Boomsday Phase 4 Is Here!

Hey there Apocalyptic Mutants!

THE END IS COMING!!! No, seriously… well the end of the Event anyway. We are now rounding down the final week of the Boomsday Event and with it the final items to drop into our silly lil Quahogs.

The final Phase will be filled with some more returning of something scary, something naked  (??!!), and something Warlord? (Too bad it’s not Something, Something… Darkside.) Take a look below to see what all is in store.


Roger American Dad Event Mutant Giant Stewie

First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to Fortify your Gates and complete Boom and Doom Part 10 in order for Phase 4 to launch.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s completed
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit.

For more information on the Boomsday Event, go to the Event Page HERE.



Unlabeled Rations Mystery Box

Just a quick FYI, this random Mystery Box hit our games a lil bit ago and I wanted to go over the details on it really quick on what you can get for 6 Toilet PaperToilet Paper. First, you will ONLY get 3 tries in this Mystery Box. On the 3rd payout, the Mystery Box will go away.

Now I have not opened mine just yet as I wanted to wait for Phase 4 and use the items for a “Boost” if needed. Here is the list of items you have a CHANCE of getting with your 3 tries.

Twinklies Twinkly24 Twinklies
Water Bottle84 Water Bottles
Cigarettes35 Cigarettes
Gasoline15 Gasoline
Net8 Nets
Cure Dart10 Cure Darts
Lightbulb6 Light Bulbs



Warrior RogerWarrior Roger (Costume)
Flaming Saxophone21 Flaming Saxophones (Common): Ollie Report on Everyday Events OR Hookhand Albert Try to Put On Jacket OR Abandoned Train Station
Disguise Kits7 Disguise Kits (Uncommon): Mutant Stewie Shop for Eight Armed Shirts OR New Quahog Theater (Stockpile Tanker) 
Speakers5 Speakers (Rare): Super Devil Slam Beers OR Succulent Farm (Stockpile Tanker)
Red Wine4 Red Wines (Extra Rare): Maniac Pope Practice His Moves OR Mud Bath House (Stockpile Tanker) OR Roadkill BBQ House

Warlord ConsuelaWarlord Consuela (Costume): 200 Clam IconClams, go to Al’s to buy, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Always Drops 2 Water Bottles(4hrs) OR 2 Fried Chicken(24hrs) OR 2 Gasoline(12hrs) OR 2 Cigarettes(8hrs)


Naked Bill Clinton***NEW***Naked Bill Clinton: 250 Clam IconClams, Fully Tasked, Comes with Questline, Not currently Voiced, 8hr Task earns 2 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies.



Bucket O’ Nuggets: 175 Clam IconClams, Earns 30 & 1CP every 4hrs, Always drops 15 Fried Chicken

Rocket Bunker: 80 Clam IconClams, Earns 30 & 1CP every 4hrs, Always drops 1 Rocket

Roadkill BBQ House: 75 Clam IconClams, Earns 90 & 1CP every 24hrs, Always drops 1 Red Wine


Outdoor Chemical Shower: 25 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns 40 & 1CP every 6hrs

School Bus House: 25 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns 40 & 2CP every 6hrs

War Rig Auto Body Repair: 30 Toilet PaperToilet Paper, Earns 20 & 1CP every 2hrs



Destroyed PF Chinese: 60Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Destroyed City Hall: 100Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Destroyed Quahog 5 News: 45Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Destroyed Bob’s Funland: 75Toilet PaperToilet Paper



Mutated Plants: 5 Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Skull and Bones Pile: 7 Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Toxic Waste: 7 Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Tall Cactus: 3 Toilet PaperToilet Paper

Potted Cactus: 3 Toilet PaperToilet Paper



Neutralization Station

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a wrecked airplane. Much like previous Events, here will be where you create an item to help you out in the Event. Each item will require specific Materials and time to create it. Once created, you can use it once.

There will be a CAPACITY (how many TOTAL you can have in Queue and complete in your game). My Game Capacity started with 8. You can increase it if you want +4 by spending Clams on Armageddon Stan’s Trailer.

There will be a QUEUE (the MAX amount of items you can craft at a time). My Game Queue was 6 items total can be crafted at a time, up to Capacity.

The NEW Item added to the Neutralization Station is a Rocket Launcher. These will be used to take out Two Headed Mutants.

