Witch’s Cauldron Brew Prizes

Hey there Minions. Hopping by with a fun rundown of some of the cool new items you can Brew for this awesome Ghostbusters Quahog Halloween Event.

Witch's Cauldron

So you are pondering whether an item is worth using your precious earned ingredients to brew? What do you get from it? What does it do? Here is a breakdown that may help you out.

Poltergeist Claws Banshee TearsTerror Dog Bones


Item Spirit Vials Ingredients FP
Mr Strawpants Scarecrow 50 1 Terror Dog Bones 20
Buddy the Gargoyle 100 2 Terror Dog Bones 40
Electricity Ball 200 10 Terror Dog Bones 200
Chomps the Zombie 200 20 Terror Dog Bones 400
Octomom 200 3 Banshee Tears 60
Effigy of Death 300 5 Banshee Tears/ 5 Terror Dog Bones 300
Peter-Lantern 150 3 1 Latcher Talons/ 3 2 Terror Dog Bones 120
Monster From Space- Ace-Ace-Ace 300 10 Latcher Talons/ 5 Terror Dog Bones 300
Slutty Cat Meg 3000 20 Banshee Tears/ 15 Latcher Talons/ 25 Terror Dog Bones 1000
Mr. Weed 17500 40 Banshee Tears/ 40 Terror Dog Bones  5000

This should help you see what items give you the most FP for your ingredients. So for those of you just seeking FP, some items you may want more than others. For those that want the items more for looks and/or animation, see below.


Additional Animation/Character Info

Mr. Strawpants Scarecrow (Decoration): No Animation. Sits on a 2×2 block. Reminds me kinda of Scarecrow from Batman. About height of characters.

Mr Strawpants Scarecrow

Buddy the Gargoyle (Decoration): No Animation. Sits on a 2×2 block. Cool looking statue. Not too tall.

Buddy the Gargoyle

Electricity Ball (Decoration):  Cool animation of electricity while just sitting in town. Lightning inside thickens and rotates around globe when tapped. Reminds me of the huge ones in science museums that you can touch. Sits on a 4×4 block. Not too tall.

Electricity Ball 1 Electricity Ball

Chomps the Zombie (Decoration): Now animated, the two just kinda move in place when just sitting in town. When tapped, the red shirted one wanders off, pulls out his eyeball while the other removes his arm, and a game a ball is played with the body parts. Quite funny. Sits on a 2×2 block.

Chomps the Zombie 3 Chomps the Zombie 1 Chomps the Zombie Chomps the Zombie 2

Octomom (Decoration): She moves in place while sitting there. When tapped, a fly starts to buzz around, she follows it, catches it with web she shoots out, and eats it. Love it. Sits on a 2×2 block. I LOVE SPIDERS!!! EEEEE!!!

Ocotomom 4 Ocotomom 2 Ocotomom 1 Ocotomom 3 Ocotomom

Effigy of Death (Decoration): Not animated. Slightly smaller than a character. Sits on a 1×1 block. I like the look, wish he was a lil bigger. Like as tall as the Gargoyle maybe.

Effigy of Death

Peter-Lantern (Decoration): Not Animated. Sits on a 2×2 block. Looks like he just tossed his guts. Yummy.

Peter Lantern

Monster From Space-Ace-Ace-Ace (Decoration): Not animated. Sits on a 2×2 block. Cool looking alien that for whatever reason reminds me of the aliens from the movie Explorers. Lol.

Monster From Space Ace Ace Ace

UPDATE 10/16/14: TinyCo now added animation to this cool lil guy. He juggles round fire torches. Then when tapped he blows the flames outward. You can also see all his lil eyes blinking.

Monster from Space ace ace ace 1 Monster from Space ace ace ace Monster from Space ace ace ace 2


Slutty Cat Meg (Character Costume): This is a really fun new Costume for poor forgotten Meg. SHUT UP MEG! It comes with many tasks that includes some hilarious outdoor animation of her and Chris making out. Her tasks will earn you Spirit Vials and FP for the event. More on this in a separate post. As you can only get one, the item will lock out once you Brew it. FYI you CAN Brew Slutty Cat Meg even if you do not have Meg unlocked. Then you can add the costume later after you do get her. 

Slutty Cat MegSlutty Cat Meg Locked


Mr Weed (Character): This is a brand new Character for the game. He comes with his own grave. Once placed, his questline will start. He comes with some funny tasks, like playing with Mr. Zucchini Head. His tasks will earn you FP and Spirit Vials for the event. More on this in a separate post. As you can only get one, the item will lock out once you Brew it.

Mr WeedMr Weed Locked


There you have the current items available to Brew in the Witch’s Cauldron. More to come as the game progresses. Remember that these items can be located in your Inventory once you brew them. You will need to place them in your town to see/use them.

What do YOU think of all these cool new items? Brew more than one of anything yet? What items have YOU got? Favorites so far? Let us know.


