Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

Hello There Clammers!

Having a fun day? Lots of stuff on your mind? Just want to ramble on about anything and everything? WELL TOO BAD!!!

Bunny & Alissa Christmas Large

Errr, I mean… Here is the place where you can do it. Have something cool you want to share with your fellow readers/Addicts? Have something on your mind that you just want to get off it? Have a lovely bunch of coconuts? Lol.

This post is for open conversation. Pretty much anything and everything goes (as long as it still follows the Addicts Site Guidelines). Feel free to chat it up all you want.

If you are not sure of what to talk about, here are a few subjects to get you started.

How was your week? 

Did you get hit with a ton of snow? 

See any cool light displays in your area you want to share a pic of?

See something in your neighbors town that impressed you?

 Send us a post card or letter yet? You know we LOVE to hear from YOU!

Remember this post is for FUN!! A way to “Chat with your Neighbors”. If you wanna gripe or complain or rant or …well, be mad about something…take it to our WHAT THE DUECE posts and get it out your system there. 🙂

There you go. Get your typing fingers fired up and yap yap yap away.


13 responses to “Blah Blah Blah Yadda Yadda (Open Thread)

  1. Dear bunny,

    I play family guy regularly and use your website for guidance at times. Sorry to see that you fell ill and hope you get better soon I am sure everyone will understand!

    Get well,



  2. I have to share this with everyone. I was sooooo tired of seeing the “buy $4.99 worth of coins and get $4.99 of clams free” deal in my task list. Been in my task list since I started playing in April of 2014. So I messaged Tinyco to see if they can add a feature to remove it. And they just removed it for me! So if you want the task gone cause you have over 5 million coins like I do and your never gonna take that deal, shoot them a message and ask nicely for it to be removed. I’m sure they’ll take care of it for you too.


  3. I think I might be playing this game too much. Several times I’ve looked out the realspace window and been surprised that we don’t have snow on the ground or blowing around as in the game…. But I start freezing as soon as the outside temperature goes below 60 degrees Fahrenheit, so that might be related. Just looking at the winter graphics in Quahog still makes me feel cold.


  4. Would love to be able to put last years decorations in the new North Pole. Would love if they let us do that. Seems only thing from last Christmas that goes there is one sole Reindeer. Curious as I have many other walking decos from last Christmas wonder why that’s the only one that can travel to North Pole.


  5. I’m actually hasn’t made much progress regarding the game since I’m in the early stages of unlocking christmas camo Peter. A bit frustrated for the drops but hanging in there. By the way, here in Peru there isn’t any snow during this time of the year or any other month, on the contrary it’s about 25 degrees celsius everyday and I think everyone gets “steamed” literally inside their houses or cars.

    P.S. Absolutely LOVE the picture posted by Bunny and Alissa. Cheers!


  6. I’m very happy with the Xmas event. I’m half way done with camo peter and working on the fourth prize 🙂


  7. Im liking this Christmas event. Thinking about using the decos from last Christmas and setting them up in the North Pole area . Surprisingly there hasnt been any snow yet here it hasnt really been that cold. Happy holidays to you guys and all the addicts.


  8. wildthornberry88

    I actually hadn’t heard of escape from New York so I just watched it. Not bad!


  9. Loving the new event area. Similar to the Star Trek event, so much so that al hearingtons there only has all the Star Trek costumes lol. But I do love how we have land there like normal that we can build roads on as opposed to just rooms when we had the enterprise. Also like how we can store all our new decorations there for the event so no need to clear a massive event space this time around. Though I assume it will leave us come the end of the event anyway and we’ll be stuck having to store other things to display any our Christmas items. Not excited that leaderboards are back though. Also not a fan that these “hard” items at the end have returned similar to Halloween.


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