More Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of FGQFS & Tapped Out on top!!!

So after a long time in the promoting,  Futurama: Worlds of Tomorrow, (FWOT), finally hit our App stores at the end of June, and although as of right now there’s no Addicts site devoted to it I thought it might be nice to do a little post now and then where we could discuss  not only the latest goings on at Futurama, but also FGQFS and Tapped Out (TSTO).

As I previously admitted in another post, I decided I needed even more madness in my life and am now playing all 3 games,  and I personally rate these games by the time I devote to them, and this still see s FGQFS the clear winner, TSTO taking Second spot and FWOT bringing up the rear in third, however, FWOT is pulling me in a little more each time I play, so could TSTO’s position be vulnerable, well yes I think it could be. 

And with that in mind what are my thoughts on the games just now. Well they are all bustling and busy, there are big Events going on in all 3. FGQFS has gone intergalactic with its Guys In Black event, TSTO has us  boogeying at Homerpalooza and FWOT is in trouble due to an Omicron Invasion.

So plenty to keep us busy there, especially those crazy enough to play all 3 games. I honestly feel I should change my job title to City Planner. Lol.

So if you’re playing any of the events, what do you think, have a favourite? I’m loving Guys In Black, thoroughly enjoying the Omicron Invasion and still in the party mood tapping away at Homerpalooza.

Although I can see Homerpalooza becoming a grind as these TSTO events that last over 6 weeks with very little new gameplay and just a lot of tap, tap, tapping grow old quickly and I find myself having to cattle prod myself to keep going by the 4th week. The fact I’m not one the players uber excited about Bleeding Jazz Murphy finally making it to Springfield probably won’t help me stay very focused on the event.

Whereas over in FGQFS during the most recent events I’ve been tempted to use my imaginary castle prod on TinyCo rather than myself but that’s all changed with this event, Guys In Black has been extremely enjoyable so far, one the smoothest running events this year, full fun new content including Frank the Pug who I am uber excited about. I just wish they’d wave goodbye to timed character unlocks.

And over in the Omicron Invasion I’m just plodding along, I’m very much dipping in and out still, but although I’m not putting any pressure on myself and I’m playing this at a relaxed pace, I can feel my enjoyment of this game growing and I’m certainly dipping in more than I was when it launched. But I’m still not so addicted that you can expect me to drive off this invasion alone with only my trusty imaginary castle prod. Why? Well I’ve used it so much lately it’s out of charge, a bit like me!!!

But that’s just my thoughts, now I want to hear yours, but only if you think they are safe enough to be broadcast on a public forum.

~ Russian Tigger


24 responses to “More Futurama Thoughts, with a sprinkling of FGQFS & Tapped Out on top!!!

  1. Fletch from Ga.

    Does anyone else have the bug in the Futurama game where bachelor Fry is stuck fighting an Omicronian guard? Each time I log into the game and check on Fry the time left says 2 hours 45 minutes then starts counting down.
    TinyCo/Jam city? did message back and say they were aware of the problem. This has put me behind schedule on “the cat lady?” lol as I still need 3 more drops from Fry to unlock her.


    • This affected everyone that installed the first update yesterday & was then fixed in a second update. They also gave players 38 pizza via an in-game message as an apology although it seems not everyone got it and my 38 pizza disappeared anyway when the game restarted!


  2. Playing all three. Although, I am not giving FWOT the time it requires.
    Just not into the Planet battles.


  3. Futurama has always been my favorite show and I’ve been playing TQFS since it came out, so when I heard about FWOT I was very excited. I would put FWOT at no. 1 but because I’ve been playing TQFS for so long I just can’t.

    The Guys In Black event has been great so far, a nice pallet cleanser after the atrocity of Camp Wars. And the Omicronian Invasion event has been great too. The one thing I think FWOT needs is a way to sim any space battles you have already 100% completed. Not sure how that would work exactly but doing the same battles over and over again gets a bit tedious after a while.


  4. I’m really enjoying FWOT because it’s new and fresh. I’m loving having the Futurama characters in a game. It’s top priority for me at the moment. Or has been – now completed all the available event prizes, missions (100%), districts, characters and costumes, so waiting for more to be released!

    In the meantime I need to save up some nixonbucks to complete a few remaining side-goals that require expensive buildings and will continue working towards achieving level 25 with all the main characters.

    TSTO is second place although very easy now as my mega-multiplier would enable me to donut through events with less effort than playing them, if I felt so inclined!

    This FGTQFS event is better than most but the game is likely to remain in 3rd place as my enthusiasm for it is spent. Too many frustrations from past events.

    I don’t spend real money on any of the games; the fun for me is achieving what I can for free through dedication and effort!


  5. I finally got a “sort of” response from Tiny Co, but only telling me that they’d get back to me as soon as they find a way to make answering questions faster or something like that.


  6. If you’re looking for someone to play all three games, then look no further, because rather then play the three games you mentioned, i also play a fourth game of the same variety, Avengers Academy, a 3D City builder with marvel heroes as teens/young adults going to school as you build your own academy, and it is also made by TinyCo., but unlike the others, all the characters have voices.


  7. I’m enjoying F:WOTz even with its constant crashing. Biggest gripe for me at the moment is getting the earth artifact but not being able to unlock the entertainment district. If that area is released in the game yet why even have a mission to get the artifact for it.


  8. I would rank the games TSTO, FGTQFS, FWOT. Although if I had to give up one it’d be FGTQFS as it’s given me far more grief than enjoyment over the years.

