The Hauntening Case 2: Part 2 Is Live!

There’s been a murder!!

No, not really, just wanted to grab your attention as there’s Brand New Content dropping into our games, now!  This is not a new case just the 2nd part of the current case, Case 2.




First up, the Basics

  • Players will need to Complete Face Your Demons Pt 8, and continue into Return to Rocky Point Pt. 14 to move forward.
  • Players will need to be on the App Market Version 1.29.6 or higher in order to see the event.
  • Players will need to have at LEAST District 3 Unlocked and Al’s complete.
  • Players will only see this on the Mobile App Version (iOS, Google, Amazon, Facebook). NOT Windows Stand Alone
  • PLAY THE GAME! Items unlock in stages and as you progress, so if you do not see an item it is most likely you have not progressed far enough in the Main Questline to unlock it. Check details below for more specifics on unlock points
  • Don’t have a TON of Tasks open in your Task Menu. If you have too many open, no new ones can arrive. (Keep it under 10). If you do not see new Tasks popping up, clear out some incomplete Tasks already on your List to make room for more

Back with more in a bit…


***in progress***

Frankenstein Charging Station: 250 Clam IconClams, Every 8hrs, Always drops 8lightning-boltsLightning Bolts


***in progress***

Abominable Automaton: 55 magnifying-glassMagnifying Glasses
Scary Van: 200 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Decorated Ghost Tree: 250 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Peter-Lantern: 100 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Human Remains Bin: 200 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Iron Maiden: 200 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Creepy Doll Village: 250 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses
Bat Colony: 200 magnifying-glass Magnifying Glasses

**Note some of the above decorations aren’t new to the game but  returning from previous events***

***Please note some characters now have tasks that drop magnifying glasses, so far I’m seeing  Death, Deaths Dog, Jason Voorhees, Michael Myers, Patty, Ruth, Chucky, Satan, Patrick Pewterschmidt & Mr Weed***



night-lightBox of 4 Night Lights: 70 Clam IconClams

night-lightBox of 8 Night Lights: 135 Clam Icon Clams



***in progress***

ash-williamsAsh Williams: 290 Clam IconClams, Fully Tasked, Comes with a Questline, He IS Voiced, Drops sageSage (4hrs) & night-lightNight Lights (8hrs)

fraken-bonnieFranken-Bonnie (Costume): You will be taken to Al’s to complete her Costume Collection, Drops GasolineGasoline (6hrs)
  65 Wedding Rings (Always): Attack “Boss” Frankenstein
bandages4 Bandages (Rare): Meg Scarf Down Hot Dogs OR Quagmire Enjoy Carrots Make Demon a Hunter Joe Face His Demons
scar-concealer4 Scar Concealer (Uncommon): Robo-Pumpkin Patch (Concierge)
2 Wedding Garters (Extra Rare): Build-A-Creep Workshop (Conceirge)


mad-scientist-hartmanMad Scientist Dr. Hartman (Costume): ***See the Clam IconMad Scientist Mystery Box information Below*** You will have to finish him up in Al’s for 1sec, Comes with Questline, Fully Tasked, Drops GasolineGasoline (6hrs)




After you reach Return to Rocky Point Pt. 15 you will trigger Coming to Getcha. This will introduce you to Frankenstein. You will then start to see Frankenstein wandering around (I saw him in My Hotel) with a timer over his head counting down 24hrs.


Much like “Bosses” in the past, you use items to attack Frankenstein at each of his various levels. Each Level will require different amounts and each Level Payout will vary.

Here is a Breakdown of what you will see for Payouts…

1X Level
10 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts
4 wedding-ringWedding Rings

2X Level
24 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts
wedding-ringWedding Rings

3X Level
36 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts
12 wedding-ringWedding Rings

4X Level
65 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts
20 wedding-ringWedding Rings


Frankenstein Requires: Gasoline to “Battle”

GasolineGasoline (Common): Lois Freshen Up OR Mad Scientist Hartman Puff Out His Chest OR Franken-Bonnie Fix Her Hair OR The Playground OR Frankenstein’s Lab (Concierge)


Bunny’s Requirements per HER Game:

1X Level
1 GasolineGasoline

2X Level

3X Level
3 GasolineGasoline

4X Level
5 GasolineGasoline



Once you have Battled Frankenstein to 4X Level OR His 24hr Timer Runs out, he will go into “sleep mode” for a while (still testing time frame). You will need to wait til he revives to Battle him again or pay 20 Clams to speed up the process.




