Quahog American Dad Walkthrough Part 4: The Alien Inside Me

Hello There Clammers!

Phase 4 of American Dad hit our Tiny Quahogs late last week…and with it Roger FINALLY arrives in Quahog for good (not just every four hours)!  But the CIA are hot on his trail…and this time EVERYONE is a suspect for probing…even Quagmire!

So now let’s take a look at just what’s in store for you during this final phase of American Dad…


Remember, the walkthrough pop ups will depend on where YOU are in the quests and if you have room in your task bar for the new ones to pop up. If you do not see one showing, try clearing out a few others. Give them time to show up.

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 1
Stan starts

Hide Roger- 1hr, Earns $20, 12xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 2
Stan starts

Build Roger’s Spaceship- $2,000, 16hr build.
Get Stuff for Roger- Collect STUFF to unlock Roger.  Here’s what you’ll need:

Pecan Sandies5 Pecan Sandies (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Stan Keep America Safe OR Make Francine Show off Her Muffins OR Get from CIA Headquarters OR Get from Sand Bar

WIgs15 Wigs (Uncommon)- Earned By: Make Steve Play Make Believe OR Make Quagmire Look for Alien Life OR Get from Colonial Barn OR Get From Budget Badass

Box Wine10 Box Wines (Rare)- Earned By: Make Bonnie Give a tour of Clam Festival OR Make Bruce Make Bathtub Gin OR Get From S.S. Bonnie Raitt OR Get from Roger’s Place

Feather Boa3 Feather Boas (Epic)- Earned By: Clear CIA Agents OR Make Peter Attract New Clients OR Make Hayley Pose Nude for Art Class OR Get from Clam Festival Stage.

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

There’s A Fish Too
Stan starts

Unlock All of the Smiths and get Klaus FREE

Completed Task Rewards Klaus (he’ll be in your inventory)

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 3
Stan starts

Have Bonnie Get Screened- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp
Have Bruce Get Screened- 2hrs, Earns $30, 20xp
Have Roger Take a Smoke Break-
4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 4
Stan starts

Have Stan Get Screened- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp
Have Steve Get Screened- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp
Have Roger Be a Master of Disguise-
12hrs, Earns $100, 65xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 5
Roger starts

Have Quagmire Get Screened- 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp
Have Roger Mislead an Investigation- 10hrs, Earns $90, 71xp

Completed Task Earns $100,75xp

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 6
Quagmire starts

Have Quagmire Get Probed by the CIA- 24hrs, Earns $150, 100xp
Have Roger Take a Smoke Break- 4hrs, Earns $50, 30xp

Completed Task Earns $100,70xp

The Alien Inside Me Pt. 7
Stan starts

Have Stan View Historical Clam Exhibition- 6hrs, Earns $65, 45xp
Have Francine View Historical Clam Exhibition- 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp
Have Roger View Historical Clam Exhibition- 8hrs, Earns $80, 50xp

Completed Task Earns $200, 100xp

And that completes the entire main American Dad questline…and in the end the Smiths are staying in Quahog!  There will be a short questline for Roger, which will cover in another post, but this is the end of the main questline for the event.

Remember…you do not have to unlock the Smiths before the event ends.  You will have as much time as you need to unlock them, as long as you’ve “found” them prior to the event leaving.  What this means is you simply have to reach the point where you place/build the item they come with…and start the process of unlocking them.

What are YOUR thoughts on the American Dad Event?  Which characters have you unlocked?  Thoughts on the questlines?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

121 responses to “Quahog American Dad Walkthrough Part 4: The Alien Inside Me

  1. I was not even finished with The Alien Inside Me Pt. 4 and it got removed and replaced by Roger Run Amok Pt. 1.


  2. I unlocked all the Smiths a couple of days ago yet do not see Klaus in my inventory.


    • Hard close and restart your game. If you still don’t see him (and remember check your ENTIRE inventory. It was hard to find in my game)…then contact TinyCo.


  3. Well I only ended up getting one more box of wine for Roger before bed last night I forced ended the last hour or two on the tasks cost a clam or two at a time to see what I would get and that was all I got so ended up buying clams and spending 185 to complete Roger and get Klaus. I know he’s just a decoration but it wouldn’t have been the same as he’s part of the smith family glad I got him but disappointed about the way I had to do it, some people it seemed to come quite easy. I generally enjoyed the task but the way Tinyco timed Klaus I wasn’t happy with plus the extremely poor drop rights for my town! Could do with a break from anything heavy task and quest wise I’m hoping christmas event will be nice and steady paced christmas is a busy enough time as it is! Also did manage to get another muffin for Frannie and put Lois back on task soon as but after I paid to get Roger realised I needed to free Frannie too to get Klaus so I took a chance and force finished Lois rather than pay 20 clams out right to buy last muffin anyway she dropped the last muffin and it cost 5 clams so at least there was one small mercy!

    Oh by the by I find Klaus does speak on my game but only has 2 phrases!


