It’s…It’s…It’s The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!! (Updated)

In the words of Bruce, “OH NOOOOOOOOOO!!!”

The smooshy fluffy white n puffy jolly ole Stay Puft Guy has made his way into our games, but now what? Just what on earth do we do with him? How do we use him in our games?Stay Puft on fire

Well here is the basic rundown of just how you can toast this Giant Marshmallow. Maybe get a lil treat out of it too. Let’s get started.


In order to “defeat” him, you need to collect rockets from various Characters in the game. It is a very good idea to stock up on a good amount of each color before you start your attack. The more hits, the better the payout. As you can see, the possible color you will get will vary on task and Character. So far, only Jason guarantees at least one of each 3 Colors. Payouts are ALWAYS.

Character Task Blue Graham Cracker RocketBlue Graham Cracker Rocket Red Gasoline RocketRed Fire Rocket Purple Chocolate RocketPurple Chocolate Rocket
Jerome Find S’more Casing Bits (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Jerome Find S’more Melty (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Bruce Find S’more Fillings (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Bruce Find S’more Melty (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Ghostbuster Quagmire Invent Anti-Ghost Weapons (6hrs) 1 1 1 Only Get One
Ghostbuster Peter Invent Anti-Ghost Weapons (2hrs) 1 1 1 Only Get One
Ghostbuster Cleveland Find Chocolate Bars 1 Only Get One
Chris Find S’more Casing Bits (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Chris Find S’more Fillings (2hrs) 1 1 Only Get One
Jason Scare Up Some S’mores (4hrs) 1 1 1 Get All Three
Vampire Duck Stewie  Find Graham Crackers (2hrs)  1 Only Get One


Now with the new update, you will also be able to find rockets in the New Halloween House Decorations.

Swanson House Halloween DecorationsRed Fire RocketSwanson Halloween Decorations: One Red Gasoline Rocket every 12 hrs.

Griffin House Halloween DecorationsBlue Graham Cracker RocketGriffin Halloween Decorations: One Blue Graham Cracker Rocket every 12 hrs.

Quagmire House Halloween Decorations Purple Chocolate RocketQuagmire’s Halloween Decorations: One Purple Chocolate Rocket every 24 hrs.



If you tap on Stay Puft, the pop up for his info will show on the screen. In the lower middle section, you will see just how many and what kind of Rockets will be required for the current Defeat. This will change and vary per player on the amount and the Rocket Type.

Stay Puft Rockets You Need


You will also see along the Left side how many of each Rocket you have earned. This will help you keep track of how many total you have acquired so far if you want to pile a lot to try to hit the 25X and beyond Multiplier.

Stay Puft Rockets You Have


These were the Rocket requirements for my game. Yours may vary.

Multiplier Rockets Needed
1X 3
2X 7
5X 13
12X 20
25X 30



Your payout will depend on where you are on your Multipliers and what Rocket you currently are using to defeat him. The Multiplier will be listed along the Right hand side. The S’mores cookie will show your current Level you are at.

Stay Puft Rockets Multiplier


The Base Award is dependent on what Rocket you are being asked to attack him with. You can see the Breakdown of the 3 Rockets and what they pay on the Right hand side in Stay Puft’s Body Shadow. You can verify the Rocket Type in the “You Need” area in the Lower Middle. You can also see what Base Reward you are currently on in the Upper Middle where it says “Base Reward”.

Stay Puft Rockets Base Price


To give you an idea of what that means, here is a chart of what you could win on each level with each Rocket.

Rocket Base Reward 1X 2X 5X 12X 25X
Red Gasoline RocketRed Fire Rocket 40 Spirit Vials 40 80 200 480 1000
Blue Graham Cracker RocketBlue Graham Cracker Rocket 50 Spirit Vials 50 100 250 600 1250
Purple Chocolate RocketPurple Chocolate Rocket 60 Spirit Vials 60 120 300 720 1500


The payouts on the Marshmallow Goop were all over. I am going to have to play around with it a bit more to get exacts. Again, gotta wait an hour on each one. Lol.

Marshamallow GoopMarshamallow GoopMarshamallow GoopMarshamallow GoopMarshamallow Goop

So I wanted to test this out a few times just to make sure. Here are our results for Marshmallow Goop Payouts.

Multiplier Marshmallow Goop
1X 1
2X 2
5X 5
12X 12
25X 25

As you can see, it will only take 4 hits in a row on Stay Puft to meet your Challenge Goal. Or…3 times, a 24 hour reset, and then 2 more times. It all depends on what YOU want to do and how many Rockets YOU collect. You only need 10 Marshmallow Goop Total to meet this weeks Challenge. It really should go quick if you have some rockets stored up.

Stay Puft Puking



If you have collected enough Rockets to Attack Stay Puft, the options to “ROAST HIM” will appear at the Lower Middle. Just tap on it.

Stay Puft Rockets Roast Him

A cut screen will pop up showing Stay Puft having a Rocket dropped on him by the WWII Dive Bomber, Flames burst up all over him and start to melt him, he spits out fire, then disappear in a puff.