More info on Cases HERE 





More info on the Hotel HERE



***in progress***

Valet: Here is your “Al’s” while you are at the Haunted Hotel. Tap on it to see what Characters are available to unlock (not all may show in this play area)

Billiard Room: If you tap on the ! above it, you will see things you can search for and what it will take to do so. This will be the first room you can access

Elevator Shaft: Many of your Characters will use this location to preform tasks while in the Haunted Hotel. Check here first if you can’t find them.

Piano Lounge: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 4, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 1”

Gallery/ Music Room: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 7, will direct you to unlock it and start “Episode 2”This is where you will find Poltergeists first

Secret Room: This is “hidden” behind the books in the Library. In Week 3 Release/Case #2, you will be directed to Open the Secret Room in Return to Rocky Point Pt. 12. Here is where you will start Demon Hunting

Library: This area will be locked until “Episode 3”. In week 2 release, you will need to finish up Give Up the Ghost Pt. 6 and continue Return to Rocky Point Pt 9. It will direct you to open the Library. Here is where you will release Alien.


Kitchen: You will see this locked when you first enter. During Return to Rocky Point Pt 14, it will direct you to unlock it as a continuation of  “Episode  3”. This is where you will find Boogeyman first.


Garden: This area will be locked until “Episode 4”

Den: This area will be locked until “Episode 5”

Luggage Conceirge: This is the where you will see the Halloween Prize Catalogue. More info below.  BEWARE as tapping here could start a timer on the 8th Prize

Front Desk: Here is where you can select to Exchange Material for Skeleton Keys



More info on Poltergeists and Ghosts HERE

More info on Spacemen HERE

More info on Demons HERE




During Return to Rocky Point Pt 14, it will direct you to unlock the Kitchen. As you continue the Questline, you will also be directed to earn Night Lights and Investigate the Kitchen in an attempt to release Boogeymen.

boogeyman-sBoogey Man: Requires a Night Light to attempt released (Kitchen)

Time to Attempt Release: 30mins

night-lightNight Light (Common): Bruce Turn Out the Lights OR James Woods High (make sure no skins are on it) OR Anal Point (verifying) OR Igor To Please Temp Agency (Concierge) OR Ash Williams Show Off His Boomstick

How to Clear a Released Boogeyman?: Just tap on them. Like Ghosts and Demons.

2 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts

Bunny Results of Releases:

Basically I kept releasing 2 over and over




This will be your exchange area. Tap on it to see what options are available to you for Exchange. For Phase 3/ Case 2 you will be exchanging *** for Skeleton Keys.

***in progress***

You will have some leftovers from the previous content just at first. Once you make an exchange, new options will arise.skeleton-keyectoplasmcosmic-radiationimagelightning-bolts


54 cosmic-radiationCosmic Radiation & 62 ectoplasmEctoplasm & 25 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 18 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys

58 cosmic-radiationCosmic Radiation & 13 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 12 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys

25 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts & 49 imageSulphur = 15 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys

25 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
38 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
39 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
44 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
46 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
52 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys
56 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts = 22 skeleton-key Skeleton Keys


ectoplasmEctoplasm (Always): Ghost Post OR Clearing Ghosts OR Clearing Poltergeists

cosmic-radiationCosmic Radiation (Rare): Little Green Men Abduct Cows OR Clear Spacemen OR Clear Buggy Aliens OR Alien Capsule OR Extraterrestrial Mystery Box (Chance) Or Mad Scientist Mystery Box

imageSulphur (Rare): Gore-Gushing Gargoyle (Concierge) OR Demon Coop OR Clear Demons OR Possessed Meg Face Her Demons Or Mad Scientist Mystery Box

lightning-boltsLightning Bolts (Rare): Attack “Boss” Frankenstein OR Clear Boogeymen OR Frankenstein Charging Station OR Mad Scientist Manor (Concierge) OR Mad Scientist Mystery Box




Here you willl find the Prizes you can unlock along the way by earning Skeleton Keys. Keep in mind you have to unlock them in sequence. No jumping around for this one.

