Phase 4 Update Is HERE!! Stay Puft (Updated and Complete)

Update: Jason has FINALLY arrived!  For 200 Clams you can add him to your Quahog!


Jason will ALWAYS drop all 3 Rockets to defeat Stay Puft!  This is a great investment if you’re thinking about adding a premium character from the event to your game.  Personally…I hate Halloween.  I hate scary movies.  I didn’t buy Alien.  I didn’t buy Predator.  (this is in my main A game…where I play for me, not info) However…I will most likely buy Jason.  And I’ll buy him because he makes sense from a game standpoint.

EEEEEEEEEEE! So the new Stay Puft Portal just launched and it is AWESOME! Stay tuned as we pull all the details and information for you with the new stuff.


Lots of cool new stuff and fun things to do. Hang in there and we will have all the info you need verified and updated.

(FYI..seeing Consuela a lot…so be patient with the server over load. We’ll get through it.)

Kindle will have your usual delay… see the post here if you would like to communicate your thoughts on it to Amazon…

More details below the fold..

PS Some changes have been made to item costs with Spirit Vials.  We’ll have an updated post showing all of the changes…

Update from Alissa…

Let’s get right into the rundown….

New Buildings:

The cool thing is….all the new buildings are FREEMIUM!  They’ll cost you Spirit Vials…but no clams needed!  And they ALWAYS drop items for Cleveland!  A nice bonus if you spent the clams to get him!

Haunted CarnivalHaunted Carnival- 750 Spirit Vials, 8hr Build.  Earns 15 Spirit Vials, 3FP/ 12hrs.  Chance for Ectoplasm

Healing CrystalHealing Crystal Shop- 1,000 Spirit Vials, 4hr Build. Earns 8 Spirit Vials, 2FP/6hrs.  Always drops Clean Boots

Quahog Pest ControlQuahog Pest Control- 1,500 Spirit Vials, 4hr Build.  Earns 10 Spirit Vials, 2FP/8hrs.  Always drops Ectoplasm.

Quahog Funeral HomeQuahog Funeral Home- 2,000 Spirit Vials, 4hr Build. Earns 10 Spirit Vials, 2FP/8hrs.  Always drops Slimer Juice Boxes.

Balloon ManiaBalloon Mania- $5,000, 12hr Build.  Earns $60,40xp/12hrs.


New Decorations:

Ghostly CoffinGhostly Coffin- 150 Spirit Vials.

TP TreeTP Tree- 150 Spirit Vials

New Cauldron Items:

Huge Freaking SkullHuge Freaking Skull- Required to Craft:

Spirit Vial1,000 Spirit Vials
Candy Corn10 Candy Corn
Terror Dog Bones10 Terror Dog Bones

Best Friend SkeletonBest Friend Skeleton- Required to craft

Spirit Vial300 Spirit Vials
1  Marshmallow Goop

Hovering Ghost Hovering Ghost- Required to craft:

Spirit Vial600 Spirit Vials
Poltergeist Claws10 Latcher Talons
2 Marshmallow Goops

Vampire Duck StewieVampire Duck Stewie- Required to craft:

Spirit Vial4,000 Spirit Vials
Candy Corn15 Candy Corn
Poltergeist Claws10 Latcher Talons
10 Marshmallow Goops
Terror Dog Bones 15 Terror Dog Bones

stay puftStay Puft Marshmallow Man Deco- Required to craft:

Spirit Vial2,500 Spirit Vials
20 Marshmallow Goops

Alien Queen DecorationAlien Queen Deco- Required to Craft:

Spirit Vial5,000 Spirit Vials
Candy Corn10 Candy Corn
Poltergeist Claws10 Latcher Talons
10 Marshmallow Goops
Terror Dog Bones 10 Terror Dog Bones

New Costume:

Ghostbuster Cleveland!

Ghostbuster Cleveland

Of course you’ll need Cleveland to get this costume…if you have Cleveland here’s what you need to make him Winston!

Spirit Vial1,500 Spirit Vials
Clean Boots15 Clean Boots (Uncommon)- Earned By: Clearing Terror Dogs OR From the Healing Crystal Shop
Ectoplasm10 Ectoplasm (Rare)- Earned By: Get from Haunted Carnival OR Get by Clearing Banshee OR Get from Quahog Pest Control
Slimer Juice Box 10 Slimer Juice Boxes (rare)- Earned by: Bomb Witch Kids OR Bomb Devil Kids OR Make Herbert Read to Children OR Make Meg Read Mysterious Books OR Make Chris Read Childrens’ Books OR Get from Quahog Funeral Home

New Character to Attack

Stay Puft Marshmallow Man is here!

stay puft


Like Jelly-O Shots and Giant Stewie before…you’ll need to collect items to defeat Stay Puft!  Collect Rockets from character tasks to defeat him.  The more you do it in a row the more Spirit Vials you’ll earn!