Rocket Launcher: Requires 1 Rocket & 15mins to create

RocketRocket (Always): Maniac Pope Confess Sins to Self OR Armageddon Stan Steer With One Hand OR Apocalypse Peter Put On His Battle Face OR Neil Goldman Take Care of Business OR Imperator Lois Ride or Die OR Rocket Bunker



Two Headed Mutant

These will start appearing during Boomshakalaka Pt. 2.  They will require FOUR Rocket Launchers to clear them. 1 appeared right away. As soon as I cleared it out, another showed up from the Gates.

Same as the Mutants, watch the Kill Zone. Make sure they are PURPLE in color and walking into the Kill Zone Circle before tapping to fire the Rocket Launcher.

Also, due to you need to hit them FOUR TIMES, watch their Heart Level. They start at 400 so if you see 400, they have not been hit. Each Rocket Launcher will do 100 Damage, so pay attention to the amount of Heart Level left on the Mutant to know how many times you hit it and how many times are left til it is destroyed.

Two Headed Mutant Health

Be careful as well that another Two Headed Mutant doesn’t walk into the circle and turn Purple instead while you are placing the Rocket Launcher to fire at a different one.

Payout Chance: +15 Fried ChickenFried Chicken



Twinkly Trading Post

You will find this on the Left Side of the Event Area. It looks like a thrown together Building with lots of “Twinklies” outside. Here is where you can Trade Event Materials collected for the Event Currency Twinkles. Twinkles will be used to purchase items at the Stockpile Tanker. This will be your main source of Twinklies.

Here are the Exchange Options I saw in My Game in Phase 4 (they randomly appeared in no particular order). Yours will vary, but feel free to comment yours below:

86Water BottleWater Bottles: 10 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

48CigarettesCigarettes AND 44 GasolineGasoline: 24 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

36GasolineGasoline AND 36Water BottleWater Bottles: 15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
24GasolineGasoline AND 60Water BottleWater Bottles: 30 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

15 GasolineGasoline: 4 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

16 Fried ChickenFried Chicken AND 24 GasolineGasoline: 30 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

10 Fried ChickenFried Chicken AND 18 CigarettesCigarettes: 15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
12 Fried ChickenFried Chicken AND 18 CigarettesCigarettes: 15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
15 Fried ChickenFried Chicken AND 13 CigarettesCigarettes: 15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies
16 Fried ChickenFried Chicken AND 21 CigarettesCigarettes: 15 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

25 Fried ChickenFried Chicken: 16 Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Water BottleWater Bottles (Always): Clear Mutant Goldfish OR Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickeness (requires Clevemire) OR Endless Water Tower

CigarettesCigarettes: Bomb Mutant Stewies (Chance) OR Return a Mutant Human back to Normal (Always) OR Mr. Ciggy (Always)

GasolineGasoline (Always): Help Chris Recover from Radiation Sickness OR The Gas Man OR Clear Bad Roaches

Fried ChickenFried Chicken (Always): Bucket O’ Nuggets OR WarlordConsuela Dust Pointlessly OR Clear Two Headed Mutant



Stockpile Tanker

You will find this on the Right Side of the Event Area. Here is where Buildings/Decorations for the Event can be purchased with Twinkles. Prizes here will have to be unlocked in order. In other words to get to the LAST item, all the items in front of it have to be purchased first.

FYI- Per TinyCo, the “CHANCE” drops mean they can drop 0 OR 1 OR 2 of that item. Just keep that in mind. They are NOT guaranteed drops.

Here are the new items in the Stockpile Tanker for Phase 4

Roger 1Roger (Character): I already had him, so mine showed “LOCKED” and jumped to the next item in line.
23Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Succulent Farm: +35CP when unlocked, Earns 45 & 2CP every 8hrs, Chance of x2 Disguise Kits
160Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

New Quahog Theater: +44CP when unlocked, Earns 55 & 3CP every 10hrs, Chance of x2 Red Wine
114Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Mutant Recovery Center: +74CP when unlocked, Earns 40 & 2CP every 6hrs
130Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Mud Bath House: +85CP when unlocked, Earns 20 & 1CP every 2hrs, Chance Red Wines
73Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

Bonemeal Bakery: +103CP when unlocked, Earns 30 & 1CP every 4hrs
185Twinklies Twinkly Twinklies

Shipyard Shelter: +118CP when unlocked, Earns 25 & 1CP every 3hrs
57Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies

TIMER WARNING!!! Once you unlock the Prize in front of the Giant Chicken, ANYTHING that brings you back to the Stockpile Tanker (Quest, Tasks, ANYTHING) will start the Battled Tested Giant Chicken’s ONE DAY TIMER! Proceed with caution and take your time getting the items you need before triggering his timer if you want the Giant Chicken. Remember, these timed items are optional. It is your choice to try for them, or you can opt to skip them if you would like and just keep working towards getting a hard start on the next Phase.

