Raid To The North Pole Side Questline: Baser Instincts

Hey there Sarah Connor!

Your mission if you choose to except it… wait… no… A long time ago in a Galaxy Far Far Away… no… that’s not it either… Exterminate!!??…

Come with me if you want to live! That’s the ticket!

The Raid to the North Pole Christmas 2015 Event is now live and running in our minds and in our Quahogs. With it comes a bunch of New Questlines. This includes the Side Questlines that will take us through New Areas of the Event Play Area. Area’s like Santa’s Headquarters.

Santa's Headquarters

Let’s take a peak at Baser Instincts and all you will encounter along the way. 

If you are looking for the MAIN details, go to the MAIN WEEK 1 POST HERE! 

For the Main Questline for Week 1, go HERE!


Here is how the Questline played out in my game. Keep in mind that Questlines like this are optional and not everyone will go through them. It is all on your game play on how far you will get on this one. It is NOT required, just an option. 🙂

After Raid to the North Pole Pt. 9
Baser Instincts Pt. 1
Peter Starts

Place Elf Punting Machine: 45 Christmas PresentPresents

Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 


Baser Instincts Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Place the Season’s Greenhouse: 76 Christmas PresentPresents

Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 


Baser Instincts Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Place the Naughty or Nice Surveillance Center: 112 Christmas PresentPresents

Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 


Baser Instincts Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Place the Impenetrable Igloo Fort: 127 Christmas PresentPresents

Completed Task Earns 1 Silver BellsSilver Bell 


Baser Instincts Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Win Lyle From Santa’s HQ: 250 Christmas PresentPresents

Completed Task Earns 2 Silver BellsSilver Bells 


There you have it. The Side Questline so far Santa’s Headquarters and all the goodies inside for Week 1.

How is your collection going so far? What have you unlocked? Any suggestions to your fellow Players? Let us know.


51 responses to “Raid To The North Pole Side Questline: Baser Instincts

  1. Are the silver bells worth anything? It looks like all you can buy are some worthless weapon decorations. I am saving them up in hopes that eventually they will be useful, but they seem to be useless so far.


  2. Lyle is a character right? (And worth it to get presents for you think?)


  3. Has anyone else had a problem with unlocking Lyle? I used presents to unlock him like I did with all the other items in the hq but it is still unavailable. I still have it as a question to unlock him and can only have camouflage Peter and Santa in the arena but the 250 presents are gone and he is ticked off (!) in the hq


  4. Im sure this is the wrong spot for this and I have looked but is there talk of expanding for more land space in the game? Also I have so much money that I have bought, anything and everything I can and still have too much. Any ideas of how to swap it out for clams?


  5. Are the attacks on Santa’s village going to be a core part of every stage you think? I’m trying to gauge whether or not it’s worth losing a few extra days (I’m a freemium player) stocking up on presents to get Lyle or just bypassing the 24 hr count for his challenge. It seems that having three drivers (Camo Peter, Santa, and Lyle) would pay huge dividends later compared to just Camo Peter and Santa.

    BUT, if the humma attacks mean less and less as we progress, I don’t want to waste the precious time hoarding presents.

    What are you guys’ and gals’ thoughts on this?


    • Wont know really til the Phases progress.


      • When at humma max level, 1 driver destroys the whole village. Is adding a second driver a waste of time, or does it do additional damage or bring any more rewards? The answer seems to be no.

        Conversely, is there any value in attacking the base with just Kevin alone as driver, if it says he can only destroy 0/4? Is that a waste of 2 grenades, or does it do some damage to “soften up” the target for the next round of attacks? In other words, should I bother attacking if the indicator says I can only destroy 0 of 4 and I’m only going to get an X and no rewards after that initial attack — or not?


  6. Hey Bunny, can you tell me how many clams it is for Lyle? I tried looking to see if you’ve answered on another post, but So. Many. Comments, lol


  7. Not a vent… But…

    I just now (Tuesday morning) started collecting for the greenhouse. About a day or so behind because i had to unlock Santa. I have about 315 presents to collect to be ready for next phase. At exchange rate of 2 presents/1 hat, i need 158 hats.

    I don’t buy clams, so I have Santa attacking as often as I have the fuel stuff. 3 people every 6 hours for fuel, i can get 9 fuel a day max – meaning 4-5 attacks/day if fuel drops every time.

    My current reward is 6 hats per attack (level 3). 6 hats per attack… 5 attacks per day(optimistic)… 158 hats needed… 5+more days of no questline advancement and just doing the same thing over and over again?

    I can’t get camo peter to help attack without getting the grenades from the building. It’s Tuesday now, so i think I’ve let it play out enough to see how things are progressing.

    Is my math wrong, or am I just in for a really boring time until Sunday when I can finally move on?


    • Or… just keep playing and see what happens as things always change as game event progresses. 😉


      • No, I’m sorry, that answer is unacceptable. I demand satisfaction, and I demand it now. You corporate big-wigs are all the same. Just grabbing money from the peons who can’t stop it. I pay good money to read this website and demand that you make my game go faster.

        I’m waiting…


        • BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAH. 2 people make a corporation? 1 in this case as I’m running this site solo.

          Big wig? Well I have a few cosplay wigs…but I wouldn’t call them “big”

          You pay to read our site? Where’s MY check? Last I looked it was still free. SHOW ME THE MONEY! $$

          Then there’s the fact I’m NOT TinyCo and have nothing to do with the game. D’OH!

          I’m starving. The meal I ate sucked. Where’s my satisfaction?