53 responses to “Witch’s Cauldron Brew Prizes

  1. Hi guys, I have all the ingredients for the peter pumpkin things, yet it won’t let me brew them? Or anything past the second brewing option….. Someone please help 😦


  2. So three weeks in, and we now have three non-premium characters who can zap Terror Dogs (Joe, Meg, Peter), but Quagmire is still alone in his battle vs. Banshees (unless you want to drop the clams for Predator, which I do not). Latcher Talons and Candy Corns are from processes, not a specific character action. So why is the need for these items not balanced for these proportions? I’m all caught up with the cauldron items needed for quests (not including Mr. Weed), but haven’t done many of the not required items, and the # of brew items I have:

    22 Terror Dog Bones
    13 Banshee Tears
    56 Latcher Talons
    25 Candy Corns

    Nothing left requires Latcher Talons. Not a damn thing. And yet Mr. Weed needs 40 Bones and 40 Tears; and I don’t see a scenario where anyone other than Quagmire can hit Banshees (even if Cleveland can … I don’t have Cleveland and am not paying even more clams for him).

    It wasn’t until the very, very end of Comic Con where they allowed you convert a few of one kind of rocket for another; hopefully there’s a point where these Latcher Talons (and to a lesser point, Candy Corns) can be converted into Banshee Tears.


  3. Ah, good old Mr. Zucchini Head, I always get a laugh from that scene.


  4. I should have enough for Mr. Weed in a few days, unfortunately I’m sure in the next update there’ll be something to distract me. Glad we have the entire event to get him!


  5. I have enough to brew Mr weed but is it worth it right now? the next Phase drops tomorrow so Im not sure what to do


  6. Is anyone having issues trying to brew Slutty Cat Meg? I have all the required items but the box still says not enough?


  7. maybe the can add animation for the monster, just as they did with the zombies… i wanted it to dance hawaiian songs like it did in season 8? 7?


  8. I hate going off topic, sorry guys, I should have asked this sooner but has anyone reached a million coins yet? I’m on 991k and gonna hit it some time today, and worried there’s gonna be some kind of glitch as in the little window showing how much we’ve got there’s no space for seven figures. Anyone know?


    • You’ll start to go to 2 million… won’t reset. And yes, I answered this on both threads for you 😉


    • I’m currently sitting on 1.6million, no issues, slight overhang of the text on the window that’s all. Just haven’t had an opportunity to spend them due to back to back events. Would love to see a currency exchange option implemented maybe at the hillbilly ATM, coin into event currency or even clams.


  9. Thanks for the new posts. Looking forward to more. Just wondering if Diane’s questline will still be available after the event? I have here endlessly doing her 4hr task, to earn traps. Also, is the Hooters building a good buy for 3,000 vials? I know I’ll need some for GB Quag and Meg’s costume. Thanks again!


  10. Anyone else notice with the monster from space that when u turn it he faces away rather than left/ right facing like the other items


  11. What do you guys recommend, get Mr. Weed first or Meg’s costume? I have everything for Meg and only need 10 of each bones and tears for Weed.


  12. I know this is a bit off subject but, what’s up with the blimp?! Thing has been parked there for a month! Anyone get plutonium for that thing and time travel yet? I’ve unlocked all districts and characters and have done all the missions so far.


  13. Awesome idea: for Thanksgiving, they release an Indian Bruce costume and make a ‘Sing the YMCA Song’ joint task with Policeman Joe and Sexy Stewie(for the sailor suit). That would be so funny.


  14. Does anyone have any good tips for getting vials i even have the factory form Brian statue but having a hell of a time getting to 17500 for mr.weed any help appreciated


    • Mr Weed is more the FINAL prize. I wouldn’t worry about him too much just yet. More stuff is coming to help. 😉


      • I have everything right now and just waiting on the next update. I’m glad they animated chomps, very cool. I also wish the effigy of death was larger, it’s quite small. After my last post, Diane Simmons, finally, started dropping traps. Not a lot, but more often than not. Maybe TinyCo read my mind or saw my message. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  15. kinda bummed that the monster alien isn’t juggling fire like in the show. especially since I have him placed next to the (also non-animating) bonfire from the Kool-aid promotion.


  16. Any idea when the next ghostbusters Item will show,up? I thought it was supposed to be one a week, so far I’ve gotten the Ghostbusters Sign and Locker and the weeks almost half over and no third item yet.


  17. Is mr zucchini head a character?


  18. Just to let you gals know, I figured out the last two items(I think). The first one is candy from trick or treaters, and the second is marshmallows from the stay puft marshmallow man.


  19. I’ve brewed all of them so far, the Pet Cemetry, and Banshees Lament have proved invaluable, the two I like best at the moment (apart from Mr Weed) are Buddy the Gargoyle as I love the look of it, and now that it’s animated Chomps the Zombie, it’s a really cool animation. Now I’m just keeping Peter and Quagmire earning Terror Bones and Banshee Tears so that I have a good stock build up for when the next batch of prizes arrives Thursday night.


  20. I got a new quest line. Bruce triggers it and it is to buy various Halloween plants, just wondering if it has an end… I bought about 5 different bushes and the next quest is to buy trees, I don’t really care for the trees, but if it has a decent payout at the end, I might think about finishing the quest. Anyone know how long the quest is? 🙂


  21. Ug… Mr. Weed is going to take forever with all of the Spirit Vials needed for him and I know I’m going to want at least one of every Which’s Cauldron prizes, especially characters and costumes. -_-

    Liked by 1 person

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