It’s Getting HOT In Here! Magic Mike Anyone?



Hey there …. WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA… settle down there Ladies! Stop screaming. Hey … wait a minute Guys? GUYS! Where yah going? Come back!

Apparently TinyCo figured with all the hype and screaming Ladies running around Movie Theaters lately, it was time to turn up the heat a bit in our silly lil Quahogs. A distraction maybe? The place is heating up and the clothes are coming off. NO PETER NOOOOOO!!!! MAGIC MIKE IS IN TOWN!!! OHHHH MYYYYYYY!!!

Magic Mike



As usual, we will be back with a full run down on this in just a bit. Gotta verify it all live first. 🙂


For those of you stuck on Android and still can’t get in. There are two “workarounds” that seem to be helping some Players get in. Both have been posted on the Glitch post.

Feel free to see more info on the tips HERE. 

Do take a few moments though and visit the App Market to ensure you are on 1.9.8 1.10 is out too now.

For those looking to go to iOS 9… many reports starting to roll in that the game is not compatible with it yet so beware. TinyCo is aware of the non compatibility and working on it. 



Grand Prize from the Mobsters Event. Peter’s Mansion. As soon as you go in the Game, Fatfather Peter will have a !. Tapping on him will tell you “Congratulations!”. You will now be able to claim your reward.

Well… almost… Consuela seems to be blocking it… but no worries, already being handled. GIMME MY MANSION WOMAN!!!

4 Timed Challenges Grand Prize Pop Up

This should be fixed now. Tapping on “GO” should give you your reward. Already asking on the animation and the Lettering flipped when the Mansion is. 😉

Peter's Mansion Grand Prize



Magic MikeMagic Mike: 125 Clams, He is Voiced, 3 Visual Tasks, ALWAYS drops for Dollar Bills Dollar Bill(requires Fiesty Cougars-see below) and  Chance Ball Caps (requires Xquisite Strip Club)Baseball Cap


Stripper Magic PeterMagic Peter


Tear-Away Pants30 Tear-Away Pants (Common): Clear Male Stripper OR Steroid Stewie Show of “Bod” OR XXL Mystery Box

Baseball Cap6 Baseball Caps (Rare): Make Bruce Pass Out Flyers OR Make Joe Go Undercover OR Make Magic Mike Make Furniture

Collared Necktie3 Collar with Necktie (Rare): Make Mort Scrounge for Coins OR From Pole Dancing School OR Fancy Tie Kiosk

Baby Oil5 Bottles of Baby Oil (Extra Rare): Clear Male Stripper OR Human Rupert Flexin’


AFTER you unlock Magic Peter (Save Old Balls Part 3/4). He will appear in the Menu and Al’s to Create

Stripper JeromeStripper Jerome


Tear-Away Pants90 Tear-Away Pants (Common): Clear Male Stripper OR Steroid Stewie Show of “Bod” OR XXL Mystery Box

Collared Necktie5 Collar with Necktie (Rare): Make Mort Scrounge for Coins OR From Pole Dancing School OR Fancy Tie Kiosk

Dollar Bill9 Dollar Bills (Always): Clear Fiesty Cougar

Sequins5 Sequins (Uncommon): Stripper Bonnie Practice Latest Routine OR Lois Freshen Up OR Xquisite Strip Club



Returning Character

Steroid StewieSteroid Stewie: 200 Clams (Purchase in Al’s), Chance drops on Tear-Away PantsTear-Away Pants

Human RupertHuman Rupert w/Bare Bear Salon



Old Balls HeadquartersOld Balls Headquarters: $1000, Build Time 4hrs, Payout $12 & 40XP every 12hrs

Pole Dancing SchoolPole Dancing School: $300, Build Time 1hr, Payout $10 & 30XP every 8hrs, CHANCE of Collar with NecktieCollared Necktie

Quahog Convention CenterQuahog Convention Center: $500, Build Time 6hrs, Payout $20 & 45XP every 16hrs

Spandex Temple YogaSpandex Temple Yoga: $2500, Build Time 12hrs, Payout $5 & 20XP every 4hrs

Xquisite Strip ClubXquisite Strip Club: $800, Build Time 2hrs, Payout $8 & 25XP every 6hrs, Chance Sequins Sequins(once Stripper Jerome Unlocked)