    The main drawbacks with FGTQFS are: 1) random drops just suck the fun out of the game; 2) Events require collecting of items that require collecting of other items that require collecting of other items – which would be fine only without the random drops; 3) town size is waaaaaayyyy too small for the vast amount of content we get with each event – I am not storing 90% of all new content; and 4) there is no guarantee all prizes will be attainable even if you spend every waking moment playing the game; 5) there is a lot of pressure to “buy now buy now buy now”, but with everything being so expensive/overpriced there’s no incentive to part with clams; 6) This trend of putting the best characters in mystery boxes; 7) Seriously, random drops suck so much.

    TSTO will always be my favourite as it doesn’t have any of the issues mentioned above (especially random drops!!), is always fair (possible to get all prizes) and allows you to build and decorate a vast town.

    FWOT has many of the issues as FGTQFS (especially with the map being too small) but so far it seems quite fair and easy to unlock everything. The grinding of the space missions does annoy me though, as you really need to be doing them several times a day just to stay ahead.


  9. Futurama has replaced FGQFS for me too. I have almost 1000 clams and just don’t want to spend them since I see no good deals for anything. It has lost its luster and although I still play, I don’t care if I get all characters like I used to before. Its becoming too much of a grind and I want value for my money so if it isn’t a good deal………. pass. I still manage to get most of the free characters since I have an analytical mind and use it to plan out the best way to get most items. As far as the missions on Futurama, I enjoy planning for them too. I have already completed all of the missions to date, even the Osiris 4 planet and cant wait for the next phase to drop. Its challenging I will give it that but totally obtainable. I also joined a group that can assist with questions and have found them to be most helpful. JUST AS I DID THIS SITE! Thanks Bunny, RT and the rest!

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  10. Gabe "the glue man" Degrossi

    I find my overall ranking of these games is TSTO, FGTQFS and finally FWOT.

    But as for these events my favorite has been the omicron invasion as it’s giving us many classic characters such as malfunctioning Eddie, but the homerpalooza one is great as it finally brought us BGM which has been such a highly requested character (some other classics seem to be making an appearance later as well). But this (for me) leaves GIB at dead last cause it’s just not giving me anything I’m personally interested in as I’ve never been a fan of the MIB movies.

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  11. im enjoying the TQFS Guys in Black event so far. experienced no issues with gameplay during this event. im even playing it a bit relaxed rather than grinding it out like usual and it’s still a decent event.

    for FWOT, i echo other peoples sentiments about the fact its annoying that you have to have chips and pay to upgrade characters to use them in certain situations (ie. tasks, space missions).
    the current event is a bit hit and miss for me too. it’s very grindy, the ‘space weed’ seems hard to come by to buy buildings from the “store” and i dont have the characters and level upgrades to pass through all routes to get the extra items during space missions.


  12. I played Futurama for a couple of days but just couldn’t get into it, can’t explain why as I like the show but I just didn’t connect with it.

    Tapped Out is my favourite, nothing is ever difficult or unachievable.

    Family Guy should be my favourite as it’s my favourite show but the game is just so frustratingly difficult without spending money. I don’t mind spending but the game never gives value for money. TinyCo are just plain greedy.


  13. I’m enjoying the Futurama game, seem to be advancing pretty well without using pizza. The biggest pain to me is having to level up all the different characters/outfits to advance, so have to continually do the same old space missions over & over & over to get chips. I’d rather use the chips to level up just a few certain characters higher to be able to complete the harder missions. But I guess that’s what keeps you playing more.

    I don’t play TSTO, never was a Simpsons fan.

    Still slugging through Family Guy, though what little interest I still have is about gone. Events are just aggravating to me now and way too costly for any premium item.


  14. TSTO is in first place for me. I’m running 3 games. This event is easy and I’ve already made a couple dozen donuts just from the event Bonus boxes.

    FWOT is in second place, but it’s driving me nuts because I need so much more money than I can produce to upgrade my characters. And doing the space missions throws my timing off because it takes several minutes each round.

    Family Guy… Well, it was in third place before I even started FWOT. I keep saying I’m gonna quit just as soon as I get This Character, or buy all the land, or whatever. The events are just TOO HARD. By the final act I’m usually so far behind I can see there’s no point in continuing. And these ding dang double blasted timed characters! In round 1 I didn’t even realize I was starting the Worms when I did it, so I started them too soon. If I’d just waited a few more hours I would have gotten them without spending clams for that last unlock item. And now I think I’ve started Edgar the Bug too soon, but I couldn’t progress in the quest to unlock Boris the Animal without activating the timer on Edgar – which STILL hasn’t happened…

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  15. I like the space missions. It’s taking forever though to make enough money to buy buildings for quests and trying to level up my players. I’ll be on a mission and then halfway through realize I need a much higher leveled character to finish all the time. It’d be nice if they had a little info before the mission starts that I need a level 13 Hermes or a level 15 Captain (Pharaoh Bender) to complete it.


    • I’m with you on the hidden requirements. But when you start a mission you can scroll around and see what you need for any of the alternate paths and make notes for the next time you do it.


    • wildthornberry88

      I normally select the Mission, have a look at the map by scrolling across, and if I find I need someone else I just forfeit and then go back in with the right people (assuming I have them)


    • I’ve played many apps in my day. None have been as challenging to get $$ as Futurama. If you’re not using it to buy a building, you’re using it to level up a character. I just hope once these districts are unlocked it doesn’t become an eventorama ala Family Guy.


  16. I wish I could force Amazon to put the latest Futurama game update into their Appstore. It keeps telling me I need to update, but I can’t and I never got a response back from TinyCo telling them about it a few days ago.


    • Just thought I would comment, in case you didn’t know, that the update is now in the Amazon store, and it fixed the crashing from tapping birds, if you were having that issue like I was.


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