Hybrid Babies Main Walkthrough: Attack of the Hybrids (Part 2)

Hello There Tribblemakers!

TinyCo dropped a Mini Event into our game and now we have lil Hybrid Babies running loose in our Quahogs. Half Stewie/Half Brian and completely adorable. You know you want one to keep. 

With the addition of a 2nd week of items, an extension of the Main Questline “Attack of the Hybrids” was added as well.

Hybrid Baby 2 Hybrid Baby 1

So let’s take a closer look at the 2nd Part to the Hybrid Babies Event Main Questline and all that you’ll encounter along the way….

Remember: this Mini Event Ends the 30th @3PM Pacific.

Attack of the Hybrids Pt.6
Quagmire starts

Have Quagmire Take Sex Ed- 6hrs, Earns $65 & 45XP
Build Bad Dog Obedience School- Cost $3000, Build Time 2hrs

Obedience School

Completed Task Earns $100 & 30XP


Attack of the Hybrids Pt.7
Peter starts

Earn Finn- 


Tennis Ball95 Tennis Ball Chew Toy (ALWAYS): Clear Hybrid Babies

Test Tube18 Test Tube (Common): Jack Play with Chris OR Mort Swallow Jewels OR Jerome Grow His Fro OR Herbert Buy Candy for Kids

Pre-School Application10 Pre-School Applications (Uncommon): Joe Raid Personal Weapons Stash OR Quagmire Take Sex-Ed OR Bruce Fret About Something OR Lois Freshen Up

Baby Bottle7 Baby Bottles (Rare): Chip Griffin Travel by Balloon OR Teen Mom Stewie Morning Sickness OR Peter Buy Baby Powder

Dingo Collar8 Dingo Collar/Leash (Extra Rare): Clearing Hybrid Babies OR Brian Scoot

Completed Task Earns $100 & 30XP


Attack of the Hybrids Pt.8
Quagmire starts

Have Quagmire Mix Drinks- 1hr, Earns $20 & 12XP
Have Peter Hang Out at the Clam- 1hr, Earns $20 & 12XP

Completed Task Earns $100 & 30XP


Attack of the Hybrids Pt.9
Peter starts

Place Automatic Beer Blaster- Cost $750

Automatic Beer Blaster

Completed Task Earns $100 & 30XP


Attack of the Hybrids Pt.10
Peter starts

Have Quagmire Giggity Strut- 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20XP
Have Peter Accept Key to the City- 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20XP
Have Joe Do Event Security- 2hrs, Earns $30 & 20XP

Completed Task Earns $100 & 30XP


And that concludes the 2nd Part of the Hybrid Babies Main Questline!

What do you have left to unlock Finn? What do you think of the Questline? Sound off in the comments below, you know we love hearing from you!


26 responses to “Hybrid Babies Main Walkthrough: Attack of the Hybrids (Part 2)

  1. Baby bottles should have been marked as ultra-ultra rare. Been looking for days and have a total of two. Thanks Tinyco.


  2. FINALLY got the last 2 bottles for Finn this morning!


  3. wax monster x

    Baby Bottles! C’mon!! I’ve had Chip travel by balloon over a dozen times without a drop. Same for Peter buying baby powder. This makes the game un-fun. Not a word but that’s how I feel.


  4. I went through the main questline and didn’t realize I stopped the hybrids from spawning and now I can’t get all the decos. Dangit! I at least got the billboard with Stewie on it for 60 tennis balls. That was my favorite one. Just a warning to other players. Just don’t place the automatic beer blaster until you have all the decos and tennis balls you need.


  5. Will you still get hybrids after finishing part 9? It says it clears them but I need 1 more for the billboard. (No patience to wait an hour an see if they spawn 😉)


    • Haha just checked my town again and there one was 😊. But thanks for you answer anyway – cause I know you’ve already answered in you head lol!


  6. I need 6 more bottles(help me out yo…lol), 5 more dingo leashes, and all the Tennis Balls!!! Another way to get TBalls without having to pay with clams would be greatly appreciated!!! (sigh ;/>)


  7. ZLicense storbinC

    Those baby bottles are holding me back


  8. I want to keep the hybrid puppies in the game, especially the blind one! The animation is adorable. I wish he were a permanent character.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Send them a request… maybe if enough Players ask for them… they will add them too. Even if they’re Walking Decos I will be fine with that. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      • Just emailed them! If there are any other hybrid pup lovers out there, please email them and ask for a permanent hybrid pup character or decoration!


  9. No baby bottles for me…


  10. Nothing really of ask for help about the game, but I accidentally skipped a conversation after you finish a part. I missed what Peter said about Inside Out and Chris about Splatoob. Do you guys remember what they said? I was really hyped to read it and it flunked over. ^^;


    • Attack of the Hybrids Pt. 8
      After tasks done for Part 8…
      Peter: Hey, Quagmire, let’s give beer to the dog-monsters. I want them to think I’m cool.
      Quagmire: Peter, look! The beer is making the hybrids disappear!
      Peter: Don’t talk to me about disappearin’! It’s gonna make me think about “Inside Out” and then I’m gonna cry!
      Peter: I had to beat up another Dad in the theater parking lot to feel like a man again.
      ***Part 8 Completed***

      Attack of the Hybrids Pt. 9
      Starting Dialog…
      Peter: Okay, so it turns out the hybrids can’t stand beer. So it looks like we’re gonna have to hose down the whole town.
      Chris: Ooh, I can help. I’m good at this. I’ve been playing a lot of Splatoon.
      Peter: What is that? Is– is that slang for crankin’ one out? Or is that what Dubsmash is? It’s tough keeping up with you kids.
      **Start Tasks**


      • Ah thank you so much for this! It was really funny and I hadn’t had the time to appreciate the humor, thank you!! 🙂


        • I laughed at it myself as I play Splatoon and just saw Inside Out. Poor Bing Bong. 😉


          • Oh my gosh, yes, poor Bing Bong, man that movie is ultimately one of my personal favorites. The feels are too real XDD I’m still shocked they even made references to both!


            • I play Splatoon a lot and absolutely loved the reference! One of the best games on Wii U in my opinion (right behind Smash, lol).


  11. Ugh, 2 baby bottles left, they seem to NEVER drop!!! Come on! I want Finn so bad! He’s so cute!!!


  12. 15 TBCTs (should be done with those in the next 8 hours) and 5 baby bottles (no comment) 😋


  13. I only need to have Peter and Joe do their parts and part 10 is done for me. Woohoo! Cant scroll through my missions / goals so it’ll clear some space


  14. Thanks for this great walkthrough!

    I just unlocked Finn and I was suprised how easy it is to collect those baby bottles in contrast to chips balloons.

    I noticed Finns voice is the same with puppy Brians which is funny.

    I like Finns facespace and just amused it was completed before Uhuras. Lol!


  15. Not sure if I just got lucky or what, but it felt like part 2 of the event was rather short for what time is left on the event. I finished everything as of a day ago with 4 days left of the event. (No clams spent, to speed up the unlocks/quests) You think this is the last part of the event or will they throw in a short 3 days left Part 3?


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