          What you waiting what you waiting what you waiting for? 😉 😛


          • I love you Bunny, I am glad you have lightened up a little bit. You can’t control all the”horders” and their “mathematical calculations”. Play the game people and give the girl a “thank you” for spending her own money to help you out. Meantime, nuke your town to get rid of the “stuff” you don’t need at the moment, store the unnecessary characters, plan ahead after reading her lovely posts and PLAY THE GAME. Glitches will stop, you will enjoy the events and Bunny will be more responsive to your questions. Thank you for everything you do for the assistance you put out there and I hope you get a chance to enjoy your Holiday Season while still keeping us informed.


            • I have always still been me… just have to be short more often to get rid of abusive readers. If they are mean, I won’t be so kind in return. This one, obviously a joke… so I joked back. 😉


              • I’m glad someone else prompted a response from you on this, because I wasn’t sure if you were being overly sarcastic or just really bad at detecting it in the first place.

                Side note: calling them “mathematical calculations” (with quotes) implies that poster thought they in fact weren’t mathematical calculations. I don’t get their point.

                I guess the original point was: am I (and probably other free players) missing something? Should it take so long while doing the same thing repetitively for 5 days? Or did I miss a feature? Sure they make changes and I’m good with that, but it doesn’t generate enthusiasm to make the first week so daunting and boring. If people know they’re in the same boat, it might not be so depressing.


                • I basically said in my first response pretty standard information, when a New Event hits there is mass panic to get it all RIGHT NOW! TODAY! CALCULATIONS DON’T ADD UP! It is something I see every game I have ever played and also both games us Addicts have sites on and write on.

                  With Family Guy, once you really get “into” the Event, thing start to change and alter. So my statement of “keep playing and see what happens” rings pretty true. Yes, it may feel a bit slow right now and things confusing but come Thursday when MORE is added that pace may quicken more and more and more while things add and change. So we have to wait and see. There is no way possible of exact calculations of “things to come”.

                  Unlike the other game we Addicts write on, this one is ever changing so to give an EXACT on any count is impossible as tomorrow it could all change with a new addition to the game. Heck it could change tonight if they decided to drop a mid phase addition, and that has happened. Make sense?

                  The second response was me being a smart ass back, yes. Hence all the winky faces, nod to TSTO, and other humor. 😉

                  But also rings true in that people think I own, run, and create the Family Guy Game. I don’t. I am just Bunny… of the Addicts. No relation to TinyCo in any shape or form. This site is ran by ONLY Me, with MY personal money, with stats from MY personal game, and pics from MY game too that I carefully pull/edit/clean up/and make pretty for the site. So I giggle when people think that ME, Bunny, am some bajillionaire with all the time in the world and have money growing on trees. I am lucky to pay my rent and put food on my table each month. I even got a new job to keep this site going with its ever growing costs. No, this site does not make a ton of money on “ads”. That is even more hilarious. What small amounts we are even lucky to scrape off those barely even cover monthly expenses just to run the site let alone all the other costs that go into it. So I had to have a giggle at ME, Bunny, being some money hungry greedy corporation. If that was that case, someone else is stealing my checks. Lol. The Addicts provide this site for Free to “pass it on” to other Players like ourselves and help them with the game. When I can no longer do so, I will shut the site down. Plain and simple. 😉

                  Liked by 1 person

                  • I don’t think it, but I think you should have money grow on your trees.. Because you do a better job at informing us than TC ever did and yet they reap all the money. YOU Bunny, should be rich!

                    Oh, and if that happens, don’t forget about me. 😉

                    That being said, I’ve always been relaxed about the beginning of events, until I got blocked, stuck or otherwise behind in the first week and I never recovered from those setbacks in the Mob and recent Halloween event. Earlier events were friendlier I remember at least. (I skipped the music event)

                    So I went in clams blazing in this one. (well, I bought a hat dropping snowman)


                • I’m not bashing you in any way, shape or form. The first week of all major events are usually slow so everyone can get the feel of how it works, where you will need to navigate to repeatedly and get the basic characters and buildings needed for the event. This event seems slower than usual but I believe it is because of the feedback from Halloween being too hectic and it is Christmas. TinyCo listens to constructive criticism and responds when things are needed fixed or altered pretty promptly considering how small of a company they are. My point is that we all need to chill out and just play the game. It is a game after all, nobody is required to pay anything for it. Just check out the helpful hints Bunny posts for reference and it will help you out. Anyhow, good luck on the event John and have a good Christmas Season.


  8. So the movies this event seem to be Terminator 2 and Escape From New York. Anything else anyone noticed


  9. Just got 16 presents right now, camo peter is hardly coming along but with the crashing I still am making progress. 🙂


  10. Will Lyle expire at the end of week 1 (irrelevant of the timer)? Also when will week 1 end? I remember during the dog verse it was about 5 days rather than 7. Thanks for all your hard work Bunny!


  11. So I’ve got a level 4 hummer and even with both peter and Santa in it, it says 0/3.
    So it’s now impossible to upgrade as I can’t destroy anything.
    Any ideas?


    • You may have to just try to keep going until you unlock another Character. But message TinyCo your issue in meantime. I’ll report it too.


      • FYI. Just tried this in my game. It said 0/3 but I still got a reward. So try it anyway. 🙂


        • I got stuck again, and this time, I can’t add another rider. I’m attacking just to attack and see what happens.
          My humma is level 5 (4/9) and I have all 3 riders. Seems annoying, maybe Tinyco should put out a building that drops 1 Light every 24 hours, just to help in case someone gets stuck.


  12. Just realized that once you put a property down at the north pole, you can lay down some streets.


  13. I paid for the thing that gives you hats to trade for presents, so I’m doing well and having fun. If I had to get tea to send Santa to attack to get hats to trade for presents I wouldn’t have much of anything.

    Thanks for the continuous updates!


  14. Hey there Snake Plisken!

    Thanks for this data, it’s very useful… I read everyday looking for timed events (I don’t want to lose them).


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