Family Guy Technical Help: How To Store A Character

It looks like it is that time. Time for me to pull out my nerdy geek girl glasses, crack my knuckles, stretch out my typing fingers, put on my “thinking cap” (though I swear Alissa calls it my “dunce cap”)…it is time to get technical.

So pull up a comfy chair, grab some snacks, and your favorite beverage. You are about to go into the mind of Bunny as I show you some tips and tricks of the technical nature.

Consuela Technical Support 1

In this post, we are going to touch on How To Store A Character.

So with the newest update, TinyCo has now offered the option to tuck away some of those characters that you might not have cared for so much. This feature is brand new, so it may take just a bit for all devices to have this functionality.

If your device still not fully updated for the feature, you will still see the regular pop up when you tap on a character…

Store Character Not Updated


If your device has completed updating to the new feature, you will see the usual information but now there will be an inventory storage icon next to the Characters name. (Thanks Tam-Anh!)

Store Character Updated

Tapping on the icon will bring up Ollie asking you if you are sure you want to store the character. Select Place to tuck them away. You can always go back later and pull them back out of your Inventory Storage.

There you go. The basics of another cool feature that TinyCo has added to the game. If you have any questions or problems feel free to leave them in the comment section below and we’ll answer them as best we can!

Until Next Time

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37 responses to “Family Guy Technical Help: How To Store A Character

  1. I realize this is an old post; however, it’s the most appropriate place for my question … Are there any specific requirements for unlocking the ability to store characters? I bring this up because in my A game everything works as it should, but in my B game it does not allow me to? In my B game I have only gone as far as unlocking Al’s to participate in events and to unlock the idle button. Do I need to unlock a certain district or building to activate. I play both my accounts on the same device so I know that’s not the issue. When you get a chance, thank you and have a great weekend!


  2. This feature dosent work on my game anymore, have they disabled the store character feature on android?


  3. Does it work for andriod?


  4. I have amazon and I haven’t been able to log In in a couple days it keeps popping up with consuela and telling me I need to update I have tried uninstalling I just don’t know what to do


  5. Quick Q that is unrelated to this issue but is technological still – does anyone know if I will have to start again once I upgrade my iPad or is it all stored on the Net somewhere and I just have to log in?


  6. I hope that if/when the stored character has a change in their tasks that the game alerts us to their change with an exclamation mark.


  7. That’s the best feature added since the idle characters indicator! I started feeling that I got too many characters on 24hr tasks and with all the short tasks of the event it started to feel like a choir to send all these useless characters to daily tasks. Their coin generation means nothing since I’m over 1.5mil$ and most of my coins are generated from buildings anyway.

    I just wish they would add a Level bar under the character. I currently stored all the characters that are useless for the event (and will probably do that every event which is pretty often) but I would like to know what characters could use a power up once the event is over.
    It would also be helpful to see if the stored character can drop stuff with an icon indicator in the inventory, just like in the store. For example if I stored Herbert and after a future item he will start dropping stuff required for some quest – I would probably miss it until I read this website…


  8. I really wish that they would add a “Collect rent” button to collect all available rent at once, my index finger is soar from tapping all the individual buildings every few hours. =(


  9. I’m still confused about why I have several characters other than Peter who are leveling up above 15 (which I thought was the max). It’s all characters from Comic-Con or later.


  10. My game has been crashing a lot since the ghostbusters joe update it crashes every 5 minutes and i lose about half the process i have done i have reported to tinyCo and still waiting for a response


    • Try this…my personal suggestion…
      My personal experience when the game slows…its is due to too much going on and the device just can’t keep up. Right now you got a TON of lil kids, ghosts, banshees, etc runnin round town. Marshminkter (yes that’s what I call them) Guy. So your device is prob pushed too its limits.

