36 responses to “Family Guy Is On The LINE!!!

  1. Sweet. I was thinking about starting a line group for Family Guy quest players but never got motivated to do it. Do you know if this is for the game only or Family Guy in general? I love Line, it is used in lots of alliance or team based online games to coordinate groups in real time. I have to get the app set up on this new phone I’m using but look forward to seeing you all on there. ReubManchu is my line ID if anyone wants to add me.


    • Its direct from FOX. Family Guy itself.


      • Ok. So I don’t think it’s a community room in line but more of a private chat between you and an automated program that spits out family guy quips whenever you type something in. If that’s all it is it’s pretty lame.

        If anyone does want to start up an actual line group hit me up at ReubManchu. It’s pretty easy to start up a group chat.


        • As I posted here, it is direct info from them on things coming and announcements. So keeps you up to date on Family Guy happenings. I wanted the stickers. πŸ™‚


  2. How cme nom mention of the Koolaid Man ?


  3. Sounds like something new to check out πŸ™‚

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  4. i cannot find my stickers i downloaded and can i use them outside of Line?


  5. Help i don’t have any much space left but it doesn’t let me download it, it says “too less space left”


  6. Can the “other” be found to?


  7. I shall pass on this just bored waiting for something in game, just anything at all


  8. I must implore, SAVE YOUR GAME TO AN ACCOUNT, this game likes to just randomly say screw you and lose your QUAHOG. They will not help you get it back. So remember to do this.


  9. not sure i see why to add another social media service to my phone/life but it’s nice to see the game making such inroads elsewhere. I am honestly burned out on tapped out. it’s gotten boring. they are more money grubbing than the quest for stuff in my opinion. i barely play my simpsons game anymore and it keeps nagging me to come back lol


  10. LINE is f@&Β₯@!g awesome!

    everyone in Japan uses it. Easy way to stay in touch with friends and a safe hassle free way to stay connected to somebody you just met without giving them your phone number or email address (giggity)

    I’ve never added an official account for anything before but this may have to be the first!


    • dirty so and so’s, they must have locked the account to North America or specifically excluded Japan (which, I guess is fair, the show isn’t broadcast here). I couldn’t find the channel but was able to add it from the link above (thanks Bunny!) but the free stickers wouldn’t download.
      I spent almost $20 buying stickers on this app, but they won’t let me have these free ones.



      • I had to first add them as a friend. Then once I was done adding them, the option to download lit up to get them. Maybe that’ll help?


        • Almost every free sticker set has the same requirements so I added the channel
          first. I followed the link in the welcome message and it takes me to the sticker page but the download button is greyed out and does not respond no matter how many times I tap it. lol.

          My guess is that there are different sticker stores by country set for differnt liscenses and Japan is mot on the list of liscensed countries.

          Well it could be worse- the TQFS is freely available in the Japanese app store unlike a certain other tappity game concerening a certain other dysfuntional family.

          So enjoy your FG stickers everybody- I’ll just have to make do with my Darth Vadet and Chibi Marvel Heros stickers….



          • Yah, when I first went to the page it was greyed out too. So I tapped on Family Guy and added them as a friend. Took just a lil bit and I had to ok it. Then I went back and it was good to go and the download then lit up. Seeing that on a lot of “free”. They want you to join them first. “Cooooome on…JOIN US…YOU KNOW YOU WANNA!” HAHAHAH


  11. I added it since a few days already! It’s great!


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