Giant ChickenGiant Chicken (Character):
750Twinklies TwinklyTwinklies



Biker Stewie

The Biker Stewie Mystery Box is now live in our games. Just what do you have a Chance of getting inside for Clams each?

Maniac PopeManiac Pope (Character): Always 1 Rocket (2hrs), Chance Red Wine (6hrs)
Super DevilSuper Devil (Character): Always 1 Toilet Paper (24hrs), Chance 1 Speakers (8hrs)
Hookhand AlbertHookhand Albert (Character): Chance 1 Flaming Saxophone (10hrs)
Mutant Giant StewieMutant Stewie (Costume): Always 1 Toilet Paper (4hrs), Chance Disguise Kits (10hrs)
Bat CatBat Cat (Walking Decoration)
Flying Sword DragonFlying Sword Demon (Decoration- Animated Soon)
DaggermouthDaggermouth (Decoration- Animated Soon)
Chainsaw Killer Weekly Challenge Grand PrizeChainsaw Killer (Decoration- Animated)
4 Horsemen War   War Horseman (Decoration- Animated)
4 Horsemen DeathDeath Horseman (Decoration- Animated)
4 Horsemen Pestilence ConquestPestilence Horseman (Decoration- Animated)
4 Horsemen FamineFamine Horseman (Decoration- Animated)
Pandora's BoxPandora’s Box (Decoration- Animated)
Zombie FenceZombie Fence (Decoration)
Moon DoorMoon Door (Building): Earns 35 &2xp every 6hrs, Always drops 1 Lightbulb, Cure Dart, Net 
Dungeon of the BasiliskDungeon of the Basilisk (Building): Earns 30 & 1xp every 4hrs



There you have it, the overall Basics for the Final Phase 4 of the Boomsday Event.

Where are you at so far? Any items you look forward to getting? Characters you want? Let us know.


202 responses to “Boomsday Phase 4 Is Here!

  1. Not sure how people got so far in this particular level. I’m still 14 helmets away for Peter’s costume for this level and haven’t even unlocked the required building that drops the other item for his costume. TinyCo seems to be going out of their way this time to make item collection difficult.


  2. My Giant Chicken is locked … is that the same one from the last event cause I have him already.
    Thanks for everything

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What if I already have the Giant Chicken from the WWE event? Seems like this char won’t unlock from Tanker, Will this affect my ability to get the final prize?


  4. So in the tanker I’m up to the Giant Chicken, but it won’t unlock for me to get him. I already had Roger, so that says locked, i’ve gotten everything else but the chicken is still locked. What gives?


  5. Anyone else seeing the Giant Chicken as locked when everything else is already claimed? I know this happens occasionally when a player already has an item but I know I do not have him.


    • You did not get him in the WrestleMania Event? If not, message them. Unless he says “EXPIRED” that is different and means he timed out of his 24hrs


  6. So giant chicken is 750 Twinkies. Any idea on how many clams it would cost if you only have say 250 Twinkies? Is there some sort of sliding scale that you know of? Thanks


    • It will lower his cost in Clams as you earn them … but not sure just how much. To give you an idea… 750 Twinklies translates into 6750 Clams.


      • Thanks for the info! I’m up to 390 Twinkies and just under 12 hours to go! I think using clams to speed up the release of the items to take down the monsters would be a good strategy to gain the items needed to get Twinkies, instead and try to bring down the clam cost of the Giant Chicken.


  7. I’m still a few helmets away from Apocalypse Peter. I didn’t get Ollie so I’m saving my twinklies up for page 4. Things aren’t looking too bright for getting Warrior Roger!


  8. I’m trying to devise a strategy to get Warrior Roger. My biggest concern is the Red Wine.

    My options:
    – Purchase the Road Kill BBQ House for 75 clams. It says it ALWAYS drops the extra rare item Red Wine every 1 DAY. I collect when I purchase it, once tomorrow, and once Thursday (if I rush it). That gives me 3. I’m hoping it drops more than 1 at a time.
    – Get 222 more Twinklies to get the Mud Bath which will be a rare drop every 2 hours. I don’t have a good method for racking up Twinklies. Seems random and seems like a lot of Twinklies and then I need time to collect the Red Wine.
    – Purchase Warrior Roger after I’ve done everything I can and see how many clams I would’ve brought it down in Big Al’s.