Cougar CoutureCougar Couture: $5000, Build Time 10hrs, Payout $1 & 15XP every 2hrs

Stripper Costume Emporium: 300 Tear-Away Pants Tear-Away Pants, Build Time 10hrs, Payout $12 & 30XP every 10hrs


Returning Building

Peter's Wifes CookiesPeter’s Wifes Cookies: $2500, Build Time 8hrs, Payout $45 & 30XP every 8hrs



Backwards Ball Cap GazeboBackward Ball Cap Gazebo: 15 Ball CapsBaseball Cap

Myrtle Beach SkywheelMyrtle Beach Skywheel: 12 Dollar Bills Dollar Bill

Lonely Cougar Party LimoLonely Cougar Party Limo: $8000

Big Time Stripper PoleBig Time Stripper Pole: $500 FYI, This one WILL work for Stripper Bonnie’s “Champagne Room” Task. 

Myrtle Beach CabanaMyrtle Beach Cabana: $750

Magic Mike Stripper Sculpture: 55 Clams



XXL  Mystery Box

Even Rupert wants to get in on the Magic Mike Action with the XXL Mystery Box. So just WHAT can you win by spending 45 Clams for a Chance inside ?

Stripper Bonnie 1Stripper Bonnie (Character Costume, she will not be in there if you already own her)

Fancy Tie KioskFancy Tie Kiosk (Building): Payout $10 & 30XP every 8hrs, ALWAYS drops Collars with Neckties Collared Necktie

Swell Surf ShopSwell Surf Shop (Building): Payout $15 & 40 every 12hrs

Cookie GirlCookie Girl (Walking Decoration)

Glitter CannonGlitter Cannon (Decoration): Animated.

Small Town Mechanical BullSmall Town Mechanical Bull (Decoration): Animated

Tear-Away Pants30 Tear-Away Pants (can repeat)

Tear-Away Pants90 Tear-Away Pants (can repeat)



Male Stripper 1 Male Stripper 2

Once you start into the Questline with Quagmire, Save Old Balls Part 1, you will start to see these Underwear clad Men wandering all over your streets of Quahog. I counted around 18-20 in my game to start. They will be your main source of Tear-Away Pants and Baby Oil. I got 3 Baby Oils for all tapped. The rest were pants.

Tear-Away PantsTear-Away PantsBaby Oil

Within a short few minutes of clearing them, 5 more showed up.

When you do NOT need an item anymore, like Baby Oil, they will start to drop Coins instead. The coins will vary within the drops.



Fiesty Cougar

These Gals on the Prowl will show up once you Unlock the option to start creating Stripper Jerome, Save Old Balls Part 3/4. As soon as you trigger him, you will start to see them wandering your streets as well. I had about 8 in mine.

To Clear them, you will have to tap on them to send a Character to “Dance” for them and get the Dollar Bills. They are an ALWAYS drop. It will take 6hrs to clear one.

Dollar BillDollar BillDollar BillDollar Bill

You can send Stripper Peter & Magic Mike

Stripper Peter and Fiesty Cougar Magic Mike & Fiesty Cougar


That about does it for the basics. A New Mini Event with some interesting Costumes, Returning Costumes, and New Character, and some cool Decorations and Buildings.

What do you think of it so far? Gonna splurge on Magic Mike? Take a Chance on Bonnie in the Mystery Box? What about the Buildings and Decorations? Lol. Let us know.


271 responses to “It’s Getting HOT In Here! Magic Mike Anyone?

  1. Familyguyislovefamilyguyislife

    They should have sold the convention center the Sam way it looked during comic con event


  2. I won stripper bonnie from the magic box but cant find her anywhere?


  3. Has any one else had problems with their Grand Prize Mansion disappearing once they animated it. the only things showing are what they animated.


  4. Has anyone bought Myrtle Beach Skywheel for 12 dollar bills and didn’t have to buy the premium character Magic Mike for add’l dollar bills? I’ve been constantly sending Peter to clear cougars since I got his stripper skin and I won’t have enough time before the mini event ends. I had to use dollar bills for Jerome’s Stripper outfit first.


  5. Tyler Russell

    Ha yep good weekend event so far opened up the xxl mystery box and got stripper bonnie


  6. Anybody else notice that under magic mikes face space picture it says don corleone?


  7. Quagmires Giggity Strut now drops red hats.


  8. 24 hour challenge just triggered! Peter has to clear 3 fiesty cougars. Stripper Jerome has to do lasso tricks, clear 50 strippers, and collect from pole dancing school twice! Have fun!


