Guys In Black Main Questline Phase Two: Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers

Ready to go for a Ride on a REALLY COOL BIKE? No, not Ghost Rider. No, not Captain America either. No… eh… forget about it…

Phase Two for the Guys In Black Event has hit our Quahog. With it comes lots of New Tasks, Questlines, Characters, Etc. To help you through it all, here is the Main Questline for Phase Two you will need to follow in order to progress in the Event. Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers.

Let’s take a look at the Questline and all you will encounter along the way. 

For more Event Information, go to the Event Page HERE.


Keep in mind some of the Tasks & Drops will NOT show up until triggered via Questline and/or Characters


The New Black Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Defeat Edgar the Bug: (Prior defeat did count) You will need to attack him til his Health is zero and he is completely defeated
Place Edgar’s Farm: Cost ~12 Neuralyzers
Check Back Next Week

Completed Task Rewards: 150xp & 25 Alien Slime

***End Phase One***


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 1
Peter Starts

The Weasels are Here!: Tap on GO to see the details
Fight 1 Weasel: Requires 2 Arrest Warrants and at least 1 Character (Agent Pee, Spacewoman Lois, Edgar the Bug, Frank the Pug)
Find Out Who’s Under the Street Lamp: TIMER WARNING!! Repairing the Lamp triggers Edgar the Bugs 7 Day Timer

Completed Task Rewards: 10xp & 5 Alien Slime

***Spacewomen are from Venus Triggers (Spacewoman Lois’ Questline)***


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 2
Peter Starts

Have Quagmire Put up Flyers: 6hrs, $65 & 45xp
Collect 1 Arc Net
: Clear Weasels OR Frank the Pug Statue OR Intergalactic Mystery Box
Trade in Arc Net for Neuralizer: Tap on Jeeb’s Pawn Shop to see what exchange options are available to you

Completed Task Rewards: 20xp & 10 Alien Slime

***Bug Out triggers (Edgar the Bug Questline)***


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 3
Peter Starts

Clear 8 Squids: Requires 1 Squid Net Each
Place the MiB Command Monitor
: Cost 2 Neuralizers

Completed Task Rewards: 20xp & 10 Alien Slime


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 4
Peter Starts

Boris the Animal has Invaded!: Tap on GO to see the details for Battling him, he will show up by his Bike in the Event Crash Area, you may have to wait for him to appear
Defeat 2 Weasels: Requires 2 Arrest Warrants per Battle, and fully defeated to Zero Health Weasels

Completed Task Rewards: 50xp & 15 Alien Slime


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 5
Peter Starts

Defeat 2 Ballchinians: Requires 1 Arrest Warrant Each Battle, must make Health Power drop to Zero
Place Over the Moon Pie Diner: Cost ~6 Neuralyzers

Completed Task Rewards: 50xp & 20 Alien Slime


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 6
Peter Starts

Collect 3 Alien Warrants: Quagmire Put Up Flyers OR Agent Pee Push Papers OR Mort Put Up Wanted Posters OR Jerome Hunt Bounty OR Secret Weapons Room OR Intergalactic Mystery Box
Have Spacewomen Lois Fight a Weasel: Requires 2 Arrest Warrant per attack
Place Frank’s Locksmith Stand: Cost ~8 Neuralyzers

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp & 15 Alien Slime


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 7
Peter Starts

Collect 2 Strawberry Cakes: Defeat 1 Weasel
Place the Lunarmax Prison: Cost ~8 Neuralyzers

Completed Task Rewards: 100xp & 20 Alien Slime


Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers Pt. 8
Peter Starts

Defeat Boris the Animal: You will need to attack him til his Health is zero and he is completely defeated to Zero Health
Check Back Next Week

***To Be Continued Next Phase***


There you have it, the Main Questline for Phase Two of Guys In Black that will take you through the second week of the Event.

What do you think so far? Where is your current progress? Tips to help fellow Players? Let us know.



18 responses to “Guys In Black Main Questline Phase Two: Invasion of the Quahog Snatchers

  1. Hi guys! Great site, thank you for all you do.

    I’ve yet to have Boris spawn, is there some glitch I dont know about?


  2. Thanks for everything you do Bunny, RT and Lotty – I really would have given up on this game if you hadn’t advised us, shown us the way, offered your wisdom but most of all made it fun! Diolch from Wales!\


  3. Does defeating Boris earlier in the quest count towards Pt. 8?


  4. Wow, Bunny, wow, RT, Lotty, thank you!!! I can’t even tell you how much you’ve helped!


    • Players have helped as well especially at times I’m pulling the info from my own game when Bunnys been out of commission and no test game data. So much info shared in the comments to help each other.


  5. When is the optimum time to start Edgar the Bug? I missed out on the Worms by about 12 hrs, pffft!


    • its hard to say, I tend wait to see how I get on in the first day, seeing the resource drops and exchanges etc to try plan when I’ll have all the buildings. Then it depends if you’ve purchased any premium characters. But I like to wait until I’ve got resources to get most the buildings needed. I can say for me so far drops have been quite good this Phase, so hopefully that is a good omen you’ll succeed this time. Sorry you missed the Worms mind you.