    Here are my stats right now with him costing 610 in Big Al’s:
    6/21 Flaming Saxophones (I have Ollie and the Abandoned Train Station)
    3/7 Disguise Kits (I have Mutant Stewie, but 19 Twinklies away from New Quahog Theater)
    2/5 Speakers (I have Succulent Farm)
    0/4 Red Wine

    I can’t quite figure out if it’s more/less to use clams to purchase the Road Kill BBQ and start collecting now or how much per item it is in Big Al’s since the clam cost is all combined.

    Any thoughts on my best strategy?


    • 48 Clams to rush the BBQ unless you let it time down more. It was only one for me each drop. Sometimes the items are cheaper to get if you speed a character/Building task then buy them outright in the “TRY AGAIN” options. The wine though… I want to say I got my last 2 I needed from the Mud House.


      • I bought the Road Kill BBQ House, but not soon enough. I’ll only get 2 Red Wines from it. After gathering a few other items and watching the clam count lessen I think it figured out that Red Wines will be 40 clams each when buying Warrior Roger in Big Al’s.

        I wish that we had an extra few days or week at the end of each event to catch up. I still need 20 Twinklies for the Mutant Recovery Center and then 73 for the Mud Bath House. Might be able to get some Red Wine from the Mud Bath House. I hope I didn’t buy the Road Kill BBQ for nothing. If I had bought it sooner, then each Red Wine would’ve been less Clams. Or I could’ve just waited to see if I got the Mud Bath House and how many Red Wines I could from it. 75 for 2 is just a little bit less than 80 for 2 if my calculation is correct.


  9. Is Twinkly the Kid an unlockable character? Is it worth it to complete the trading with Twinkly questline, I was hoping he would be the reward at the end. Thanks for all the help!


  10. Still on boom and doom pt 3 i cannot get peter at all. My question, which i cant find is, my stockpile tanker only has 3 pages. Should i hav*.opp.e more or is it because of where i am in the questline, no longer going to move forward at all?


  11. Decided to take the 9,99 Twinkly deal to unlock Apocalypse Peter, working my way to phase 4 now. If I calculated everything right I should be able to unlock Roger, do Challenge 4 and get the Mutant Kitten; honestly then It’s not a bad deal. I actually needed just the 4,99 package to unlock the costume, but the deal with Twinklies as well as having some spare Clams for a next event isn’t too bad (might be this event if I decide to speed up some tasks to be certain on the Mutant Kitten).


  12. Rechecked my game this morning for helm drops and notice the droprate got ‘fixed’ again to Rare, which is pretty lame tbh. I got a reply on the Common droprate along the lines of ‘the droprates are correct’ and then they change it back… I guess I have to once again set my goals to solely Apo Peter if I don’t want to spend more on Clams.


    • Message them is all you can do.


      • Yeah, I understand, but I doubt this close to the event’s closure they’re going to once again change the droprates or add tasks for helmets, and even if they do, by that time it will be pretty much too late to complete the phase 4 challenges; perhaps finish the phase 3 quest chain and be in time to unlock Roger but even that I doubt.

        Seems like they might have me again here, doubting to buy 130 or 275 Clams to unlock Apo Peter now and be able to do challenges and get Roger. Perhaps I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on this one as I truly enjoyed this event throughout.


        • This is the thing… they HAVE changed them. They vary between Rare to Common… so they did change the wording to fit.


          • They could have just called it Uncommon then ;). Alas, it’s no longer an issue for me, decided to throw €10,- at the game to unlock Apoc Peter before time management becomes an issue, see my most recent post. Thanks for the replies though :).


  13. I made a purchase just a day prior to the Twinkie promotion so I messaged them about receiving it and they essentially said; too bad. So that sucks : /


  14. I have the fuel refinery for over 24 hours, and check every two hours for the hand cannon to drop for imperator Lois, but nothing yet. How long did it take for other players? I am hoping to get Lois to rescue Bonnie before the event ends. I have played since the football event, and must say, so far this event has been most frustrating with the drop rates, hoping things will drop more in the next few days.


    • It can take more than a day to get the guns to drop. But you just need one drop (two at a time). Keep checking.


    • I think it took a couple of days, but if I remember correctly (not sure – a lot going on in this event!) it dropped both needed at the same time. If not that, they dropped close to each other.