2014-10-23 22.26.57 2014-10-23 22.24.20

To defeat him you’ll need rockets.  You can earn rockets from the following characters:

All 2 hr tasks…

Ghostbuster Peter:
Invent Anti-Ghost Weapons- drops Red Fire Rocket Purple Chocolate Rocket Blue Graham Cracker Rocket


(This task looks to go when the quest completes, so use it while you can. We are waiting verification back on this. Per TinyCo, this task and Quagmire’s are now here to stay.)

Find S’more Melty Bits- drops Red Fire RocketPurple Chocolate Rocket
Find S’more Casing Bits- drops Red Fire RocketBlue Graham Cracker Rocket

Find S’more Fillings- drops Purple Chocolate RocketBlue Graham Cracker Rocket
Find S’more Melty Bits- drops Red Fire RocketPurple Chocolate Rocket

Find S’more Casing Bits- drops Red Fire RocketBlue Graham Cracker Rocket
Find S’more Fillings- drops Blue Graham Cracker Rocket Purple Chocolate Rocket

Ghostbuster Cleveland:
Find Chocolate Bars- drops Purple Chocolate Rocket

The BIGGEST difference…is now there’s a 1 hr wait in between defeats of Stay Puft!  So won’t quickly’ll have to wait a FULL hour before you can get him again.

Week 4 Challenge:

This week we’re after the Power Grid:


Here’s what you’ll have to do:

2014-10-23 22.50.12For this challenge you’ll have to defeat Stay Puft Man up to 10 times….

This quest will not trigger until you’ve completed Trouble in Paradise Part 2.  Then Part 3 will trigger…BUT the challenge will simultaneously trigger with part 3.  So if you don’t want to start the challenge do not complete part 2 until you’re ready.

And that completes the rundown for Phase 4!

What do YOU think of the new additions?  Are you excited about Stay Puft? How about Ghostbuster Cleveland?  Duck Stewie?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!



507 responses to “Phase 4 Update Is HERE!! Stay Puft (Updated and Complete)

  1. Does any1 think that the plutonium quest will some how connect to the american dad event, thats y they postponed it maybe?


  2. duck stewies can creat just graham rockets.


  3. callzjam4455@gmail

    I haven’t seen Jasin once in my game??? Where would he be??


  4. reads this, please give us newbies a Crack at comic con and an extra week of halloween, I’ve aced every challenge but haven’t opened district 6 yet, and I’m worried I’ll get gypted outta stuff like connie’s witch costume.

    Likewise I have predator but no zoo. See my problem, Seth?


  5. Save up 43-73 of each rocket. Streak remains at 25 when you hit it. Abuse it.

    Quest activates after you defeat stay puffed, and then collect 1 goop. Counting those two times, the highest amount of defeats is initial 2 defeats+ 2 defeats on day one+ 2 on day two+3 on day 3, totaling 9 defeats. The fewest is initial 2+1 for 5 goop+1 defeat for 12 goop, totaling 4.

    Time is running up on this portal phase, but if you want to drag the week out, get jason, if you only use him 10 times he is instill 30 rockets.

    Someone leak phase 5 already so I can prep, pretty please?

    And, if tinyco reads this, please give us newbies a Crack at comic con and an extra week of halloween, I’ve aced every challenge but haven’t opened district 6 yet, and I’m worried I’ll get gypted outta stuff like connie’s witch costume.

    Likewise I have predator but no zoo. See my problem, Seth?


  6. bring on Freddy Kruger 🙂


  7. Is it just me, or does Jason sound a bit like James Woods?

    Liked by 1 person

    • My girlfriend pointed that out to me. I think his voice was clipped from a cut away gag, and he does voices for the show sometimes. Kinda bummed he had a voice, personally.


  8. Question: Is anyone else experiencing issues with the puft portal? Mine won’t open, it just says to update my game. My game is completely up to date, and I have the task active. Any ideas?


  9. Why can’t I buy Jason I can’t even see him in my game


  10. This game has come very far. Remember the Kingdom of the Full Moon event when it was literally impossible to get King Butt? Good times.


  11. How do you start week 4 challenge, the power grid?? It hasnt shown up. Ive completed the other challenges but they dont show that they have been completed anymore.


