Contest Reminder: Lights, Camera, Quahog Submissions Must Be In by Tonight!

Update 12am EST 12/21: The contest is now closed.  We will be reviewing the entries and have the top ten finalists up for voting soon.  Good luck to everyone who entered! 

Hey There Clammers!

Just a friendly little reminder that you have until 11:59pm EST TONIGHT (12/20/14) to get your entries in for the Lights, Camera, Quahog Contest!  So be sure to send us those screenshots of your Tiny Quahogs if you want to be in consideration to win free clams!

You can email your submission to or you can post a link to your image on the Lights, Camera, Quahog Contest Post.  Please don’t post them here on the reminder post…they won’t be considered an official Submission if they’re on this post.

Can’t wait to see all your entries!

20 responses to “Contest Reminder: Lights, Camera, Quahog Submissions Must Be In by Tonight!

  1. Did you guys receive mine? I posted it earlier this week on the thread but have not received an email confirmation


  2. Gee, I tuned out for a few days and came back in plenty of time to enter the contest… If only a reminder had appeared one day earlier!



  3. That must be a lot of emails. Don’t stress out.


  4. I can’t acces my game! Ollie says there is an upgrade availeble but when I click the upgrade button it takes me to the play store and there is no update!


  5. The new patch has meant I cannot drop furballs as pressing the button zooms the screen as far out as possible crashing the game. :/ any idea how to fix this?


  6. Just wanted to know if you received my entry?


  7. Did you receive mine? Too awesome of a reward not to get an entry in lol


  8. Hi Bunny, Alissa, Addicts Team and Hi everyone on this site! This is my 1st post on this site but I’ve been an avid reader for a long time! You do such an amazing job w/patience, kindness and respect for all w/humor the whole way! Its not easy running a website & u deserve massive kudos and scoobie snacks for responding so quickly to everyone! I emailed you my entry but not sure if you got it. I’m new to the whole screenshot emailing thing. May I ask if you received it via email?


  9. Have you received mine?


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