***in progress***

NOTE: Some drops will NOT appear until you reach the Character that needs the item(s)

Igor To Please Temp Agency: $40 & 25xp every 8hrs, Chance Drops night-lightNight Lights
13skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Vat of Ooze (Decoration)
34skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Build A Creep Workshop: $55 & 35xp every 10hrs, Chance Drops x2 wedding-garterWedding Garters
36skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Frankenstein’s Lab: $40 & 25xp every 6hrs, Chance Drops GasolineGasoline
33skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Mad Scientists Jr High: (Buddy Cianci Facade) $45 & 30xp every 8hrs
58 skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Robo- Pumpkin Patch: $20 & 15xp every 2hrs, Chance Drops x2 scar-concealerScar Concealer
21skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

Electron Tube (Animated Decoration)
25skeleton-keySkeleton Keys

24 HOUR TIMER WARNING! Once you have unlocked the 7th Prize, ANYTHING that returns you to the Halloween Prize Catalogue will start the timer on the last/8th Prize. At this point you will need to decide if this Prize is really worth it to you. It WILL be hard to get and may require Clam spending to do so.

Mad Scientist Manor: $60 & 40xp every 12hrs, Chance Drops x2 lightning-boltsLightning Bolts
137skeleton-keySkeleton Keys



Another Clam Mystery Box has been added to the Event to offer you an array of items for the cost of 130 Clams a try. Remember this is ALL CHANCE and completely OPTIONAL. It is up to you to determine if you want to risk your Clams to see what goodies you release from the Mystery Box each attempt.

Here are the items in the Mad Scientist Mystery Box…

mad-scientist-hartmanMad Scientist Dr. Hartman (Costume)
Clams150 Clams

Returning items from past…
Demonic StewieDemonic Stewie (Decoration)
4 Horsemen War War (Decoration)
4 Horsemen Pestilence ConquestPestilence (Decoration)
4 Horsemen DeathDeath (Decoration)
4 Horsemen FamineFamine (Decoration)

Repeatable Materials…
skeleton-key  6 Skeleton Keys
lightning-bolts11 Lightning Bolts
sulphur13 Sulphur
cosmic-radiation45 Cosmic Radiation



***in progress***


There you have it, the Basics of Part 2 of Case 2.

How are you doing so far? Where are you in the Event? Loving all the animations? What do you hope will come along next? Let us know.

~Bunny & Lotty & Russian Tigger









49 responses to “The Hauntening Case 2: Part 2 Is Live!

  1. May be posted but Patty, Ruth, Death, Death’s dog now have task that have rare chance to drop magnifying glass. Ester and Death’s Mom do not have a task. Maybe other characters could not remember all of last Halloween characters.


    • Thanks James, we should have a characters that drop stuff post up soon with all the drops. I’m seeing magnifying drops on following characters so far, still checking through others I have – Death, Deaths Dog, Jason, Michael, Patty, Ruth & Mr Wee


    • I’ve been getting an always drop for the magnifying glasses from Death and his dog, Lois’ brother, and Meg’s friends. I am going to have a lot of lava cracks….


  2. Has anyone else experienced a return of the dreaded “X” when searching for Spacemen? It definitely seemed repaired to me until Part 2 started. I think I was finding a Spaceman more than 50% of the time. But ever since Part 2, I’ve used 9 EMF readers and not a single alien. I pretty much exhausted my entire cache of EMF readers, that I saved up.


  3. Does anyone know the cool down time yet for Frankenstein? Planning to let the timer count down without attacking so that I have a stock of 11 gas tanks ready to take out all levels when he returns.


