I’ve completed fright night level 2 and my portal time is up but no portal? Ideas? Says check back soon for the porteguist portal..


  10. Anyone know why the portal didn’t upgrade at 5pm CST like it said it would?


  11. I have a message to check back for portal upgrade, I have the FP for the Poltergeist portal but it hasn’t changed yet.


  12. Portal 2 said open in 52 seconds. But it never happened. Just says it will be soon. ? Anyone have a better idea if when?


  13. My portal did not upgrade. I am on level 2 but nothing happened.. And now my family guy will not connect to server.. Did something happen?


    • My family guy will open now .. But my portal will not upgrade. It says ‘please check back soon to upgrade’. I also am now fright level 3.. What’s going on??


  14. “Check back soon to upgrade the portal!” WTH is up with that? We wait a week and then are told to check back soon… Pffft, amateurs. (Was that confrontational enough?)


  15. The new portal will be here in 10 min eastern time !!! 😆😆😆😆😆👏👏👏 soo excited!! Halloween is my favorite! Sooo glad there is so much Halloween activity in quahog !!


  16. I actually have a question about the adam west quest- I’m still having problems with the perfume factory. Whenever I build it, the game crashes. I remember someone saying that there was a glitch related to that a while back. But mine is still crashing. :/


  17. Everybody ready for the portal upgrade in around half an hour? I got everyone waiting…


  18. Hi gals! I just hit Fright Level 3, but looking around I haven’t noticed that anything new was unlocked. I’ve saved up around 1250 Spirit Vials after finally getting enough bones to unlock Diane last night… Did I miss something? Or do I just have to wait for the next set of events to unfold…


  19. Ok I thought I posted this last night but now I can find it so if it’s a duplicate to my own post I’m so sorry! Lol! I’m a long time reader but a first time (or technically 2nd time 😉) poster! My portal is purple and shows a tombstone with a 2, is that the most current one?
    2nd ? I was saving bones for Diane but now I’m getting worried I shld be using them on decos to get to lv. 3. Any suggestions on what to work towards first? Diane or upgrade lvl? Thank u! Love the site! It’s my go to place for info on the game!!!


  20. I was wondering im 8 hrs away from the new portal but my FP level is at 600/1000 do I need to have my FP level up to 1000 to get the portal to open…all my event character are on the portal upgrade quest so I’m kinda at a stand still. The GBHQ only gives like 3 FP the Mansion is like 2 FP every 16 hrs and dianes tomb gives a few ….any help on this would be great…


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