  12. This week’s challenge hasn’t triggered for me for some reason. I’ve already finished Trouble in Paradise Pt. 3 and the challenge never started.


  13. Haven’t seen this posted anywhere yet. There is a new quest line for Meg and Chris. Just started it so I don’t know how long it is


  14. Sorry, should have said ghostbuster Cleveland. Will he get smores rockets?


  15. Does anyone know how Cleveland will be of any use , if at all and what his actions are?


  16. Hi Bunny. I bought the haunted carnival as it said it always gave pink ectoplasm but the last 2 times it has given nothing. I have contacted tiny co but not sure if they are in during the weekend.


  17. wow ok I have no comprehension of anyone that hates Halloween. It is so much the only holiday worth anything anymore, only fun one, only one that even matters! Christmas?? I get depressed at Christmas time- Im not rich and no family, and this world has made it one huge boring commercial. I can have a wonderful Halloween in a reasonably priced homemade costume, a few dollars in candy, a party maybe. This event and all Halloween ones are the ones I look forward to yr round. Its like FINALLY some decos I can leave up after the actual day is passed. You can bet my scary items will never see storage. I love, collect, watch scary horror films year round, and every year in Oct cant wait because new ones arrive. Im also Mexican so Day of the dead is really our holiday, Halloween being the eve only. This over the top Halloween deco, theme is the one Im willing to actually spend money on! Its not as if Im gonna shell out real cash for Christmas decos that look stupid year round, and Easter just annoys me. Plus stores do not close for Halloween so the city is not a boring pile of nothing like other fed holidays.


  18. I am thoroughly enjoying this Halloween update. I have been just playing and having fun with it and if I happen to not meet a weekly challenge (which hasn’t happened yet), I know it probably won’t bother me. I am also stock piling the Rockets and probably won’t start the weekly challenge until tomorrow or Monday. I hope everyone else is having fun and thanks for all the informative post they have been truly helpful!!!!


  19. Is the alien queen deco and stay puft man deco static? I would like to know before getting them and when you bomb the real stay puft man… Does the new one pick the bombs that you have the least of like the giant stewie did in the comic con event? Thanks 🙂


  20. Ok to complete the weekly challenge you need 10 GOOPS not necessarily 10 roasts.

    I got 2 on my first challenge hit then 5 on my second thanks to the multiplier. I got 12 on my third hit within the multiplier! Boom challenge done!

    If you can take him down within the target time multipliers will boost what he drops.

    X5 = 13 Chocolate rockets
    X12 = 20 graham rockets
    x25 = 30 gasoline rockets


    • It all comes down to how the individual player does it. 🙂

      But yes…it goes fast if you pile them up. 🙂


    • thats the very same i needed to defeat him.. felt short with the 12x , i had only 19 grahams… but still… i will accumulate stuff for next round…

      i am in problems in paradise part 5 and the challenge hasnt appeared in my quahog 😦


  21. Just maxed out the fright level at 10. Kinda bummed, still have 13 more days left, 7 more things to brew (their fright points are useless now) and was just hitting double digit clam rewards. It’s a Halloween event, shouldn’t there be 13 levels?


  22. Ok, so base on the picture in the game we’ll get witch costume Jillian but then there’s also the regular costume Jillian that hasn’t come out yet. Won’t they need her original first before coming out the witch costume? I don’t think they’ll have time to do both. Is she gonna be here for Halloween at u guys know?


    • Only rumors. We are waiting til it happens. As you can see…things change in an instant so we wanna be sure. 😉

      (p.s. are you sure it isn’t Connie? 😉 )


  23. I just want to say that I love the new house decoration options, and I love you two for all the work you do! Thank you!


  24. Can you guys explain bombing stay puff to me? I think something is wrong. I accidentally started the challenge and to make up for it, I purchased the clams to get the fast bombs of 5 each. I was able to bomb him twice and currently have 6 purple, 10 blue, and 11 red bombs. The last time I bombed him was about 3 hours ago. I thought there was only a 1 hour wait to bomb him again. Am I missing something? Thanks in advance!


  25. I’m not sure if this has been brought up, but any idea why the marshmallow man has a timer on him it’s counting down and right now it’s around 20h.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. I didn’t get the challenge with part 3?


  27. So I pop open my Tablet and see the following notification. “Ski Masks and Machetes can only mean one thing…”

    So I find myself thinking, “Yep, and that one thing is that TinyCo doesn’t know the difference between Ski Masks and Hockey Masks.” 😉


  28. Are there any plans from tinyco on increasing the size of the town – opening up.more land.
    My town is way overcrowded now.