    • He’s still down in Bunny’s test game, so looks like he goes away for a while unlike The a Giant Squid in last event who came back straight away.


      • Ah ok thanks. Looking at the helpful information on this page, I think I will just wait anyway… 2 or 3 runs through to the max level will be far more products time than getting part way through over and over.
        Just 11 tanks gives loads of bolts and rings and it is so much better without having to collect one of three random items for each level 🙂


    • He reappeared for me after abt 10 hrs, but I had only got him twice before timer ran out


  4. IMO: This new content is kinda, for lack of a better word, lame. Only freemium is Bonnie’s skin, which skins are useless after the event. I don’t know who ash whoever is, totally my fault there but he has something to do with classic Frankenstein or Boogeymen?? Yeah didn’t think so……And a 58 key building skin in the concierge that doesn’t help with anything?!

    This event seems all over the place with no real theme… Leprechauns, Boogeymen, Ash?, Frankenstein, Exorcist and aliens….weird combo of stuff to try and tie in together; Glad they at least had 2 characters from the show in week one…it’s gone 17 different directions of nonsense since then. And now I’m off my soapbox


    • Oh no you can’t put Ash and lame in the same paragraph, I’m sure there’s a law against that in some old scary book you should never open. Cause if you do all hell will be let loose. Lol. Ash is main character in the amazing horror movie The Evil Dead, a Sam Raimi masterpiece. More recently character has been brought back in a series by FOX in Ash vs The Evil Dead. Ok lesson over, lol.

      I’m quite enjoying the never knowing what’s coming next, keeps me on my toes.


    • When you design and publish a more cohesive game in a tight deadline let us know so we can play for FREE. 😀


  5. FYI: Of the items you list for the Bonnie skin, you confused the pictures of wedding rings and wedding garters.


  6. not seeing the hints that ghosts, etc are in the rooms with this part 2. definitely not seeing the demons that would stay while they are being exercised. spacemen/aliens are still impossible. bug drops not happening seemingly at all. did get demons in all 4 rooms without any problems. still making lights. still need 6 more meg drops for joe. sigh.


    • The little animations come and go, you could drive yourself mad watching for them, take my word for it as I sit here madly chuckling.
      Just keep going, you sound like your moving at the pace a lot players are.


    • What the heck?!?! Not only have those “hint” animations stopped in my game, but now the Deer Heads are gone, the fire in the fireplace has gone out, the Altar in the Secret Room is gone, and I think there are more musical instruments in the Portrait Room! (This all happened since I entered Part 2 this morning.)


      • Maybe we shouldn’t have talked about these things out loud, lol. Seriously though I’m wondering if TinyCo has reduced some of the animations now we have Possessed Meg and Frankenstein wandering Rocky Point in order those with devices that aren’t high in memory don’t have issues.


        • I wondered about your first suggestion, too, when the animations subject first came up. But I hope your second is the real reason. 🙂


          • I know even my device is struggling with the animation. Can’t clear the bugs fast enough and the constant movement is causing the game to lag and, if I’ve got 10 of them, crash if anything else is put n about too with them.

            I love the lil animations, but I also fear that they had to tone it down to less often to not at all due to other devices not as new are just kicking players out. 😦


  7. The information for FrankenBonnie’s “bandages” is incorrect in the In-game help (also listed wrong here).

    Quagmire doesn’t eat carrots to gain bandages.
    “Demon Hunter JOE” fights Demons to get bandages.

    – I wish Quagmire did, since I still don’t have Demon Hunter JOE yet.
    Quagmire currently isn’t doing anything, too bad.
    At least we have a reason to get this next skin for Joe.


  8. Ah darn….thought I could get head start and spent all my currency on the next 3 buildings……only to realize I needed to buy the remaining 2 buildings to finish PT 9….

