Family Guy Episode Recap: Peter, Chris, Brian

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Hey there Clammers!

As we tap away in our own lil Quahog that we created either since last year to even recently, we like to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from. The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that are released weekly for our viewing pleasure.

There are so many things going on each Episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else. So for a look at what we just saw on TV … or for our Out Of USA Neighbors, a look at things to come for you.

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Family Guy Season 14 Episode 5: Peter, Chris, Brian

~Peter gets a letter from his mother’s estate; her house has been sold.  Peters upset because his porn collection is in the house. He talks to the guys about someone finding them, then suggest that they break into his old house and get them.  They are all in. At his old house, the guy living there comes out and asks what he can do for them because they have been in front of his house for awhile. They tell him that they were going to break in because Peter’s porn collection was in there. The guy says all you had to do was ask, he tells them to get it out he has children in there.

~Peter decides he’s going to watch all of his porn collection, after watching for only 11 minutes he says he’s never going to watch this stuff again. As he is putting up the porn he finds a video from his past Peter to his future Peter. He watches it and is now disappointed in himself because he didn’t become what he thought he would be. He says that he has never done anything important. He is watching the video of himself again and Chris comes in and as Peter is watching his video he notices that Chris is doing the same things as he is in the video. He tells Chris he is a failure but he is going to make sure Chris grows up to be a success.

~Chris is watching TV and Peter tells him no TV for you. Lois asks him what’s going on and Peter tells her. Lois says he is fine. Peter says look at him he’s giving himself a nose bled. Chris shaking his head back and forth and gets his nose to bleed and says my nose is finally a woman.

~Peter and Chris are outside and Peter tells Chris he has to look worldly and sophisticated, got to dress like Lenny Kravitz, a little something from every part of the world. Then they take off in an old plane.

Peter Chris Brian (1)

~Peter and Chris walking around in giant steps with giant hats on, Chris falls and sort of cries and Peter tells Chris to get up. Brian tells Peter that Chris needs to find his own path. Peter says that’s right push him to be something.  Peter tells Chris to fallow Brian around, since Brian is smart and all, that way you can be something. Brian agrees as long as Chris wants to, Chris is like fine. Brain takes Chris to the park for some Shakespeare, Chris disappears and Brain finds him watching “2 Broke Girls” in the Park.  They go to the library and Brian gets down a smart book, Chris shakes head no and gets down a funny book. They go to a art class Brian draws a good picture while Chris draws a upside down triangle.

~Sitting at the table Peters upset because he doesn’t have Chris there to throw biscuits at. Lois is like well he has been spending a lot of time with Brian. Peters throws a biscuit at Lois and says it’s not the same. Chris and Brian come in and Chris is looking all sophisticated, Chris tells them everything that they have been doing. Lois says how sophisticated he is. Peter wants to celebrate but Chris says that was for the old Chris.  Chris and Brian leave. Peter fells like he has lost his son.

Peter Chris Brian (2)

~Chris and Brian walk into the living room and Lois says sit down and join us. Chris says no Brian is going to show me all the things he likes.  Peter is getting sick of all the time that Chris is spending with Brian, Lois tells him this is what you wanted. Peter wants his son back, Lois says hell grow out of it.

~At the table Peter tells Lois he is going to win back Chris. He made Chris a mug that says World’s Greatest Son on it. Peter tells Chris to look at his mug, Chris laughs and say we only have one sun who was the idiot that made this; on the mug was World’s Greatest SUN.  Peter cries.  Peter now in his car crying listening to the radio the song “Happy” comes on and Peter starts to smile and car dancing, says he is easily influenced by music.

~Peter brings model Kate Upton and tells Chris he has to take advantage of her because she is almost at the end of her window and then she blows up and Peter rolls her out. Peter tells Lois he has to watch TV because he has to watch a French movie to win back Chris, its Rocky in French. Lois says this is pointless this is what you wanted for Chris. Peter says he knows but he doesn’t get to spend time with him anymore and doesn’t know him. Chris hears this all cause he is on the steps.

~At a book club Chris realize that Brian has not read the book and tells him that he thought he was all worldly and sophisticated but all he is, is a fraud.

Peter Chris Brian (3)

~Peter is at the Zoo throwing tater tots at the baby Panda. Chris comes up asks Peter why you doing that. Peter is like cause I like to. Chris says this is why you’re so great dad, you don’t act like something you’re not and don’t care what nobody thinks.  Peter say well I care about what you think, I want what’s best for you. Chris says I could never be too good for you, you’re the best, and I want to be just like you when I grow up. Peter is like really. The throw the rest of the tater tots at the baby Panda. Peter says all this started because I thought I was a failure but I have you as a son, they hug.

Peter Chris Brian (4)

~In the living room watching the news, they start talking and in the back ground you hear the guy on TV say yes when you talk to your family the TV still makes sound, just because you look away don’t mean we stop talking.

Hope yall enjoy


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What did you think of the Episode? Any favorite moments? Thoughts? Let us know.

5 responses to “Family Guy Episode Recap: Peter, Chris, Brian

  1. do you guys want/need anymore help at all???…how does one come about that to become a “addict helpful”? Lol i’d be so GLADDD to help if you would want me too!😀😊😃😄


  2. Hi to al fgqfs gamers and bunny especially. I’ve always loved this show since it first came out, everyone thought i was crazy and here we are way over a decade later. I’ve seen episodes probably over 10 times becouse you always see something you didn’t see before, and i laugh out loud again and again, so when this game first came out i had to have it, a couple years later……….still playing addicted like all of of us😊. Tiny co. hit the nail on this Christmas event, loving the out of quahog experience, like in the star trek event. Very evenly paced right now. I actually feel like I’m not behind, but i know i am. Anyways, thumbs up, tiny co. and is that snake pliskin i see soon.👍


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