  15. A few days along and I’m not entirely sure how well the helm drops got upped. I generally see one drop of two tasks now, but it’s not ‘Common’ per se: first time after the change I got two, not since. Still need 18, sigh. Had hoped to do the fourth challenge as well, but that’s probably going to be difficult now. Apocalypse Peter, Ollie and Roger are my goals then :).


  16. Question: I am stuck at the HELMETS for Apeter problem. I REALLY want Roger….so here’s the question….if I buy all the tanker stuff will it unlock the next tanker phase and allow me to get Roger? OR do I have to go thru the main quest line and am required to have apacolpse Peter before I will see the Roger option?
    Thanks for any help!

    (Bought Naked Bill as soon as they had him available!! Hilarious!! Was he a new character for everyone?)


  17. There’s a minor bug with Destroyed Quahog 5 News Building. The graphic for it doesn’t change when you rotate the building. It only faces South West.


  18. I was allowed to play through, even though I did not hit the crisis point, but on a positive note, since I have had nothing to do since Thursday but collect twinklies, I had enough to buy out the stockpile shop up to the Mud Baths. I do not see a reason to get the rest of the buildings as I already have the chicken, so I am just going to concentrate on finishing up the characters and skins, and then the questlines. It seems to be easier going in the last phase, as you don’t have to worry about hitting a certain level of crisis points, or finish a questline.


  19. Are the requirements for warrior Roger just for his costume or to unlock him as well. Just on the very faint chance I ever get to level four. If it’s just the twinkles it might be just possible, does anyone know?


  20. I already have Giant Chicken unlocked from the wrestling event, but it now shows as me being able to spend the 750 twinkies on him….shouldn’t he be locked out like Roger was since I already have him?


    • Is he still in your game?


      • The Problem Child

        Same here and he’s in my game with no issue. I’m just going to let the timer run out.


        • Did he stay? I have him from the WWE event as well (and he’s still on non-Boomsday related tasks), but I doubt I’ll be able to unlock the Battle-Tested version. So is BTGC just a skin/costume for Giant Chicken or a separate character?



      • yes he is still there, and working fine….I have a little over 2 hours left on the timer so we will see what happens after that


  21. Peter’s helmet requirement now says common.


    • It does say common but I have noticed no difference at all. I still need eight more and from the last three attempts of Stan and Neil (when it said ‘common’) I got one helmet! But I should just about make it to phase four in time to get Roger. Since I already got the giant chicken last time Roger is my last goal for this event, so this works out fine!


      • Finally got the last two helmets to drop, we are getting there! Nice to see that once you complete him you also get 15 clams as part of the armageddon costume collection 🙂 so now I just need to complete the other ten parts of week three’s questline and then Roger is mine and I’m done with this event. Phew! 🙂


  22. Could somebody please confirm the exact drop rate of Twinklies you can get from naked Bill Clinton to provide if you buy him?


  23. I played moderately the first few weeks, and intensively the last week…but I’m just at the point where Stan has become available for 120 twinkies. Twinkies are the bottleneck. In the twinkies trading post, I’ve only ever had two options…cigs for 8 twinkies or cigs+water for 6 twinkies. Is that normal or a bug?

    Up until yesterday I had two characters focussed on darts, but now I have three. I also have two characters and two building focused on smoke bombs. This is all for the purpose of getting cigs to get twinkies…but it’s painfully slow. And I have 1000 water bottles sitting around waiting for a purpose.

    My goal at this point is to get the Lois Imperator outfit before the event ends…but that seems unlikely if I continue playing freemium.

    Any advice?


    • Just set a goal of items to open and work towards it. It is all you can do. See where you get.


    • It may be too late, but building extra furniture store is a great way to stockpile smoke bombs. They are only 1000 coins each, and take 5 hours to build. I have multiple to the point I have more smoke bombs then I can possibly use.


  24. Giant Chicken unlocked for me like everyone else is reporting. But then he disappeared. I sent a message to support and they said he never should have been unlocked and he was removed from my game. Not so nice afterall.


  25. Really great that they eased the Crisis level requirement. I’m quite pleased that I got Roger (and just 23 Twinklies for him – or is it her?)


    • Ha, ha. Roger really is “gender fluid”. He invented it, not the kids today.

      So glad to hear he comes as himself/herself for 23 Twinklies. I have a chance of getting to phase 4, but just barely. No way would I get through his warrior costume requirements, but I will have an extra 23 Twinklies very soon with Roger’s name on them. And Ollie just needs one microphone and 5 umbrellas. Life is good.


