Christmas Character Profile: Santa Claus – Reboot

Hey there, Team Santa!

Come with me if you want to live! That’s the ticket! WINTER IS COMING! Well, it is already in our games now. Snow flurries are blowing all over the place. The question is does it bring a happy feeling or just a lot of frost bite? Lol.

The Raid to the North Pole event is now live and running in our Quahogs. With it, we see the return of a character from last Christmas into our silly lil games… like Santa Claus! For new players who weren’t playing last year… you can now collect Materials and unlock him!


Let’s take a look at what Santa Claus can do in our silly lil games.

Santa Claus is a Character originally added during the Miracle on Spooner Street 2014 Event and brought back for Raid to the North Pole. For Raid to the North Pole… as with (almost) all Characters in TQFS in order to unlock him you’ll have to collect lots of STUFF.

First though, you had to purchase the Gold Gift Box for 250 Family Guy CoinCoins and place it in your town.

Santa in Gold Gift Box

As soon as the Gold Gift Box is finished, you will see Santa outside. Tapping on his Lock Icon would show you the Materials you needed to collect to bring him into the game.

Santa Claus & Gold Gift Box


Chocolate Chip Cookie3 Chocolate Chip Cookies (Common): Peter Cook Disgusting Vegetables OR Quagmire Let the Gerbil Loose
Glass of Milk4 Glasses of Milk (Uncommon): Jerome Host Happy Hour OR Chris Hang Out at Home OR Joe Go Undercover
Candy Cane3 Candy Canes (Common): Bruce Sing Christmas Carols OR Mort Restock Ipecac Syrup


He does come with a Questline, Santa for Hire, more on that in a later post.

You Got Santa


Santa Claus does come with a complete set of Tasks! Tasks that will help you earn $$$ & XP. He also has an “Alternate Task” to help earn items like Magic HatMagic Hats, Snowflake MedalSnowflake Medals, &LightsLights by doing Battle in the Holiday Humma. (See Main Event Post for more details)

Let’s take a look at some of Santa Claus’ tasks:

Santa Claus Gorge on Cookies Santa Claus Chimney Practice

Task Time Earns Location
Check His List 1hr 20Family Guy Coin12Family Guy XP The Drunken Clam
Make Toys 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP Gold Gift Box
Get His Groove Back 2hrs 30Family Guy Coin20Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Chimney Practice 4hrs 50Family Guy Coin30Family Guy XP VisualMovie Scene Marker Clapper Board
Deliver Lucky Toys 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Update His Resume 6hrs 65Family Guy Coin45Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Gorge on Cookies 8hrs 80Family Guy Coin50Family Guy XP VisualMovie Scene Marker Clapper Board
Wash His Suit 10hrs 90Family Guy Coin59Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Take a Mall Shift 12hrs 100Family Guy Coin65Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Read Fan Mail 14hrs 110Family Guy Coin71Family Guy XP Gold Gift Box
Watch People Sleep 16hrs 115Family Guy Coin75Family Guy XP The Swanson House
Return Unwanted Gifts 18hrs 125Family Guy Coin82Family Guy XP The Griffin House
Go Post-Christmas Partying 20hrs 135Family Guy Coin88Family Guy XP The Drunken Clam
Do Hard Time 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Quahog Prison
Watch Peter and Sidecar Falcon 24hrs 150Family Guy Coin100Family Guy XP Quahog Cinema

**Note: Within an Event, tasks may change and vary as the Phases come and go
. So some of these tasks will be temporary. Others may be one time use. Some will stick around even after the Event. We won’t know until the Event ends.



He only says one thing, sadly…

“Ho ho ho!”


And there you have it, the complete breakdown for everyone’s favourite Gift Giver, Santa Claus.

What do you think of Santa Claus? Did you unlock him yet? Got him from last year? If so, what do you think of his tasks? Have a favourite? If not, how close are you? Let us know!


22 responses to “Christmas Character Profile: Santa Claus – Reboot

  1. I had Santa from last year…but found he went missing when this event started. Contacted Tiny Co and they put him back in for me. Now I went to put out all my Xmas deco from last year I stored in inventory and it all disappeared on me as well. Over 75 Xmas decos disappeared. 😦 Guess I will have to put in another ticket. Not a big deal. Not like they gave any advantage to the players who got Santa last year anyway. Kinda irks me that I worked so hard to get it last year (none of my friends were able to complete the missions to get him) and Tiny Co just essentially gives him away for 250 coin and a couple of easy item grabs. Took my wife less than 48 hours to get him. Took me a Month last year and I barely got it. Sometimes I wish Tiny Co gave more deference to hardcore fans who work hard to get characters by giving that character some function in future challenges where they apply? Great example was how at Halloween I had Megs Costume and everyone elses from last year….yet my Meg with a Costume took actually longer to get items than a person that had just regular un costumed Meg etc. No advantage to having a character or costume from the year before when an event starts again. Seems like a no brainer to me…..


    • That seems really odd they would just go. Are you sure they are not “relocated” in a different area? I found a lot of my Inventory items are “scattered”. A large group in one section, but then odds and ends scattered throughout. I would suggest to use the “ALL” tab to see if you can find them. Go slow, it is easy to overlook a lot of them. I know it took me a bit to relocate all of mine.


  2. Hey, do you know anything about other characters will be getting tasks like the ones for 3d glasses from last years Halloween? Like Bruce Willis?


  3. Bunny,
    Are they going to do the gift exchange with friends like they did last year?


  4. Anyone know what tasks you have to do for the new quest that popped up today started by Chris. I’m assuming it’s an impossible 24hr task. Thanks.


  5. Do u know when they will be coming out with the present exchange patch? Myself and all my friends keep getting a “child player config” error and can’t trade in hats for presents. Reinstalling had no effect


  6. Kevin van Heijningen

    I saw it to, but the strange thing is that when Santa levels up you can see his Facespace and his friends. Also he’s in the charactercount. I got 21 visible characters + Santa ho is invisible. Maybe one of the familyguyaddictsbloggers can directly contact Tinyco for an answer and/or a solution?
    (I will post this again in the issue toppic)


  7. wtf never got santa cluase confirmation screen, i have him but he will not show up in facebook, or character list where it rewards you for completeing character line up


    • He’s not there anymore. He was only temporary in there. Sending request and asking if they’re going to put him back.


      • I’m hoping it means they’re gonna put him in another character reward group. He was in one, but with characters I don’t think will be rewarded this year so they’ll hopefully put him with some characters that can then earn us clams.


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