      SO this is how I combat it on my devices… Make sure NOTHING else is running on my device. Shut down and kill any other apps that like to run in background (like Facebook). Make sure you have LOTS of free space on the device memory. I give 2GB just to THIS app. Store some items you do not need in your game. MORE drain memory. LESS is good. Store away anything animated that may be adding to the drain. Try to keep all characters on indoor tasks if possible. Those not really needed definitely send them inside somewhere. You can also refresh the game by restarting your device.

      See if this helps.


      • Yeah my game is crashing each time i go to visit friends and Ollie or when i go to brew something. Have wrote TC but i will delete apps to make more space like u suggest


  11. I stored so many characters that add nothing to event and almost all buildings, except ones that characters I kept use. I have over 2 million coins and my game keeps crashing, over and over again. So, this new feature is a huge help! My town looks pretty sparse and unorganized, but it also helps to find Slimer and tap ghosts and find trick or treaters! Also removed most roads. I’m scared to reestablish my town after this event, though; because each timei get it the way I want it, another event hits that requires me to demolish my Quahog to play! Overall, I’m grateful for this feature. Thanks, TinyCo!!


  12. Cool that they added it, but I’m wondering why anyone would want to store any of their characters? Having more characters doesn’t have any negative impact to me.

    On a side note, just wondering if I you’ve posted about your Q & A with TinyCo! I’m jealous that you got to go and would like to know how it went 🙂


    • We did not post it just yet as we have been playing catch up since we returned, work picked up pace, and trying to get all the really important game details out first. 🙂

      We will put it up soon.


    • Here’s an example – my Seamus is at max and doesn’t do anything for the event (right now), and I have a pretty good stash of coins, so I put him away for now.


    • I agree, who would want to? The only reason I can see is if u have issues with the game not working properly or slowing down then storing some would help other wise they help with xp and coins but for someone (like me) who has max level and zillion coins that wouldnt matter but then again having a whole town of people walking around is cool…..Wth?…I’m like asking and answering my own questions. Nevermind me.


      • (Apologies for ressurrecting an old post) Well, when you have the entire cast of American Dad, 4 Comic-Con characters, Santa, Cupid, King Butt, Vinny, and at least 6 Quohag residents that NEVER offer ANYTHING to ANY questline, it becomes a pain to cycle through 20+ 24 hour tasks for no reason. I have over 2 Million dollars and almost all of my characters are MAX. The aforementioned characters do nothing for the game except take up space.

        That’s who would want to.


    • TinyCo created it for Vinny. 🙂


      • And King Butt, Cupid, COmic Con, Santa, American Dad, Barnaby, B*tch Stewie, Olivia, Pawtucket Pat, and any characters that offer nothing to any questline.


  13. I’m seeing a lot of complaints regarding the ability to stop a task. I think that would take a lot away from the challenge of the game. Perhaps I’m a wee bit older than most of you, but I remember a time when a challenge meant that not everybody was a winner all the time. The challenge of deciding whether to throw Cleveland on a 24 hour task over and over because he’s not dropping anything or run him on shorter tasks in case something comes up makes the game more interesting. You can always rush the task with clams.

    On a different note, I finally got Mr Weed to complete my dead folks trio and I’ve got all three Halloween characters. Just chugging away on the Cleveland skin now and stockpiling bombs for staypuft!

    Liked by 1 person

  14. Goodbye Vinny, you useless dog 😉


    • he still generates money, i think any character that can generate money is worth keeping around. i’m a 99% freemium player and keeping those sorta people is why i have so much money in the Simpsons game. its going a lil slower in this one but thats because people and buildings in this game dont generate as much so its a slower process. and of course there’s “always” something going on to eat ur money. lol


  15. Forgot to mention …. I bought Jason for 200 clams. I mean just like Alien….how can you not 🙂


  16. Good feature. Would be better if we could store the character while on a current task so that we can cancel the task. This would be very useful if they are now needed for a quest line but on a long task.


  17. That’s nice, but I’d rather have an option to stop a characters task if I need them for something else.


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