  26. I got it! I got the last helmet at last! Can now progress from pt 3 of boom and doom, and Neil is free to go for darts. Peter can’t go for darts while he does his Apocalypse Peter tasks but never mind. Still need 39 twinklies and 1.5 CP levels before possibly doing a little of phase 4 mind…


  27. FYI Moon Door building drops light bulbs, cure darts, and nets. I’m still in phase 3 so not sure about rockets too.


  28. Neil’s helmet task is now labeled “common”. We can only hope. Forgot to check Stan’s helmet task.


  29. Just wanted to thank you for all the info 🙂


  30. I may never get Apoc Peter so I’m still on Doom pt 2, but I wanted to know if Naked Bill Clinton is voiced. Anyone pick him up yet?


  31. How many Twinkies does Naked Bill Clinton drop thinking of purchasing him to do things quicker.


  32. Where did. My Chicken Go?
    Had it on task in town now is GONE!


  33. I started playing this game (from scratch) early April. Just got Neil Goldman, but not yet unlocked. Many items to collect. If I could not manage to get all items to unlock Neil, once event ends, am I able to still unlock Neil, or will he disappear?


  34. There have been some recent changes apparantly:
    – Motorcycle Helmets got changed to Common, and I reckon (hope) it’s 100% droprate.
    – Upon reaching Crisis Level 9 I could suddenly break the gate and go to phase 4, of course without Rockets or trade options as there aren’t any Doubleheaded Mutants yet.

    Seems like TinyCo fixed the two major bottleneck somewhat. Given I still need 22 helmets I’m still behind on phase 4 but it’s definitely better, you can now plan when you’ll actually unlock Apocalypse Peter. I can shift my goals to completing all challenges and unlocking Roger rather than stopping after Ollie.

    I got response from TinyCo with regards to the Giant Chicken unlock and a possible Clam compensation: they’re saying him unlocking wasn’t supposed to happen in the first place. Wasn’t exactly the answer I was hoping for but I guess they’re honest. 😐


  35. Helmet drops went from Rare to Common, but I still need 15. Assuming I get good drops every time from Neil and Stan, it’s still 32 hours of non-stop playing. That’s just not going to happen. I think this event is done for me. And to think, the first two weeks were great, then it was all down hill very quickly.


    • Having the same problem. 32 rare drops is just stupid. Even now with them being common it still isn’t even 90% drop rate. I think Tiny Co is trolling everyone with each new event. I’ll never even get to phase 4 and I play all the time. Both Stan and Neil get 5 cycles per day for helmets and I get max 3 per day.


  36. Just had Naked Bill Clinton pop up in my store. 250 Clams, has a quest line, drops 2 twinklies every 8 hours if you have him play the saxophone.
    Not really worth it if you ask me, but I guess they know there are desperate people out there.


  37. Well I just started 3 phase.I dont know if I will be able get Ollie but if yes I will be so happy.


  38. So I had the giant chicken earlier today and then my game updated to phase 4 and I no longer have him!!!! What gives???


  39. Well not sure if i’m onto the new phase or not. Only just ticked over to crisis level 9, stuck on Boom and Doom part 3 (yep waiting for them helmets lol, I’m on 17 so far) saw number 4 above the gates so like a noob I clicked on it.
    It tells me I’m on Powerplant Gate Level 4 and nothing more I can do for it. Has TC just put everyone onto the last stage?


  40. Not sure if this was already covered or not. I see Roger locked since I already have, but I also already have the giant chicken and I am getting the timer. Do I need him again? Does he come with a building or anything? Just a little confused and don’t want 2 giant chickens running around quahog lol


  41. Naked Bill Clinton – LMAO. I love it! Just bought him.


  42. Naked Bill Clinton just appeared in my game for 250 Clams. I bought him ASAP. He was hilarious!


  43. Only managed to get 19/32 helmets for apoc. Peter so far. Far too many required for the awful drop rate.


  44. Anyone having crashing issues? This started about 7PM EST.


  45. Anyone have any tips or strategies to level up? I’m stuck in Phase 3 and only half way through level 9… Any help would be appreciated!


  46. I’m still working through phase 3 quests (just finished helmets this morning!) and I already have Ollie. Can I skip the Human Fort from the phase 3 stockpile tanker and still get access to the phase 4 rewards?


  47. I’m sooooooo annoyed I can’t start phase 4 I’m only at crisis level 9! All characters skins and buildings have been had for days but the crisis level is ridiculous. I have sent them a message but no reply. I only want the roger skin as I have giant chicken already.


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