Halloween Character Profile: Slutty Cat Meg

Oh slutty cat, slutty cat
Why are you dressed like that
Slutty cat, Slutty cat
You’re dressed worse than Borat!


Slutty cat, slutty cat…

Well Hello There Clammers!

Ah Halloween in Quahog!  Where Dogs go pink, Peter ticks off the dead, Quagmire hits on dead chicks…and Meg makes everyone puke with the way she’s dressed!

With phase 2 of Halloween Meg gets a brand new costume.  A costume that makes you want to go me-ew!  And I know you’re all dying to find out more about this new skin for Meg…so let’s break it all down below.  And avert your eyes…don’t stare directly at the facial stubble!

Slutty Cat Meg

To add Slutty Cat Meg to your Quahog you’ll have to brew her, not to be confused with the brew you’ll have to drink to forget about the images…oh the horror! *shudders*


Once you’ve reached phase 2 she’ll be unlocked in the cauldron for you… and to brew her all you’ll need a Terror Dog Bones, Banshee Tears AND Latcher Talons…makes sense right?  (spirit vials too)

2014-10-10 14.24.51

Aside from a whole lotta booze…you’ll officially need:

Spirit Vial3,000 Spirit vials
Banshee Tears20 Banshee Tears
Poltergeist Claws15 Latcher Talons
Terror Dog Bones25 Terror Dog Bones

Once you’ve collected them all head on over to your Cauldron and Brew her!

2014-10-10 16.15.42

Once complete she can be found in your inventory…or if you’re Chris she can be found in “heaven” with you….

2014-10-10 16.15.50

As useless as Meg is…she surprisingly has a useful task when she’s Slutty Cat Meg.  She’ll have a 2hr Task to Hiss at Terror Dogs, which will earn you Terror Dog Bones.  Here quests also all drop Spirit Vials and FP.

Slutty Cat Meg also comes with a pretty amusing questline, and a questline that will start for you once Phase 2 kicks off.  You’ll be prompted to build her whether you want to or not!  But, as an added bonus, if you craft her you’ll find out just who she gets to kiss during “spin the bottle”!

This costume is not timed in the sense of Diane or Pink Brian.  You will have the rest of the Halloween Event to Craft her.  So just make sure you do it before Halloween is over 🙂

Also, you can craft this even if you don’t have Meg.  If you don’t have Meg it will just sit in your inventory until you unlock her.

So now that we know HOW to get Slutty Cat Meg, let’s take a look at her tasks…

Task Length Spirit Vials Fright Points
Cough up a Hairball 1hr 5 1
Hiss at Terror Dog 2hrs 15 3
Squeeze into Her Costume 2hrs 10 2
Punch Drunk Dance 4hrs 15 3
Go to Halloween Dance 6hrs 20 4
Show Sibling Affection 8hrs 25 5
Play Spin the Bottle 12hrs 35 7
Show off the Goods 16hrs 40 8
Eat Post-Dance Dinner 20hrs 45 9

And yes…if you craft her, THIS will happen:

2014-10-10 16.20.34

There you have it….the details on this Slutty Cat, Slutty Cat!

What do YOU think of Slutty Cat Meg?  Have you crafted her yet?  Thoughts on her tasks?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!


40 responses to “Halloween Character Profile: Slutty Cat Meg

  1. I did brew Slutty Meg but still it appear locked on the cauldron…why???


  2. Hey should I unlock slutty cat or dig up Francis first? I missed out on Diane as didn’t realise I needed GB peter first.

    Many thanks x


  3. I have enough points for sluty meg or ghost buster joe, so my question is which one is more important to buy first?


  4. I brewed slutty cat meg last night. Right when i hit the. “freaking sweet” button for getting another costum, the game crashed. The costume still shows on facespace and it is locked in the cauldron, but i don’t have access to the costume and the quest is still active.

    I sent an ingame report to tinyco, but wanted to let you know it was happening in case it happens to someone else.


