What the Hell?!

Happy Friday (ok, ok so it’s Thursday…) Clammers!

Well, we’ve all made it through another “work week” (kinda, sorta, almost) and the weekend looms large up ahead. All week we field your comments about your frustrations in the game and we wanted to give you (and us) a fun new way for you to voice your frustrations and get it all off of your chest.

And since there have been an influx of late Thursday night event updates…it’s been a little while since we’ve given you guys a proper What the Hell?! post.  So we decided this week we’ll post it BEFORE an update is supposed to hit…to give you guys a chance to vent.

So welcome to What the Hell?!

-Getting REALLY annoyed that you’re still unlocking Sexy Santa Lois?
-Annoyed that it’s taking forever to unlock Jasper?
-Someone cut you off on your commute this morning?

Here’s your place to vent about anything and everything, Family Guy or not.  Consider this your weekly bitch fest and get it all out with a good…What the Hell?! And start your weekend fresh! 🙂
Just be respectful of others & be mindful of the language.  

Here’s my What the Hell?! For this week:

-The nearly 3am EST release time of the Christmas Event.  What the hell TinyCo?!  Do you not want us to sleep?!

-Secret Santa Gifts.  First they don’t show up like they’re supposed to.  Then they stock pile up.  What the hell?!  Why can’t it just work right?

-Now that it’s winter time here….what is up with drivers (from this area) not knowing how to drive when it’s snowing outside.  Seriously people…WHAT THE HELL?!! It’s not that difficult!

Now it’s YOUR turn…give us your What the hell?! moments from the past week!  Go on, get it off your chest…you’ll feel a lot better! 🙂


124 responses to “What the Hell?!

  1. At the bottom of Santa’s list it says Christmas actions will be unlocked once their wish is fulfilled but Stewie and Seamus still don’t have any Christmas actions. What the hell?


  2. How many times has everyone chosen the wrong task on accident and screwed up the whole flow of your game. How about a cancel button TinyCo? You know, as long as you cancel the action before it starts? That just makes sense…


    • LOL. This was one of my complaints today and it was the first post in queue.

      WTH. Why do I insist on grabbing my game when I just open my eyes and screw up the tasks because I am still half asleep? And I must have been tired as I have already lost 8 hours on Yeti before I even pelted him once. And now Lois is going to be out of sync with the boys while she get me a dolly stocking that I really don’t need.

      Also my maze is worth since they sent the shoppers out as soon as the tree upgrade, but didn’t give quest right away so they all got out into town. Though my town is a little convoluted so they are still grouping, just not with the good ones. Also I think I am in Halloween mode and freaking out with the challenge (I am less than half a day into it and have 40 already, so I don’t see myself failing as long as the bombs keep dropping from the tasks.) So I am not stockpiling the bombs and waiting for them to respawn in my maze where my numbers will be larger and I have a better shot at getting the stockings.

      Lastly, WTH. The North Koreans have delayed my minecraft title update on my PS consoles due to their hacking Sony. (Not sure it’s true or not, but that the story I am sticking to for Sony not releasing it while Microsoft released it on the Xbox consoles)


  3. What the hell the yeti fell asleep with 1hour left of lois and john timer And now they just throwing snowballs at a sleeping beast.
    Will i still get the damage it was the last 2 on kid hat 😦


    • This is the trick to beating it quicker, continue attacks as it hibernates. Just dont tap on the check marks. Once he is up again, then tap on the check marks and you got a jump start to the next attack. If you want to keep battling him, you have to pay clams to do so at the current level. Tap on him and it will tell you how much.

      If the timer hadn’t gone its full 24hrs though, that is something you need to tell TinyCo. Message them from your game.


  4. No one hangs out in the forums WTH?


  5. Robert A. Brandi Jr.

    Ive got one!! So I have paid money for clams (No hacks) earned everything, STAYED UP all night to get past Childish Yeti (was trying to get top hat yeti, harder so more snow flakes for Jesus Right???) WRONG. MAXES out at level 3 Yeti….

    Jesus is almost impossible to get (everyone should get him!!)

    and then the game resets to level 1, time to delete!! Thats WHAT THE HELL???


    • Each new phase will unlock more Yeti’s (That’s why the other two show locked and ??? as payouts). You can just keep battling Childish Yeti over an over to gain stockings. That is what I am doing. The event is ONLY barely into week two…so not impossible at all. Lots more still to come.

      There is troubleshooting to help you get back if your device didn’t pull up your game.


  6. just realized that christmas event is worse than halloween event, especially for freemium player, wth? looks like I rated this event 3-5/10 (for comparison: comiccon 8/10, halloween 6/10)


  7. What the Hell!
    I am calling today’s rant ‘Character Assasination’:

    Why is Stewie doing nothing to prepare for Christmas?

    Others are reporting that Carter now has a task that gives Holiday Cheer/Cookies. I do not have that task. WTH?!