  9. I have a couple of questions. I am not seeing anything to do with the hats but they are still being collected. Any idea why?

    Also, is anyone having problems with the party bus thing? I bought it the first day and it just kind of poofed when I placed it in my town. It is not there and it is also no longer in my store to repurchase.


    • It may be there… just not visible. I am seeing other reports of the “animated” items ghosting in n out. Try to tap the area where it was. Reach out to them if some basic troubleshooting won’t help.

      Hats… did you gain enough hats to make the Hat Building in the Menu? If not, it needs 15


  10. Has anybody bought the Myrtle Beach SkyWheel deco yet (12 dollar bills)? Does it just sit there looking colorful, or does it spin or something when tapped? The store doesn’t indicate that it’s animated, but there have been other decos that animate when tapped but aren’t continuous so they don’t get the label.


  11. ** Help*** where do I get Peter wife’s cookie building because I don’t see it as an option to purchase I’ve never had that building before


    • Should be in the shopping cart menu to buy. Look in the Buildings section.


      • I check its not there


        • Do you already own it? How long have you been playing the game? This is the 2nd time it appeared in the game.


          • I’ve been playing for a while one and off I have never purchase it before I check both the my inventory and no shop like ten time and it’s not there


            • Where are you in the questlines? If it doesn’t show up by the time the task requires it…Then you need to message them from your game. Because if it’s not for sale anywhere, inventory, or town… something is up with your game. My test games… one I owned it took me too it for the task in my Inventory. One I didn’t own it it was with the rest of the items for sale.


  12. I love the idea of reusing older characters & costumes. I’ve been sending request to TinyCo to see this happen for alil while now, Hahha. After all why not give ur longer played customers alil bonus for thier past effort. We’ve got some time invested in this game, I know I do.


  13. Hee… I thought the neckties were razors until I read this post.

    Nice no-pressure mini event, since I don’t care in the least about Magic Mike. At least poor Jerome finally has another outfit – it took me by surprise when that appeared in Al’s because I hadn’t read this excellent post first. Thank you!


  14. Wait, will Human Rupert leave once the event is over?


  15. Land!,,,,,,


  16. Bunny&Alissa, are you girls gonna have the Magic Mike walkthroughs posted here soon? jus curious is all i wanna make sure i’m getting the correct ones 😊


  17. I was thinking of the films out now, and wondering why they chose this in particular(I guess it’s just funny for FG and the most adult film) when I thought, why not Ted 2? 😛 I would happily pay clams for Ted, John, Lori and Tami-Lynn. Maybe clams for one or two and the rest freemium. I don’t know who the characters are from the second film as I haven’t seen it yet. But it came out on Wednesday, it would have been great for a promotional mini event!


  18. Omygawd! :O TinyCo is spoiling us :O! I was actually quite bummed out because the mob event wasn’t working for me and I got stuck on getting mob wife lois…. But now I got male strippers, magic mike, and got myself stripper bonnie, nice event! 😀


  19. Anyone else notice that the Magic Mike gold statue is the same as the Borg Bertram gold statue? Makes you wonder…


  20. How do you get stripper Jerome?


    • Unlock him 😉

      See info in post.


    • You have to unlock stripper Peter first, then Jerome’s costume will become available for unlocking. Poor Jerome. He needs to be treated like a business person rather than at Peter’s level. Jerome and Mort need to band together and protest, as the only ones in town who know what a ledger is.


  21. OK already. I’ve got dollar bills y’all (TnyCo)! Or maybe not! 😛 Either way, you aren’t getting any (TinyCo), until you make up for the issues, or least have someone post a “I/we messed up” YouTube video here for us all to see! 😛


  22. So I was doing okay for most of the day but around 3pm cst it started acting up. Would even load past the splash screen.

    Finally, I uninstalled and reinstalled the app and it seems to be working so far.

    Also, in the website slot I added a pic of my current Quahog. Didn’t see an option to attach files. Let’s just say, bursting at the seams doesn’t even describe it. #DoYouHaveASquareToSpare


  23. not having crash issues but after updating and starting this event my Star Trek room decos that are already place in my town are slo showing up in my inventory. functionality of game does not appear to be affected but it is strange.


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