  29. Not liking the 1 hour wait between bombing of Stay Puft. But to note. I finished Part 2 of the quest line but have not triggered the timer to get the power panel yet as I have not clicked on Peter. As long as you are careful you can do the same. Gonna try and get up to the just before the 12X multiplier before I start the timer.


  30. That clam/rocket deal came at a great time for me. I always seen to buy clams right before a deal, and I don’t like to use hoard clams. Considering that there’s a good chance another character is coming out next week (based on what’s happened so far) it was a pretty easy decision. Now to save up lots of rockets for our favorite fluff-filled foe!


  31. How many bombs do I need in order to shoot the marshmallow man 10 times? I want to save them up first before I start the mission. Thanks!


  32. HisNameisJames(quagmire's cat)

    For anyone thinking about buying the Quahog funeral home mainly for juice boxes, maybe they should hold off on that because I wasted 2,000 spirit vials due to the fact that bombing the trick or treaters gets you juice boxes as well. I got all of the juice boxes from the kids and not a single one from the funeral home. I definitely see what you guys mean when you say to wait before purchasing certain items lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    • wow I have like 10 unopened pieces of land yet, and room to spare in the parts opened to the point I can space items out and decorate even. How on Earth can anyone afford to unlock land so fast? some of mine cost 20 thousand each. I have decos in storage, sure, but no buildings really unless their ugly to me. the one school was ugly to me. Chutes& Lads is ugly and too big, IMO, the rest are out tho. People must have way more items than I, and I get nearly every useful buildingand what are the ecto cooler juice boxes, boots even for? Nothing I have requires these, and Ive moved along with all quests very steadily, am at fright level 6, have Stay Puff Etc. so whats up with these items/ buildings?


  33. Small correction: You don’t have to defeat Stay-Puft 10 times. You just have to earn 10 marshmallow goops from him.


  34. with Peter, Joe and Slutty Meg all being able to get terror dogs I’m finding my town constantly empty now. Any chance they might speed up the spawn rate and have more enter the town on a regular basis? Also what happens when the Marshmellow Man timer runs out if I didn’t start bombing…just resets to 24 hours?


  35. Loving this week’s update.

    Thanks for stay puft info. Got enough bombs sorted first so getting the goop for stay puft and alien queen deco was easy.

    Wondering how many tasks vampire duck Stewie has as currently doing part 2 be scary cute.

    Am stuck on trouble in paradise part 8 as can’t update portal until next update.

    So, any news on what we can get from the next update?


  36. i have attacked the marshmellow man 4 times now, but the challenge hasnt popped… i guess i will stop attacking him, otherwise it will get complicated to get all the bombs for the challenge :O (as they increase the quantity each time )


  37. Confused about the multiplier 😦

    With the 5x and 12x and etc… That means there’s 5x or 12x the chance of 5 or 12 goop dropping?

    Taking forever on 5x already… Never get the right bombs haha


  38. sterling archer

    hi just curious how long can I wait before starting part 2 or 3 before it’s too late to do the weekly challenge Thanks and as always you gals are the best


  39. trouble in paradise pt.4 is hilarious!
    Pumpkin Ale is Everywhere. (hic!)


  40. bunnies little rabbit

    Loving the alien queen deco as it’s voiced with some great lines!

    Only had to bomb stay puft all over once (total of 3 bomb runs, once each to bottom, middle and top) to get enough jars to brew all this week’s offerings.

    So, apart from the constant crashes after brewing or starting quests, this has been an excellent update.

    Any news on what to expect from nightmare portal update or are you still waiting to find out too?


    • familyguyismylife

      Yeah I found that too.

      But I got Jason first and then spent rest of my spare time doing bomb tasks so that I got a good stock of bombs first.

      Then I just hit stay puft three times and got my jars of marshmallow goops that way.


    • We won’t know til it hits…come on now..take some time and enjoy the one that JUST hit…like yesterday. 😛


  41. Guilherme Rodrigues

    Can’t believe ai spent 4 hours and 1500 vials placing the wrong building lol. Is is true about the goops multiplying along with the vial reward? That makes thinks A LOT easier.


  42. I’ve not been able to buy any clams since update any clues?


    • On iOS? If so, I have issues with them too. I just suggested this to another reader….

      Exit completely out of the game. Log out of your app market. Restart the device. Log back in to the app market. THEN launch Family Guy and try again.


  43. Not sure if you’re aware yet, but the Kindle update is live. Or maybe it’s undead…


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