    Jerome has a Gift Wrapping task at the mall, like Bonnie, yet, there is no gift at the end!

    Why doesn’t Brian have a task in conjunction with Jasper? (or at least one that earns HC)

    Why aren’t any/all of the Christmas trees animated? At least make the lights twinkle! Same for the D

    Why is Bonnie Baking a Sad Casserole at the Griffin house instead of the Swanson House?

    Why is Francis’s Bible Class at the school instead of at the Church?

    Why is the icon on Joe’s task ‘Hold a Police Cookou’ a radio, instead of the hotdog icon?

    And why does Joe ‘Hold a Police Cookout’ at the police station instead of at the park?

    Why is there no voice on Mr Weed? (That one I think I know – licensing)

    Why is Stan Ice Skating in a Roller Rink?

    Why is there no animation for Hells Gate?

    Why Does Cleveland never go to his house?

    Why is there no Cleveland animation with his house, ie; when he always falls out the wall while taking his bath?

    How does one get the other items needed for American Dad tasks, once the event ended? (the Smith House, the college, etc)?

    Reply Comments invited!!


  8. Over a week now and still no reply from tinyco….. Can’t connect still, missing all the Xmas stuff and nobody even wants to give me a response as to why??? Well I give up! If theres no response and no change in the lack of connection by tomorrow morning….. Then I’m uninstalling and it’s the last time I will use tinyco, fed up of nobody caring about my problem


  9. The premium currency for FGTQFS is pretty terribly priced, even compared to TSTO. When comparing bulk deals, TSTO’s price increases greatly increase the amount of donuts you get per dollar: $1.99 for 12 donuts is by no means a great starting point, but using it as a base, by increasing your real dollar amount by 2.5x, to $4.99, gets you 5x the amount of donuts (60) and increasing the base 10x, to $19.99, gets you 25x the amount of donuts. Doing the same for FGTQFS, $1.99 gets you 50 clams, but using it as a base increasing your real dollar amount by 2.5x , to $4.99, only gets you 2.6x the amount of clams (130), and increasing the base 10x, to $19.99, gets you only 12x the amount of clams. That is a drastic difference in bulk pricing between these two comparable games.

    Then when you consider the donut/clam costs for comparable items between games, 1 donut has the same purchasing power as anywhere between 3-13.5 clams. So at $20 per game, you are getting 2x as many clams (600) as donuts (300), but clams are anywhere from 3x-13.5x weaker in purchasing power.

    Considering what you’re spending premium currency on: the two games probably offer about the same ratio of premium-to-freemium items, BUT TSTO’s premium content tends to have largely significant ties to the show the game is based on, whereas FGTQFS’s premium content tends to be generic event-based (such as Gingerbread Houses) or cool pop culture icons (such as John McClane) that, while still cool, really have minimal significance to the show the game is based on, and aren’t desirable from because of the show so much as they’re desirable in and if themselves [their own franchise/branding made them cool, and was the reason they were cameo’ed on the show in the first place; exception: Conway Twitty (shudder)].

    So all things considered I think TinyCo’s price points are ridiculous. It’s a much weaker currency in terms of purchasing power per unit, it’s more expensive when it comes to bulk buying, and the items that cost premium currency are less significant to the show the game’s based on; but their inclusion and a subsequent decision not to buy such insignificance at such exorbitant prices may prevent you from getting “freemium” (but usually timed and pushing impossible to get without going premium, hence the quotation marks) items that are of more substantial significance to the show.

    Add to it that it’s harder to get free clams than it is free donuts, and it just compounds frustrations.

    ^^^^This is the problem with this game that gets lots of people angry at TinyCo. They undervalue premium currency pricing and overvalue premium item costs.

    Biggest problem people seem to have with TSTO’s pricing/costs is that so much of the premium content is incredibly relevant to the show that you want it all, and great wanting leads to great caving into paying, and great caving gets pricey.

    Seriously, TinyCo (if you’re reading this), you should really reconsider your price points; even if it’s severely increasing the amount of clams you get in bulk deals as price increases, and still leaving the clam cost of content the same. You’ll get more money in the long run. Consider this hypothetical: there’s one sucker that might give you $100/month now but because of the pricing 20 people that refuse to spend anything. Increase the values of the currency to the consumer’s benefit, and that 20 people now cough up $10 each per month (or $200/month) already doubling your income, plus whatever the first person still spends. I’m sure your company has to have some employees well-versed in economic theory, who can play around with the numbers and graphs and can demonstrate how charging less can get you closer to maximum income.

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    • I understand what you are saying…

      A lil insight from my point of view. EA is a MONSTER. TONS of games all pulling in MILLIONS upon MILLIONS. So, they got the cash to toss around and if a game fails…meh…they got 20 more lined up to pad their pockets with. Now…compare that to TinyCO. To be quite honest…THIS is the game carrying them. So, on a business stand point, you are comparing the cost of items at a Mom and Pop shop that are what is required to keep them a float vs a International Corporation with stores worldwide to keep them a float. Not an exact scenario…but you get an idea.