  4. Just placed Klaus and while he is animated, no voices or phrases. Anyone else seeing this??


  5. Just finally bit the bullet & shelled out a bucketload of clams on 7 wine boxes to complete Roger & get Klaus – as with 3 hours left for him there was no way of getting them all. I have another town where I am still having muffin collection problems – so resigned to not finishing in time there. I find many of the item collecting extremely difficult to complete without the premium buildings.
    Am relatively new to the game and just recently found the site via your awesome TSTO site – so pleased to have some tips for FG also.
    Could you please post a link on the definition breakdown on item collection ratings (epic / rare / common etc)if there is one – as I still find the definitions most confusing!
    Many thanks & keep up the epic / outstanding / rare work.


    • Unfortunately…there are not stats on drops available to public like there is in other game. So…we can only guess on what we experience. We do know they made it so if you don’t win an item after so many tries…your chances increase to get it.


  6. Pretty lame he is only a decoration. Last I checked, he was a character and should have questing status like the rest.
    That wasn’t mentioned in the game at all. What a waste of time!


    • Honestly, what kind of tasks can they give a fish in a bowl? It sits in the bowl all day AND he’s pretty small. Those animations would be extremely difficult. And they can’t really give him inside tasks now can they? Considering he’s a fish. In a bowl. Makes sense if you think about it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I agree he couldn’t have had tasks but they could have made him say more then two things. Love the ad event though i would not have paid for the last boa i needed (at 125 clams) for a fish that says the same two phrases klaus is one of my favorite characters in the American DAD show and he says alot of things that would be funny

        Liked by 1 person

      • TinyCo could have fudged it a bit and used Klaus dream sequence character Max Hammer where he was a spy, who used a robot body to get around.

        Liked by 1 person

  7. Got klaus with half an hour left without delaying his quest!


  8. This was my favorite event so far. I love American Dad. Honestly, I wish the event was a little more extensive than it was, but I’m pretty happy overall. If there was a dedicated American Dad game, I would play it as much as FGTQFS.

    I’m happy to say that I was able to unlock everyone in time as a freemium player, without spending clams, including Klaus, even with the Klaus timer starting before I wanted it to. I even picked up the Smith House, Roger’s Place, and a couple premium decos. I’m debating spending clams on the community college just bc it kinda looks cool. Also, I just binge bought over 100 squares of white picket fence. Not sure what for yet, but I’m sure it will come in handy. It’s cheap enough.

    Thanks again for all your hard work, Bunny and Alyssa! It’s very appreciated!


  9. Well I ended up getting Klaus, but had to spend 15 clams on the last wine box. I only needed 2 boxes since yesterday afternoon, but got 1 out of my last 10 tries, so that was a bit annoying. Getting 10 clams back for the set made it hurt less. It’s not the Smith family without Klaus Heissler!

    Now just trying to talk myself into buying the Smith house…


  10. I’d have to use 45 clams to get klaus before time is up… You guys think it’s worth it being that he’s only a deco!?


  11. zombiepanda2007

    Glad I got them all! I’m in awe at how cute Klaus is, and for being a fish in a bowl, it’s just right for him to jump up and down, after all that’s what fish do in real life! I like his voice and phrases. In my opinion this entire event and the Halloween event were really fun, and from all the events, these were the best ones.


  12. Just got Roger and Klaus! I looooooooove them! 0 class spended!


  13. Iam beyond happy i completed roger and got klaus even though i hit the quest to soon! I managed to do it without using any clams either, little let down klaus is only a decoration but still glad i got him


  14. So…Klaus is an NPC? He doesn’t have tasks or anything? I don’t think I would have killed myself (i.e., waking up at 4 am to complete tasks, spending clams to buy buildings, etc.) trying to get him if I’d known that…


  15. I have unlocked Roger but I can’t find him anywhere. Where is he?


  16. Where is the quest line for Roger?


  17. Well I’ve had a bit of luck managed to get rest of wigs and another boa so just need one boa but also still need 5 boxes of wine they are barely dropping got people on the tasks but not one dropped any wine since being put on task this morning before work, got a few mins before spaceship completes so maybe I’ll be lucky there. I can’t see me getting klaus without buying some clams to complete Roger tho as I’ve only just over 16 hrs left. Still needing two muffins for Francine too but Lois is about to finish a task so let’s wait and see I have to say I also think it was bad of Tinyco to have a task that requires Hayley a new character to be at a specific level as I’ve not been able to use her for the boas for Roger I’ve also, like a few other gamers NOT had one boa from a CIA agent despite squishing loads obviously it’s just pot luck I’ve seen nothing about being able to get forklift peter but then again I’ve still a fair few quests to complete as I’ve been concentrating on getting the Smiths so probably something I will end up missing out on. I’m just gonna concentrate on getting as many items as possible for Roger and then pay out for clams to get him and get klaus as cheap as possible as it stands at the moment I need 200 clams! Good luck everybody!


  18. Was worried I wouldnt get Klaus since I started the timed quest at the same time I srarted building the SS Bonnie Raitt…. but I just got Rogrr unlocked with 10 hours to spare! Sweet!




  20. Some people struggle to get all the stuff. But when u luckly have it all, life seem pointless. We r u christmas event, i need a purpose 😁
    By the way, love the site


  21. Need more time for roger, not enough time without spending money, or play 24/7 people have jobs you know!


  22. Not sure if anyone else noticed, but Roger’s one minute task in the Smiths’ house is not giving out experience.


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