Stay Puft on fire 3


When you are done defeating Stay Puft, he will “run away”. He will NOT return for an hour. You can check to see how much time is left til his return by tapping on the now empty space where he once was.

Stay Puft Defeated


The pop up screen will now open and show you how much longer you need to wait. Just to make sure you got it…it even says so… “GOT IT!”

Stay Puft Rockets Wait Time

You will also know he is back when you see him over there yelling and hollering at you again. Lol.


SIDE NOTE: While Stay Puft is “hiding” your game may notice he is gone and therefor no more tasks for him needed. What does this mean? If your tasks ri earn Rockets “vanish”, it may because he is in that 1 hour reset and not really “in the game”. My suggestion is to make sure you reset ALL characters on their Rocket seeking tasks BEFORE you Defeat him. Also do NOT tap on the tasks to earn Rockets while he is “out of the game” during that hour or you may not get ANY Rockets at all for a payout from the Characters, as again…the game does not recognize he is there. (We saw this in every past event.) Now they may go and fix this. They have before. Just double check if this is YOUR cause. Report it if you do see it please.


As with previous events, the main “Bad Guy” needs to be destroyed. If you continually destroy him within a time frame, you can keep earning the highest amount over n over n over n over. You only have a set amount of time to be able to do this to keep your multiplier payout as high as you possibly can. That set amount is 24 hours. What does that mean? Well if you collect a lot of each of the 3 different color Rockets, you can continually “defeat” him over n over n over and that clock will keep resetting to 24 hours and not run out. Once you stop (or as soon as you defeat him) the timer will start to count down. If you do NOT “defeat” him in that 24 hour period, the clock will run down to Zero,  reset, and you will have to start once again at the bottom multiplier.

Stay Puft 24 Hour Timer

So to be a lil more simplistic. You start out at a 1X Multiplier and continue to move up til you MAX out at 25X. If you keep “defeating” him, you can stay at the upper most 25X Multiplier and get a LOT of Vials paid out to you again and again. If you run out of Rockets and the timer hits Zero, then resets, you have to start all over again at 1X.

So plan your collection and attacks wisely to get the most out of your Rockets.


This is all done automatically. You never know what one you will get next. No one will. All you can do is try and hope it is what you have. A way to see if another option will be provided is to allow the 24 hour timer to run down and let Stay Puft reset. This may or may not change the color, but it is worth a try if you want to see what happens. Just know you will lose a day of Defeats or less depending on how much time is left.


There you have it. A bit more detailed idea of just what to do with this Giant Marshminkter (yup….that’s what I call em…wanna fight bout it? Lol.) Did this help you out? Give you more of an idea of what to do? Answer all your questions? Wanna go make S’mores now? Let me know below…I got the fire pit already going.




157 responses to “It’s…It’s…It’s The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man!! (Updated)

  1. Does anyone know when the Halloween theme ends? Just wondering.


  2. Was wondering if they have added any task to get the red rocket always? Cleveland can always get the purpler and stewie can always get the blue but I’m a bit behind on my reds because there doesn’t seem to be anyone that’s a lock to get them.


  3. My question is, if ive gotten everything crafted in the cauldron and have 160+ marshmellow vails do i need to continue to farm the rockets? It seems to me at this point i can start to focus on other things like quests for example?


  4. Anyone know what do you need to do before you dig up Jason?


  5. Spent all my gems getting 30 blue rockets, about to press the button to kill him and the time ends. He restarts and I have to start over. Now I have literally no gems, wasting it on the stupid blue rockets


  6. Does anyone know what is going to happen to stay puft with next portal upgrade? will we still be able to bomb him with rockets? I have been saving and have over 70 of each type. Do I need to use them up before the next portal upgrade, or will they carry over? Thanks.


  7. Yes no one seems to be able to communicate properly what is going on. So you press the button to defeat him, he goes for an hour, then you can do it again, ok. Why happens if you leave it for an hour and 5 mins. How long after an hour do you have before he goes properly and doesn’t return for 24 hrs? Why can’t anyone give proper direction?


  8. I am very confused…the marshmallow man is showing up on my game. It says that he will be back in an hour but I never “roasted him”?


  9. Hi Bunny…back during comic con event it was best to max out the multiplier then let it reset….collect more ammo and go at it again…is it the same strategy…im at the max now with enough bombs to hit him again maybe even twice more if they ask for the right colorrthe second time…or should I let it reset…love u guys…keep up the good work


  10. I have read this post & all comments more than once…and still can’t seem to wrap my head around how to attack Stay Puft… Currently just saving up rockets… Have about 40 each… Am confused as I read something about ‘hit 3 times, then wait the hour and hit 2 more times’…. I was planning to just hit as many times in a row I can…I know I’m missing something in logic/explanation here for best results….can someone help me understand? Thanks so much also for your time & awesome posts/help 🙂


    • The challenge is to get 10 Goop total. So if you hit him 4 times. 1X 2X 5X 12X that will give you 20 Goop. So you’ll meet the challenge. The tricky part is having enough of each rocket. And he does reset for an hour between hits.

      So up to you. You can try for it and if anything, hit him 3 times. Let timer run out on 24hrs clock above his head. Then try 2 hits again.


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