Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Week 2, The Search for Busts

Hello There Clammers!

Halloween phase 2 is here!  It’s time to upgrade those portals and gain ourselves a new Ghostbuster!  Giggity!

Of course TinyCo has armed you with a fun questline to help rid the dead of Quahog (and in some cases raise it)!  By following along with the questline you’ll learn the ins and outs of how to succeed at Halloween, and send the dead packing!

Of course you all know we’ll be here every step of the way to give you that little extra insight and support throughout the update!  So let’s get things started with our quick walkthrough for Week 2 of Halloween…and see just what happens when you search for big busts!


The Search for Busts Pt. 1
Peter starts

Learn How to Defeat Poltergeists – Click ‘Go’ to learn how to defeat the new latchers

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points and 1 Ghost Trap

The Search for Busts Pt. 2
Peter starts

Clear 2 Poltergeist Latchers- Tap the latchers to clear them.  

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

At this point this week’s challenge will start

Ghostbuster Challenge 2: We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Latchers
Peter starts

Check out the Ghostbuster Lockers
Defeat 8 Poltergeist Latchers in 3 days

Completed Task Earns 25 Vials, 15 Fright Points, and 1 Locker.
You’ll find the locker in your inventory. 

Who You Gonna Call? Pt. 2
Peter starts

Craft Ghostbuster Quagmire- 

Collect STUFF to unlock Ghostbuster Quagmire.  Here’s what’s needed:

Spirit Vial1000 Spirit Vials

10 Collander Helmets (Rare): Earned by: Get from Ghostbusters Headquarters OR Get from WWII Dive Bomber OR From Clearing Poltergeists

15 PKE Meters (uncommon): Earned By: Make Mort Retreat Cowardly OR Make Quagmire Order New Toys OR Make Bruce Pass Out Flyers OR Get from Airplane Graveyard

10 Ghost Condoms (Rare): Earned by: Make Lois Clean Up Peter’s Mess OR Make Bonnie Go to Ladies Night OR Make Chris Enjoy Private Time OR Get from Emo-Globin Nightclub

Completed Task Earns 25 Vials and 5 FP

The Search for Busts Pt. 3
Peter starts

Earn 4 Poltergeist Talons- Earn by getting the Latcher Poltergeists OR from the Mystery Box
Brew Peter-Lantern from the Witch’s Cauldron- Requires 150 Spirit Vials, 3 Terror Dog Bones and 3 Poltergeist Talons. 

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

The Search for Busts Pt. 4
Peter starts

Build Quahog Cannery- Costs 500 Spirit Vials 

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points 

The Search for Busts Pt. 5
Peter starts

Clear 2 Poltergeist Latchers

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

The Search for Busts Pt. 6
Peter starts

Have Peter Deal with Straggler Ghost- 8hrs, Earns 25 Vials and 5 FP
Place Orange Poisonous Plant

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

The Search for Busts Pt. 7
Peter starts

Clear 3 Banshees- Requires Ghostbuster Quagmire.  Zap 3 Banshees.  Each one takes 3hrs to clear and earns 15 vials and 3 Fright Points.  With a chance for Banshee Tears  Can only clear 1 at a time.

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

The Search for Busts Pt. 8
Peter starts

Have Quagmire Look for Lady Ghosts- 8hrs, Earns 25 Vials and 5 Fright Points
Have Peter Do His Sexy Ghostbuster Dance- 4hrs, Earns 10 Vials and 2 Fright Points.

Completed Task Earns 25  Spirit Vials 5 Fright Points

The Search for Busts Pt. 9
Peter starts

Reach Fright Level 3- Earn enough Fright Points to upgrade to Fright Level 3
Upgrade to Trick or Treaters Portal-  Can only do this once a week…so will have to wait until next week to be completed. 

And that, my friends, is where the main questline ends for week 2.  We’ll pick the main questline back up once I can upgrade my dang portal once again!  (wait..that sounds wrong…)

Also note that the Fiscal Fright questline will run alongside this throughout the entire event.  This is basically telling you to upgrade to the next level.  And remember, you can earn clams from the Fiscal Fright questline…

What do YOU think of the event so far?  Are you following along with the questline nicely?  Stuck anywhere?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

171 responses to “Quahog Halloween Walkthrough: Week 2, The Search for Busts

  1. Apologies if I i have missed this previously, but what all will be needed to help Francis? I want to go into that event with supplies ready to go! 🙂


  2. Okay, week 2 challenge never started for me… That is, until about 30 minutes ago. And its running concurrent with week three challenge. But that would be fine, it gives me a chance to get the ecto… Except after letting me get one poltergeist, no more are there? It says they are all gone. I’ve been working hard trying to get the ecto, so what are my options here?


  3. I started week 3 on the Halloween special. While I tried to pick up the stink bombs that dropped near Francis’ grave, it started digging up his grave! I DID NOT want to start digging him up yet. I want to get more items I think I’ll need to help him, prior to digging him up. Can this be reset on my game?