      Liked by 1 person

    • I’m going to start my timer once I place the talking dog locksmith. I’m about a day away. I don’t have any premium items or characters. I waited on the worms until I had Peters skin and got them with 3 days to spare. That’s a bummer that you got so close.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Ok, I’m actually curious in regards to the mods and where the information comes from. Do you get it from the developers, do you datamine the information, or are you actually completing each mission quickly and putting the information in from what you see?


    • Information is gained from playing through the events VERY quickly using clams, no data mining etc.


    • It’s a true labor of love, OK, an addiction, Bunny can (and has) explain it more thoroughly, but, essentially, given the fact she’s played the game from the beginning and has cultivated a (non-paid – very important distinction) relationship with TinyCo, she has access to one game that is provided enough clams to allow her to play quickly and play ahead…she documents all the quest lines, and basically provides us a road map of each event, each side quest line, characters, stats of the mystery boxes, etc…RT takes a lot of that information and supports Bunny by writing posts, offering her own insight and possible strategies…

      Two main points – Bunny has been very clear, that, while she is able to play ahead and provide a road map, this site is not connected with TinyCo whatsoever…now, given her relationship, she is able to feedback information to TinyCo during events, but that’s all – she can’t influence the game play other than her observations…it provides TinyCo real-time feedback while allowing Bunny to be independent from TinyCo…Second point, we addicts are so privileged to benefit from all the work Bunny and RT do, yes, Bunny can play ahead, but she spends a lot of time documenting everything for this site, and RT spends a lot if time moderating, posting and supporting this site…yes, this site does earn some advertising dollars (whitelist it,addicts!), but that only keeps the lights on…

      Personally, I probably would not continue playing – certainly not to the degree I do now – were it not for Bunny and RT…seriously…they do a great job…it’s a lotta work…

      So, you got the short answer from RT and the (OMG, WILL HE EVER SHUT UP?) longer answer from me…

      Bunny and RT, please feel free to edit/delete/add before posting…


      • I will piggy back on this comment from Chris.

        It takes a LOT LOT LOT LOT LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of time and Clams to provide the information. From the beginning, the cost of those Clams came out of My Bank Account & Pockets. To the tune of, at times, $1000+ a month (OUCH!!). Over time as TinyCo saw my interactions with Players as well as what kind of asset it was to have someone tell them how it is VERY PLAIN AND CLEAR, no holding back, offering game play suggestions and tweaks from a Player’s stand point, pointing out glitches in real time, offering tips for correcting errors, putting helpful info here getting it out to the masses at all once which in turn made it so their email inboxes weren’t quite as full, on n on n on n on n on… I negotiated with TinyCo to offer ONE and ONLY ONE of my 6 test games some Clam support in getting through the Events. This in turn allowed me to keep the site alive (as, let’s face it, the PENNIES you get from WordPress will not sustain the cost that goes into making and keeping this site up to date let alone any extra costs of hosting sites alone and all that goes with it). It also allows me the option of getting information out to you a lot quicker instead of having to wait for paydays all the time to reload my clams.

        I pull EVERY LAST DETAIL straight from my Test game (then use my additional test games I pay for to pull extra if needed)… all while I am actually playing the Event live. Russian Tigger and Lotty can attest to the 10s of THOUSANDS of photo image screenshots I have tucked in files for each event, each phase, each new item, etc. I pull the stats live and try to compile them in a main post. Then, I use the other screenshots to compile the additional posts and information (Russian Tigger and Lotty have full access to these images so they can use them for their posts too.)

        Images… here is where a huge chunk of time comes in too… the images are ALL from our games. Mainly mine as my camera gets some pretty clear high quality shots, but Russian has started to take a lot of Screenshots from hers too. We then take these images from our games and “clean them”. That means editing the hell out of them to make them as clear as possible, add notes to them, highlight areas, etc. It can take hours to do all this for just one Phase of an Event.

        In short… everything you see on this site will come from Me, Lotty, or Russian Tigger and direct from our games (Mostly my game, and most via Screenshots we take so we can reflect on them easier later). The ONLY information from TinyCo comes from clarification on the millions of questions I have AFTER I pull all the event data from my game (like is this item supposed to drop one as it says it should be two) or updates on glitch/issue patches coming. TinyCo fully respects my independence from them, my thoughts on matters and methods here, and in turn I will respect their business models (even if I don’t agree with them) and communicate with them in a manner that we both can have adult discussions on all things with the game. I will also send direct quotes, comments, poll stats, etc from the site to them so they can also see an overall look at many different Players thoughts utilizing their games. I also try to be the go between on specific glitches that need one on one attention to get Players back in the game. Many things that were communicated with them changed the game, were added into the game, and impacted the game in a positive way.

        I like the set up here and what we have going. Russian has stepped up her help a lot more due to my declining health and hospital stays didn’t allow me to do the work here I wanted anymore. I did not want to shut the site down. That is what this site is… a LOT of work, personal time, and even personal money spent to do what I love… Help other Players with a silly lil game. 🙂

        Yay… I made a long comment too. 😉

        End of the day… I LOVE doing this, know it is a lot of work… but also knowing if I help even just ONE Player, to me, that is soooooo worth it. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thanks as ever Chris. Great see the thoughts from a readers perspective.


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