What Have You Done With: Seven Flags Over Atlantis

Hello There Clammers!

The Quest for Stuff (TQFS) is nearly 3 months old already (on the 10th)!  And now that the game has been around for a little while, we’ve been through a few events & many of you have established Quahogs it’s time to show us YOUR town!

One of the best things about this game is that it allows for design creativity.  No two towns are alike because each Quahog is uniquely created by YOU…and we want to see what you’ve done!  Each week we’ll pick a theme/building for you to showoff.  All you have to do is upload a screenshot of that area of your Quahog and post a link (via Dropbox, Flickr or any other site you like to use) in the comments below!  So what are you waiting for ?  Show us your stuff!

This week we’re focusing on Seven Flags Over Atlantis!


This Water Park is awarded for free if you win 1 each of the various types of Fireworks in the Mystery Box (check out this post for more details).

Here’s our very own Cybersilly’s Awesome Waterpark!



Now it’s YOUR turn!  Show us what you’ve done.  Post links to your Waterpark Screenshots in the comments below.  I can’t wait to see your designs!


50 responses to “What Have You Done With: Seven Flags Over Atlantis

  1. I got all the fireworks and would have bouggt something like that with clams too but this is the first I’ve heard/seen this Atlantis water park. Im super bummed I don’t have it. Wish I could at least still buy it with clams 😥


  2. First time commenter and way late to this blog post :/ Added my Atlantis to my ‘fairgrounds area.’ Thanks for all of the great posts that keeps us addicts informed and well addicted!


  3. My town is simple and clean and not too exciting but I wanted to test out this drop box thing cuz ive never done it. So here it goes.


  4. Ok this brings back nightmares of working in a water park in my youth. Lol

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  5. heres mine..10525620_770107033039665_2417178309668974508_n.jpg


  6. OK, so lets give this a go ☺

    Here’s my waterpark;



    • That looks really great, Mike!…..and adding the Pirate ship…Genius! 😉 I’m loving all these great ideas….and yes, they WILL be “borrowed”….LOL 😉


  7. Notice some others doing the Vegas theme like me 🙂


  8. DarkPhoenix123

    I’m waiting to put this item in my town, I think it would go nice in the entertainment area. The only thing that bugs me is how little circus items I have since almost all circus items were premium 😦


  9. So why is 7 flags water animated but the waterfall and Ricky’s cantina isn’t


    • My thoughts exactly. I know TinyCo was having problems with memory allocations for their animation scripts (files were too big and using too much memory). This caused many devices to crash when their memory caches were full. They got the volcano animation back and I’m sure more and more new animations will start to show up. 😉


  10. Mine a bit a work in progress, with all of this new land, I been rebuilding my city. I checked out couple of your links, which gave me me this idea city layout. http://i61.tinypic.com/wat3pd.jpg

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  11. First time commentor and pic upload, hope this works 🙂


  12. Like

  13. I added 7 Flags Atlantis to the Kingdom of the Full Moon theme park I had already created. I think it will really be enhanced when the entertainment district opens.

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  14. Cool, I like how the water park looks with all of the desert oases around it. I’ve attached a screenshot of my waterfront showing the water park. I know its pretty crowded, but once I clear the other strip of land I’ll spread everything out. That, or I’ll move the water park over to Asiantown like it is in the post.



  15. I’ve made this a little “QuaVegas” area for now. Also had to put out a few money makers to build up for the new district, the statues etc aren’t usually there but for now gotta make them coins!


  16. I have two, so I smushed them together to make one big one.


  17. I’m personally waiting for the entertainment district to be unlocked before I really do anything.


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