    Liked by 1 person

    • Me too!!!
      I am SO mad at myself!😬
      I saved over 100 Sulfur trying to get Cosmic Radiation so I could save the sulphur to get more keys.
      Then I FORGOT to cash them in for keys before I broke down and bought the Possessed Armor and the Demonic MV to complete Face Your Demons Pt 8.
      I did have enough keys left to get the Igor-To-Please Temp Agency, but now stuck on the Vat Of Ooze because everything needs Lightning Bolts!
      Again, the first go round takes less of the new item (Bolts) alone than it does to use up the older stuff.
      [Pounding my head into the wall] STUPID, STUPID, STUPID!!! 😢😤😥


  9. Night Light is now dropping from James Woods High even before starting part 2 (not from Anal Point though).

    Liked by 1 person

    • Same for me. I’m apparently now in the full new content but no night light drops from Anal Point, only from the high school (nothing from the junior high).

      However, I did try for the Boogeyman in two rooms other than the kitchen (whatever was allowed, I think I looked in the piano room and the secret room) and found a Boogeyman each time. In my game, no kitchen is mentioned in the step to find a boogeyman in the questline. So anybody who looks for one before unlocking the kitchen as I did, don’t worry. The kitchen is not the only spot.


      • There’s no night light drop from Anal Point in my game. But no failed boogeyman investigations so I’m quite happy with how it’s going….. So far…..


  10. I didn’t know who Ash Williams was, so probably haven’t seen the film (The Evil Dead). It’s too bad they locked us out of earlier cases as otherwise I’d have unlocked Carl by now; he’s the only thing I’d have liked to add to my Quohog from this event. Instead, I’m stuck on Face Your Demons Pt.6 until the latin books start dropping so that I can complete Mort costume to finish Jo costume and save Meg!


    • I feel the same about Carl – he was the only one I really wanted but it would have cost too much since I only had 2.5 days to get him, having placed him too late. The 55 bobble heads were impossible to get with such a short deadline, although the normal 6-7 days for a timer would have worked. I told them in-game that I hope they bring him back for another freemium try with more time, and that they should have tied him to a timer with a certain number of days rather than to the end of the case.

      The advantage of feeling meh about the rest of the costumes and characters is that I have no temptation to spend clams and also don’t care if I don’t get the freemium ones. So no setting alarms for this one… 🙂 Except for the clam generating Area 51. As long as I pick up once a day from Area 51 and get my 7 clams a day from clam tv, I’m happy.


      • I’m sure we will see Carl back, but whether he’s freemium or in a future mystery box remains to be seen. I’ll be doing an end of event poll so maybe once we see results from that Bunny can feed back all your concerns to TinyCo again.


  11. I knew it, I knew it I knew it. All hail the king baby! Man was I so happy when I saw Ash got him.


  12. It’s incredibly infuriating that there’s still so much reliance on Cosmic Radiation. My Alien drops have basically stopped… I’ve had 2 in the past 2 days which isn’t enough to get any keys. I was hoping the drops would improve with the new week, but I just wasted another 2 EMF’s for nothing. Fortunately I had stockpiled 117 keys, so I had to choose between the Gore-Gushing Gargoyle or the next four buildings. Seeing how hard it will be to get keys (with Cosmic radiation being the main limiter) I wisely chose to grab the four buildings.


  13. 290 clams WOW to get Ash Williams, even if i’m a dying fan or Bruce Campbell, well that’s is maybe too rich for my blood, unless i can be sure he’s voiced by Mr Campbell himself and have some very catchy phrase and attitude

    Liked by 1 person

    • It is clips from the Movie from Ash, so him. 🙂

      Just think Comic Con… some of those Negotiations for rights cost up to 500 Clams to get them in the game. o.O


      • than if he’s voice from the movie, so i’m sure yep it’s him, it will be a no brainer, “this is my BOOOMstick : HAHAHHAHAHAH”


  14. BlackshirtsVSBunny

    BRUCE “ASH” Campbell!!!!!!! Since the comicon event I have wanted him…FTW!!!!


  15. Case 2 part 2 hasn’t started in my game, I’m on the latest version, have part 1 all finished, as well as all side quests so I only have one active questline. Ash is in my game and I brought him, and the new Mystery Box is also in my game.


    • Try again. I had to literally restart my device like 6 times to get it to kick in. Try that and see if it helps kick it to start. Once it finally caught… it started moving forward on Questline


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