  4. I compiled a list of buildings the poltergeist latchers latch onto. This may help players, so they can place these buildings to help divert latchers to buildings, other than ones you don’t want them on.
    Quahog public library
    Quahog mini mart
    Tiny tots preschool
    Bob’s funland
    The founding father
    Le croissant degoutant
    Barrington country club
    Quahog cannery
    Fabulous 4 headquarters
    Ghostbusters headquarters
    Quahog Egyptian museum
    Haunted house
    If you find more buildings, feel free to add to help!


  5. How many fiscal fright parts are there??


  6. If you’ve already discussed this, I haven’t seen it. What info do you have regarding the Oh No! That’s Scary! quest. Where does it go and how much is it going to cost?


  7. I’m finding it extremely difficult to get fright points this go around. If I do not acquire enough before Thursday, what will happen? Will I still be able to unlock the portal by next week or will I be stuck at portal level number 2?


    • Try building some decorations…they help earn more FPs. You can’t upgrade until you’re at Level 3..but as soon as you reach if (if the timer is at 0) you’ll be able to upgrade.


  8. I absolutely love the event, I think it’s genius to have different currencies to buy items (the spirit vials and the items used in the witches cauldron) and another system to level up. Also, to be given the choice in which order to brew prices is great. Best event ever so far! At least if you ask me and you kind of did 🙂


  9. I feel like getting fright points to get the next portal is extra hard this time around. What happens if I’m not up to level three by the time the next portal becomes available? Will I not be able to get it open or will I have the next 6 days to open it before the next one?


  10. Oh come on now ! Why is it that I have a crap load of buildings but the Latchers go to the haunted house and GB headquarters?


  11. Purchase Mr. Weed 1st before getting Catgirl Meg?

    It seems that getting 30 bones is very time consuming. In order to ensure that we obtain the final prize (so far) would it be smarter to purchase Mr. Weed which is a character before purchasing Catgirl Meg’s outfit? Especially considering Mr. Weed may aid with getting more of these materials?

    Has anyone brewed Mr. Weed yet? Any info ?


  12. Just an FYI post, the Latcher poltergeists are the subway ghost from Ghostbusters. When Peck makes them shut down and all the ghosts escape, this is the blue one that rises from the subway and chases people away. Which is probably why TinyCo chose it as one that keeps people away from buildings in the game.


    • Lol. I remember that one quite well as we were on a Subway shortly after seeing the movie and I freaked out my lil brother that he better behave or the Poltergeist was gonna get him.


  13. Anyone else noticing that the Predator’s quest to kill banshees isn’t awarding any XP?


  14. I can’t seem to get any ghost condoms, and I have a whole bunch of (tiny) ghosts running around my town now. :).
    Ha ha. I love this game because complaining about things you can’t seem to get always sounds silly, so it’s hard for me to be too mad about it.


  15. I have quagmire, free and fairly fast. But the costume for Meg, and any other things that require bones is a bit hard. I have loads of the other two, even though Peter has done nothing but schootging dogs, except now for the questline. It just seems the 25 bones I need are a bit off balance with the claws, that drop also from the traps, not just quagmire.

    Well, maybe later we can use them I guess.


  16. i am glad qugmire’s outfit isnt timed… i am still with only 5 helmets after daily playing every hour or two (hence getting all i could from the headqurters)
    BTW : How many Fright levels are there? 😕 I am currently on level 4


  17. Is the effigy of death really that tiny? Or is it a glitch that makes it appear smaller than it is and can tinyco fix it? I was looking forward to it, but now I got it… kinda disappointed by the size.


  18. Should I spend 30 clams to speed up quaqmire ghostbuster costume? The current drop rate for helmets is ridicoulus (I already got everything else 2 days ago, but still only 4 helmets). It’s just that the next phase will be pushed out in 3 days and I’m afraid I’m falling behind and that it could effect my total progress throughout the event. I really want at least all free charagters and costumes, but falling behind on quests will probably have an affect on my spirit vial earning. Or perhaps tinyco would be nice enough to add diane or ghostbuster peter a task to get helmets, would much appreciate it.


    • It is all up to you on whether you just keep playing free or opt to speed up with clams. 😉


    • Amen to this. I got two helmets and then it was like the game decided never to drop another one. I must have zapped a dozen latchers by now, and tapped Ghostbusters HQ at least that many times since Ghostbuster Quagmire appeared in Al Harringtons.


  19. Anyone else’s fiscal fright quest line disappeared from the side? Or is this a it appears you level up?


  20. I know its early, but it seems like its going to be difficult to accumulate enough vials to get mr. weed


  21. With only 3 days left till the next portal upgrade and I still only have 3/10 of the helmets I need. Is there any way for me to do it without spending the money on clams?


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