  5. Looks like what tinyco are releasing tomorrow is a small girl wearing witch clothes and it also looks like Connie will be released i only this because if you go on the main page of the Halloween event u can see it says there will be more of a certain creature and there is a small girl with witch clothes and candy


  6. Have both slutty meg & Mr Weed. Trying to avoid brewing other things as we don’t know what other characters with storylines/quests are going to need. Sitting with 50+ of the various items but don’t want fall short for the “good stuff”


  7. For all of those who haven’t been able to get your predator to advance, I just tried something and it worked!
    My predator also wasnt advancing for days while he was killing banshees…so I switched to the “talk it out” task that takes 8hrs and may drop a trap and it advanced!
    I know it still sucks he doesn’t advance while killing banshees but at least something works.
    Hope this helped.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. got her yesterday! meg and chris are making out as we speak! (also is anyone disturbed at how they seem horrified at first but then went back to kissing each other?)


  9. Have all the item but it wont let me brew the costume….any ideas?


    • Is it telling you not enough? If that’s the case this should be fixed with tomorrow’s update. If it’s not fixed after tomorrow contact TinyCo and let them know you’re still experiencing the issue.


  10. Got Slurry Cat Meg and I’m up to the task where she has to make out with Chris (ewwww). Love the costume and dialog. But is anyone else bummed that Mr Weeds is 17500 vials. WTH!! The most I’ve ever had was about 5 or 6k. I’m thinking I might never get him because I still have to get Ghostbuster Joe and Ghostbuster Cleveland. I’m not really getting a lot a vials per day. Wondering what I’m doing wrong.


    • I think they’ll be more vial earning opportunities coming up 😉


    • If it is anything like the comic-con event the Spirit Vial earning possibilities will really start to ramp up next week. I remember thinking that getting George Takei would be a longshot during it, but halfway through the earn rate really spiked up.


      • I think that was a stop-gap to make up for Android being short a week. they really did turn on the firehose of blam but I don’t think we can count on such a high level this time around.

        If things are consistant (which is a big if) you will need 8000 to finish costumes (1000 for Joe and Cleveland ghost buster outfits and 3000 each for duck stewie and witch connie)

        Then there is Peter’s dad to think of as well. I know SV will pick up, but will it be enough without a clam purchase? I dunno but I have made my peace with the prospect of not unlocking Mr. Weed.

        won’t cry (too much, lol)


  11. Can’t wait – I should have slutty cat tomorrow evening – only 8 more banshee tears to go.


  12. I just unlocked her. I think I’ll be focusing her energy on taking out the dogs during the day and I can send her on her longer quest line tasks at night while I sleep. I definitely don’t think I’ll have a problem collecting Mr. Weed’s bones now. Now to find a freemium tear collection method to help out Quagmire. And a faster way to collect vials….


    • Meg is definitely the right track for getting Mr. Weed


      • I have a strategy question…. Once we have Meg unlocked and dedicated to collecting bones, does it make sense to keep Peter on bone collection too, or should we pull him off that and focus him on the ethnic hand shaking?


        • I would still have him collect bones. They’ll still be needed down the road…and I think we’ll be getting some ways to earn more and more vials (if it trends like Comic-Con and Full Moon)


  13. Its good to know Slutty Cat Meg will be stored if people don’t have her unlocked yet. I’m hoping this is planned for Stewie’s outfit, because I don’t think I’ll unlock Stewie before the event is over. I’ve been working hard on it, since the event started and still need to unlock Brian’s P&J outfit, which it used to unlock Stewie. Whoever thought it was a good idea that you need both Brian’s P&J and Peter’s Falconer outfits, and 30 items each to get Stewie is PURE EVIL!!!


  14. I’m so irritated! I had gotten sexy kitty meg a few days ago and I had just got mr weed and it shut off and when I went back I didn’t have mr weed or slutty kitty meg any more. This is so frustrating!! Please fix!!


  15. Almost got 20 eyes and need 1000 vials to unlock her.

    Next prize Mr weed which is kinda hard to get


  16. I’m just two Banshee tears away!!


  17. Have brewed slutty cat meg and Mr weed and am playing through last couple of tasks for each.

    But now for the last couple of days I have had meg and weed locked out on brew screen yet they are still ticked in pic as are all others before meg and still playable.

    Any ideas why or you think this will alter when upgrade portal tomorrow?


    • It’s so you don’t accidentally brew them twice, since they’re unique and you can only have 1 of each. This way you don’t waste any brewing materials 🙂


  18. I think she is “dressd” better than Borat (geez, don’t you guys have even basic spellcheck?)


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