      Yes a smaller cost of Clams would be great, but at what sacrifice?

      As far as tie-ins…you have 25+ years vs 12, so there is MORE content to play with. Also, even if the items do not seem to tie in, a lot of it DOES. Seriously. Our Where the Hell Did That Come From Posts…you would be surprised to see just how much IS tied in within the series. And VERY much like TSTO, some of it was only there for a second. Mainly due to copyrights.

      My personal opinion, I appreciate they are looking more outward from the series and pulling in Major Movie Houses. It adds an element to the game that TSTO just does not have. It makes it a very unique game and I like that.

      What I do is make many suggestions to TinyCo of what I personally feel can better the game and make it more user friendly, but in the end…it is TinyCo’s game and I really do NOT want it mirroring TSTO. TOO much alike and it will be like playing the same game twice. That would bore me to death.

      Lots of good points you do make, I would suggest to send them to TinyCo via your in game messaging. They may not respond to every suggestion, but they do read every single one.


  10. I’m really starting to hate the xmas “PREMIUM” event! I can’t unlock jasper unless I get Doll stockings to Open some Stripped Boxs, BUT, I can’t get Doll stockings Unless I have jasper and Santa Louis to Clear Santas, OR I HAVE TO SPEND CLAMS I DON’T HAVE ON THE ORPHANAGE BUILDING! REALLY GUYS! WTF!? I FEEL LIKE I’M IN A WHIRL POOL!


    • Focus on one thing at a time. Don’t let it overwhelm you or take your focus. It is made to go in sequence. Get Lois first, who will help to clear Santa’s, who will help with gifts and Jasper, who will unlock and help with more gifts. One at a time. 🙂


  11. The update for level 2 won’t stay. I level up, set everyone to new tasks, the game crashes and everything reverts back to level 1. I’ve bought Nakatoma building twice now. It kept the cookies from the first purchase but the building was still in the process of being built and just disappeared. Lois should be done fighting the yeti, but is on her 3rd or 4th start. Due to the game constantly resetting, no progress has been made for hours. Extremely frustrating.


    • Hmmmmmm…what, if any, troubleshooting have you tried?


      • Does complaining count? Lol I did a hard restart. But honestly I figured it was something I just needed to wait out, and figured I’d share in case anyone else was stuck in phase 1-2 limbo. The update did finally stick, but I find that the game crashes quite a bit since the launch of phase 2. Hopefully they will get all the glitches worked out once the weather clears. I love the game, it was frustrating to lose out on rewards for timed quests due to the continuous resetting of the game, but safety of people comes before fixing glitches in a game.


  12. Ever since I wiped my kindle fire and reinstalled, only Peter and Chris’s voices have audio. Jasper does too, though he isn’t unlocked yet. I tried looking for solutions but haven’t found any. Is this a known issue? It has been a week and I miss hearing all the characters. Not even the sound for collecting coins plays. The only sounds are Chris, Peter, unlocked jasper, and the mall Santa sighs or something after Lois finishes clearing one.


  13. Small thing. After spending a lot of clams on Roger’s place, knowing it shows the interior and both Hayley and Roger have quests there, I assumed it would have some of animation for them when they do. Instead they just disappear “into” the fully visible room somehow. Oh well. Time to save up for John!


  14. WTH! I was super excited to see more people get the holiday cheer bonus quests earlier today, but now it seems like they are not there. Anyone else seeing that?


  15. Not really a rant. Just “won” all the required items to “find jasper”. So just now started repairing the train station so it’ll be ready by the morning. All other tasks are finished and nothing else to do except wait on tree upgrade. Which i understand is delayed and could be awhile now. BUT, i was going through future required tasks and noticed Stan eventually has one requiring Yakatomi Plaza?? Anyone familiar with this plaza? Think it will be a building/deco/land unlock? I do however think though that the clam to unlock/buy/finish amount could be lessened. I know actual money helps support the game, but still.


  16. Wth…? Why can’t I wrap presents anymore? I’m almost at level 5 on my holiday cheer, my tree hasn’t upgraded and now when I go to wrap gifts to complete my Santa gift list it’s not giving me the option to tap any of the gift boxes to wrap!!! THEY’RE ALL LOCKED….?


  17. Ok why am I reading complaining about the update when there is a bad storm in CA? WTH people relax its a game and the lives of the people that made it is much more important than an update. Also the update is scheduled for seven days after the release, so it should be around 3am. If I ran TinyCo and saw what some of you said I would make you wait. But I am an a-hole to rude people.
    Back to the WTH, stupid weather, yesterday I cleared over a foot of snow again and today it rained.


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